What is a Marching band? Is marching band a sport or art?

What is a Marching band? Is marching band a sport or art?

Whether marching Band is a sport or not, this conversation is being discussed from year to year. Is marching band a sport? Marching band incorporates both activities physical and artistic both elements. It’s a practice which has competed, and it’s impossible to consider anything other than sports and Is marching band a sport - 4,400 - 41 Score.

In schools, colleges, and universities, marching bands have a delightful spot where the band members find love for music and physical activity. Although indeed it's a sport, there is art. The marching band, is a performing art? Marching band requires team coordination, technical skills, funds, and group activities, which influences others. Marching band is too a sport. Whether some people consider marching BandBand an esoteric form of physical activity, but it's much more than sports and to show what your school's football team have got. Talented Marching members have years of experience to perform one day. Future Starr has got your back. You can Sell your music talent there.

Bands Performance:

Mostly we have seen marching bands performing in high school and colleges. Marching bands generally perform on pop songs, and often they perform on-off sounds that give them a rhythm to achieve and boost their stamina. On the other hand, marching bands are entirely funded activities when it happens at any events.

Marching bands activity typically happens in any school sports events. In every high school, you will find a marching band showcasing their arts and their passion for this traditional sports activity at any sports events. However, there's still a misconception about is marching BandBand a sport or art. This question is still unanswered. But in this article, we have come compiled up all the possible references which will explain to you well is marching band a sport or not? So let's explore:

Is Marching Band a sport:

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a sport is "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment."  

An activity that requires physical exertion is known as marching BandBand. It is a competitive activity that also has a professional league. The marching band holds its unique form of art tightly while performing, making the marching band more aesthetic and enthusiastic.

Sports is all about dedication, achieving your goals along with the power of unity. You may have seen some marching band in your life, and you must know that the marching bands have one thing in common that they work all together to entertain the audience. Every day of their life is spent practicing for their next performance, which improves their limits and practices.

People from different regions and cultures join hands together and create a similar mindset to perform and support each other in many events to win. The marching band is just a piece of music in the background of any football event. It's like a sport. So this misconception comes in. It's an art and sports at the same time.

How it’s like to be in a Marching Band?

Being in any marching band is not an easy task to do. To be in a marching band, you need to be rigorously active, as it requires a lot of potential physical exercise. There are many aspects which are stated to be in a marching band. To be in a marching band, you must have the following skills:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic mindset
  • Good Planner
  • Handwork
  • Practical.

Practice in Marching Bands:

Like parade practices marching band practices are not so easy. They are performed to make the show classier. For competitions, marching bands also participate. Marching bands have indoor concerts to implement strategies like songs, traditions, and touch of outside performances.

Marching bands began their practices like most of the sports do. During the summer, marching bands are in full form to practice for 10 hours in 90-degree weather. The majority of the practices of marching bands are done in summer.

Time Duration for the practice of marching bands:

In schools, there are restrictions on the practice hours of marching bands. The school allows you to have a maximum of 8 hours of practice per week, which excludes games and competitions. A total of 100 hours are required for a perfect marching band practice. Although these practices are very much tiring, performers usually find it easy to perform with their best friends together. It requires many techniques and a present mind because you have to work both physically and mentally. It would be best to remember every foot gesture, hand movement, and song rhythm to coordinate with the band music.

Subsequently, marching bands compete in rankings and competitions.  Many schools and colleges held completions in October were marching bands have to perform in any football event. Many region competitions are conducted to compete. Usually, these marching band competitions last for a whole day, every completion is judged, and the judges look through the entire performance focusing on the essential artistic elements.

This is typically a very demanding physical activity. The marching band can also, be considered an art rather than a sport from the determination and enthusiasm.

Whether it's football, baseball, basketball, or marching BandBand, all of these words interrelate with each other, but there's a word that doesn't relate here. It's the marching band. All of these belong to each other in a way or another but not the marching band. Because it's not considered a sport by 90% of people in this world.

No doubt the members of marching bands are very hardworking and physically active. But to be in a marching band is a significant achievement as well as a commitment. They do isn't easy at all; they have to carry an instrument along with them the whole way and play it correctly. Carry a tool while being on the move is tough.

Extracting the perfect sound from their device while being on the move is a remarkable effort, and one must appreciate them for their brilliant performance. Whether any particular marching band wins a competition or not, you must understand their struggles and acknowledge their long hours of practice.

What is more frustrating about the marching band?

There are several misunderstandings about marching bands. Some people judge this art and execute results by performances. Official sports fans often complain about the marching band's performances. Sports like football and basketball are based on the final results of who well the players played. But the results of marching bands only depends on the judges only. The decision of judges determines whether the marching band was cool or not. That is often very confusing because both teams worked hard day and night to be perfect on judgment day.

Most people don't know how to apply for a marching band—considering while most people don't know how to carry an instrument. Some of the people are motionless. Marching band needs discipline In your body language as well as in your marching band members. Without miss-stepping into any wrong step, they need to create an accurate balance in their body, which will only be achieved with practice and a lot.

