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Steve Lacy Record Review | Future Starr


Steve Lacy Record Review

Steve Lacy Record Review


steve lacy record

Steve Lacy is a 24-year-old US singer-guitarist and producer. He's worked with artists such as Solange, Vampire Weekend and Kendrick Lamar on projects.

He is renowned for his psychedelic pop songs and work with The Internet. His production work has earned him a Grammy nomination, and he's collaborated with some of music's most renowned artists.

'Like Me'

Steve Lacy's music has seen unprecedented success in two years since its release, Demo. Since then he's toured around the world and collaborated with Solange, Dev Hynes, Vampire Weekend, and Kendrick Lamar (whose solo material even reached Top 100 on Billboard Hot 100).

Lacy has achieved great success in the music industry, but he comes from a humble background: a Compton native who picked up guitar while playing Guitar Hero with friends at high school. Later he joined Odd Future's funk supergroup The Internet and collaborated with former bandmate Jameel Bruner on their debut album Ego Death; appearing on singles such as "Ryd" and "Dark Red".

As a solo artist, Lacy's voice is as powerful as any of his collaborators', and his impressive production techniques give his softly sung R&B songs an exciting contemporary edge. He seamlessly incorporates genres like funk, soul and rap with multiple shades of jazz while infusing raw instincts with an angelic soprano voice.

But Lacy's most captivating qualities are often hidden beneath the surface, and it's in his lyrics that he showcases his profound understanding of human emotions. Whether lamenting over a breakup or exploring his own bisexuality, Lacy always prioritized honesty and intimacy over anything else.

His second album, Gemini Rights, is an expansive collection of songs that examines the different ways in which singers can express their broken heart. It's an enthralling collection of ideas, with Lacy skillfully weaving together various perspectives that come after a breakup.

Some songwriters might write about breakups in an aggressive manner, seeking catharsis by blaming their ex for the dissolution of their relationship. Others might take a more introspective approach, reflecting on the pain and loss. Still others may just want to have fun with it all and move forward without making any grand declarations or self-examination.

'Gemini Rights'

Steve Lacy, a 24-year-old guitarist and producer from Compton, California, is quickly making waves in the world of music. He's collaborated on songs for renowned artists like Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, and Vampire Weekend as well as projects with Colombian artist Kali Uchis, Los Angeles-native Tyler, the Creator and Chloe X Halle.

Lacy began producing music at a young age and has quickly made his way to becoming one of the top producers in the industry. His methods are unique; using Garageband app on his phone and an iRig for recording guitar, drum loops, and vocals. Over the past six years he's collaborated with many talented artists on projects.

His debut album, Apollo XXI, was a major success and was nominated for the Grammy for Urban Contemporary Album. Additionally, he produced Kendrick Lamar's 'Pride' from Damn.

Gemini Rights, Lacy's second album, is an impressive showcase of his musical skills. Drawing inspiration from various genres, it blends thoughtful lyrics with fun R&B music and neo-funk instrumentation for a truly captivating listening experience.

Lyrically, the album is a celebration of love. It acknowledges how complicated relationships can be, how they require equal investment from both sides, and that true affection takes time to develop. Lacy's stunning vocals and guitar lines on 'Like Me' serve as testament to her mastery of this genre.

Lacy's debut single from his forthcoming album 'Gemini Rights', 'Mercury', marks an exciting departure in his music career. A sensual bossa nova-influenced number, 'Mercury' is proof that Lacy can master genres outside his comfort zone with ease.

Lacy's voice is incredibly powerful and his distinctive sound sets him apart from other alternative R&B singers. He effortlessly incorporates influences from the genre into an evocative blend of styles that creates an enchanting indie hypnagogic pop that truly stands out.

Gemini Rights may lack some of the sparkle from its predecessor, but it still represents a step in Steve Lacy's progression. Though still having his signature free-spirited and deep-feeling vibe, this release has more thoughtful consideration and refinement than his first two albums.

'Dark Red'

Lacy is an LA-based musician and producer best known as a guitarist and backing vocalist in Syd and Matt Martians' group The Internet, with his debut single 'Bad Habits' reaching number one on the Billboard chart. Additionally, Lacy has written songs for Kendrick Lamar, Solange, Vampire Weekend, Thundercat, J. Cole and many more renowned artists; more big name collaborations are sure to follow in years ahead.

Steve Lacy's Demo will be released on February 24 and features the single 'Dark Red', written entirely on Lacy's iPhone. The EP features intricate instrumentals and acoustic guitar solos, as well as Lacy's velvety vocals that add the finishing touch.

