The Best Bluetooth Speaker With Microphone

The Best Bluetooth Speaker With Microphone


best speaker with microphone

Bluetooth speakers are an excellent way to ensure you don't miss any important calls while hiking or riding your bike. They're also handy at parties, helping keep the music playing.

Some of these devices feature built-in microphones, making them great for taking calls on your phone while walking or hiking. This makes them more convenient than carrying around a separate phone with you at all times.

Jabra Speak 510

Audio conferencing can be a real game-changer, and that's why leading communication companies such as Jabra offer devices with premium sound quality that enable attendees to be heard clearly and collaborate more easily.

The Jabra Speak 510 is one such device, offering a compact design, travel case and user-friendly interface to make it effortless to use. Plus, its impressive sound quality can be enjoyed via USB or Bluetooth connection.

Jabra Speak 510 offers 360-degree microphone capture of conversations from all angles, making it a perfect solution for remote workers and team members. Plus, the range of control buttons on the Jabra Speak 510 makes using it quick and easy - you can quickly access calls, adjust volume levels and more using these convenient controls.

Microsoft Skype for Business-compatible, this round speakerphone features a 360deg omnidirectional microphone with echo cancellation to ensure everyone is heard clearly on conference calls. Its rim also has volume, call, and mute controls along with a programmable smart button which can be programmed to speed dial a contact or launch voice assistants such as Apple Siri or Google Assistant. Lay flat on tables during multi-person conferences for up to 14 kHz frequency response.

In addition to its superior sound quality, the Jabra Speak 510 boasts an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use even without prior training. Its USB connectivity lets you directly connect it with a PC softphone while its Bluetooth connection allows pairing with any compatible Bluetooth-enabled device for wireless connections.

This device also boasts a host of other features to make your work life simpler and more productive. It includes an integrated carrying pouch, cable management system, and protective travel case so you can use it on-the-go with its rechargeable battery providing up to 15 hours of talk time.

Its sleek, minimalist design features a dedicated Microsoft Teams button. Other controls include the power button, mute button and nine capacitive touch-sensitive buttons that can be activated with your finger.

Bose SoundLink

The Bose SoundLink is an impressive portable speaker that packs plenty of sound and comes equipped with an integrated microphone. It stands out from other Bluetooth speakers in its price range, making it both more versatile and captivating.

The speaker also has the unique capability of connecting to two source devices simultaneously via Bluetooth multipoint, enabling you to play music from multiple sources simultaneously. This is an ideal way to stream music from your phone or laptop without constantly switching between Bluetooth devices.

You can connect using either voice prompts on the speaker, or open the Bose Connect app on iOS or Android and tap "Bluetooth" icon. The app will list currently connected devices as well as those it remembers, allowing you to switch between them easily.

Once connected, the SoundLink Color II is easy to use and offers a reliable range of about 30 feet. Compatible with virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device - phones, tablets and laptops included - this makes pairing effortless.

It's also incredibly lightweight and durable, boasting an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance - so you can take it outdoors without fear of damage. Plus, its tear-resistant silicone strap makes it easy to attach onto anything with which you can wrap it, such as backpacks or bike racks.

Though it lacks some fancy features, this budget speaker still provides an impressive audio experience that rivals higher-end models at this price point. Its low bass performance is especially impressive for a budget model and its midrange and highs are accurate and detailed.

The SoundLink Flex may not have as powerful or room-filling bass as some other portable speakers in this price range, and its top end isn't quite as clear and articulate. Turning up the volume too loud may cause muddled audio, but at lower volumes the Flex still offers a reliable performance.

The SoundLink Flex is an attractive, straightforward Bluetooth speaker with a few controls, but it lacks the performance to compete with higher-end options such as JBL Flip 6. Despite this, it's well-made, user friendly and rugged enough for those seeking a portable Bluetooth speaker that fills rooms well.

Doss Touch

The Doss Touch is an ideal option if you need a lightweight wireless speaker that's portable and lightweight to carry around. Plus, its long battery life and superior sound quality make it worth every penny.

This speaker utilizes two 6-watt drivers for audio output that provides crisp and full-range sound with excellent bass response. Bluetooth 4.0 streaming is supported, while the built-in 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery provides up to 12 hours of music playtime on a single charge.

This speaker can be paired with most Bluetooth-enabled devices and a USB cable is included to connect it to non-Bluetooth ones. The circular LED volume design makes adjusting the volume a breeze.

This speaker's ultra-compact design makes it perfect for backpacking or taking anywhere, and at such a reasonable price you won't be disappointed.

One of the greatest features of this speaker is its intuitive touch controls. The big blue circle at the top controls volume, while four different buttons around it play, pause, skip next or play back music.

