What Happened With Tyga and Scott 2023?

What Happened With Tyga and Scott 2023?


what happened with tyga and scott 2023

Tyga and Scott may be the most famous couple in the world, but is their relationship really as happy as they seem? It's a question that is worth asking. They have been dating since 2011, and have a daughter together. But the past couple of months have been a bit more rocky than expected. Specifically, the couple were involved in a public spat at the MTV Video Music Awards. This led to some speculation that the relationship is over.

Kylie Jenner's relationship with Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner's relationship with Travis Scott has been in and out of the public eye for years. They first made headlines in April 2017, when they were spotted together at Coachella. Since then, their love has been on-and-off.

Their relationship has been complicated by reports that Kylie cheated on Travis with her former friend Rojean Kar. This has fueled speculation that their relationship has ended. However, Scott's reps denied these allegations.

While Scott and Jenner haven't confirmed their relationship status, they have remained on friendly terms. They've even enjoyed a romantic getaway in May of 2022. During this time, they were also spotted dancing and holding hands.

Jenner is often spotted with Scott on social media, and she was also photographed in a "Playboy" photoshoot. The magazine claimed that they're following in the footsteps of her sisters.

As of late, the pair haven't been seen together. But they still have their daughter Stormi. Kylie posted a black-and-white picture of Stormi holding her baby on Instagram. Although they don't reveal the name of the child, Jenner did confirm that the child was born on February 1.

Despite the recent split, Travis and Kylie continue to be on friendly terms. They have a young daughter together and are planning to have more children in the future. One day, they hope to share a sibling.

If you're wondering what the name of the child is, Jenner said in a recent interview that they're not ready to announce it yet. In another post, she shared a cute image of Travis embracing her.

The pair are still very much on friendly terms, but it looks like their relationship is winding down. Although the couple isn't officially back together, there are rumors that they've cooled down and will not be reunited anytime soon.

Tyga's friendship with Kourtney Kardashian

If you haven't heard, Kylie Jenner and Tyga broke up in April. But, they were still friends, and it looks like Scott Disick and Tyga are getting along well.

When Kylie was pregnant, Tyga offered to drive her to the hospital when she went into labor. However, he didn't show up. And, Kourtney was mad. So she vented her frustration to Kim and Khloe Kardashian.

Since that time, Scott has gotten involved with Tyga again. In fact, they've been hanging out a lot lately. And, it sounds like he's going back to his old partying ways. That's all right, though. Despite all of this, Kourtney says she doesn't want Scott to hang out with Tyga.

While it's easy to dismiss this friendship as nothing but a one-off, it's not uncommon for people to take the time to ask whether this relationship is really working. Thankfully, there's a pretty good chance it's not.

Before the pair broke up, Tyga had been spotted tagging himself in a variety of social media posts that included a picture of Kylie with him. This was back in 2014. Then, in July 2014, Kylie made a comment about Tyga on her Instagram.

During that same month, Kylie Jenner attended her sister Kendall's Sweet 16 bash. She also posted a photo with Tyga. After that, her relationship with Tyga became more open and flirty.

It's been rumored that the two were dating for a while, but they haven't really confirmed that they are a couple. But, there are other factors to consider.

One thing's for sure: Tyga is still a troll. He doesn't have the deep insights that some celebrity stars have.

Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi's red carpet debut

Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi has just made her red carpet debut. She accompanied her parents at a film premiere for Travis Scott's new documentary, Look Mom I Can Fly. The film follows Travis on his rise as a music superstar and on his latest tour, Astroworld.

Stormi wore a matching two-piece camouflage outfit. Her white sneakers matched the dress. It was a nice touch to have her holding onto her mother.

She also wore a pair of diamond stud earrings. She carried a tiny snakeskin purse. Her pigtails were tied into a sleek high ponytail.

Stormi is only 18 months old, but she is already making headlines. In September, she painted her nails and had her finger paintings displayed in her fridge. Since then, she has been featured on the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" Instagram feeds.

She was also featured in an intimate video that her mom, Kylie Jenner, posted on Instagram. The video was titled "To Our Daughter" and features a video diary.

Stormi's appearance was the oh so cute-to-watch. Her adorable little pout was perfectly executed. As well as a tight laced dress and heels, she accessorised with gold bangles.

There was also a surprise - Stormi made a surprise appearance on the red carpet! She was a bit confused by the cameras, but she looked adorable nonetheless.

Stormi was a cute little star at the premiere. Her parents are pretty solid people. They didn't rush into a marriage. They are also very happy with their daughter.

The couple rarely attends events on the red carpet. But that doesn't mean they aren't ready to expand their family.

Tyga's relationship with Blac Chyna

Chyna and Tyga's relationship is a tangled one. They have a son together and they have had their fair share of ups and downs. Their relationship was not only tumultuous, but they shared a number of public fights and arguments.

While they were still dating, Blac Chyna and Tyga filmed a music video called Rack City. The pair became engaged in 2013. However, they later broke up. After the couple split, they started dating Kylie Jenner.

During this time, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian were rumored to be engaged. In January 2016, they started dating. This sparked rumors that Tyga was cheating on Chyna with Kylie. But that wasn't the case, according to the Kardashians. It appears that Rob and Blac Chyna broke up in February 2017.

Now, it's been revealed that Blac Chyna has a child with Tyga. She is the mother of his son, King Cairo Stevenson.

Despite their rocky relationship, Chyna and Tyga had a great whirlwind romance. In fact, Chyna and Tyga were engaged for only a few months.

Several weeks after they ended their relationship, Blac Chyna and Tyga were spotted spotting in a nightclub in New York City. Afterwards, Tyga congratulated Chyna on the birth of her daughter, Dream Kardashian.

At Kylie Jenner's birthday party in 2011, Chyna and Tyga were among the guests. Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and The Game were also in attendance.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have a daughter named Dream. They were reportedly expecting their first child. When they finally decided to get married, however, they canceled their wedding plans.

