Where is Babytron From?

Where is Babytron From?


Where babytron from

Babytron is a Detroit rapper who has achieved enormous success in recent years. He's widely considered one of the most talented and entertaining artists worldwide right now.

He is a member of ShittyBoyz and started rapping while still in high school. His style of rapping can be classified as scam music - an underground subgenre of hip hop that focuses on internet scams and credit card fraudulence.

Born in Ypsilanti

BabyTron was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan on June 6, 2000 and quickly made a name for himself as an accomplished rapper. Before leaving to pursue solo success, he was part of the legendary ShittyBoyz rap group. His distinctive style has earned him much acclaim throughout the industry.

In 2022, he earned a spot on XXL magazine's Freshman 10 list and the Detroit Free Press' Top 30 list for the year. He quickly rose to internet stardom, appearing in multiple music videos and radio shows across America.

He began rapping at the age of 14. His style is unique and he's known for his fast-paced flows. Currently, he's working on his next project.

He began playing soccer and basketball when he was young, with an intense passion for both games. Growing up, his ambition was always to become a professional athlete.

His parents would take him to games and events. He enjoyed listening to music, and when he was young, even learned how to play the piano.

He formed the rap group ShittyBoyz with friends TrDee and StanWill in his teens, though they were initially part of Detroit's scam rap scene. Once they broke away from that scene, however, they began focusing on creating music.

With their debut album, Bin Reaper, they achieved great fame. Furthermore, they released several mixtapes featuring rap artists like Lil Yachty and BandGang Javar.

The group is renowned for their fast-paced rap style and upbeat songs that provide plenty of entertainment to listen to. Plus, they're quite funny!

They draw influence from hip-hop, R&B, and pop music alike. As a result, they have become a highly sought-after group in the United States.

He enjoys a large fanbase who have been supportive of his career. Recently, Atlantic Records awarded him with a contract.

There has been much talk about him becoming the next great rap star. His talent and hardwork have been praised, making him a likely candidate.

He is an acclaimed rapper from Ypsilanti with a unique style and dedication to hardworking. As such, he has achieved great success and gained many admirers.

Raised in Ypsilanti

Ypsilanti, Michigan is a college town and home to Eastern Michigan University, an important factor in its local economy. Additionally, the city hosts many summer festivals which draw in visitors from far and wide.

Ypsilanti is home to over 65,000 residents and situated along the Huron River, which runs through it. The city boasts numerous historical sites and museums; in fact, Ypsilanti boasts the second-largest contiguous historic district in Michigan behind only Grand Rapids.

It is a highly developed city that takes great pride in its unwavering commitment to the community. It's renowned for its historic automotive leadership and groundbreaking advances in aviation production.

Ypsilanti is known for its large and diverse population. With over 11,000 people of color and the largest Jewish community in Michigan, it truly stands out.

In the city, visitors can find an array of shops and restaurants offering various cuisines. Furthermore, it boasts a vibrant cultural scene with numerous art galleries and museums.

Ypsilanti is home to several colleges and universities, such as Eastern Michigan University, the University of Michigan, and Washtenaw Community College. Furthermore, several libraries provide free internet access and computer stations at no charge.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Ypsilanti is the third-largest city in Michigan. The area boasts a variety of industries such as education, healthcare, automotive manufacturing and more.

Ypsilanti boasts a proud heritage of automotive and aviation leadership, as well as an innovative culture that fosters the city's entrepreneurial spirit. It boasts several business development centers such as Ann Arbor SPARK East Innovation Center which offers accelerator services for startup and growing businesses alike.

Another popular attraction in Ypsilanti is the Ypsilanti Museum of Science and Technology, which showcases historical objects related to science, technology, and medicine. Additionally, they offer events for children and families as well as educational workshops and lectures.

Started rapping at the age of 14

Babytron was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan and began rapping at 14 years old. He formed a group with friends StanWill and TrDee called ShittyBoyz which quickly gained notoriety for their "scam rap" style of music.

He quickly gained popularity in the rap world after starting to rap. He worked hard for his spot and has since been honing his craft as an artist.

He has a distinct style that pays homage to the classic Detroit rap scene. He layers sounds and samples over each other for an entertaining soundscape, while also having an unique delivery that sets him apart from other rappers.

