The Joy of My Life Album by Chris Stapleton

The Joy of My Life Album by Chris Stapleton


chris stapleton joy of my life album

Stapleton is a musical master in every sense of the term. His technical proficiency matches perfectly with his dulcet tones, and he can switch up any song style without ever compromising any of his soulful sound.

On his latest album, Starting Over, Stapleton takes his talents to new heights. While it doesn't quite reach the same level as Traveller, this impressive and rewarding effort should keep Stapleton in the spotlight for years to come.

Starting Over

Stapleton is renowned as a country music superstar, but his appeal extends far beyond this genre. His vocals are powerful and soulful, while his guitar skills are unmistakable. While millions of copies have been sold worldwide, some critics still have reservations about his work. Fortunately, Starting Over is an impressively natural record that feels wholly Stapleton in style and scope.

This record is an ideal blend of Southern soul songs, rock tunes, country melodies and sentimental ballads - all with a generous dash of Americana in between. Produced by Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile), it also features Benmont Tench and Mike Campbell from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers on vocals.

Stapleton's album features many standout original compositions as well as covers. He performs John Fogerty's "Joy Of My Life" and pays homage to Guy Clark with "Worry B Gone," an uptempo roadhouse blues song featuring check the letter bomber and synagogue shooter names. Additionally, there's "Old Friends," a nostalgic look back on old friends, "Watch You Burn," which gets angry and topical with Cobb and Stapleton naming check the letter bomber and synagogue shooter respectively.

His voice has a wide range and the lyrics are keenly observed but plainspoken. This makes it easy for him to convey the sufferings of fellow humans and their struggles. As evidenced on the sweet title track with Morgane's voice blending beautifully with his own, and on the poignant "Nashville, TN," Morgane sings with him again.

Stapleton's album showcases an eclectic blend of songwriting styles, giving him a truly engaged musician sound. He's been writing since he was 17, and this new record showcases his willingness to let inspiration take control. His vocals are rich and gravelly, which he perfectly blends with Morgane's own for an exquisite blend of sound.


Stapleton has the unique ability to blend genres in an effective and versatile manner. His blend of country music ballads with James Bond-era strings and soulful vocals are testament to this skill.

On his latest album, Starting Over, Stapleton presents a collection of songs that are both current and timeless. He wrote 11 new tracks including the title track and 'Cold'; covered three John Fogerty songs ('Joy Of My Life', Guy Clark's 'Worry B Gone', Benmont Tench and Mike Campbell's 'Old Friends'); plus included some collaborations with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers' Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench.

"Cold" is one of Starting Over's more unexpected new songs, written with band members J.T. Cure and Derek Mixon as well as producer Dave Cobb. The massive ballad boasts some powerful strings throughout it for added effect and emotion to it all at once.

Stapleton sings in this song about a love affair that may have ended badly, yet there are still those who will give you their all. They will give you their very best.

Stapleton's song is a straightforward reminder to let go of what's holding you back, yet it also carries an intensely painful undertone. As such, it stands as one of his most poignant compositions.

Stapleton has a way of conveying an intense emotional take on topics close to his heart, whether it be love or loss. While his more rock-oriented songs are well known, there are some classic country tunes worth listening to as well - JT Hodges' "Sleepy Little Town" and Stapleton's beloved cuts "The Best Thing That I Had Going".


On a road trip back home to Nashville, Stapleton wrote and performed this song that was inspired by his wife Morgane giving him a new car for his birthday. The country artist first performed it live last year at live shows, but now has released it as a single from his new Starting Over album which will be released November 13th.

On his fourth studio album, Chris Stapleton sings of small moments that catch him off guard. He may not share his deepest pains or greatest regrets, but the way he weaves stories around these everyday truths gives them a profound and weighty quality - an aural delight that will make you fall in love with this music all over again.

Stapleton's fifth studio album opens with the slow, folk acoustic guitar-strummed title track before moving into outlaw country's "Arkansas," featuring electric guitarist Mike Campbell and keyboard/organist Benmont Tench from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers fame. Each song elicits an adventure-like vibe, led by Stapleton's vocals which are nothing short of commanding.