The relationship between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian has received a lot of criticism. Newsweek has contacted Rob and Chyna's representatives for comments on the situation.

Tyga's relationship with Rob Kardashian

Tyga has been linked to a lot of different women in recent years. Most recently, he was linked to Kylie Jenner. But, before that, he had a relationship with Blac Chyna.

Tyga and Blac Chyna have two children together. Their son, King, was born in 2012. They also have a daughter named Dream. The couple split up a few months after the baby was born.

Blac Chyna is also Tyga's ex-fiancee. She is a former model and dancer, who appeared in his music video. However, her relationship with Tyga ended when he started dating Kylie.

In the past, Tyga and Chyna have had a lot of issues. After breaking up, Chyna had a temporary restraining order against her.

However, she obtained joint custody of their children. Now, she and Rob have a 5-year-old daughter named Dream. And their son, King, is with Tyga six days a week.

Chyna and Tyga are both expected to have a baby in the future. However, it is unclear if the pair will ever get married.

While they are both very supportive of each other, they do have their differences. For example, Chyna has a lot of negative feelings about being a single mother. On the other hand, Rob Kardashian has been dealing with weight issues.

However, it appears as though the two are back on track. According to a source close to the Kardashians, they have been spending time together, and it's clear that they are happy.

Tyga and Rob are not the first celebrity couple to have a child. Jordan Craig and Tristan Thompson both have kids with their respective partners. Despite their different histories, they share the same father, and their kids are very similar in age.

Why Is Tyga Not on Spotify 2023?

why is tyga stimulated not on spotify 2023

How many people have you heard tell you why Tyga isn't on Spotify? If you've been a long-time music lover, you've probably noticed a pattern. Specifically, you've probably noticed that most of the new hip-hop artists aren't on the streaming service yet. However, the truth is, a lot of these artists will start appearing on Spotify in the future. So why don't we just wait?

'Rack City'

It's hard to say whether or not Tyga is the best rapper of his generation. Nevertheless, he has made his mark on the music industry with his smooth SoCal swag. His songs, such as "Crush City" and "Rack City" are among the most popular tracks on the radio. As of February 2017, he has sold over 600,000 albums, making him one of the most successful artists of the new millennium.

The name Tyga is a combination of Micheal Ray Stevenson and Thank You God Always. He was born on November 19, 1989 in Compton, California. During his early years, he was raised by his mother Nguyen. In 2012, Tyga signed with Young Money Entertainment, the company owned by Lil Wayne.

While he was not a household name until 2011, Tyga made a splash with his 2011 hit, "Rack City." His song spawned an adult film directed by Tyga, and became a fan favorite. A music video for the track, meanwhile, sparked an unlikely romance between the rapper and actress Blac Chyna. They dated from 2011 to 2014. Ultimately, the relationship ended.

Fortunately, Tyga's latest record, "Taste," is now the best-selling single of his career. He has also been featured in the posse-cut of the Furious 7 soundtrack, and is set to release another single later this month.

In addition to being a rapper, Tyga is a clothing mogul and an actor. In the past, he's been seen on TV shows like Kingin' With Tyga and MTV's Between the Sheets Tour. Also, he's a fan of Jiggy-era hip-hop.

Although Tyga's song "Rack City" is not available on Spotify, it's still an excellent example of the music industry's art of surprise. Thanks to the collaboration of DJ Mustard and the talent behind it, the record turned into a bona fide hit.

Despite its shortcomings, "Rack City" is a must-have for any hip-hop enthusiast. And if you're a fan of Tyga, you'll definitely want to check out his new album, Legendary. Featuring hits like "Taste," it's the best album of the year. If you aren't already a fan, it's worth the download.


Tyga, a rapper born in Compton, California in 1989, has been making music for more than a decade. He first came to fame with the hit "Rack City," which spawned an adult film directed by Tyga. It was also a hit with DJ Mustard. The track topped the charts in 2012 and was one of the first songs to draw heavy radio play.

After a brief stint with Cash Money Records, Tyga signed with Republic Records, and later, Young Money Entertainment. He released his debut album No Introduction in 2008. His latest solo project, "Rack City," matched Drake's peak chart position in 2012.

In the past year, Tyga has been dating Kylie Jenner, a reality star who is currently under 18 years old. She is part of the lead lady in his new music video.

In the video, Tyga is pictured in a luxury beachfront mansion, dressed in a green Bentley. His girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, plays the role of the leading lady.

Tyga has also dated Nicki Minaj, whose music he has collaborated on, and Chris Brown. Together, they have released a collaborative album, Fan of a Fan: The Album.

Tyga was one of the early signees to Lil Wayne's Young Money label. He has had one minor hit, "Hookah," which is practically a Young Thug song.

Tyga has also been involved in several music videos, including those with Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. His most recent video, for "Stimulated," was released on Sunday. With the help of Kylie Jenner, he shows off his PDA skills.

Regardless of whether or not Tyga is actually a good rapper, his latest single is certainly a winner. But he should've been able to pull off something more creative than a lazy ode to statutory rape.

One of the best things about this song is the title. It's also a bit of a misnomer, as the real song has little to do with this. Nevertheless, the song is a good indicator of how the rapper is trying to outdo himself.

When it comes to Tyga, the best is the last. Although he hasn't had a major hit in quite some time, he has been able to make his mark through clever lyrics and a sense of humor.

'Dope'd Up'

Tyga, an American rapper, actor, and fashion designer, released his latest music video on Sunday. It features Kylie Jenner. The pair first became an item in the fall of 2014. In a recent Instagram post, Tyga confirmed their relationship.

Tyga's music video is based on a concept that's reminiscent of the "Dope'd Up" film. Tyga and Kylie go through a series of horrors together. Eventually, they're trapped in a house full of zombies.

Throughout the video, Tyga and Kylie chat about the movie. But Tyga isn't very convincing with his rapping. He makes a lot of awkward hand gestures. Plus, he's not very charismatic.