In 'Dark Red, the guitar riffs and bass lines are recorded directly into your phone's built-in microphone - creating an authentic studio recording setup. The result is a smooth blend of alternative r&b with classic funk that feels totally modern in its own right, with Lacy's captivating falsetto vocals channelling Prince throughout the song.

Though not quite as catchy or memorable as its sister record, 'Dark Red' still manages to be an impressive record that could easily be one of 2017's top releases. It's easy to understand why it earned itself a GRAMMY nomination for its superior quality.

Lacy's guitar playing is on par with anything on Apollo XXI, while his vocals are as sweet and delicate as can be. The track's sultry rhythms and jangly melodies serve as the perfect backdrop to his captivating lyrics which alternate between a lovelorn, lusty tone and an upbeat outlook on life in the present.

Lacy's signature track, 'Dark Red,' is one of her finest efforts and an ode to her skill as a songwriter, weaving together sensuous grooves with delicate vocal harmonies. It serves as testament to her mastery over rhythmic compositions.

'Special Affair'

Lacy has long been on the path to success as a guitarist and songwriter, first becoming popular with his band The Internet before going on to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar, Vampire Weekend, and Solange. His solo music began as lo-fi demos made on his iPhone but his latest album Gemini Rights finds him fully in control of a professional studio environment with co-writers and outside producers.

On "Special Affair," Lacy takes a more structured approach than his previous two albums, which can sometimes feel oppressive and depressing. Thankfully, his improvised duo with pianist Rzewski provides some welcome relief from all the heavy dreariness present on this record.

Through the entire song, including its intro and composed section, Lacy employs duo improvisations against obliquely structured intervallic structures. For example, when setting up the first part of the melody in G Major, he sets it to an intervallic pattern like P4, P4, M2 (or something similar).

Although not the most creative or captivating song on the album, Lacy has been pushing himself musically. Additionally, it gives him a chance to showcase some of his technical prowess which has made him so sought-after as a producer.

One of the album's standout tracks, "Gemini Rights," was inspired by Lacy's break-up with a long-term partner. This song takes an analytical and critical approach to her experience by letting Lacy's emotions play out on an unseen canvas.

Lacy's lyrics are masterfully crafted, reflecting the turmoil in his mind. In today's digital age of instant access to information, Lacy was able to take time out and turn his experience into music - an act both refreshing and remarkable.

Lacy's sophomore album is an impressive testament to his talent as both a classic-era pop music enthusiast and contemporary contemporary listener. With any luck, Lacy's star will continue to soar as he gains experience as an even more accomplished artist.

chris stapleton images

Chris Stapleton and a Prayer Card

Chris Stapleton has been one of country music's biggest success stories in recent years. His 2015 single Traveller earned him CMA Awards for Male Vocalist and Album of the Year honors.

Since then, Stapleton has been making music and living a beautiful life alongside Morgane, their five children, and their dog Max.


Chris Stapleton's 2015 debut, Traveller, features the title track - an elegiac reflection on life's journey that was written during a 11-day road trip he took with his wife Morgane.

Stapleton wrote 12 of the album's 14 songs, played electric guitar, acoustic guitar and mandolin on it, as well as singing lead on most of the recordings. The result is an album that showcases all his talent and heart; showing that country music can be more than just morose soul ballads or poignant tearjerkers.

Stapleton's music showcases his diverse influences, from outlaw country and bluegrass to rock and roll and blues. He was raised listening to his father's collection of outlaw country and classic R&B, and this passion eventually led him to pursue a career as a country artist.

In 2013, after Stapleton's father passed away, the singer felt the need to "regroup a bit," so he took a road trip with his wife. While driving across the desert, Stapleton composed the album's title track - an uptempo tune about searching for peace within yourself and finding comfort in nature.

Stapleton has long been a songwriter, and cites his time with GRAMMY-nominated bluegrass band the SteelDrivers and Southern rock group the Jompson Brothers as two of his most significant experiences. Additionally, his songs have been recorded by Kenny Chesney and Darius Rucker - making him quite the hitmaker!

His breakthrough album, Traveller, catapulted him from Nashville's best kept secret to superstardom. Since its release, the record has gone platinum and earned Stapleton multiple awards including Male Vocalist of the Year at the CMA Awards.

Critics praised the album, and it earned Stapleton a Grammy for Best Country Album. With his unique blend of outlaw country, bluegrass music, classic rock soundscapes, and Southern soul, it quickly gained a devoted following.

Stapleton's music has an infectious energy that draws you in and keeps you captivated. His voice is raw and sincere, which translates beautifully onto stage.

