When Rihanna Released Her New Album Anti

When Rihanna Released Her New Album Anti


When rihanna new album

After six long years, Rihanna finally released her new album Anti. While it was an enjoyable effort, it wasn't her best work yet.

Fans are eagerly awaiting news of a potential collaboration or single from the Barbadian superstar. Rumors indicate that an exciting collaboration with reggae artist Buju Banton could be in the works.

1. What’s My Name?

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2. Fading

Rihanna enjoys a huge fan base and is one of the most beloved artists in pop culture. Her admirers pay close attention to her every move, analysing every move she makes as they wait for what will come next from her.

No surprise that she's got many fans eagerly awaiting her return to the studio, especially with a Super Bowl halftime show just around the corner. But how does she feel about her first new single in six years debuting at number two?

Rihanna's album offers some excellent songs, but it doesn't stand out as anything special. There aren't a lot of surprises here and the lyrics can be rather generic and repetitive at times. On the plus side, her music is great and her vocals are strong - making this her best and most consistent release to date.

3. Love On The Brain

Rihanna's debut single from Anti is the bluesy, doo-wop inspired "Love on the Brain." It appeals to a wide audience - both older listeners of adult contemporary and R&B formats as well as younger pop and hip-hop enthusiasts.

Though she added the track late to the album, it quickly gained steam on radio. Its success propelled her into Billboard's top 10 on the Hot 100 chart.

Since its release, this track has become a mainstay on both rhythmic and urban contemporary radio stations. It's been at the top of these charts for eight weeks and boasts an impressive 150 million streams alone.

Rihanna is expected to perform this song during her 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show performance and it may also be teased at other upcoming events. If she does, some of her favorite collaborators such as Jay-Z (with whom she worked on "Umbrella") and Calvin Harris (whose hits feature Rihanna) will likely join her onstage.

4. Higher

Rihanna has been on an unstoppable trajectory since her 2016 album Anti. She's conquered the world with Fenty Beauty and amassed an immense cult following, but when it comes to new music releases - there has been a long wait.

Even though she's been so busy with her empire, she still holds onto the hope that new music will come soon. So when she teased an upcoming song called 'Love On The Brain', fans were thrilled at the prospect of new music.

Rihanna's vocal tracks often feature dance pop, but her latest single, 'Love On The Brain' has a retro vibe that brings us back to her early days as a singer. It's certainly nostalgic but also something that feels timeless due to its poignant lyrical content.

It may not typically make the halftime show, but we think this song is too good to pass up. Plus, it makes for a great opener: an uptempo power ballad sure to get everyone pumped up!

5. Never Ending

Rihanna's irresponsible fashion choices got her banned from Instagram last year, but her self-abnegating musical decisions are even more perplexing. Her choices on albums like Rated R or LOUD seem so misjudged as to be near self-sabotage.

Anti is an album of stark contrasts: from trance-pop stormers to heartbreak ballads, swaying Island rhythms to downtempo beats - Rihanna displays her widest artistic range yet. And despite its unfocused tracklist and unpredictable delivery, it marks Rihanna as an artist at a new level of musical maturity.

Rihanna's album highlights include "Same Ol' Mistakes," a faithful cover of Tame Impala's "New Person, Same Old Mistakes," which showcases her evolving identity as an artist. Additionally, she's at her most vulnerable on piano ballad "Yeah, I Said It" and melancholic love song "Never Ending," both sounding like tributes to Dido's 2000 hit "Thank You."

6. Never Say Goodbye

Two years have passed since Rihanna released her most recent album, Anti. It featured several of her biggest hits including "Work" with Drake and singles "Needed Me," "Kiss It Better," and "Love On The Brain."

She's been teasing the project, posting a video of herself recording new music in a studio with clips of her vocals. Additionally, she rented out an entire island in Essex, England to work on it.

Her new album, #R9, which fans have been calling #R9, has been delayed multiple times and was rumored to come out in 2022. Recently though, appearances on The Graham Norton Show and Vogue's May cover story confirmed she is indeed working on her next project.

She recently released her first single in six years, "Lift Me Up," on the soundtrack for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. This marks her first music release since her album Anti.