While Tyga and Kylie's relationship has been controversial, it's worth noting that they're actually quite young. At the time, Kylie was only 17. And Tyga was still in his early teens. So, while the song is a statutory rap, it doesn't really justify a relationship with an underage girl.

When Tyga and Kylie met, he was already established as a raunchy, MTV goofball. He's been a part of a number of hit songs, including "Rack City", which he co-produced with DJ Mustard. As of February 2017, his albums have sold 600,000 copies.

"Rack City" is Tyga's and DJ Mustard's most successful record. In 2012, it matched Drake's peak chart position. It also spawned an adult film directed by Tyga.

While Tyga hasn't had many successful records after "Ayo", he's managed to keep his career alive through a variety of partnerships. He has worked with established brands like Adidas, Nike, and Reebok. Moreover, Tyga's most recent record, "Taste", became his best-selling single to date.

As of August 1, 2021, Tyga's net worth is $5 million. He is currently signed to Republic Records, Young Money, and Cash Money Records. During his career, he has also released seven studio albums. His last LP, Fan of a Fan, was released in 2015. If he can't make it big as a rapper, Tyga may be better off as an actor.

Overall, the new Tyga song isn't the worst, but it's not the best.

'Kingin' With Tyga'

The second season of MTV2's Kingin' With Tyga will debut this month. While the show isn't as slick as its first season, it shows improvement in production value. In addition, it follows the young rapper's life as a father.

Before becoming an MTV personality, Tyga was a professional rapper. He was signed to the Young Money label, which is owned by Lil Wayne. During his time with the label, he had a couple of successful albums.

After leaving Young Money in 2013, Tyga started to release more music. His 2012 album, Careless World: Rise of the Last King, featured guest artists including Robin Thicke and Pharrell. It reached number four on the US Billboard Top 200. This record spawned a music video that was a parody of then-President Donald Trump.

Despite his success, Tyga has a relatively dark side. He frequently refers to women as bitches and has used vulgar lyrics. But his talent extends beyond music. As a producer, he's a mastermind when it comes to his own videos.

Tyga was born in 1989 in Compton, California. When he was seventeen, he was mentored by rapper Lil Wayne. From there, Tyga cultivated a career in hip-hop and streetwear. Since then, he's worked with some big names in the industry.

Tyga has a fan base of millions. He has sold over 12 million digital singles as of February 2017. Moreover, he's a huge presence on social media. For example, he's got nearly 58 million fans on Spotify.

Tyga has a few major hits to his name. However, his career isn't really taking off as it once was. Despite his efforts, his music still remains somewhat bland. So, when he finally releases a new single, it may be hard for people to get excited.

On a personal level, Tyga hasn't been a good role model for his younger sisters. Several of them have complained about Tyga's influence. One of them, Kris Jenner, has even labeled him as a "bad influence" on their kids.

While it's true that Tyga isn't the most successful rapper in the world, he is an excellent troll. He often elicits laughs from his audiences.

How Many Years Ago Are Kylie Jenner and Tyga 2023?

how many years apart are kylie and tyga 2023

'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'

When Kylie Jenner turned 18, she announced her relationship with rapper Tyga. They dated for a few years. Their relationship was a major part of reality TV shows, such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians. However, they later broke up in April 2017.

Tyga and Kylie first started dating in 2011, when they were just 14. She was 14 at the time. After their first year of dating, they started to get more serious. This was evident from their appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In a radio interview, Kanye West said that he thought that they were in love. Even before the show, they were spotted together, often on public outings.

During the course of their relationship, Tyga showed off some lavish gifts. For example, he bought a Ferrari for Kylie when she was 18. The sports car is valued at $320,000. Also, he has a tattoo that reads "Kylie" on his arm. Despite the fact that the relationship ended in 2017, fans haven't completely forgotten about it. Nonetheless, Tyga has recently been spotted with another woman.

Tyga has been known to get into some wild behavior. In the past, he has been accused of sexual misconduct. Eventually, he ended up in a relationship with Blac Chyna, the mother of his 22-month-old son. He also got engaged to Camaryn Swanson, who is reportedly 20 years older than him.

Tyga and Kylie were rumored to be dating when she was just 18. However, it was soon clear that their relationship was not the real deal. At that point, the Kardashian family was already a powerful force. Eventually, they were featured in magazine campaigns and filmed on reality shows.

While the family was still young, they were able to travel the world. Besides being a popular star, they were also a well-known and loved family. It was not unusual to see them at important events, such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding.

Despite their age difference, Tyga and Kylie stayed in touch. Among other things, they volunteered to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving. In addition, they dressed up as Chucky and Chucky's bride for Halloween.

After a short break, Kylie and Tyga were spotted on public outings again. The two of them were spotted on a trip to St. Barts in St. Barts, France. During the trip, Kylie complained about Tyga. Afterwards, she grew to love Tyga.

They were seen in different places, such as at a party. But it was also reported that Kylie and Tyga were seen at an all-girls vacation in St. Barts, and he was spotted with a new tattoo that says "Kylie" on his arm.

Kylie and Tyga rekindled their relationship in June. A few months later, they reunited and hung out at a joint birthday party for Kendall and Kylie. During this time, Tyga gave Kylie a tequila shot. Afterwards, they attended Kim and Kanye's wedding.

Soon, they started posting pictures on their social media accounts. During their relationship, Kylie and Tyga were criticized for their age gap. Many people thought that Tyga had unhealthy influence on the young Kylie.

'Keeping Up With The Jenners'

If you are one of the many people who are a fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you might be wondering how long ago Kylie Jenner and Tyga started dating. The two have been spotted in public together a lot in the past year. Earlier in the year, they were spotted holding hands. They went to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles for the Teen Impact Holiday Party. Afterwards, they were spotted canoodling at a club.