His music is an eclectic blend of fun and seriousness, and he takes great pleasure in making people laugh. Additionally, he has a deep-seated passion for music that has seen him achieve great success within the rap industry.

Babytron has been around for four years and has amassed a large fan base. He boasts several Twitter and Reddit accounts which have enabled him to become an extremely successful rapper. Babytron displays great loyalty towards his followers, earning him a good reputation within the rap community.

At first, he would rap about scamming and credit card fraud; however, he has since moved away from that topic and now focuses on more realistic topics in life. His unique blend of comedy and real life stories gives him a unique sound.

His new album, Bin Reaper 3: New Testament, features songs that explore a range of intriguing topics. He raps about his struggles and how he was able to overcome them.

He references the 1980s and the freestyle music that was popular then, layering together 80s sounding beats and samples to create his own distinctive music.

Babytron has also collaborated with artists such as Lil Yachty and Rio Da Young OG to create his signature trap sound. He enjoys a huge fanbase within the trap music genre.

Has a unique style

BabyTron has made his mark on the Detroit hip hop scene with his superior production skillset. His most recent release, Megatron, features guest stars including DaBoii and GlockBoyz Teejae among others. Not only that, but this one-name man also has an eye for catchy lyrics and an eye for drama as well. With careful planning and some luck, hopefully he can embark on a successful career as one of music's upcoming big names in swoop and swoon rap.

Attending this live performance by the master himself is the best way to judge his talent, so do your due diligence and don't miss out on this chance.

How old is babytron

How Old is BabyTron?

BabyTron (real name James Edward Johnson III) is a young rapper from Ypsilanti, Michigan and an XXL Freshman. He's one of the rising stars in hip-hop.

Tron's lyrical style is heavily influenced by Detroit-inspired beats. He also delivers humorous reference-heavy songs that include insider sports references and pop culture punlines that are as hip as they are clever.

James Edward Johnson III (born June 11, 2000)

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Known by his stage name BabyTron

BabyTron, hailing from Ypsilanti, Michigan, has been making waves in the music industry ever since he earned recognition as an XXL Freshman. His unique style combines elements of hip-hop with influences from Detroit's rap scene.

He's part of the group ShittyBoyz with StanWill and TrDee, which has released several mixtapes. Additionally, his YouTube channel provides a selection of videos.

The 22-year-old enjoys rapping over '80s freestyle music and samples from Michael Jackson, among other artists. His references to 'SpongeBob SquarePants' have also gained him widespread online attention.

Early this year, the rapper released "Prince of the Mitten," featuring 19 distinct beats from different Detroit rap artists. It quickly went viral on social media and is now considered a timeless classic.

His most recent album, MegaTron, was released in March and quickly rose to No. 11 on iTunes' top Hip-Hop/Rap albums list.

He recently released the music video for "Euro-Stepper", which has amassed over 612,000 views on YouTube. The clip depicts a face covered in twenty dollar bills as nostalgic '80s disco synths play in the background.

Babytron has expressed his passion for music by discussing his rap career. He loves creating his own sound, having grown up listening to a lot of hip hop while developing an interest in the art form.

He began producing his own music in 2018 and has had several successful projects to date. He's collaborated with rappers such as Lil Yachty and Sada Baby, helping him carve out a name for himself within the rap world.

His unique rap style has been compared to artists such as Eminem and Big Sean. Additionally, his voice sounds similar to Lil Wayne or Drake.

The young rapper has been featured in multiple music videos on YouTube and has gained an enormous fan base. Additionally, he's received plenty of media attention as well.

Babytron, despite his fame and success, still has a long way to go. He experiences many ups and downs in life and strives to learn from each misstep.

He may still be young, but he has already established himself as one of the most renowned rap artists in America. Additionally, his contribution to Detroit's growing rap scene cannot be denied.

He has earned numerous awards and recognition for his talent, most recently being inducted into XXL's esteemed Freshman Class of 2022.

When not performing, Babytron loves spending time with his family. He has an adoring wife and two adorable children.

His net worth is estimated to be $10 million. The artist has amassed a devoted fanbase from all around the globe, thanks to his humorous raps.

