The Life of Edmond Dede - A Doodle For Google

The Life of Edmond Dede - A Doodle For Google

The Life of Edmond Dede - A Doodle For Google

In honor of the world-famous violinist and composer, Google created a Doodle to honor Edmond Dede. The Creole composer and violinist was born in New Orleans on November 20, 1827. He initially studied the Creolenet, a traditional instrument, but later switched to the violin. His composition Mon Pauvre Coeur is one of the oldest pieces of sheet music, dating back to 1851.

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Dede began to study composition in Europe and soon became an assistant conductor at the Grand Theatre in Bordeaux. He also worked at the famous Theatre l'Alcazar in Madrid. In 1864, Dede married Sylvie Leflet, a singer, and the couple settled in Bordeaux. They had a son, Eugene, who later became a music hall conductor. The composer only visited the United States once, and his vessel was shipwrecked in the Gulf of Mexico.

After completing his education, Dede moved to France where he studied composition. He attended the Conservatoire de Paris in the late 1850s. He married Sylvie Leflet and continued his work at the Grand Theatre in Bordeaux. He died in Paris on January 5, 1903. It was unknown how he met and married Sylvie Leflet. Despite his many talents, Dede was not well known in his homeland, where he had hoped to make a name for himself.

After studying composition in France, Dede moved to Europe and became an assistant conductor of the ballet at the Grand Theatre in Bordeaux. He also worked in the Théâtre l'Alcazar. In 1865, he married Sylvie Leflet, a French singer. He and his wife settled in Bordeaux, where they had a son. During this time, Dede had only visited the United States one time, and he was shipwrecked.

After his marriage, he travelled to Europe and began to study composition. In the late 1850s, he moved to Paris and attended the Conservatoire de Paris. During this time, he was able to create hundreds of songs, operettas, and ballets. Most of his works have survived the passage of time. So, if you want to listen to some great classical music, you can start searching with Edmond Dede.

Despite his prolific output, he was only able to write a few compositions during his life. During his travels, he studied composition at several famous universities in Europe and composed hundreds of songs, operas, and ballets. Today, many of his works are preserved at the Bibliothèque nationale de France. These compositions, along with those by Dede, have inspired many musicians, and his music continues to be heard across the world.

While studying composition in Europe, Edmond Dede wrote hundreds of songs, operas, and ballets. He became a prominent figure in the music world after he moved to Paris in the late 1850s. His compositions are still preserved in the Bibliothèque nationale de France. He was also a composer of operas and operettas. And while he was a respected classical composer, his passion for operas and ballets is what made him so popular.

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Edmond Dede was a French composer who composed for opera, ballet, and popular songs. Born in France, he had an American upbringing and French training and performed mainly in France. His style is considered traditional mid-19th century. He died in 1903 and most of his compositions are preserved at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. His wife, Sylvie, is also an accomplished music hall conductor.

Edmond Dede was born in New Orleans in 1809. His parents moved there from the French West Indies. His father was a bandmaster in a militia unit, and his first interest was the clarinet. However, he soon discovered that the violin was his true calling. He took lessons from Constantin Debergue and studied with Ludovico Gabici, one of the most talented violin players of all time.

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Eugene Arcade Dede's wife, Sylvie Leflet, was a bourgeois from New Orleans. The couple had a child in 1865. He later became a famous classical music composer. His father had orchestrated 'Mazurka en chasse', which was a popular piece of music in his time. In 1893, the couple visited New Orleans. He remained there until he died, but she lost her favorite violin in the shipwreck.

In 1893, Dede married Sylvie Leflet, a bourgeois daughter from New Orleans. He later became a classical music composer. His father had composed the famous 'Mazurka en chasse', which is a musical work for a hunting hound. In addition, he had a successful career as a violinist, and his father was a violinist.

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