The Legalization of Marijuana Vote

The Legalization of Marijuana Vote


The Legalization of Marijuana Vote

On November 8, whether you had your voice heard in the 2016 Presidential Election. Voters across the country were asked to vote on a ballot measure that would legalize cannabis in some form. The measure had been approved by the voters only by a squeaker of a vote. In the end, pre-election polls had predicted that California will vote for the legalization of recreational marijuana. But the actual vote put the measure in the win column for the pro-cannabis legalization forces.

Indica Legalizes Marijuana in Colorado

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For all of its touted benefits of ending the criminalization of marijuana. The initial push for cannabis legalization would never have come to fruition if it weren't for the legalization of cannabis in Colorado.

The federal government has classified marijuana as an illegal controlled substance since 1970. However, voters have had a chance to weigh in on marijuana in state law in multiple states. (Source: ballotpedia.org)

The House Plans Historic Vote on Federal Marijuana Legalization.

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In 2016, three states legalized both recreational and medical marijuana. This opened up a path for marijuana businesses to move to where the laws are most lenient. The Senate has also passed similar legislation. Government-sponsored propaganda campaigns have attempted to convince the public that marijuana is unsafe for all age groups. But, people are becoming more open to medical marijuana. 55% of Americans support the legalization of marijuana.

Congress Votes to Protect State Marijuana Programs

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In recent weeks, there have been major developments with the legality of marijuana in the United States. The legalization of marijuana seems inevitable with the House of Representatives voting to protect state marijuana programs from federal interference later in the year. The Marijuana Amendment Act of 2014 is now up for debate in both chambers. The House of Representatives voted 220-202 to protect state programs that allow for the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Schumer promises to vote on weed legalization without Biden

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November’s election was a huge night for the legalization of marijuana across the country. Voters in Oregon, Alaska, and Washington State, all passed initiatives to legalize marijuana, which may have radical implications for marijuana reform-seeking politicians.

Marijuana Policy Legislation Pushed for 2021

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Recent polls show America is beginning to realize that cannabis legalization is inevitable. It seems that cannabis legalization will soon be a reality, but there are still reasons why. We will explain below the reasons why legal cannabis is important for America.

By: Richard M. Blau, chair of GrayRobinson's alcohol beverage, food law, and cannabis industry departments (Source: www.gray-robinson.com)

US House passes bill decriminalizing marijuana

In a surprising move, the US House of Representatives voted to decriminalize recreational marijuana use on Friday. They passed a bill before Congress recessed for the week. The bill, which would make it impossible for people to be prosecuted for possession of small amounts of cannabis. Now, heads to the Senate where it also stands a chance to make it through. If it does, and if President Trump signs it into law. It would make it the first time the US has moved to decriminalize the use of marijuana.

Legal Marijuana in Minnesota

As the marijuana legalization vote looms on the horizon, marijuana policy reform legislators are gearing up for a fight with Republicans who control Congress.

US States Approved Marijuana Ballot Measures

Despite the overwhelming public support for marijuana legalization. The industry still faces many challenges, including high taxes, state-to-state conflicts, and loopholes for unscrupulous drug traffickers. But with marijuana continuing to be deemed illegal by the federal government, these obstacles are only likely to grow more complex. Although this hasn't deterred advocates from pushing for marijuana reform, it hasn't seen the effects that many of them were hoping for.

Florida Marijuana Legalization Initiative, slated for 2022.

If the cannabis industry is booming, the debate over cannabis legalization is heating up, too. But lawmakers are attracting more interest than ever before. What is driving this increase in impact?

Map of Marijuana Laws by State

Uruguay has legalized marijuana. There are now 22 countries that have legalized (or decriminalized) cannabis at the federal level. If marijuana is legalized at the federal level, the US Government will be able to regulate it instead of states.

Ongoing Aspects of U.S. Jurisdiction

As of 2019, the United States remains one of the most lenient nations when it comes to the legal age for marijuana. However, there are signs that the tide of public opinion may be on the turn. This paves the way for marijuana to become more socially accepted in the future.

What is the chance that the Senate will legalize marijuana at the federal level?

The legalization of marijuana is certain - the US House passed legislation to decriminalize weed, which passed in the Senate. The cannabis legislation passed in the House is being bipartisan in nature. In that in the House, the majority of both Democrats and Republicans voted in favor of the legislation. Additionally, in the Senate, the House legislation has the support of Mitch McConnell, who has made strides in the marijuana reform movement. With the momentum of the House legislation, the future of cannabis reform looks promising.

The chances for marijuana legalization in 2022 are pretty good in these ten states.

Whether you are for or against the Vote on legalizing marijuana, it has been an ongoing debate over the past few years. This ongoing debate has led to the legalization of marijuana for medical use in 32 states. The opportunity for federal legalization is looking like its past due for the U.S. There are many reasons associated with the legalization of marijuana. But, the biggest is to keep up with the rest of the world.

The House vote on legalizing marijuana was postponed as the Senate advanced their Veterans Access Amendment

The passage of the House Compassionate Cannabis Use Bill could give marijuana legalization advocates a much-needed boost.

Cannabis Legalization in North Carolina

When voters across the United States cast their votes for the midterm elections. As well as, the 2020 presidential election, the legal status of marijuana could be a determining factor. There are three parts to the voting process: voting for president, voting for the Senate, and voting for the House. These elections could be pivotal for the legalization and decriminalization of weed. And, the legalization and decriminalization of the War on Drugs as a whole.

If the Republicans sponsored the legalization of marijuana what would Joe Biden do?

After the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, the number of states with legalized marijuana has nearly tripled. Marijuana rights are at the crux of voter-based legislation sweeping the country. From bills legalizing marijuana to the House voting to protect state marijuana programs. It is clear that Americans are done playing hopscotch with marijuana legality.

Tennessee's Medical Marijuana Bill Passes First Senate Committee; Second Committee Opposes Bill

After a second Senate committee passed a medical marijuana bill that is looking to legalize cannabis for the second time. It appears that they will have to create a third committee that will provide a new path forward.

A marijuana vote in November puts Democrats at risk

President Trump has called for a vote on marijuana. Splitting conservatives with a possible failure of a vote on Chris Murphy’s Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act. The fact that the Republicans were facing a vote on a bill for a prolonged period of time. This makes a vote with a government shutdown a more likely outcome with a long-term issue that is rooted in the US Constitution. The US House of Representatives planned to vote on the USD $8. 1-billion budget before November’s general elections.


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