The Little Mermaid - Get Your Wish Granted

The Little Mermaid - Get Your Wish Granted


The Little Mermaid  Wish

Disney's timeless tale of love and adventure follows Ariel (Jodi Benson), a brave mermaid who yearns to be human. However, when King Triton orders her back underwater, she breaks her vow and journeys into the surface world.

She meets Prince Eric, a human boy, and falls in love with him. But to save their relationship, they must complete an unholy deal with Ursula the sea witch in order to return to the ocean.

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King Triton's youngest daughter Ariel longs to experience life as a human in the surface world, but her father forbids mermaids from ever touching humans. To gain entry, Ariel strikes a deal with Ursula the evil sea witch: she will trade her voice for two pairs of legs.

Disney just gave us a rare look at their brand-new stage production of The Little Mermaid, an exciting Broadway-style live show based on the beloved 1989 film. This modern day retelling will be part of Disney Wish's unforgettable entertainment package.

This classic fishy love story for the ages follows Ariel as she falls in love with human sailor Prince Eric and must overcome her fears to save him from Ursula, the evil sea witch. With music by eight-time Academy Award-winning composer Alan Menken and lyrics written by Howard Ashman and Glenn Slater, Disney's The Little Mermaid will leave you breathless. So don't wait - get your tickets today for this must-see production before it sails away! You won't regret it and we promise you'll leave with some magic in your heart as well!

Complete Your Look

In The Little Mermaid, young Ariel the mermaid longs to leave her underwater home and become human again. But in order to achieve her wish, she'll need to face off against Ursula the evil sea witch as well as King Triton and her Prince Eric.

Fans of Disney's timeless tale will be thrilled to know it's finally being brought to life in live-action form. In fact, you can already shop for your very own Ariel-themed look - there are several items that will make you look just as pretty underwater as she does on land.

Beyond the obvious mermaid tail, we suggest trying out these looks! You're sure to be delighted with how great you look in them! Whether you're searching for an outfit perfect for the beach or something that makes you stand out in a crowd, joining the Little Mermaid trend will be one of your best decisions!

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Trendy Decor

Make your home feel like a Little Mermaid's dream with trendy decor from Target. Browse their extensive selection of decorative items, such as lamps, candles, wall art and home accessories to give it an updated, stylish aesthetic. Plus you'll find budget-friendly furniture options perfect for first time renters and college students on a budget.

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If you're searching for an invigorating way to decorate your space, consider getting some inspirational wall art. This Believe In Your Dreams Little Mermaid Wood Wall Decor is an excellent option; featuring Ariel in a 3D design with the phrase "Believe in Your Dreams" emblazoned above her. This inspiring artwork can serve as motivation to help encourage children towards reaching their goals and aspirations.

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