Rihanna's Song "What Now" Has a Deeper Meaning

Rihanna's Song "What Now" Has a Deeper Meaning


what now rihanna lyrics meaning

Rihanna may seem to have a carefree, carefree attitude, but the Barbadian singer has been building her career steadily for years. Through her heartfelt anthems, she's made quite an impact on the music world and achieved multiple hits along the way.

As her first single as a solo artist, "Only Girl (in the World)" quickly went to Number One in multiple countries thanks to producers Stargate, Sandy Vee and Kuk Harrell's Europop keyboard lines and driving progressive house beat. It quickly became one of the biggest singles of 2010.

Umbrella Song

Rihanna's third studio album, Good Girl Gone Bad, was released in 2007 and its lead single was "Umbrella Song," one of the most popular songs of that era. This breakthrough hit helped cement Rihanna's status as a superstar artist; it marked an evolution away from her earlier club-pop sound that marked two albums prior. It marked an important step forward in her career trajectory.

Rihanna chose to release "Rihanna's Song" instead, written by Kuk Harrell and Tricky Stewart originally for Britney Spears but rejected by her label. As a result, Rihanna took control of the project and released it as her first number-one single.

At the time, she was relatively unknown but this single cemented her reputation as a siren-like vocalist with an upbeat outlook. Additionally, her strikingly beautiful face and sultry outfits earned her fans' attention - something which had been lacking until then. This song finally gave her the breakthrough she so desperately wanted.

At the time, this hit became an instant classic and remains one of pop music's most beloved hits. Additionally, its iconic video inspired many other artists' music videos as well.

Rihanna lights up the video with her black leather ballerina tutu as Jay-Z makes an appearance and the whole video is shot in the classic hip-hop music video style of the 2000s.

For a while, the song was one of those addictive earworms that you couldn't shake from your head. Though its lyrics were simple, they managed to elicit feelings of power and fear in listeners. The chorus was perhaps its most iconic part, expertly sung by its singer.

This song is about a romantic relationship and emphasizes how even though one person does not have the same status as the other, they will protect each other regardless of what comes their way. This powerful message should never be forgotten.

Born Again

Christian denominations use the term "born again" to signify repentance, or rejecting one's sinful nature and making a covenant with God to live an upright life. This covenant can be formalized through baptism by immersion at age 8 or after accountability, or it can take place during church meetings.

Evangelical Christians believe this is the most fundamental step in becoming a true Christian. Additionally, they hold that baptism serves to distinguish legitimate, committed Christians from insincere or nominal ones.

This idea of being born again is founded upon Jesus Christ's words that we must be born again. It also draws inspiration from Apostle Paul, who wrote that in order to enter into God's Kingdom (Philippians 3:8-14).

Though many believe in the spiritual concept of being born again, it can be difficult for non-Christians to grasp exactly what this entails.

The Bible uses the phrase "born again" to refer to a variety of things, including spiritual transformation that occurs when someone enters into relationship with Christ. This concept was most clearly illustrated in Mark chapter three when Jesus taught Nicodemus--an educated Jewish pharisee--that in order to be a Christian he must be born again.

Latter Day Saints refer to being "born again" as an act of true repentance, which includes a commitment to Jesus Christ and living a righteous, Christ-like life.

Recently, the term "born again" has gained in popularity; however, it remains contentious among some Christians. Many argue that it serves only to differentiate genuine Christians from those who claim they are followers of Christ without actually having a personal relationship with Him.

The Bible informs us that Jesus is both the son of God and man, and will return to earth one day to establish His kingdom. As such, He alone can grant us eternal life as well as forgiveness from our sins and power to overcome them. When we put our trust in Him and follow His teachings, He will grant us strength to live a life for His glory.

What Now

Have you heard Rihanna's popular pop hit What Now and been confused by its message? Don't be! This popular tune has deeper significance behind it that meets the surface.

The lyrics of the song express our disillusionment with love relationships. They express how we see love as innocent and romantic, yet then it breaks down when people leave us. Additionally, clouds play an integral role in the composition.

Rihanna's hit single What Now has become one of the greatest songs ever, often cited as one of her all-time top hits. The track featured prominently on her debut album Unapologetic and reached number one on numerous charts around the globe.

Streaming has revolutionized how music is consumed, making it easier than ever for new artists to reach the top of the charts. In 2013, Billboard introduced a formula that takes into account sales, radio play and streaming data when determining a song's popularity - leading to an explosion of success for songs that don't follow any conventional formula.

Comparing What Now to other songs that have achieved mainstream success, you'll notice they share similar lyrics - they speak about someone going through difficult times who needs space and can't control their emotions.

The second verse of the song is particularly poignant, speaking about Gracie Abrams' former partner. It expresses her disappointment that their relationship did not work out as planned and suggests she has feelings of anger and betrayal toward this situation. The lyrics suggest Gracie Abrams has strong emotions surrounding this situation.

The song also contains a quote from Shakespeare: "It's not what you say, it's what you do." This message from the singer conveys that feelings are okay but should be kept private. She suggests that if we do experience them then we should keep them close and out of sight of others.

