The 5 Best Mics For Recording Piano 2023

The 5 Best Mics For Recording Piano 2023


To fully capture the unique sounds of your piano, it is essential that you use a quality microphone. This will guarantee an audio recording free from background noise.

When selecting a microphone, two types are available: condenser and dynamic.

neumann u

If you're in search of an outstanding microphone to add to your studio, the neumann u is an ideal option. It boasts unsurpassed quality at a reasonable price point, making it one of the top choices for musicians who want to produce high-quality recordings in their studios.

The u also features an impressively stable frequency response, providing consistent polar patterns and superior sound reproduction. Furthermore, its flattering presence boost is especially useful for vocal or instrumental recordings.

This mic is ideal for ASMR recordings, as it offers a rich level of detail. Its tuned sound signature emphasizes the 8-12 kHz range that's crucial for human voices.

Furthermore, the u is equipped with a large wire mesh cover that blocks out plosives and pop noises - essential for vocal recordings. Plus, it's compatible with shock mounts which further reduce transmitted noise levels.

Neumann microphones have long been a cornerstone of professional recording studios due to their unmatched reliability and superior sound quality that cannot be duplicated by other manufacturers.

shure sm

If you're searching for the ideal microphone to record piano sound, the shure sm is an ideal option. This model is specifically designed to pick up instrument sounds and eliminate any background noise, giving off a clear and pure recording experience.

This microphone is lightweight and durable, making it a great choice for travel. Musicians, vocalists, and anyone else needing to record piano can benefit from its portability without fear of damage during transit.