Arkansas-themed song: an uptempo outlaw country tune that celebrates the state and idea of living life to the fullest, as its lyrics suggest. With its driving electric guitar riffs, Stapleton adds even more vivid imagery to his lyrics - everything from rolling hills and wide-open spaces in Arkansas to vibrant colors and strong scents characteristic of country life.

Stapleton's song is an honest look at life and the things that matter most to him. It exemplifies his unique blend of classic country and outlaw country music, making it a great addition to his catalog as he continues to release music that pushes his sound forward and attracts new listeners.

What Are You Listening To?

Stapleton stands apart from many of his country peers by crafting songs that endure. As an eight-time Grammy winner, Stapleton has already established himself as one of country music's most consistent artists, and his All-American Road Show tour returns with a brand-new selection of timeless tunes that he promises to continue performing for years to come.

Stapleton, a Grammy-winning songwriter and producer, also plays guitar in country, rock and blues bands as well as fronting progressive bluegrass acts like The Steeldrivers. At Hard Rock Live this Saturday for nearly two hours of performances across various genres, Stapleton showcased his diverse talent across numerous genres.

The most impressive aspect of Stapleton's acoustic-driven stage show was that it never felt forced or out of place. His music ranged from soothing ballads like "Cold" to hard-charging rock songs like "Tennessee Whiskey," always finding a way to keep audiences engaged with each change in pace and musical approach.

Stapleton's set included some standout moments, such as "Starting Over," which pays homage to an upbeat outlook he finds inspiring at this stage of life. This upbeat acoustic number offers a welcome change from heavier material and features his wife Morgane's bright harmonies.

Another song that caught my attention was "Watch You Burn," written by Heartbreakers Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench as a righteously vengeful response to the Las Vegas shooting of 2017. This track stands as one of the most intense on the album and promises to be one of its most talked about tracks.

Joy Of My Life

Chris Stapleton has achieved remarkable success as an unlikely superstar of modern music. The slightly overweight, bearded 36-year-old singer-songwriter and guitarist burst onto the country scene in 2014, scoring several hits with his debut album that went on to win three awards - including best male vocalist honors as well as being named country artist of the year.

Stapleton, who was raised in Staffordsville, Kentucky, achieved success in Nashville by working hard, playing hard and creating songs that captured listeners' imaginations. His debut album Traveller cemented his place among classic releases with its powerful hook.

Over the past five years, Stapleton has released two more albums and performed extensively around the world. He also made a name for himself by working with numerous other artists on various projects.

Stapleton has never ceased writing deep blues songs, but his latest record is more of an eclectic blend of Americana, rock and R&B. It provides Stapleton with a platform to express his soulful artistic delivery as well as powerful vocals.

The album begins with the captivating title track. Stapleton sings this tender ballad with genuine emotion, allowing his voice to blend perfectly with Dave Cobb's production.

He does a fine job of covering John Fogerty's "Joy of My Life," adding an extra layer of warmth with his voice and Cobb's production. Additionally, he delivers a good honky-tonk shuffle of Guy Clark's "Worry B Gone" to finish off the album.

Stapleton has never shied away from covering his favorites, and he shows no fear here with an impressive cover of country legend "Old Friends." For someone known for having one of the ferociously powerful voices in modern country music, this may seem a bit much for Stapleton to handle; yet he manages to make it sound great nonetheless.

chris stapleton record

Chris Stapleton Record Review

Chris Stapleton embarked on the recording process for his fourth album, Starting Over, by visiting some of Music City's most esteemed studios. These hallowed grounds are steeped in country music legends such as Waylon Jennings and Ray Charles' legacy.

Stapleton also recorded parts of his record at Compass Sound Studio, otherwise known as Hillbilly Central. While he claims not to be superstitious about these studios, they do hold some magic nonetheless.