Don’t Stop

Rihanna may have released her fifth studio album, Anti, in November but she's been a success for years. Her catalogue of hits - including several top 10 hits in the US - and clothing and make-up lines have been huge successes as well.

It's no shock that she enjoys crafting songs with memorable hooks. Her latest release, Don't Stop, is an upbeat track that encourages people to focus on the positive in their lives and not let negative experiences define them. It has recently gained popularity, appearing in commercials for Toyota and Silk almond milk as well as on American Idol's new season.

Christine McVie wrote the lyrics to Don't Stop, one of many hits she's had with Fleetwood Mac that include such classics as "Silver Springs" and "I Will Always Love You."

Don't Stop was recorded by Journey and, although it wasn't their biggest hit at the time of release, it has since gained in popularity. It has become a number one hit in several countries and is featured during the 8th inning of every San Francisco Giants home game.

Don't Stop has become a worldwide hit, featuring in various films like Adam Sandler's 1998 comedy The Wedding Singer and Charlize Theron's 2003 monster. Additionally, it has been featured on television shows like The Sopranos and Glee.

Don't Stop is an iconic song in music history, performed by many renowned artists from Adam Sandler to Charlize Theron and even Jay-Z. With such powerful words, these powerful lyrics have had a lasting effect on generations of listeners around the world.

Though the song wasn't as popular in the UK as it was in the US, it has achieved phenomenal success worldwide. It has been downloaded more than 20 million times - according to Nielsen Music it's the most downloaded 20th century song!

It has been a staple for decades, serving as an anthem and helping people get through tough times. No wonder why it has been remade so often - it appears on nearly every album by major artists nowadays.

how much is kane lim worth

How Much Is Kane Lim Worth?

Kane Lim is a Singaporean-American businessman and reality star best known for his role as Kane in Netflix's Bling Empire series.

He is a self-made multimillionaire and philanthropist. His wealth stems from multiple business investments and real estate properties.

At 17 years old, he began investing in stocks. By 18 years old, he had amassed his first million dollars.

Bling Empire star

Netflix's popular reality show Bling Empire is packed with gorgeous people and plenty of drama. The series follows a group of super-rich Asian American socialites as they live their hedonistic lives in Los Angeles, California.

Fans are passionate about the show and want to learn more about its stars. Kane Lim, one of the cast members, has become a fan favorite; however, he often gets asked about his wealth and income.

Kane has amassed an impressive fortune as a real estate developer. He boasts an extensive network of contacts and has been involved in some questionable deals in the past.

He recently joined Rihanna's Fenty Beauty, and his net worth is expected to soar even higher. Additionally, reports indicate he may be selling his own condos in LA in order to expand his business into new areas.

His net worth is estimated to be $20 million, making him one of the richest members on Bling Empire!

Jaime Chan, another star of the show, boasts a fortune of $50 million. Her father is an oligarch and she has taken on several modeling assignments since its premiere.

She's been a guest star on 'Baby Daddy' and has also starred in some movies. Additionally, she is an Instagram influencer with the capacity to charge up to $4,611 per post!

Kane Lim boasts a net worth of $20 million. He hails from an affluent family who have amassed their wealth through real estate investments, shopping malls and oil ventures. Kane has also worked for Oppenheim Group and will soon collaborate with Rihanna on her Fenty Beauty collection.

Kim Lee boasts a net worth of $10 million and is an acclaimed DJ. She's been dubbed 'Calvin Harris of Asia', and she's toured with artists like Diplo and Steve Aoki. Additionally, she's featured in music videos of other renowned artists as well as appearing in 'The Hangover Part II'.

Her parents are wealthy and have indulged in a range of high-end brands. She's attended many major fashion shows and been featured in Roberto Cavalli ad campaigns.

Real estate tycoon

Kane Lim is a reality TV star, real estate tycoon, investor and philanthropist with an estimated net worth of $20 million. He founded investment firm Kix Capital with his partners.

He is the star of Netflix's Bling Empire and boasts a lifestyle many can only dream about. His impressive property portfolio, wise financial investments, and lucrative endorsement deals demonstrate his success.

Despite his wealth, he prefers to keep his family out of the spotlight. Hailing from Singapore, his family owns oil companies, shipping businesses and property ventures.

Bloomberg reported in 2020 that one of President Donald Trump's extended family members had engaged in fraudulent activities. As a result, US$3.5 billion worth of assets were frozen and investigations began.

According to The Cinemaholic, his family is extremely wealthy and owns oil, shipping, and property ventures in Singapore. Despite this, his relatives prefer simpler lives.

Kane Lim has been vegetarian since three years, having adopted Buddhism. Previously he lived a glamorous lifestyle, buying designer goods and luxury items but has recently turned towards simpler living. Additionally, he prefers eating traditional Singaporean hawker food over more upscale meals.

Kane Lim is a real estate tycoon who earns millions of dollars each year from his career and investments. He owns multiple properties, luxury automobiles, and advantageous insurance plans.

His philanthropic pursuits include supporting various charities and organizations. He donates money to causes close to his heart, such as animal rescue.

He has an eye for style and often dresses to impress. Additionally, he loves to flaunt expensive shoes and jewelry.