Another feature is that you can store your favorite music in its MicroSD card slot. Furthermore, it comes equipped with a USB cable so charging the device is simple without any hassles.

Furthermore, the Doss Touch can be connected to multiple devices and it supports voice assistants; however, it lacks advanced features like Anker's Soundcore 2.

For a reliable and durable speaker that can withstand various challenges, Anker Soundcore is your best bet. Not only is it compact and portable, but its battery life (24 hours vs 12 hours) is superior as well.

This budget-friendly and straightforward speaker is an ideal choice for anyone searching for a portable, microphone-equipped device. With excellent audio quality at an unbeatable price point, it's compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.


Anker has made a name for itself in the audio space with their high-performance speakers. The SoundCore lives up to this reputation and offers great value at its price point.

The SoundCore provides a versatile range of features and functionality to meet any need, from partying with friends to working at your desk in the office. It's durable and IPX7 waterproof - making it ideal for swimming pools or camping trips.

It features two full-range drivers, a bass port, and an advanced digital signal processor for crystal clear audio output. You can connect multiple devices to the speaker via Bluetooth connectivity as well as its micro USB charging port.

There's an excellent app that allows you to adjust the EQ and ANC on each earbud, as well as other settings to customize your experience. Four preset modes are available - including "Signature Sound," plus customization options are endless.

With its built-in microphone, you can take hands-free calls while on-the-go. Plus, its FM radio and battery life of up to 15 hours - an impressive amount for a Bluetooth speaker!

Another feature worth noting is LDAC technology. This marks an incredible improvement over aptX and AAC streams on Android and iOS, providing sound quality which is more detailed and optimized for headphones - making a major difference in the listening experience.

The SoundCore Sound Signature is a bit brash and snappy in the highs, but otherwise offers an enjoyable balance between punchiness and smoothness. It may not be high-end audio by any stretch of the imagination, but it certainly isn't the worst I've heard from a Bluetooth speaker either.

It's also easy to use, with all the controls located on the speaker itself. Not only can it play music and pause/skip tracks with ease, but it also supports AUX input for devices that aren't Bluetooth-enabled.

The app is user-friendly with plenty of personalization options, as well as several helpful health and fitness features to monitor your sleep and exercise patterns. Furthermore, you can set up auto-power off for extended battery life saving convenience.

best microphone arm for streaming

The Best Microphone Arm For Streaming

A microphone arm is an invaluable tool for positioning your mic and keeping it steady while streaming or recording. However, make sure the one you purchase is strong, supports your mic well, and won't tip over or break.

Some arms on the market are of inferior quality and only support light mics. Be sure to inspect the hinges for quality assurance before investing in one.


For streamers or podcasters, it's essential to be able to adjust your microphone for optimal audio quality. Mic boom arms like this RODE PSA-1 are essential tools in this regard - one of the top options on the market today.

First and foremost, the RODE PSA-1 is incredibly robust. It can support up to 2.4 lbs of weight, with various mounting options such as c-clamp or threaded desk mount.

The clamp allows you to secure an arm firmly on the edge of a desk or table, while a threaded mount can be installed into a hole bored in the center of any flat surface. Both mounting options offer 360-degree rotation - essential for live streaming.

Additionally, the RODE PSA-1 features fully dampened internal springs covered in neoprene sleeves that absorb both external and internal vibration. This guarantees your microphone doesn't pick up any movement of the arms themselves - an impressive improvement in audio quality.

In addition, the RODE PSA-1 features a 3/8 to 5/8" adapter that makes it compatible with many microphones. Furthermore, its integrated cable management system with external clips keeps your cables tidy and organized.

Another outstanding feature is the tension control at each joint, which can be adjusted with an Allen key to regulate your microphone's movement mid-broadcast. This makes it much more flexible than cheaper arms that typically have wingnut-style screws at each joint that must be locked off before making any adjustments.

Finally, the RODE PSA-1 is silent to move - essential for live streaming. It features neoprene sleeves emblazoned with the Rode logo which eliminates noise caused by shifting internal spring mechanisms while you adjust your microphone. This feature is especially beneficial as there's no background noise interfering with your stream.

2. Gator Frameworks Deluxe Boom Arm

Mic boom arms are essential components for any professional-grade gaming or streaming desktop setup. They enable you to securely mount your mic at the correct height and easily reposition it as needed.

Clearing desk space and concealing cables with desk organizers. Many of them are designed to be compact, so you can store them away when not in use.

For streaming, the ideal microphone arm should have a robust weight capacity. This factor plays an integral role in the durability and quiet operation of a boom arm, so make sure it can support the weight of your primary microphones.