Net worth

BabyTron, a young rapper from the United States, has amassed an impressive net worth through his music career. He's released numerous hit songs and his albums have reached the top of the charts. Additionally, his social media presence is extensive.

His net worth is believed to range between $500k and $1M, and his successful music career has enabled him to lead a luxurious life. He enjoys traveling, shopping and attending events.

He boasts an impressive list of awards and recognition. Additionally, he enjoys a devoted fanbase from around the globe. Considered one of the greatest rap artists in the industry, his success has earned him widespread acclaim.

His music has been featured on many major radio stations, such as SiriusXM. He has released multiple albums and continues to collaborate with renowned musicians.

BabyTron is renowned for his musical career as well as his comedic skills. He's appeared on the popular television show The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and has his own YouTube channel featuring funny videos.

He has collaborated with rappers such as Teejayx6 and Lil Yachty. With a large social media following and over 8 million albums downloaded worldwide, his albums are sure to become hits!

The 23-year-old boasts a net worth of $1 million. He's part of the Shitty Boyz rap group and has made waves in music with popular songs like "Jesus Shuttlesworth" and "Prince of the Mitten."

BabyTron was raised listening to 80's pop music. As an aspiring rapper and producer of his own songs, he quickly gained a large online following on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, along with an enthusiastic Facebook following.

His debut single was "Mr. Do The Dash," which garnered over 350,000 views on YouTube. He's since collaborated with numerous talented musicians such as Flo Rida and is now a well-known singer-rapper with millions of records sold worldwide.

BabyTron has achieved great success, yet hasn't found love. However, it seems likely that he will find someone special in the near future.

He has been seen out with many people in the past and has a large circle of Instagram and Facebook friends. Additionally, he enjoys sports, particularly football; his favorite team being the Detroit Lions.

His latest album, Megatron, was released in March 2022 and includes 23 songs. The title pays homage to both the Transformers franchise as well as Calvin Johnson - a legendary Detroit Lions player.

How tall is babytron

How Tall is Babytron?

Babytron, 22, is a member of the rap collective ShittyBoyz. His albums include Bin Reaper and Megatron.

He has gained notoriety for his unique style and insightful lyrics, earning him praise from multiple music magazines.


Babytron is an American rapper born on June 6, 2000 in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He's part of the ShittyBoyz collective alongside StanWill and TrDee, as well as being a YouTuber who began his rap career during high school.

He is an American rapper best known for his debut album Bin Reaper, featuring Lil Yachty. To date, he has released several other projects and continues to be one of the most sought-after artists in music.

Rapper Kanye West is renowned for his eclectic style of rapping. His songs feature pop culture references and punched-in verses, making him a major influence on today's youth.

Born in Ypsilanti, Michigan, the rapper developed his love of 80s music while growing up. In high school he formed the rap group ShittyBoyz with friends and later launched his own YouTube channel called 'BbyTron SB' in August 2017.

His rise to fame has garnered him much attention, but not all good. He has a reputation for being too secretive about his personal details; he has yet to disclose his family or siblings and even hinted at a possible romantic interest.

BabyTron has made his mark on the music scene by combining captivating beats with humorous yet insightful lyricism. While there may not be a secret formula to success, his brand of music has certainly caught on.

He's a member of the group ShittyBoyz and has collaborated with numerous producers. Additionally, he's an accomplished YouTuber, uploading several music videos. Additionally, he enjoys an impressive social media following with over 1 million followers on Instagram.

His debut album, Bin Reaper, featured Lil Yachty and was released on November 2021. Additionally, he collaborated with Teejayx6 in 2019.

Despite his success, he still strives to remain humble and focused on his music. He serves as an inspirational role model for children aspiring to work in the entertainment industry.

He is a well-known rapper with an estimated net worth between $500k-$1M. The majority of his income comes from his music career; therefore, with an estimated income of $1M, the artist lives a luxurious life.


Babytron is a rapper with an avid following. He gained notoriety for his debut album, Bin Reaper, featuring Lil Yachty; however, he has yet to reveal his true identity or name to the public.

His music videos feature classic 80s disco synths and stylish outfits. Additionally, he is renowned for his humorous comments and clever raps.