During the summer, Kylie and Tyga were reportedly in a whirlwind of social media rumors. In August of that year, they were seen out and about on several occasions. It was revealed that they had been in an intimate relationship for a few months. At that time, they had been living together in a $6 million mansion in Hidden Hills. Several months later, they had split and were not living together.

However, some fans still wonder if the two were ever actually dating. After all, it was reported that they had been spotted on several occasions in the months before their split. When their relationship first began, they were both under the age of 18. Their relationship took a serious turn when they started dating a few years later.

As far as how many years apart are Kylie and Tyga, they are actually 8 years apart. That's a huge difference. Regardless of how old they are, the two have had some very interesting relationships in the past.

First, they both had been in relationships with Blac Chyna. Blac Chyna is the mother of their son, King Cairo. She is also the woman who gave them a tequila shot on their 17th birthday. Ultimately, they broke up and Kylie and Tyga moved on.

Later on, they met at a Sweet Sixteen party. At that event, Kylie and Tyga were invited guests. Tyga was a performer at the event. Although the relationship was short-lived, Kylie and Tyga did go on to spend a year together.

One of the most interesting things about the Tyga and Kylie relationship is that they were both under the age of 18. In fact, Kylie was only 14 at the time they started dating. Once they were officially dating, the two were able to spend more time together.

While they are not together anymore, they have both maintained their love for each other. Eventually, they were able to get back together. Currently, they co-parent their daughter, Stormi Webster. Travis Scott is also part of their family. This couple has a lot of history, and they continue to make public appearances. During their time together, they got matching tattoos.

Lastly, they had a memorable Halloween. According to a report, they dressed up as Chucky and his bride. Some fans speculate that the picture might be a message to Tyga. Other people think that it was just a prank. Whatever the case, the photos are interesting to look at.

When they were dating, Tyga would always gift Jenner with lavish gifts. He has a new tattoo of "Kylie" on the inner right elbow. Also, he owns a home in the Hollywood Hills.

How Far Away Are Tyga and Kylie 2023?

how far apart are tyga and kylie 2023

If you haven't heard, Tyga and Kylie Jenner are reportedly dating. The news was made public after a video of them was posted to Instagram. However, the relationship seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Many fans have begun to question how far apart the two are now. They are both very busy with music and film projects, so it's hard to say how long their relationships will last. In addition, the pair have a history of feuding, and it's been suggested that they are more distant than ever before.

Tyga denies dating Kylie Jenner

There are a lot of rumors surrounding Tyga and Kylie Jenner. These include a lot of speculation about their relationship, as well as a few real facts. The two have been dating for at least a year, and have been spotted numerous times in public together. Their relationship is still focused on music, though.

When the two first spotted each other, it was on the heels of Tyga's breakup from Blac Chyna. Chyna claimed that Tyga had cheated on her with Jenner, and that they were romantically involved at the time of their conception. She also stated that Tyga wanted a paternity test to determine her father.

However, Tyga and Kylie haven't always been so quiet about their relationship. In fact, Tyga has been photographed with Jenner on several occasions in the past year. They were even seen catching up at Coachella in April.

Tyga was first seen in public with Jenner in August, at a Las Vegas nightclub. At this time, he was 21 years old and Kylie was 14 years old. As they got closer, they started to appear in each other's social media posts.

On October 16, they were spotted at a recording studio, and even went to Children's Hospital Los Angeles for a Teen Impact Holiday Party. Later that evening, they shopped at Kabuki restaurant in Hollywood. During the birthday party for Kendall Jenner, Tyga performed. He was accompanied by Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.

Since then, they have been spotted many times in public together, including a photo of them kissing. Also, they were spotted leaving Delilah in West Hollywood in the early hours of Wednesday.

When Tyga broke up with Blac Chyna last August, it was rumored that he was moving on to Kylie Jenner. Even Amber Rose has jumped into the fray, claiming that Tyga was dating Kylie when he shot the video that was supposedly the best of the best.

According to Amber Rose, Tyga left Chyna for Jenner. Not only is Blac Chyna close with Amber Rose, but they are also friends with KhloA(c) Kardashian. And in the midst of all this, Kim Kardashian is married to Kanye West.

Regardless of all the rumors, Tyga and Kylie are still together and haven't yet broken up. They are working on their musical careers and have plenty of time to figure out what they want to do next.

Regardless of all of the rumors and controversies, Tyga has managed to show his love for Kylie. He has been photographed with her multiple times in the past year, and has posted a number of photos on his social media accounts showing his admiration for her. He has even been spotted with her new tattoo of her name.

Tyga's feud with Drake

The Tyga vs Drake beef has reached new heights. It's been over two years since the pair first started squabbling and the feud hasn't gotten much better. Their latest beef is getting very funny. One thing's for sure: this rivalry won't be going anywhere soon.

During an interview with 92.3 LA, Tyga made some bold claims. He said he was sexually active with Kylie Jenner when she was just a little girl. And, of course, he had to have a paternity test to prove it.

Tyga also said that his relationship with Nicki Minaj was forced on him. Of course, he isn't a stranger to this kind of BS. During a 2009 interview, he claimed that he appeared in the YMCMB "Bed Rock" video and that he has had to "force" relationships with the Queen of Hip Hop.

Tyga and Drake have had plenty of other feuds and a good amount of back and forth between the two. They've both been a part of the Young Money crew, but they've had some notable falling outs. In fact, Drake has a history of physical fisticuffs with contemporaries like Sean "Diddy" Combs, Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Ludacris.

In his recent performance, Drake took a few shots at Tyga. Specifically, he rapped about hiding a child from the world. Apparently, this was the most "smart" thing he could have done to get back at his rival. Nevertheless, it's not exactly what you'd expect from Drake.

On a lighter note, Drake and his label mates aren't exactly the most open-minded bunch. They've been known to take potshots at each other and even made fun of each other's egos. This may have helped their beef die down. However, this isn't something that a lot of fans would consider the best thing to happen to Tyga.

