Where Does Ringo Starr Live?

Where Does Ringo Starr Live?


where does ringo starr live

Ringo Starr, best known as the drummer for The Beatles, is one of the world's most acclaimed musicians. He has had an illustrious career as a singer-songwriter, collaborator and producer.

He was born in Liverpool, England and began his musical career playing skiffle. His stage name, Ringo Starr, was inspired by the rings he donned while performing.

Beverly Hills

Ringo Starr, drummer and former member of the Beatles, has lived in Beverly Hills since 1980. He and his wife Barbara Bach own a stunning home in London as well as an exquisite Beverly Hills mansion.

They met while filming the 1980s movie Caveman and have been together ever since. Their lives have been a joyous celebration of life, music and art - they are thoroughly enjoying every minute of it!

He is an accomplished musician, artist, photographer and painter who has also published two books about his life. His most recent release is Another Day in the Life - a collection of stories and photos that capture some of his most poignant moments throughout career.

In 2019, he donated an 800-pound "Peace & Love" sculpture to the City of Beverly Hills. The monument bears his words: "I am a peacemaker, I am a lover, I am an excellent friend."

The City of Beverly Hills commissioned this statue, which will be located at Santa Monica and Canon intersection. Hedging will be installed behind the statue to prevent it from being used inappropriately.

Beverly Hills is home to a vibrant community known for its elegance and luxury. It also attracts many renowned celebrities such as actors, musicians, producers and directors.

Downtown Los Angeles boasts an array of shopping areas to explore, featuring all the newest trends in fashion, beauty, jewelry and home decor. The commercial district between Santa Monica Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard houses some of the world's most luxurious stores.

Rodeo Drive is a famed strip of high-end shopping and restaurants that is often referred to as the "Golden Triangle" of Beverly Hills. This popular destination draws movie stars, while Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel was assassinated here in 1947.

Visit 806 Rodeo Drive to witness history at its finest - visit the historic mansion once owned by French singer Maurice Chevalier, as well as Fred Astaire, Ann-Margret and Danny Kaye who all lived here.


Ringo Starr, born in Liverpool and now one of the most renowned drummers ever, achieved great success at 79 years old. At that age he amassed a net worth of $104 million and received a knighthood as well as being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Starr owns two homes in England. The first is situated near Surrey's Cranleigh suburb and was purchased by him in 1999. Surrounded by 200 acres of land with gardens and ponds, it has been his residence since then.

His other home is London, where he lived for over two decades after The Beatles became successful. Here he perfected his drumming skills and also hosted renowned artists like Jimi Hendrix who stayed at his apartment during a visit to England.

His former residence is now for sale at an impressive $24 million price tag. It boasts eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms and 18,300 square feet of living area on a large property that includes lakes, an indoor pool and spa.

A local activist group has successfully protested plans to demolish Ringo Starr's childhood home in Liverpool. Referring to it as a "national treasure", they said it should be saved by Britain's National Trust, who also manages John Lennon and Paul McCartney's childhood homes there.

It serves as a poignant reminder of the impact the Beatles had on British music and an inspiring example of how communities can come together to preserve historic buildings. Built in 1810, this house was the first of its kind ever saved from demolition.

As The Beatles achieved fame in the 1960s, they often shared hotel rooms and vacationed together. Their friendships were strong, and their London apartment served as a haven for their musical projects.

Ringo and his wife Barbara Bach are moving to Los Angeles after living in the UK for over 50 years. He will soon sell his 200-acre estate in Surrey to make the transition.


Ringo Starr, a former member of The Beatles, is an American musician, singer-songwriter, actor and drummer renowned for his iconic status in music. With multiple hit albums under his belt and tours around the world to his credit, he's earned himself a place among music's legends. A Grammy award-winning artist with multiple appearances in more than 15 films to his credit.

He has performed with his All Starr Band across North and South America, as well as touring Australia, Japan and South America. To date he has released 18 solo studio albums and numerous live recordings that encompass genres like blues, rock, soul, country music and honky-tonk.

Ringo has been a pivotal figure in modern music, inspiring generations of artists through his recordings, tours and unofficial mentoring. He is widely considered one of the greatest drummers in popular music history.

The 58-year-old former Beatle recently purchased a luxury villa near the clinic where he underwent cancer treatment. Called 'Collina D'Oro', the ivy-clad mansion features 14 rooms and an expansive rooftop garden.

Harrison is believed to have paid 20 million Swiss francs for the villa, which he has described as "a big, beautiful home." Situated in Montagnola, Lugano, it is surrounded by fir trees and woodland.

After The Beatles' breakup, Ringo continued his career in music by recording several solo albums over two decades. His catalog of hits includes "Y Not," "Starr Struck," and "Stop And Smell The Roses."

In 2008, Ringo released Liverpool 8, his first new Capitol album since 1974's Goodnight Vienna. He co-wrote all 12 tracks for the record and toured America to support it.

He has long been an advocate for social causes and supports the David Lynch Foundation through his Ringo Starr Peace & Love Fund, which raises money to benefit charities like AIDS Institute and Los Angeles Public Library.

Ringo Starr, the founder and leader of Peace & Love, has made an impact on the world through his music legacy, philanthropic activities, and efforts to promote peace. In recognition of his birthday every July 7th, Starr established the global celebration Peace & Love which now takes place in 26 countries around the globe. Each year at noon on this special day, Starr and his friends join together in silence for a moment of reflection on peace.

Los Angeles

He has earned the title of one of the world's most renowned drummers for much of his career, remaining active in music even after The Beatles broke up. Through his musical legacy, he continues to inspire millions around the globe.

He also continues to support his philanthropic endeavors through the Lotus Foundation, a charity organization. Recently, he created 500 life-sized "Peace and Love" sculptures of his iconic hand symbol which were sold exclusively through Julien's Auctions to benefit the Lotus Foundation.

Prince William knighted Ringo Starr in March 2018, honoring him for his "services to music". As an acclaimed musician, artist and philanthropist with a global following, Ringo's message of peace and love has had an indelible effect on society.

Aside from his role as a world-renowned drummer, he is also an accomplished singer, songwriter and actor. With 18 solo studio albums under his belt, he is widely considered one of the greatest and most celebrated musicians ever.

He has been married to Barbara Bach for nearly two decades, and they have three children together: Zak, Jason and Lee.

The drummer and his wife are currently living in a Beverly Hills mansion. Recently, he has listed their Snowmass, Colorado horse ranch for sale.

When not recording music, Starr enjoys golfing and playing tennis. He also cherishes spending time with his family; as a proud grandfather and great-grandfather he cherishes every minute spent together.

Starr manages to keep his sense of humor despite his hectic schedule. His upbeat outlook on life and belief that everyone can make a positive difference in their communities are testaments to this success.

He believes that everyone should embrace their individuality and share their talents with others. His mission has always been to make the world a better place through spreading his message of peace and love.

On December 21, 2019, Ringo Starr presented his 800-pound "Peace & Love" sculpture to the City of Beverly Hills. He was joined by friends and collaborators such as Joe Walsh and his wife Barbara Bach to mark this momentous occasion.

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