Album Review: Starting Over

Chris Stapleton made an immediate impact on the country music scene with a meteoric rise that seemed impossible for someone new. Since winning 3 CMA awards in 2015, he's cemented himself as one of country music's most influential and beloved artists.

But his success isn't just due to his musical abilities; it's also testament to his insistence on remaining true to himself. Rather than trying to reinvent country music, Stapleton's latest album, Starting Over, takes him back to its rootsy beginnings and rootsy ethos.

Stapleton is teaming up with producer Dave Cobb, who has produced numerous classic musicians in the past. Here, Cobb plays to Stapleton's strengths by emphasizing his vocals and creating a stripped down, soulful production that emphasizes his distinctive sound.

The opening title track, "Starting Over," opens the album with acoustic guitar and Stapleton's distinctive Kentucky baritone voice. The lyrics are poignant and serve to showcase his vocal range; harmony singing by wife Morgane Stapleton adds another level of emotion and intimacy to the song.

This is an impressive start to an impressive record. While a few tracks could be classified as more traditional country songs, the overall vibe is much more Southern soul-oriented.

Stapleton occasionally incorporates southern rock sounds, but these are more in the background rather than taking center stage. He also includes some R&B tracks like opener "Cold," which has plenty of soul behind it and features Stapleton's voice clearly.

It's a mix that works, though it can get muddy at times. Stapleton's songwriting shows through here; he draws inspiration from old influences like Guy Clark and John Fogerty, creating timeless classic country music songs that have had an immense impact on the industry as we know it today.

The New York Times

Chris Stapleton Record's debut album, Starting Over, received a glowing review in The New York Times that recognized his ability to balance being a solo artist with writing for other artists. The esteemed country singer has written hits for Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood alike; winning 14 County Music Association awards as well as 10 Academy of Country Music Awards along the way.

On his debut album, Stapleton showcases a special blend of gritty strength and tenderness. His songs are filled with whiskey-thick vocals and lionish roars that recall classic country music classics. Unlike his contemporaries, Stapleton doesn't try to be flashy or pretentious but rather embraces the traditional elements within the genre.

His latest album features a wide array of collaborations with stars such as Cardi B, Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper; yet it doesn't feel like an exhibition for them. Instead, it serves as a reminder of the genre's unsteadiness that has defined it since its inception.

Stapleton's beloved music is both deeply personal and universally appealing. His lyrics reflect on the struggles of everyday people in modern society, often drawing inspiration from his own experiences.

He writes about the sorrow of loss and the struggles of parenting with an open heart, all themes present throughout his album. With a powerful voice and unvarnished honesty, he shares his perspective on life.

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Rolling Stone

After an incredible year that saw his last album Traveller ascend to the top of the country chart and its title song become a beloved national anthem, Chris Stapleton is back with another record - this time with more room for creativity.

After spending a year on the road, Stapleton took some time off to recharge his batteries. He traveled to Nashville and met UMG Nashville president Cindy Mabe; together they began writing songs that would form the basis of his next album.

Stapleton's record, Honest, uncompromising, is a candid reflection of his larger beliefs and the trials he's endured in life. It also proves his passion for exploring music's roots has not diminished.

Stapleton has earned many accolades, but his heart belongs to the more subdued side of rock and country music - as evidenced on Starting Over. The album opens with the poignant title track that showcases Stapleton's acoustic guitar work as well as vocal abilities. Plus, Hammond B3 organist Benmont Tench from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers adds some lushness to what would otherwise be an unassuming soundscape created by Stapleton.

"Joy of My Life," a cover of John Fogerty's album cut, is another standout track. Stapleton's vocal abilities are showcased in this simple but warm tune while Dave Cobb's production adds some spice to the track.

Stapleton then follows that up with an incredible rendition of Guy Clark's classic "Old Friends," a brilliant song Stapleton masterfully makes his own. Additionally, Morgane gives an incredible vocal performance during this rendition as well.

It's not hard to understand why Stapleton has such a deep connection with his musical heroes. His cover of The Band's "The Weight" showcases his admiration for their psychedelic folk sound while adding his own unique spin to it.