Tyga and Drake's feud was largely brought to a halt when Kanye West put the two of them in the same room. This was also the same day that Tyga referred to Kanye as the 'leader of rap music'. After their brief reconciliation, Tyga went on to record a song about the'magic' of Kanye's influence.

When he dropped his "6 PM in New York" album, Drake was quick to throw some jabs at Tyga. His album's most notable track, however, was the "Y.O.L.O.," a song that was in no way a collaboration.

As the two rappers get ready to make their comebacks, they'll likely have more beef to deal with. In the meantime, it's worth considering the facts. What are your opinions on their respective feuds? Would you like to see them end on good terms or would you prefer a more aggressive stance?

Blac Chyna and Tyga started dating in 2011. They dated for a couple years, but ended up breaking up. This led to a number of public spats between the two. However, they did share a whirlwind romance. Their relationship was so intense that the couple had their own reality show.

Tyga and Blac Chyna have been spotted together many times. In August, they were seen at a nightclub in New York City. While in New York, they were also spotted talking with friends at a party. Later that month, they attended the Marquee Nightclub. It was there that Chyna was seen hugging Sujit Kundu.

In November, Chyna gave birth to her first child, Dream Renee Kardashian. This was her first child with Rob. The two began dating in January and announced their pregnancy in November.

While in court, Jenner said she didn't believe Chyna's intentions were true. She testified that her boyfriend had showed her threatening text messages. He also showed her a six-inch knife scar. Jenner said she wasn't sure she wanted to continue the relationship with Chyna.

Tyga and Blac Chyna were in a tumultuous relationship, but the two still have each other's support. As Blac Chyna has become a single mom, she has used social media to express her feelings. Despite her own struggles, she doesn't want any bad blood with Kylie.

Before their relationship, Tyga was rumored to have a fling with rapper Tiny Harris. But he was a friend of Kim's ex-husband, Ye. Tyga and Chyna also had a short fling in 2010.

After their split, Tyga started dating Kylie. He was 24 when he began his relationship with the reality star. During their time together, they got engaged and had a son. A few months after their engagement, they announced their breakup.

Chyna has been involved in several lawsuits against her former partner. One was filed for defamation of character. Another lawsuit was filed after she was accused of forcing the cancellation of a couples' reality show.

When they separated, Chyna obtained a temporary restraining order. She was also reportedly thrown out of her home by her former boyfriend. She also filed for divorce in 2014.

Rob and Chyna's relationship has drawn plenty of criticism. It has also gotten them a lot of support. Both of them have posted numerous intimate pictures. If they do have a baby, it will be their first child.

Hopefully, they will have a successful pregnancy. The pair have already shared some vague references to having a child.

Chyna and Tyga have a son, King. He is three years old. Tyga has responded to Chyna's claims that he has no child support.

As the world learns more about Blac Chyna and her relationship with Tyga, it's obvious that they are not going to be spending the rest of their lives together.

How Long Tyga and Kylie Been Dating?

how long tyga and kylie been dating  2023

You might be wondering how long Tyga and Kylie Jenner have been dating. These two have been together for 18 months, so what is their relationship like? In this article, we'll share some photos and details about their relationship, their red carpet debut, and their daughter Stormi's birthday party.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

If you are a fan of Tyga, then you have probably heard about his relationship with Kylie Jenner. Their relationship has been the subject of much talk and speculation. But where did they meet and how long have they been dating?

According to reports, Kylie and Tyga met when they were both 14. The two were teenagers at the time. They began hanging out and attending events together, which led to the beginning of a romantic relationship.

Tyga and Kylie have been seen on several occasions, including their visit to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles for the Teen Impact Holiday Party. In addition, the pair have attended Kim and Kanye West's wedding, where they both performed.

While there has been a lot of media coverage about their relationship, there hasn't been much information on the actual date that they first started seeing one another. However, it is possible that they had been together since they were teens.

According to the Observer, Kylie and Tyga first started talking to one another at age 14, which is pretty young for a relationship. When the pair went to see Kylie's sister's Sweet 16 birthday party, they were asked to play a couple of songs.

When Kylie turned 18, they began speaking openly about their relationship. They also volunteered to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving. Ultimately, they reconciled in October of 2019, but not before Kylie had a baby with Travis Scott.

Although their relationship was relatively new at the time, the rumors have been swirling for years. One of them claims that Tyga had sexually active with Kylie around the time she was pregnant.

It hasn't been easy for the pair, but they have survived. Kylie gave birth to her first child, daughter Stormi Webster, in February 2018.

Their 17th birthday party

When Kylie Jenner turned seventeen, she celebrated her birthday with Tyga. They had a party at Tyga's house. At the party, Kylie and Tyga partied with The Game, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and Kendall Jenner.

On her actual birthday, Kylie blew out a candle on a phallic-shaped cake. She also gave out presents to 30 kids.

It's not clear if Kylie actually handed over the bottle of wine to Tyga or if she was just posing for a photo. However, the video does show Kylie grabbing a tequila shot from Tyga.

There's no telling when they officially began dating, but they made several public appearances together. In April, Tyga was seen with a tattoo of Kylie's name on his arm.

After their first meeting, Kylie and Tyga were invited to her sister's 16th birthday party. Afterward, they began hanging out with each other. Several years later, Kylie started spending more time with Tyga.

After two years of dating, they were engaged. Shortly after, they had a child. Now, the couple have split.

Kylie and Tyga have made several public appearances over the past few months. Their most recent move was a trip to Turks and Caicos. During the trip, the couple volunteered to feed the homeless. Earlier this year, Kylie and Tyga were spotted at a Kabuki restaurant in Hollywood.

Kylie and Tyga's relationship was previously a secret. Several members of the Kardashian family defended the relationship. Even Khloe Kardashian proclaimed that the pair were not "ordinary teenagers."

Keeping up with celebrity couples can be a lot of fun, but it can also be emotionally exhausting. This is especially true if you're keeping track of Kylie and Tyga's relationship.