Broken Halos

At a recent Brew City concert, an audience member brought something special to the stage - and Chris Stapleton quickly recognized its significance. During the penultimate song "Broken Halos," a woman in the crowd passed what appeared to be either a prayer card or photo of someone dear to her onstage; she spent most of the set holding it close while raising it high in the air.

Stapleton has a special way of touching his listeners' hearts with lyrics that have an impactful meaning and speak directly to their lives. In "Broken Halos," he pays homage to 14 people who tragically perished in a wildfire that destroyed their home in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Stapleton co-wrote "America" with his longtime writing partner American singer-songwriter Mike Henderson. They previously collaborated in Stapleton's bluegrass band the SteelDrivers and co-produced the track alongside legendary American record producer Dave Cobb.

Stapleton's song, Smoky Mountains Rise: A Benefit for the My People Fund, has become an instant hit with fans. On December 13th 2016, Dolly Parton debuted it during her telethon and since then it's become a rallying cry for those grieving the loss of a loved one or friend.

Stapleton's performance of the song during his All-American Road Show tour has also served as a poignant ode to those suffering from natural disasters and senseless acts of violence in our world. Along with Stapleton, Morgane and bassist J.T. Clure have joined him onstage along with other musicians for this poignant tribute.

It's a straightforward instrumental arrangement, featuring Stapleton on acoustic guitar and Morgane adding gentle harmonic colors. The lyrics reflect on how 'wings that used to fly' have 'gone wherever they go' and that everyone we knew in life has passed away.

A common thread runs through the song, connecting all these elements together: suggesting these people were 'descended from heaven' and came to earth for a brief time to impart lessons and wisdom to their followers. After leaving earth 'wherever they go," they left behind an important legacy for humanity.

Drink a Beer

Chris Stapleton is a country music artist who came from nowhere in 2015, taking the industry by storm. Before this success, he had been writing songs as part of Nashville's scene for other artists; however, when he composed his own song it quickly went viral and gained worldwide attention from country music enthusiasts.

His debut album Traveller was a major success and catapulted him to the forefront of country music. He soon found himself working with George Strait, Kenny Chesney, and Luke Bryan on hits that would go platinum.

Though he had an amazing year in 2015, his life still held many challenges. He lost a family member and his wife Morgane had to give birth to their fifth child. Despite these triumphs, 2015 had not been without its challenges.

One of his greatest struggles was dealing with his grief. Throughout his music career, Bryan has written songs that express the pain of losing a loved one; however, it was his single "Drink A Beer" which helped him truly cope with those losses.

This song is an emotional masterpiece from his debut album Traveller and it helped him forge a new path as an artist. Additionally, it deepened his connections with his fans even further.

This song tells the story of a man grieving the loss of his sister and his search for ways to cope with it. He contemplates ways in which he can comfort her and assist her during her period of mourning.

It may be a simple song, but its lyrics are profound. They capture all of the feelings a man experiences when someone close to them passes away.

Bryan uses a long pause in the chorus to express his emotions, and he also includes bass guitar and male harmonizer accompaniment. This helps his lyrics flow smoothly and gives listeners comfort in knowing he's not alone in their grief.

In the future, he hopes to record more emotional songs like this. He believes they are essential elements in country music's art form.

More of You

Chris Stapleton is one of the most accomplished singer-songwriters in country music. He's written hits for George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, Thomas Rhett, Darius Rucker and many more; additionally he joined Justin Timberlake to record their hit "Tennessee Whiskey."

Stapleton's success is in large part due to his wife Morgane, who helped select songs for his 2015 debut solo album Traveller and has played an integral role in keeping him grounded. Their relationship is truly beautiful, leaving country music fans enchanted.

Their relationship began in Nashville, where they met as songwriters and eventually married in 2007. Today, the couple has five children -- a daughter and four sons whose names have been kept private -- but they make sure not to neglect leisure time.

Chris may be the star, but Morgane is no less talented. She's a singer-songwriter and background vocalist who has contributed to many of Chris' albums - including Traveller.

On their 15th wedding anniversary, Stapleton shared a series of black-and-white photos to express how much he adores his wife. In one, the couple leans against the back of a car and looks at each other with arms crossed.

In the second picture, Stapleton sits at a table and cuddles with Morgane. In the third image, Morgane holds Stapleton's face during a quiet moment backstage.

These pictures are just some of the many that Stapleton has shared to show his affection for Morgane. They serve as a reminder that even though he may be the star of the show, he wouldn't be where he is today without her support and encouragement.

Morgane is an essential element in Chris' success. She helps him select songs for his albums and often sings background vocals or harmony on tour with him. Additionally, Morgane is a wonderful mother to their children and plays an essential role in ensuring everything runs smoothly at home.

chris stapleton hat

Chris Stapleton and His Super Bowl LVII Hat

On Sunday, country singer Chris Stapleton had the unique honor of performing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LVII - and he did an exemplary job. The eight-time GRAMMY winner moved Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni to tears with his poignant rendition.