Stapleton's voice remains raw, but it shines more brightly on piano tracks like "Cold" and slow-burning ballads with multiple string instruments. And his songwriting remains as finely tuned as ever.


Chris Stapleton has become one of the most beloved country artists in recent years, and his new album, Starting Over, continues to receive critical acclaim. Following his 2015 debut album Traveller, Stapleton followed it up with From A Room: Volume 2, which also reached number one on the country albums chart.

Since then, he's been nominated for eight Grammys and become the latest country artist to earn multiple awards. His two most recent albums are certified platinum, selling millions of copies worldwide.

Stapleton stands apart from many modern country artists by fusing his musical style with an offbeat, country-meets-roots sensibility. He's a master of storytelling and doesn't hesitate to mix genres on his music.

With Starting Over, he takes his craft in a slightly different direction. In an NPR interview, he expressed that he wanted the album to serve as inspiration for others - giving listeners the same kind of inspiration he experienced when listening to his dad's record collection for the first time.

Stapleton's album features his original songs as well as two covers by Guy Clark and Hank Jr., the two country singers he admires and who have served as mentors to him. Additionally, two songs that Stapleton co-wrote on this project prove his value as a songwriter.

Stapleton's ability to write about such a wide range of topics and experiences makes his songs so captivating. On this record, he laments the loss of a loved one, deals with loneliness and the destructive power of women's anger.

He writes about his own self-defeat, lamenting the loss of youthful vitality and exploring the highs and lows of self-medicating. His lyrics are sarcastic and humorous at times, yet also profoundly moving.

Stapleton admitted he struggled with writing the album from the start. Originally scheduled to record at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama, an unexpected event changed everything. Fortunately, Stapleton was able to take a step away from music and come back with new insights; this allowed him to take more time putting together the album.

Derrick Jaxn - Donkey of the Day

Derrick Jaxn is a relationship expert who boasts over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 745,000 subscribers on YouTube. He's known for encouraging women to be true to themselves and not settle for less than they deserve.

After Candice De Medeiros came forward to reveal that she had an affair with Jaxn, the internet went wild. Many are now accusing him of cheating on his wife Da'Naia Jackson.

Relationship guru

Derrick Jaxn is a self-love ambassador and relationship coach. His videos on love and relationships quickly went viral online, earning him an immense fan base with messages of affirmation for Black women everywhere - such as loving yourself unconditionally!

He also published A Cheating Man's Heart in 2013, which became an instant hit and was eventually made into an Oscar-nominated movie.

Jaxn began to face criticism from male counterparts around this time. These critics believed he was catering to Black women and making money off of exploiting their vulnerabilities.

Jaxn was often accused of being a fraud, yet he never stopped advocating for Black people and men about their worth as human beings. He even shared personal struggles that caused him to lose his first girlfriend; eventually she returned and they got engaged in 2018. Throughout all these challenges and setbacks, Jaxn never wavered from his mission of educating Black women and men about human worthiness. He even shared stories about himself; sharing how he overcame mistakes that caused him to lose her, later winning back her affection and eventually getting married in 2018.

Since then, he has grown into one of YouTube's top relationship experts with millions of followers for his self-titled channel that covers relationship and romance topics.

In March 2021, Derrick Jaxn was caught cheating on his wife Da'Nia Jackson. While this news did considerable damage to his reputation, he eventually managed to rebound and win back his former flame.

He released a video in which he acknowledged his wrongdoings and promised never to repeat them. Additionally, he sought God's forgiveness and healing for himself.

Last month, Candice De Medeiros, an alleged mistress, reached out to YouTuber Tasha K and revealed she had been having an affair with Derrick. Shortly thereafter, another woman came forward to share her story as well.

Tasha K was not amused by this development and took to Twitter to attack both the Instagram personality and her mistress. Additionally, she is threatening legal action against them both.