Their 18-month relationship

When it comes to Kylie and Tyga's 18-month relationship, it's fair to say that both sides have been in the spotlight. They've been spotted together at many public outings and appeared in music videos.

There were even rumors that Tyga and Kylie were engaged. Though there was no official confirmation, the rumor had a high chance of coming true.

The two reportedly had matching tattoos. Kylie even wore a ring on her ring finger.

Kylie and Tyga were not shy about showing their affection for each other. As an example, Tyga splurged on a Ferrari for Kylie's 18th birthday.

Kylie and Tyga aren't the only members of the infamous Kardashian family to date a rapper. Travis Scott also got his fair share of attention. Despite reports that the rapper is the only one with an actual interest in Kylie, both have been spotted out together on many occasions.

For years, it was assumed that Tyga and Kylie were just the best of friends. However, the relationship between the two actually began after Kylie attended a Kardashian-West wedding. Eventually, their relationship grew into a full-blown romance.

Tyga and Kylie have been publicly linked to many other celebrities, including Chris Brown and Kanye West. In fact, they were spotted at the Coachella music festival in 2017. Several months after their appearance, both parties split. Luckily, they were spotted together again in April.

As far as the Kylie and Tyga relationship goes, it has evolved from quiet canoodling to a full-fledged, loud love. With an engagement ring reportedly in the works, fans are wondering whether this will be the beginning of something more.

Kylie and Tyga's relationship is far from over, though. According to a source, the pair are on the verge of a reconciliation.

Their matching butterfly tattoos

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have recently been photographed wearing matching tattoos on their ankles. The pair have only been dating for two months, but they are already showing their love for one another by getting tattoos together.

Travis and Kylie both have small butterfly tattoos. They are both dainty and meaningful. These tiny little wings symbolize the budding love between them. In fact, they are likely a nod to Travis' song "Butterfly Effect", which was released in the same year.

This isn't the first time Travis and Kylie have gotten matching tattoos. Back in 2017, they got butterfly tattoos on their ankles. Their ankles are so close that the whole butterfly actually consists of the two tiny wings.

The two of them also showed off their new ink on Monday. Both shared a photo of the ink and the title of the song that it references.

Kylie and Travis both got a mini tattoo in honor of Tyga, too. While they haven't publicly confirmed their relationship, they have been photographed getting close to each other in front of the paparazzi.

Before they became parents, Kylie and Travis went to a tattoo artist. They got tattoos that symbolized their romance. Some of the designs include a tiny "T" and a heart with the words "Before" inscribed on it.

Another small, but important, tattoo was Kylie's "Stormi" tattoo on the back of her arm. She got the design in her grandfather's handwriting. Adding a word to a tattoo is a big nod to your children.

Getting tattoos with your ex isn't always a good idea, and many people regret it. However, the Kylie and Travis tattoos were done in honor of their relationship before they became parents.

Their daughter Stormi's red carpet debut

If you're a fan of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, you probably know that they're a popular couple, but you might be surprised to learn that they're also parents. And their daughter Stormi is currently 18 months old.

Jenner and Scott have been dating since April 2017, just a month after the break up of their relationship with Tyga. They first made a public appearance together at the Met Gala. Now, they're co-parenting their daughter Stormi Webster.

It was just a week after the Met Gala that Scott and Jenner attended a special event in NYC. This was a rare opportunity for the pair to share a private moment with their daughter.

Stormi has already starred on Jenner's Instagram feed and she's been dubbed "The First Lady of Instagram." She has yet to make a public appearance, but her parents are keeping their PDA going.

Jenner's baby bump became a big topic on social media when she was pregnant with Stormi. She was wearing a sheer dress, which was perfectly suited to her curvy figure.

On Tuesday, June 15, Travis Scott and Kylie attended a red carpet event together. The event, which was hosted by the 72nd Annual Parsons Benefit, was a celebration for the nonprofit's mission. Ahead of the event, the pair shared a series of photos on their respective Instagram pages.

On the evening of the event, Kylie Jenner showed off her curves in a white dress. She walked hand-in-hand with her boyfriend, who looked dapper in a brown suit.

Stormi wore a matching green and brown co-ord. Her outfit was accented with cargo print. During the event, Jenner hung out with her daughter and held her tight.

Why Beyonce is the Greatest Living Entertainer 2023

why beyonce is the greatest living entertainer 2023

Beyonce is one of the best entertainers in the world. She has a long history of success and accomplishments and has been a staple of the music industry for over twenty years. It's only natural that she will continue to be a hugely popular and influential artist in the industry for many more years to come.

Michael Jackson

The world of entertainment may have changed dramatically in the last decade, but Beyonce remains a force to be reckoned with. She is one of the most powerful artists of her generation, and her Beyhive is on hysteria.

The superstar is up for several awards at the upcoming ceremony. She is nominated for R&B performance for "Cuff It" and a song written for visual media. In addition, her latest album is up for best dance-electronic music.

As the first black woman to headline either festival, Beyonce has a unique position in the world of pop. Her performances also celebrate the culture of black people, a part of the community that is often stigmatized.

A master of live performance, Beyonce has a knack for creating captivating videos. She is particularly meticulous about choreography and lighting. And she has a knack for incorporating themes of sexuality, female empowerment, and self-belief into her shows.

Her musical career began at a very young age. Her father played a big role in it. By the time she was 13, she was already a superstar.

Throughout her career, Beyonce has campaigned for women and the black community. She has done so in the face of many criticisms. Several years ago, she even took to the stage to pay tribute to Michael Jackson.

Beyonce is up for several awards at the upcoming Grammys, including best dance-electronic music performance. But she's not the only performer in this category.


Beyonce has been one of the most influential and creative artists of the last decade. She's an artist with many talents, and she has a knack for releasing albums and music films that have the potential to change the way we think about pop culture.

Aside from her work as an actress, singer, and dancer, Beyonce has also been a writer and producer. Her work includes the critically acclaimed "Move" with GuiltyBeatz and Tems, which features pulsating rhythms, seductive lyrics, and a guest vocalist from Nigeria.

