We are open for business: Buy Artist "T-wee" (Single for $1!)

We are open for business: Buy Artist "T-wee" (Single for $1!)


Following your passion as a music artist is starting to become almost impossible nowadays. Over a decade ago, artists would have to depend on music stores to sell their own music are shop their music around to different DJs to get their music heard. Not only artist would have to treat their music like a business, but they also must put in the time to go around and find the right contacts to learn about the music business, or even see if they could find a trustworthy contact to be their manager.

The Music Business is Hard.

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Either way, the music business is tuff. Because of the internet, artists are no longer selling their music in retail stores, now everything is online. Artists must create their own website, or promote their music on other websites, just to build an audience in hopes that they will buy their music. You can see how stressful and tedious it can be for an artist to be successful in this business.

Artists used to make money by selling their CDs or mixtapes.

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Artists used to make money by selling their CDs or mixtapes on the corner just to survive in the world if they were not able to get a major label deal. It was a lot easier back then to simply hire a graphic designer to tell them the type of print design you want. The graphic designer would print out your cd cover, and you as an artist could sell your print cover, case, and cd for maybe the price of $5, $10, or $20 if you are lucky. Still a lot of hustle and bustle. But it was better than having your music material sitting on a store shelf or even worse, in the back of the warehouse room. Now music artists must put even more work on streaming free platforms that are promoting artists' music and hard work for free.

How can artists make money and survive by selling their music for free?

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How can artists make money and survive by selling their music for free? It is impossible to make money that way. People are willing to still buy and support artists. But there are not enough platforms for where people can buy underground music unless you are famous working for a major label company. Even if a viewer subscribes to a user on platforms like YouTube, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, etc. There is no easy way in the world for an artist to set their price for their song and be able to attract users to buy in a seamless transactional process.

FutureStarr.com is ready for your business.

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Here at Future Starr, we are a Talent Marketplace that is reaching out to a new customer base. We like a customer who is always searching for underground talent, whether they are a photographer, music artist, media direction, book author, etc. We are a small startup that wants a customer that understands the importance of supporting underground talent financially because they have bills to pay as well. Future Starr has a Talent Mall where a customer has an option to buy and support upcoming talent. Each day our team works hard to achieve this goal. Starting with our 1st Seller music artist "T-Wee"

Buy Rap Artist "T-wee" single for $1!

T-wee is an on the rise rap artist from St. Louis, Mo. that dropped his new single "Body Stinging Like a 7". You can buy his single directly on our platform for only $1. This price may not seem like much to you. But this price can make a big difference to this talented artist. T-Wee brings unique sounds to his music that will get the club jumping! Anytime, and any day! T-wee wants to show the world his talent. Our goal is to attract the right people who will immediately become his favorite customer. Shopping for his single is easy. You can buy… just click here. Make sure you sign up as a buyer first.

Support T-Wee Digital Store and Start Shopping

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Customers love to shop pin whether it is in retail stores, online, or even mobile apps. Every week there is a new product or sale promotion be offered by some retail store and be people to searching on Google and start shopping for it. Future Starr hears the demand for people to Buy, and artists "T-wee" hear the demand for the world to buy. Make sure to visit our platform and support "T-week is the new single.

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Every day artists wake up to see how they can become the next rising star and they are not doing it for free. As a customer, it would not be suggested to download artist talent for free. Although the internet has made it so easy to get the music you like for free. However, this also not only hurt the economy but hurt artists' passion to launch their music career. Especially when they put in hours, hours, and hours of work every day, every week, every month, and every year. Find some empathy in your hearts. Find a passion for music just like these artists. Find some time and Google Future Starr and supporting rising talent today. Yes, to support! Yes, to give back!

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