Marching Band Sport:

In some of the marching bands, the band directors take auditions. But it's not necessary for every school. It varies from Band to Band. Anyone who loves to band or loves to play instruments can join the BBand They can have the opportunity to try their luck as being in the marching band is a pride. Students perform amazingly in adopting new things from protocols and stand steadily and face any new challenges.

 Usually, there are ex- cheerleaders and some of the ids who might give up on any sports they try their luck by marching in bands.  Marching band is not only a fun activity, but you can make it more flexible? Many of the marching band members have stated that some band members bring their Nintendo in the marching band performance and trade Pokémon during break times.

This is just a way to make your routine more friendly and flexible for you as long as you pursue it with passion and full determination. Many students who have excellent GPA loves to be a part of the marching band. Talented musicians in the band produce professional jazz in their performances by compiling together different music notes. Students join marching bands because they were utterly blind to choose which activity is best for them, they love music and symbolism in music, so they accidentally joined the marching band, but many benefits came with joining a marching band. 

Lessons BBandteaches us/kids:

Getting into some sports is quite fun, as well as getting into some healthy activities. Marching band is likewise a very healthy activity for your kids. There are several lessons that being in the match can teach us. The first one we will discuss is music. We will list down some classes that were marching BBandteaches us.


As we all know that Music in its self is a process of healing. Music not only cleans your mind but also mend up your heart. And when it comes to the match involved in marching band music, it keeps your brain active and growing. In marching band, music teaches us about tranquility and focus on our every step. Watch out for the music and match your efforts according to the music beat. It's like math. You have to check the right equation to win.

Neurological multi-tasking:

Matching along with music is a bit challenging task. However, marching members maintains a specific tempo in which they find comfort and connect their neuronal wires to the music beat. The neuronal connection is essential in the marching band. It will benefit you or your kid to maintain a multi-tasking mindset in the future. Your kid will be a multi-tasker in the future.


Joining in a marching band can drill your mind. To be early on time is a discipline. Discipline is the foundation of any practice, and it will help you throughout your life. To be on time is the best thing to do. This is a way to be a part of the team to be on time. It will lead you to be an excellent mannered well-disciplined human.  Whether you have a goal in your mind that you will defeat your opponent or chase like a dreamer, discipline is necessary for every aspect of life. Teamwork is the best thing to improve yourself.

Time management:

Time management experience will serve you well in your life. A good catch up on time is essential because you have to meet the deadlines, rehearsal, football games, and contests. You usually have to give up on some of your hobbies, like video games or any other hobby. Time management is useful to create an OK, balance life.


Be in the marching band you know will be flexible for you. Not really? You get us wrong. To be a marching band member, you develop a relaxed personality rigidly instead of insisting on minor things to make them perfect. You solve your problems more creatively, and for students of marching terrible, the students must learn to work according to their directors' instructions.

Lots of practice hours:

Lots of practicing hours make your kid more generous and responsible for his every step. During marching band sessions/practice, they get hours to play music and march simultaneously. All it requires is trust and experience. Far beyond the musical notes and instruments, your kid will learn to be independent and responsible. Seeing your kid performing in Marching Band will make you feel proud of them. It is essential for the development of your child's brain and body. Staying healthily active helps them grow, along with joy. Marching impacts their life.  

Values of Marching Band:

Be in a marching band not only gives you confidence, but it also gives you a focused face. Students who prepare for marching bands have full faces. You might have seen them well dressed in uniform and quiet, and their musical warm-up is much more entertaining in the stadium. Band students are very dedicated. They have their commitments towards success, and they strive for excellence and accuracy. Values of marching Band gives you responsibility and accountability. You will work with seniors and leaders, foremost drummers and directors and staff. They all will be your well-wishers because band students are cooperative, and their performance depends on the word respect. They work on the rule Chain of command.

How Marching Band Handling Covid-19:

Coronavirus has forced everyone one of us differently. No matter from which region or corner of the world we live in, we can't escape from the harsh reality of COVID-19. This pandemic has changed the living styles of many people. From musicians to doctors, everyone is finding ways how to make new ways out with coronavirus. Marching bands are also dealing with the same problem. Members of marching bands are finding new ways to keep playing music in Covid-19 and safety measures.  

One of the most significant adjustments that marching bands have to make is not to march right now.  People are staying safe by following the 6 feet apart rule. Band members are forced to practice at home through Zoom video calls. Depending on the instruments, you can still perform. However, it's not fair to practice daily. You can practice from home, but some things aren't possible with this internet thing. For this, you can still stand 6 feet apart from your band members and try not to use other band member's instruments. Use your appliances and sanitize them frequently. Because in any football match stadium, the audience will easily hear the band from a distance.

Along with the distance of 300+ members, the marching bands are enormous. They have a massive crowd for which they prepare for. At the beginning of the first semester of the marching band, the group members are split into two groups, making them white BBandand gold bands. Both of the group members tend to start their practice in their sections. Then in the middle of the semester, both groups switch together and create their training together.

We are glad to say that high school allows students to join the band and the opportunity to grow into adulthood with determination and joy in our country.  Make your parents proud by joining the marching band in your school. Marching band is a talent as well.

Are you a member of the marching band in your school? Let us know in the comment section below and see how many marching band members we have here on our platform.


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