Beyonce also wrote a song that was nominated for a Grammy. She sang her song about how she's proud of her melanin, and calls out some of her musical heroes. The slang word for this is "spazz".

Beyonce is also up for two awards in the best R&B performance category for her song, "Cuff It". She's up for the same award in the best R&B song category for "Hold On."

She's up for a record nine Grammy nominations in November 2022, including the top prize in the most important category, best song written for visual media. If she wins, she'll be the first woman in the history of the award to be nominated for all three categories.

For her contributions to the entertainment industry, Beyonce has earned the title of world's greatest living entertainer. And in doing so, she's helped to create a more just world.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has become one of the most iconic pop stars of all time. The Louisiana-born singer began singing at age two, and has been an influential figure in the teen music industry for nearly 20 years.

Her debut album was released in 1999. Since then, she has released four albums. In 2016, Spears had a number-one hit with the song "Scream & Shout". She also received a number of offers for new tracks. However, she hasn't released a new album since her 2016 album, Glory.

Fans are demanding her return to the spotlight. According to Spears' Twitter, she is considering a comeback in the next few years.

The singer is set to star in a musical called Once Upon a One More Time, which will make its way to Broadway. Tickets will be available for sale on Monday. Previews will begin in May. A full production will start in the summer of 2023.

"Oops I Did It Again" and "Circus" are two of the songs that will be featured on the new musical. This will be the first time Britney has toured in over a decade.

Initially, Spears vowed to stop making music. But after a successful duet with Elton John, she went back into the studio. Soon after, she announced she was writing her own memoir.

She also revealed that she has permanent nerve damage on her right side. Earlier this month, her manager, Larry Rudolph, resigned. He had denied allegations that he had control over her actions.


If there is one artist who is the queen of the pop culture universe, it's Beyonce. She's been performing for more than 25 years, and her accomplishments are well-documented. Aside from being the Queen B, she's also a mother, a feminist, and an activist.

One of the most important aspects of her career is the fact that she's made history by becoming the first Black woman to headline Coachella. While she didn't make it to the main stage this year, she's performed in a few other notable spots.

The best part of Beyonce's accomplishments is that she's not afraid to be different. Throughout her career she's reinvented herself and her music, and the result has been quite impressive.

For example, her performance at Coachella last weekend was a sight to behold. It featured four segments, a full-scale dance routine, and a Black national anthem.

Beyonce is also the recipient of several prestigious awards. Among her awards are the Grammy, BET, and the NAACP Image Awards. Her latest release, "Homecoming," was a live album that earned her several nominations.

Although her career isn't as long as some of her contemporaries, she's still got it going. She's just about ready to launch her next world tour. With Jay-Z, she's preparing for her next big push in the pop world.

She's got an amazing voice, and she's been practicing her craft for more than a quarter of a century.


The NFL has announced that Rihanna will be the Super Bowl halftime show headliner for 2023. This will be the singer's first public performance in over five years.

Rihanna is the reigning queen of pop music, with over 250 million records sold. She has collaborated with Coldplay, Jay-Z, Eminem, Calvin Harris, and Paul McCartney. Her albums include Talk That Talk (2011), Anti (released in 2016), and Diamonds (2016).

In addition to her musical endeavors, Rihanna has become a successful fashion mogul, with a clothing and cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty. As of this writing, her net worth is estimated at $1.7 billion.

Rihanna has been in the media spotlight for much of her career. She appeared in Battleship (2012) and This Is the End (2013). Although her recent work has been limited, she has garnered a great deal of attention with her fashion line. For example, she's been featured on Forbes' annual list of America's richest self-made women.

The Super Bowl halftime show has become a showcase for a variety of musical artists in recent years. Rihanna is rumored to join Beyonce and Madonna in 2023. However, it's hard to know whether or not these rumors are true.

The NFL's announcement of Rihanna's appearance was received with a lot of excitement on social media. Aside from the fact that she's the best-selling female artist of all time, she has also been on the verge of a major milestone: becoming a mom. Recently, she and her boyfriend, rapper A$AP Rocky, welcomed their first child.


Jay-Z is an American rapper and entrepreneur. Born Shawn Corey Carter, he is considered to be one of the most influential figures in the early 21st century. Among his many achievements, he was co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records. He has also invested in numerous nightclubs and restaurants.

During his career, Jay-Z has become one of the best-selling artists in the world. He has sold more than 50 million records. His albums have hit the Billboard Top Ten more than any other solo artist in the history of the chart.

When he first started out, he wasn't signed to a record label. He sold his albums in his trunk. A friend of his, Elizabeth Mendez Berry, was Jay-Z's manager.

In 2010, Jay-Z released Watch the Throne. This album topped the rap charts and pop charts. It also received multiple Grammy nominations. The first single, "H*A*M", was a smash, and the album won Best Rap Performance for "Otis".

After his debut album, Jay-Z released another album, Vol. 2: Hard Knock Life. This album featured "Empire State of Mind", which was a huge hit. Another single, "Big Pimpin", also became a hit.

During his career, Jay-Z teamed up with other famous artists including Rihanna, Kanye West, and Beyonce. They recorded songs such as "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)," "Empire State of Mind," and "Run This Town."

He was named one of Forbes's "Billionaires List" and the "Billionaire List" for Hip-Hop. Although his net worth is not known, it is estimated to be at least $100 million.

Which Beyonce Album Sold the Most in 2023?

which beyonce album sold the most  2023

When you think about Beyonce's career, you probably imagine that she is the queen of pop. She has sold more albums than anyone else, including Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Elvis Presley. And she's even the only one to sell over a billion records. But just which album did she sell the most? Well, according to the latest data, that answer is a little tricky.

Dangerously In Love

Beyonce is a popular musician who has produced a variety of albums over the years. The songs on her solo albums usually feature themes of love and sexuality. She has also collaborated with other artists and released a number of soundtracks.