7. Work

Since Anti, Rihanna's most daring and distinctive effort yet, she hasn't released an album. This platinum-selling double album set the bar for her subsequent bold move and featured several chart-topping hits - including frequent collaborations with Drake.

She's collaborated with a number of renowned producers, such as Skrillex and Boi-1da. Rumors indicate her ninth studio album will be a reggae-inspired endeavor where she even brought in some of her favourite Jamaican artists for collaboration.

For six years now, Barbadian pop icon has not released an album and her fans are eager for new material. It appears that her Super Bowl halftime show may be the ideal opportunity for her to debut a brand-new project.

8. Kiss It Better

Rihanna's seventh studio album, Anti, surprised fans by offering up an eclectic mix of dance hits and catchy pop tunes that she had never done before. Instead, this record offers far more variety than anything she has previously released.

This collection of surging trance-pop stormers, heartbreaking ballads, swaying Island-inspired rhythms and moody downtempo beats has the makings of an excellent album - which it likely will be.

However, many of the songs here sound so similar that it can be difficult to listen to the entire album without getting bored or feeling like you're hearing the same thing over and over. Plus, her voice is so grating and overly melodramatic that sometimes her best work doesn't shine through.

Despite this, the album does have some great highlights. If you're searching for songs that aren't too repetitive, these are definitely worth listening to - they may not be what one would expect from a star who made her name through dance music, but they still hold up quite well.

9. Desperado

The Kills have just finished up a stunning performance on Conan the night their fifth album Ash & Ice was released, and today they shared an acoustic cover of Rihanna's Anti track "Desperado."

Mick Schultz wrote and produced "Drumline" with Krystin Watkins' help. Originally intended as a solo piano piece, the track quickly evolved into an electronica-driven midtempo tune featuring vocal samples and a Western theme.

Watkins not only wrote the song but also performed as the lead vocalist on it. Rihanna and her team sang backing vocals. In 2017, Rihanna's dance remix of the extended play of this iconic track reached number one on the US Dance Club Songs chart - becoming her fifth number one hit for 2017.

The song was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Recorded live on Sirius Xm, The Kills' version features Alison Mosshart's bluesy-husky vocal performance and soulful acoustic guitar work from Jamie Hince.

Can rihanna speak spanish

Can Rihanna Speak Spanish?

Rihanna is an internationally acclaimed singer-actress whose albums have sold millions of copies around the world. Additionally, she's ventured into other fields like beauty and make-up.

She does not speak fluent Spanish, but has been recorded speaking a few basic phrases. Additionally, she speaks her native Bajan Creole language which served as her mother tongue until recently.


Rihanna's song 'Work' caused much confusion as it appears she is speaking English but her words don't make any sense. Many have noted that she actually speaks a different dialect called Bajan Creole - an English variant popular among Barbadians.

Barbados' majority population speaks Bajan, which is an English dialect with African and British influences. This dialect plays an integral role in daily conversations throughout Barbados.

This form of English, also referred to as Jamaican Patois or Barbadian Creole, shares many similarities with Caribbean creoles like Jamaican but also has its unique characteristics. One notable distinction is how Bajan creole is pronounced.

Bajan creole language differs from most others in that it tends to pronounce word-final /t/ as a glottal stop, unlike Caribbean creoles which usually drop it.

Bajan language and culture in Barbados are deeply intertwined. It's spoken by most of the population and boasts an expansive vocabulary that includes several English words.

It is an intricate and captivating language, featuring words not found elsewhere in creole languages. Unfortunately, learning this language can prove incredibly challenging for many.

To best learn a language, it's best to study from a native speaker of that dialect. This will enable you to comprehend all words' meanings and improve your pronunciation.

If you can't locate a speaker in your vicinity, there are online resources that you can utilize. These include sites like iHeartRadio and YouTube.

There are also a few apps you can download onto your phone to assist in learning the language. These applications come in various languages so you can pick one that best suits your requirements.

These apps can help you fine-tune your grammar and sentence structure. In fact, you could even learn to use these programs to teach your children English!

Rihanna has an undying devotion to her native Bahamas and language, often stating how proud she is of being Bajan and how it forms part of her identity.