Charlamagne tha God has declared Jaxn the donkey of the day on his March 24 show, warning that exposure was inevitable and only those with weak sense would continue to support him after this scandal broke out.


Relationship expert Derrick Jaxn has recently come under fire after being caught cheating on his wife. To address the matter, he made a confessional video in which he sits alongside her and admits to having an affair.

Jaxn's video has since gone viral, with many labelling it "stupid" and a "bad move." But he has stood by his actions and even attempted to defend them on several social media platforms.

Jaxn has also used his followers on Instagram and YouTube to spread the message that he is a man of integrity, while simultaneously making light of his situation. In one video posted to his channel, Jaxn admits to having an affair with Candice De Medeiros.

Jaxn, the self-proclaimed relationship expert, has come under fire from several people including radio and tv personality Charlamagne Tha God who labeled him as the "Donkey of the Day" on The Breakfast Club. Charlamagne even went so far as to label Jaxn a hypocrite and accuse him of fabricating his own stories.

Later this year, two women reached out to Tasha K and claimed they had affairs with Jaxn. Candice De Medeiros revealed to Tasha K that she and Jaxn had met online and started an affair; he even flew her off for a romantic getaway in Miami.

Tasha K reported that she was unaware he was married at the time of their affair. She claimed he would tell her he was separated from his wife and going through divorce to tempt her into having an intimate relationship with him.

It remains uncertain whether he still has any relationships with these women, but they have been publicly photographed with him on numerous occasions. Last month, a woman claimed to be his mistress was also seen alongside him.

Following Jaxn's cheating scandal, many Twitter users expressed their displeasure with his actions. One user wrote: "Derrick is a liar and a cheat."

Another tweeted: "Jaxn is placing his wife in an impossible situation and being very manipulative. He seems to be using her for publicity and trying to take advantage of her."

Jaxn has also been accused of manipulating in the past, leading some Twitter users to speculate that he felt pressured into disclosing his infidelity. Indeed, many have questioned whether Jaxn even wanted to reveal it in the first place.

Donkey of the day

Although he's been the focus of numerous headlines, it appears that Da'Nia Broadus' husband is not alone in being targeted for termination. In fact, he's even been featured on some scavenger hunts. The big question remains whether or not he will ever come clean about his past behavior. Fortunately, he already has some clever strategies up his sleeve; during an episode of her brainchild show he did the unthinkable and had some fun while taking advantage of his wife too.

Tasha K

Derrick Jaxn, a self-declared relationship expert with 745,000 YouTube subscribers and 1.3 million Instagram followers, has become the talk of the internet. In his videos, he urges women not to tolerate bad behavior from men nor believe lies and excuses. Unfortunately, one recent video has caused controversy as Jaxn was caught having an intimate moment in his own home.

As word spread, vlogger Tasha K took to her channel to expose the details of an alleged affair. She displayed screenshots of text messages, recordings of conversations and pictures of women she claimed Derrick was seeing during his marriage.

She further revealed that he had several mistresses during their marriage, one of whom claimed to be pregnant with their child.

Contrary to Tasha K's assertions, Derrick Jaxn and his wife Da'Nia Jackson have not spoken publicly about their relationship since then. Indeed, Derrick and Da'Nia have not been seen together online or in public since the scandal broke.

As a result of the controversy, Derrick Jaxn and his wife have decided to separate. They are currently going through divorce proceedings.

Tasha K's YouTube channel is being watched by millions of people around the globe, and she has achieved great success as a YouTuber. Her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Tasha K is an American YouTuber, actress and pop culture enthusiast. She began her career on YouTube in 2015 and currently hosts her own show called UnWine with Tasha K where she discusses news and pop culture topics.

Her YouTube videos have amassed a devoted following and been featured on numerous television shows. Furthermore, her creations have earned her critical acclaim and praise from critics and viewers alike.

She has made a name for herself as an intelligent comedian and social media influencer, known for her clever remarks and jokes, as well as her wine drinking videos.

Tasha K, 38 years old, lives in Panama City, Florida with her husband and two children. They have been married for 15 years.

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