Stapleton would not be complete without his signature cowboy hat, which has become one of his signature accessories. He typically dons a Charlie 1 Horse hat with snakeskin band embellished with bird feathers.


Chris Stapleton put on an unforgettable performance of the national anthem during Super Bowl LVII. The eight-time GRAMMY winner mesmerized fans with his guitar playing and singing abilities, resulting in many tears of joy from those watching. Stapleton has made a name for himself in songwriting due to his prolific lyrics.

Chris Stapleton Hat is a classic western style hand braided raffia hat featuring an attractive beaded Concho and feathers. It has an inner stretch band for comfort and fit, plus its shapeable brim and vented crown for added ventilation.

Chris stapleton's iconic hat is one of the most recognizable in the industry, if not worldwide. Not only does it pay homage to his music, but it's also an indication of his western style. You won't find many other country stars sporting this particular hat, but it makes for a fun accessory with feather tails sure to grab attention. Plus, you can get it in various colors and sizes - even one for ladies!


Chris Stapleton is a country music singer-songwriter that has been making waves in the industry for some time now. He's written hits for artists like Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw and Adele; however, Chris Stapleton has also cemented himself as an accomplished vocalist through his own songs.

Recently, he earned the attention of millions when he took center stage during Super Bowl 2023 to sing the National Anthem, moving Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni to tears. His performance was flawless and soulful, which is why so much praise was heaped upon him from fans.

Stapleton's wardrobe is classic cowboy with a Western-inspired flair, especially his hat which features an intarsia jade gem and feather plume in the style typically found among Native American fashions.

Stapleton's signature look includes wavy light brown hair and an unruly beard that falls about the same length as his mane. He ties his long locks in a ponytail and wears a hat with a wide brim, but it's his cowboy-inspired outfit that truly sets him apart from others.

The Super Bowl presents an ideal chance for people to increase the stakes and wager on various props. The most popular being the length of the National Anthem. But you can also wager on other aspects of the performance, like Stapleton's hat color or whether he will omit a word.


Chris Stapleton is one of the most recognizable country singers, thanks to his signature hat. This tan feathered piece features a jade gem and feather plume, and it has become an emblem of his identity. Wearing this headpiece proudly is something Stapleton takes great pride in wearing.

Kentuckian Nashville singer's songs often draw from country music's deepest parts, yet he also incorporates blues and rock elements to create his own distinct style. A polymath, he understands how country's warmth, rock's intensity, and Southern soul's passion can come together in highly personal songs that are easily relatable for listeners everywhere.

Stapleton has such an adeptness at blending different musical genres that his albums feel like multi-faceted works of art - and his concerts don't disappoint either. His live shows feature minimal lighting effects and occasional fog as the only special effects.

He's an impressive performer, with his guitar at the forefront of each song. His voice has a versatile quality; it can be expressive without sounding pretentious or self-indulgent. His repertoire ranges from majestic ballads to compact yet captivating sing-along tunes.

Stapleton is a master of using his face to convey emotion and lyrics in songs. That's why, during his performance of the National Anthem before Super Bowl 2023, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni was moved to tears. Additionally, Oscar-winner Troy Kotsur joined him and recited the anthem in American Sign Language for those in attendance or watching on television.


On Sunday (February 12), country singer Chris Stapleton made a lasting impression during Super Bowl LVII when he performed the National Anthem in front of millions of fans. The eight-time GRAMMY winner's soulful rendition even moved Philadelphia Eagles coach Nick Sirianni to tears.

Stapleton has written numerous hits, including his most recent single "Broken Halos," which earned him Male Vocalist and Song of the Year at last year's CMA Awards. Written for Kenny Chesney, "Broken Halos" showcases Stapleton's ability to tackle difficult stories and heartbreaking love with candor.

Traveller, the eight-time GRAMMY winner's latest album, captures the spirit of the American West with gritty twang and plenty of whiskey. It combines classic country themes with modernized versions of some of country music's earliest hits to create a set of songs that thrive within its deepest crevices.

In addition to touring, Stapleton also has the All-American Road Show on his plate; a series of sold-out stadium shows that will run until 2023. Recently he announced a new round of dates starting in April with additional appearances scheduled for May and June.

Stapleton relies on Charlie 1 Horse for his hats, a brand that has been around since 1978 and is known for creating stylish western hats with functional characteristics. Their Garland, Texas factory is known for crafting western wear with an edge.

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