She was raised in Bridgetown, Barbados and has lived most of her life in the United States but remains immensely proud to be Bajan. Her songs draw inspiration from her home country and often incorporate it into her videos.

At the age of sixteen, Rihanna formed a musical trio with two of her classmates and were fortunate enough to audition for music producer Evan Rogers while on holiday in Barbados. He was instantly taken by Rihanna's voice and invited her to record a demo tape.

Jamaican Patois

Rihanna sings the Jamaican patois language in her song "Work," a mix of English and West African influences that critics have labeled as "gibberish." But many fans of Jamaican music believe she is speaking true patois.

Jamaican patois, which is popular in music, has many distinctive characteristics that set it apart from other creole languages. It also differs grammatically from standard English.

Its tense/aspect system differs from standard English in that there are no morphologically marked past participles. Instead, words with en or a become participles.

Similar to English, its pronouns and sentence structure differ. The dative is absent, while sentences tend to be short in duration.

Though Spanish is widely spoken in Jamaica, it is not the official language of the nation. In reality, it serves mainly as a second language that is rarely employed for public life or as an umbrella lingua franca for communication with other languages.

If you're interested in learning the language, it can be challenging to locate a reliable resource for beginners. Fortunately, there are numerous books and websites that provide helpful guidance for those wanting to begin studying the language.

Before beginning to learn the language, it's essential to realize that you won't be able to speak authentic patois unless you spend considerable time living on the island and practice with its residents. Until then, the best way to become fluent in Jamaican patois is by listening to music from the island and watching films filmed there.

Once you become familiar with the sounds, learning the language becomes much simpler. Start by mastering long vowels like in English: the long a (aa) sounds similar to "car," while the long e (ee) sound corresponds to "last."

You can learn to pronounce short vowels like the English yi (yi) and uh (uh). These sounds are closely associated with the words "I" and "you."

As you become more proficient at learning the language, it is beneficial to practice speaking it in front of a mirror so that you can confirm that your pronunciation is accurate. Alternatively, recording yourself speaking allows for later listening back to how it sounds when spoken aloud.

Another thing to be aware of with Patois is its frequent use of contractions. This is likely due to its long-established language roots, making it challenging for non-native speakers to remember all the correct tense forms.

Therefore, it can be advantageous to learn the correct tenses before trying to communicate in Jamaican patois. When visiting the island, ask locals if they would be willing to practice with you so that you become fluent before venturing out onto the streets.


Rihanna has a number of Spanish songs, yet she does not appear to speak it fluently. However, in movies and videos over the years, she has spoken some basic Spanish words and phrases.

Despite her lack of Spanish language abilities, she is immensely proud to be from Barbados and even records her music in its native Bajan tongue. Additionally, she has collaborated with numerous renowned Spanish and Latin American artists.

The Caribbean singer was born and raised in Saint Michael, one of Barbados' eleven parishes. She is the offspring of an Afro-Guyanese mother and Barbadian father and has achieved great success as a singer, actress, and businesswoman.

She is a renowned musician with several world tours under her belt and millions of devoted followers around the globe. She's released numerous hit songs and is renowned for her captivating performances.

She draws heavily on dancehall reggae for her music, mixing afro-reggae, electronic beats and Jamaican patois to create an unique blend.

Her first single, "Mercadona," captures the moody atmosphere of discount grocery stores while her second track, "Jacaranda," drips with neon-tinged teardrops. Recorded with various electronic and afro-reggae producers in her Barcelona bedroom, this song's lyrics are filled with awkward slang and Auto-Tune gurgles.

Her most recent single, "Work," featured Toronto-based artist Lido Pimienta remixing the track in Spanish. This has become her biggest hit to date and features a slangy version of the word "work" that originated from Barranquilla, Colombia.

The original version of the song conjures up images of working for a cheating boyfriend, complete with slang terms such as "woh" and "dirt." In the newly translated version, she replaces these terms with an emphatic 'er' sound commonly heard in Spanish.

Many have pondered if she is capable of communicating with Spanish-speakers due to her ability to blend multiple dialects of English from Caribbean islands. Fortunately, her song "Work" serves as a prime example of how music can bridge gaps across languages and cultures.

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