When purchasing a boom arm, make sure it has an appropriate maximum reach. If you plan to hang your mic from the ceiling, opt for one with a wider reach.

Another factor to consider is whether or not you need the ability to reposition your boom arm quickly. If you find yourself frequently changing up the microphone setup, having a repositionable boom arm can save a lot of time and hassle.

Finally, an ideal boom arm should be silent to eliminate any squeaks or popping noise that could interfere with broadcast quality. Reputable brands in the industry typically feature quiet operation with internal springs and additional engineering designed to reduce sound levels.

For a clutter-reducing stand solution that works with nearly all vocal and dynamic microphones, Gator Frameworks Deluxe Boom Arm is your answer. This model boasts 360 degrees of swivel and clamping mechanism to accommodate your setup requirements, making it an ideal choice for broadcasters, podcasters, content creators and radio hosts alike.

3. Yellowtec m!ka

If you're searching for a top-tier microphone arm that works perfectly on streaming platforms, Yellowtec m!ka might be worth considering. This arm was specifically designed with broadcast environments in mind and comes equipped with several unique features like its red LED indicator that lets users know when the mic is ready to be used or on air.

This feature is unique to streaming arms, making it easier than ever for you to find the ideal voice for your show.

Another great feature of this microphone arm is that it comes with an internal cable. In many streaming applications, it's common to feed the loose end of a microphone cable through a small hole or conduit before connecting it to your preamp or recording device. This microphone arm meets all these criteria!

The arm also comes with several mounting options, making it simpler to adjust your microphone and keep your desktop tidy. These include a table clamp, table through mount and bushing.

These come in both black and aluminum finishes. The table through mount is ideal for desks with plenty of surface area, while the bushing can be used to securely fix an arm into a desktop surface.

These arms offer a variety of mounting options, so you can find the ideal mic arm for your requirements. They can be mounted to desks, walls, m!ka poles and System Walls alike; there is even an adapter kit available that enables connection with other m!ka accessories.

4. K&M Microphone Suspension Boom

A microphone suspension boom is the ideal solution for streamers as it's portable and adjustable, giving you the freedom to try different setups. These arms typically attach to a recording desk or other equipment and can accommodate most mics.

The K&M 25900 is a compact microphone stand designed with foldable legs and an elegant two-piece boom arm. Crafted from durable gray powdercoat finish, this stand provides plenty of support for live or recorded sound applications.

It also features a convenient table clamp mount for secure positioning. The telescopic boom extends up to 32 inches vertically and horizontally, making it simple to capture sound with ease.

Furthermore, this stand can support up to 2.4 pounds of microphone weight - more than enough for most producers. Its sturdy construction and superior quality make it an ideal choice for streaming enthusiasts, particularly when using expensive or large microphones.

One of the great benefits of this stand is its counterbalance weight, which ensures your microphone stays put while you move around during live streaming. Furthermore, it reduces vibrations and jitters which could otherwise cause audio quality to suffer.

The K&M 21021 is an excellent streaming option. While it may be more costly than some of its budget-level counterparts, it still comes with all the essential features needed to get started in audio streaming. Plus, its sturdy T-bar design with simple locking systems and seven pound counter-weight provide extra stability during use.

5. Samson MBA38

For a boom arm with plenty of features and the capacity to support heavy microphones, Samson MBA38 is your best bet. It provides various mounting options including C-clamp mounts and flange mounts for permanent installation.

This arm is ideal for podcasters and voice-over artists looking to take their sound up a notch without breaking the bank. It's well-made and sturdy, featuring internal springs that provide quiet operation when repositioning your mic.

The MBA38 supports all standard shock mounts, making it compatible with popular broadcast microphones like the Blue Yeti. It can support microphones weighing anywhere from 2.4 pounds (1.3kg) up to 3.3 pounds (1.5kg), and comes in various colors.

This articulating design offers maximum horizontal/vertical arm reach of 38 inches, giving you plenty of freedom when recording material. Plus, its internal springs enable silent and effortless positioning - ideal both for recording and live broadcasts.

This boom arm offers all the features necessary for convenient microphone set up. It supports a variety of mics, from Blue Yeti to heavy broadcast models like Blackout Spark SL. With its C-clamp mount that can be attached directly to your desk or permanently fixed with a flange mount, this boom arm offers all you need for easy and effective microphone installation.

The MBA38 is the perfect solution for audio content creators, whether that be podcasters, voice-over artists or bands. Not only that but it can be an invaluable asset to your streaming business too - so if you're planning to launch a new show this year, consider investing in one of these arms!

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