In 2003, Beyonce released her first solo album, Dangerously In Love. It was a critically acclaimed and commercially successful effort.

Upon its release, Dangerously In Love was a top seller in the US. The album moved over five million copies in the US alone. During its first week, the album sold 317,000 copies.

After the release of her debut solo album, Beyonce went on tour, promoting the album. Its success also helped Beyonce earn her first Grammy Awards. Her solo career has brought her six awards, including one for best female pop vocal performance.

She has a number of other hits in her catalog. For instance, her single "Crazy in Love" earned her a Grammy for best R&B song.

Another of her big hits is the song "Drunk in Love" which reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100. The track has more than a billion views on YouTube.

Beyonce has also released a number of live albums. As a member of Destiny's Child, she has sold a total of 17.5 million albums. This includes two albums that have reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200.

Despite having a prolific discography, Beyonce has only had a few real hit singles in the last few years. Some of these were her own tracks, but others were produced by other artists.

During her career, Beyonce has released a total of 17 studio albums. Her debut album, Dangerously In Love, was a big success and has sold more than 18 million copies worldwide. Throughout her career, she has had more than a dozen top ten hits.

Beyonce's best selling albums include her first solo release, Dangerously in Love, as well as her recent releases, I Am... Sasha Fierce and B'Day. These are her first four albums to sell more than a million copies in the U.S.


Renaissance is Beyonce's seventh solo studio album and it is her first proper release since "Lemonade" in 2016. It is also her first proper release since she joined Destiny's Child for "Survivor 2001". The lyrical content explores subjects such as self-assurance and escapism.

The album was released through a number of retailers as a digital download. It was later made available in vinyl LP form through Beyonce's official website. Physical copies were sold in limited quantities.

The "Renaissance" album is the highest selling album by a female artist this year. The album is expected to reach the top of the charts in the first week. This is a record for a female artist in 2022.

According to Billboard, Beyonce's "Renaissance" has the second biggest week of the year, behind only Adele's "30". That's a major accomplishment, as it's the first time a woman has held the lead in the chart since the late 1990s.

The album earned 332,000 equivalent album units in the US. While traditional sales did not account for all of the album's units, it is the first time a woman has held the top spot in the chart in more than four decades.

As for the streaming numbers, they were the largest for a woman in the chart's history. The album racked up 179 million streams during the tracking period.

On top of that, the Renaissance album is the first female album to break a hundred million streams on Spotify. It is also the best performing album by a female artist on the platform in a single day.

According to Chartmetric, the album received more than 170 million streams in the United States last week. That's nearly two-and-a-half times more than Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do!" during the same week.

In addition, the album received more than three times as many streams as the next most popular album by a woman, Bad Bunny's "Un Verano Sin Ti"! Streaming is a key player in the music industry, so the fact that a woman is holding the top spot on Spotify is not surprising.

Best Thing I Never Had

"Best Thing I Never Had" is Beyonce's second single from her fourth studio album. This song has become a stadium-sized romance song. In the music video, Beyonce shows off her vocal range.

The song is about a former lover who is trying to move on. Her lyrics are full of dark references, but the song has an abundance of confidence. It is also a tribute to the beauty of black skin.

"Best Thing I Never Had" was released as a CD single in Germany on July 29, 2011. The song was also relased as a digital download in Australia and New Zealand on June 1, 2011.

According to the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand, Best Thing I Never Had has sold 800,000 copies. In the US, the song peaked at number 16 on the Hot 100. It has also reached number three on the UK Singles Chart.

After a successful career, Beyonce has only released a few hits in recent years. She is a world-class balladeer. But her latest album, 2022, was her first solo musical effort in over two years. With the release of her latest music, Beyonce has sold more than 3 million albums.

Lemonade is one of Beyonce's most successful albums. In its first week, the album sold over 300,000 units in the United States. It also broke the iTunes sales record.

On July 7, 2011, Beyonce premiered her new music video for the song. It features the singer in a wedding gown, and her real-life husband Jay-Z. There's a siren at the beginning of the song. The video is a homage to her '80s and '90s film history.

With the release of her new album, the Beyonce's career is back on top. Beyonce has a total of four songs that have reached the Top 10 on the Billboard charts. Those include the songs "Deja Vu," "Beautiful Liar," and "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).

Beyonce is a talented singer who has a unique voice. Her vocals are comparable to those of Diana Ross. When she's in the spotlight, her voice stretches over music that's influenced by Fela Kuti and 1970s and 1980s funk.


Beyonce is one of the biggest superstars in the world and has produced many hits in her career. But her most important song is "Irreplaceable". This was the first time the song made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for ten straight weeks. It is also the best-charting single of Beyonce's solo career.

"Irreplaceable" became the most successful digital song of 2007. The song has sold more than three million copies worldwide. And it has become one of the ten most downloaded female ringtones of the 2000s in the US.

"Irreplaceable" has stayed at the top of the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart for a sixth week. Meanwhile, the video has been nominated for the Video of the Year award at the 2007 Black Entertainment Television Awards.

In the US, the song has sold over 4.6 million copies. According to the RIAA, the single has gone double platinum.

At the time of writing, "Irreplaceable" has sold more than 10 million digital copies. It also has been nominated for eight GRAMMY awards, including Record of the Year.

Although she hasn't won the award, Beyonce has been in the running for the Record of the Year for several years now. She has a good chance of capturing the trophy in 2023.

With five songs in the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100, "Irreplaceable" has also been one of the most popular tracks of 2007. The song has been certified double platinum in the U.S. and Canada, and has peaked at number one in Hungary, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The album itself has also been a big success. It has sold over half a million units in its first week of release. By the end of its first month, it had already sold 541,000 album-equivalent units.

Since its release, the album has been certified double platinum. In addition, the album has sold more than 164 million digital copies.

Overall, the album has sold more than 3.5 million physical copies in the United States. However, the majority of the album's sales have come from digital downloads.

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