Watch Usher Sings: Georgia on My Mind

Watch Usher Sings: Georgia on My Mind

Watch Usher Sings the Perfect Cover of ‘Georgia on My Mind’ At the White House


Every one of you most probably knows Usher. Usher is a successful American R&B star and pop musician. Usher started his fame game from the age of 15.  He released his hit albums 'My Way,' 'Confessions', and 'Looking 4 Myself.' In 2004. Usher is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer. He is a marvelous person who has been invited to the White House to perform. He has achieved US's Hot 100 number –one single. He got the opportunity to perform at the white house was because of this hard work and his determination to his singing.

Usher performed the song "Georgia on my Mind," which was originally recorded by Ray Charles. Usher knows how to capture the attention of the audience. He amused the audience at White House and did justice to his performance. He performed with his best potential and sang the song "Georgia on My Mind." Below is the video of the song “Georgia on My Mind” covered by Usher?  

Video Here

 The above video proves that how exactly Usher kept the rhythm in depth despite his R&B and Pop work. He performed the song very well. This version of Georgia on My Mind is sung very well by USHER. He did an excellent job of covering this song. The song, Georgia Lyrics are entirely written. This song will remind you of the beauty of Georgia and the cruise from the Florida Georgia line.

This song is beyond this world that only by listening to this, you would want to leave your house and visit the beauty of state" State of Georgia." This song is loved by many people and mega millions in Georgia. Just like Ray Charles intended, this song has the beauty of its place in it. The musical arrangements of this song are so peaceful. A perfect song to get yourself lost within. Being an Usher fan, I must say that Usher's voice is always right on point and drawn along the rhythm and musical instruments.

Many people cover the song Georgia on my Mind. Ailee also Covers 'Georgia on My Mind' on 'Michael Bolton' Ailee covered Georgia's song on My Mind of October 18.

Ailee is basically from the US. She was overwhelmed to share her experience of singing this song. A song which is legendary and sung by legendary singers, she said:

"I really liked him. Don't you think he's handsome?" Ailee chooses the best skills of her for her performance. She took on a jazzy concept. However, she didn't forget to deliver her explosive vocals. However, even though Ailee did very well in her performance, Hyang wins in the end.


Legacy of Ray Charles:

The legacy of Ray Charles becomes legendary by his songs. In the White House performance, USHER ultimately gives respect to the legacy of Ray Charles. Usher's talent and elegance on the stage made the whole performance very classy and worth watching. Subsequently, you cannot take away anyone’s song by singing it. Usher did great justice to this song, as he sings from the Heart, he did a great cover without trying to steal anything from the original singer. The modesty of this song is because of USHER.  Here’s the Orignal video of the song 'Georgia on My Mind by Ray Charles."


Usher brings back the old times the orchestra, and the song reminds everyone of the quality and importance of American Music this country has.

Don’t forget to watch the Video of Georgia on my Mind by Usher.

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