Underrated Artists: Music Release

Underrated Artists: Music Release

Underrated Artists


During the twentieth century, modernism came to dominate the visual and performing arts of the Western world. Art and artists of the time, championed by enthusiasts for this mode. Began to be viewed by the public as elitist and removed from the everyday globe. However, during the last 50 years, there has been a change in perception of what constitutes "high art".

Future Starr Artist

Underrated Artists

Art and music are a large part of our lives and many people, who we may never have heard of. Have produced the works we cherish the most. Many artists go unrecognized, and some continue to create their work and share it with the globe. But there is one common motif among these artists. They share a positive message of love and hope through their songs, paintings, and more. Few realize the immense impact these artists have on our daily lives.


As the trend-setting platform for entertainment, it’s no surprise that YouTuber stardom is already here. With everything from Vlogs to Let Plays, the opportunities for online success are endless. If you want to carve out your niche in the YouTuber universe, check out these artists who are not just achieving online success. But also providing rich, relatable content.

Underrated Artists

Alec Benjamin (born May 28, 1994) is an American singer-songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. Known for his songs "Paper Crown", "I Built A Friend", "End of the Summer", "Let Me Down Slowly" and ... (Source:www.ranker.com)

Pop Songs

It’s hard to imagine that someone can create an artistic masterpiece every day, but every day there are artists making masterpieces worth admiring. The reason they are not appreciated is that people don’t know where to go to look for them. When you go to look for them, you might find out they’ve been creating work for decades, their life’s passion. They’re not very famous, but they are far more talented than they are famous.

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) is an 80s hit that appeals to fans of all genres. Standing as one of the most popular songs in the globe and arguably the duo Eurythmics' greatest signature. It’s a timeless sound that you know and loves. #SweetDreams #Eurythmics #80s (Source:www.pinterest.com)

Underrated Rock Band

Underrated Artists

Music is one of the most popular forms of art. There are many ways to demonstrate your creativity. Though they are overlooked by the mainstream. There are unknown artists that are just as worth listening to as mainstream artists that are harder to discover. Smaller songs, newer artists, and artists who are not as well-known are actually the most favored. Underrated does not mean not good- it means these artists are not widely accepted or recognized by the public.

Herein lies the problem with singles. It’s always a shame when a truly great band becomes defined by one or two songs, no matter how incredible those songs are. There’s no doubting that “Lola” or “All Day and All of the Night” by The Kinks are all-time great tunes. But the true tragedy lies in the fact that not many folks know they actually have other songs too. Surprise! And there’s no understating how important The Kinks were to the overarching history of rock and roll. Do you think we’re exaggerating? Quick, who was John Lennon’s favorite songwriter? Fun fact, it was Ray Davies of The Kinks. That’s right, these guys influenced The Beatles, who then influenced everyone else. Wrap your brain around that one, readers. The Kinks are the kings of underrated, and now you’ve got more reason than ever. To go pick up one of their albums and give it a listen. (Source: www.goliath.com)

New Musical Start

In any field, the general consensus is always "the best is yet to come". This is true in the business of music, as well as the business of big-budget blockbuster movies. Conferences and record releases are increasingly becoming a PR or marketing free-for-all, as more and more artists seek online attention for their job.

In today’s music, many artists will write about things that matter in the globe, such as human rights, politics, and global issues. The 1960s grunge band was ahead of their time with their radical hit song, “Kick Out The Jams.” #MC5 #Music #1960s (Source: www.pinterest.com)

Listen and Write Music

Music has the power to touch anyone no matter what they are going through. Whether they are trying to escape reality or trying to deal with home life issues. Many people find that music is an incredibly powerful tool that can help them find understanding. If that person is you, then writing music comes in handy. Especially if they are struggling with something in their life they want to initiate.

While some artists quickly shoot to the top of the charts after one release, others remain under the radar for far too long. The top underrated artists today include charismatic rappers, soulful songwriters, and everyone in between. Some of the most underrated musical artists of 2019 are poised for a break-out year. By heading out on buzz-worthy tours and launching new albums. (Source: www.ranker.com)

New Music Video You Used to Like

YouTube used to be the best video site ever, but now they just feel like the place that thumbs down everything.

But on his website billwurtz.com, he has a ton of music that he made before he became really big that individuals have not heard. But they need to hear because they're so good. I honestly listen to him daily. The messages of his songs are relatable. Feeling trapped by societal expectations and your own expectations for yourself, disappointment in the way the world is. Desiring the freedom to do whatever you want to, etc. (Source: www.reddit.com)

New Way to Listen to Music

The music industry has always been a difficult one for music lovers. But we've seen some major changes in the way we consume it in the last ten years. And with some major artists and online platforms taking center stage.


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