He is a member of the ShittyBoyz, an ensemble of hip-hop artists from Detroit, Michigan. As an accomplished artist and creator of many hit songs, his success speaks for itself.

As a member of the ShittyBoyz, Babytron has collaborated with numerous artists in the industry. Additionally, he released several solo projects and albums. As an accomplished musician, his fans have showered praise upon him with affection.

Musically speaking, he excels at crafting eccentric beats that set him apart from his peers and earned him the attention of various record producers such as Helluva, Marc Anthony and Danny G.

He has also perfected the art of mixing and matching different genres of music to create his own distinctive sound. His talent and fan base extends far and wide.

His biography states he was born on June 6th, 2000 in Ypsilanti, Michigan and is 22 years old. At 5 feet 7 inches tall, he stands 22 years old.

Babytron is a busy man when he's not performing. He dedicates himself to work and making his career successful, becoming a popular rapper who has amassed an impressive net worth between $500k-$1M.

He is an incredibly gifted and savvy young artist on his way to becoming a superstar. This has been possible thanks to both his exceptional talent and hard work.


Babytron, born James Johnson III in Ypsilanti, Michigan, has gained national notoriety and become a major force in the music scene. His songs and videos on YouTube have been viewed by millions of people.

He began rapping during high school and then formed the group ShittyBoyz with friends StanWill and TrDee. His style of rapping features quirky beats with clever wordplay, with collaborations from producers such as Marc Anthony, Helluva and Danny G.

His career took off when he was named an XXL Freshman. His style stands out in a unique combination of Detroit-influenced instrumentals with insider sports references and pop culture callbacks that move at an incredible clip.

On his latest album Megatron, Tron takes a unique approach. While still providing grimy street scriptures over wicked samples, there's more emphasis on harder beats here. Between the hyped horns and snapping snares of "Beyond Turnt" or the braggadocio middle class talk on "Extra Butter," BabyTron makes each track feel like an entirely unique novelty in itself.

In July 2022, despite his success, he was arrested for having illegal drugs in his possession. If found guilty, the fines could reach up to $100,000 and prison time that could last anywhere from a few days up to more than 10 years.

He has released several albums and been part of numerous successful projects. Additionally, he maintains multiple social media accounts on Instagram and YouTube.

At 21, his net worth exceeds 900,000 dollars. This wealth largely stems from his career as a rapper and from money earned through social media accounts.

His rap skills are uncanny, his flow incredibly rapid with intentional dexterity. With a distinct Detroit accent, he delivers punch-in verses full of clever wordplay and pop culture references.

Tron, the scam rapper-turned-rising star, has an original style that blends Detroit-influenced instrumentation with insider sports references and pop culture callbacks. He can rap on any outrageous sample used in movies, television shows or other forms of entertainment.


Babytron is an internet sensation from Michigan who has achieved worldwide fame. His YouTube channel boasts millions of views and his music videos have been featured in multiple publications. Currently, he's promoting his Bin Reaper 2 album for further release.

He was born in Ypsilanti, MI and is of mixed race. Since high school he has been rapping with friends StanWill and TrDee as part of the music group Shit*yBoyz.

His music is inspired by a variety of genres and styles, but hip-hop is his favorite. He likes to rap over beats made from samples from uptempo dance music as well as '80s freestyle music.

Babytron is not only an impressive rapper, but he's also an accomplished songwriter. He has written numerous hit songs and collaborated with some of hip-hop's biggest names.

On his latest album Megatron, the 22-year-old rapper showcases a variety of skills. He has perfected the art of mixing multiple beats and samples into one song while also honing his flow and punchlines to keep up with peers in the industry.

Rap artist Big Tyme has undergone a radical change over the last year or so. Now, he can spit over even bizarre samples and beats with ease and incorporate more complex drum kits to create an unmistakably unique sound that brings together elements of both genres.

He's an integral part of Detroit's rap scene and has collaborated with artists such as Lil Yachty, Danny Brown and Sada Baby. Additionally, his debut album produced a hit single Jesus Shuttlesworth which continues to gain steam among his fans.

His latest album Megatron is a 23-track offering released on March 4. It features various artists and producers such as DaBoii and GlockBoyz Teejae, offering up an excellent example of Babytron's trademark '80s hip-hop sound.

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