Upload or Download: Raw Talent @ Future Starr

Upload or Download: Raw Talent @ Future Starr

Upload or Download: Raw Talent @ Future Starr


Lil Uzi Vert is one of the most notable artists to come out of the underground rap scene in recent times. He has received widespread recognition for his distinctive sound, raucous lyrics, and charismatic attitude. However, Lil Uzi Vert is now slated to become the youngest artist ever to release an album with a billion albums sold.

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Raw Talent

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Here is our take on the Raw Talent project to offer the best live music experience. Autonomic, intuitive and intuitive formats to watch, download and share with friends. The Future Starr Mobile App will both incorporate your personal taste in music and help you to follow the artists you love.

Raw talent is viewed as natural and powerful. In most cases, raw talent is not learned or acquired – it simply comes naturally or is mastered quickly without many failures. It often does not require any formal training or education. Raw talent is commonly self-taught and draws from an innate ability deep within. (Source: www.businessinsider.com)


As seen with Future Starr’s #Diary of a Wannabe DJ, anyone can upload their talent in the form of a video. To their page, sing, rap, dance, or show off their talent. With Raw Talent, you become a star in the Future Starr world with thousands of subscribers who want to see you in action. You can upload videos with all your talent or download them for further use in the app.

Natural Talent Description

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From Long man Dictionary of Contemporary English raw talent. Raw talent, someone with natural talent who is naturally good at something but has not developed their ability yet. He has the natural gift to become a star. Examples from the Corpus raw gift, As a result, agents are becoming even more cagey about developing raw talent. But although graft is indispensable, it is no replacement for natural gifts. It's a raw talent, but she knows how to use it, and she's unafraid. He has such a natural raw talent it would be a waste to keep him hanging on. Now he has channeled that aggression and raw talent to produce a golden combination of motivation and power. She was not a great trainer, but her raw talent was undeniable. (Source: www.ldoceonline.com)


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