When not filming his show, Lim works as a realtor associate for the Oppenheim Group, selling exclusive Los Angeles properties at exorbitant prices. He currently has some listings listed on Zillow worth over $2.7 million.

He owns a luxurious West Hollywood apartment where he spends most of his time. Additionally, his home in Mount Washington area of Los Angeles is listed for sale around $1.9 million in 2022.

Fashion designer

Kane Lim is best known as one of the stars on Netflix's Bling Empire, a show set in Los Angeles and exploring the luxurious lifestyles of Asian-American celebrities.

The cast of the show features several wealthy Asians who live life to the fullest, party more than humanly possible, and create billion-dollar drama. Many viewers are curious how Kane Lim became so wealthy and how much is he now worth as both an actor and fashion designer.

Kane is a Singaporean who relocated to Los Angeles a decade ago and has since built an impressive career as both a fashion designer and real estate tycoon. Additionally, he's known for his generous charitable activities; often donating his money towards charity causes.

Lim, despite his wealth, remains a humble individual. He's vegetarian and converted to Buddhism three years ago; he enjoys Singaporean hawker food and spending quality time with his family.

He began investing in stocks at 17 and earned his first million before turning 20. Additionally, he invested in real estate in Los Angeles, ultimately selling his home on Zillow for $2,7 million.

His net worth is estimated to be $20 million as of 2022. He has made a substantial amount from his real estate business and from his social media presence as an influential professional.

In addition to his business and social media presence, Lim is also a philanthropist. He frequently donates money to organizations that assist children with illnesses.

Lim is known for his impressive shoe collection, valued at more than $300,000. Additionally, he collects jewelry and has Louis Vuitton wallets made from genuine crocodile skin.

He loves to spend money on fashion, particularly Louis Vuitton - often seen wearing their most luxurious pieces.

His Instagram page shows he owns more than 200 pairs of shoes and is rumored to have an extensive trainer collection. Furthermore, he collects jewelry - some of the world's most valuable pieces.


Kane Lim is a passionate philanthropist who enjoys giving back to the community. He has long supported Miracles for Kids, an organization that assists children suffering from serious illnesses. Additionally, Kane supports non-profit organizations providing free healthcare assistance to patients in need.

Kane Lim has amassed a substantial fortune through investments in stocks and real estate. His personal wealth is estimated to be $20 million as of August 2022, and that figure may increase even further now that he has launched his own athleisure line, B.L.I.N.G, earlier that month.

His social media presence has been instrumental to his success. He uses them to engage with fashion enthusiasts and spread awareness of the charitable organizations he supports.

He has generously donated to many causes throughout his life, such as Uplift Services and Miracles for Kids. Growing up under the tutelage of a billionaire father who required him to take public transportation every day on the way to school, he made sure that everyone had access to quality education.

Lim is wealthy, yet he does not intend to take advantage of his family's fortune. Despite this, he has achieved great things in a short amount of time - earning his first million dollars at 17 years old!

Though considered to be among the rich and famous, Lim still believes in giving back to his community. He frequently donates his time and resources to charities while supporting them on his social media pages.

At 17 years old, Lim relocated from Singapore to the United States with help from his father. Through investing in stocks, he earned his first million dollars and paid it back within a few months.

He developed and sold several luxury properties in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. Additionally, he is believed to own a shoe collection worth $300,000.

As a philanthropist, Lim is proud to share his wealth with others. He donates his profits to charitable organizations and takes pleasure in giving back to the community. His parents are also passionate about giving back; they always advocate for non-profits that assist those in need.

how many rihanna albums

Rihanna Albums - How Many Rihanna Albums Are There?

Rihanna has an incredible career; she is an accomplished musician, actress, fashion icon and businesswoman. But with an album release date of almost two years behind her - fans are growing impatient.

Rihanna may be one step closer to releasing her 9th studio album with her Super Bowl halftime performance, but let's not get too excited just yet.

Good Girl Gone Bad

Good Girl Gone Bad is Rihanna's third album and the one that marked her transition from being "good girl RiRi" to Bad Girl RiRi. This pivotal record in her career helped pave the way for creative risk-taking that has earned her a place among today's biggest pop stars.

GGGB signaled the end of her dancehall/reggae/pop fusion that had defined her previous two albums and usher in an ambitious exploration into '80s dance, rock, folk and soul music. Additionally, it marked a watershed moment in her rise as a cultural icon whose influence would span across genres.

On GGGB, songs range from familiar ballads to spacey R&B. However, their best moments defy genre. On "Umbrella," Rihanna's voice is almost unrecognizable - instead of her usual croon, she sounds like she's inside a computerized rhythm-and-blues simulator.

Good Girl Gone Bad's unique vocal approach sets her apart as an artist, helping her stand out as a truly exceptional talent. While the blankness of her voice may be disconcerting when singing something without meaning or significance, it can be used effectively to create atmosphere or convey an emotional message.

It was no shock then that "Umbrella" became her first single to be nominated for a Grammy Award and achieved number-one status on Billboard Hot 100. Additionally, the track was nominated for song of the year at the 2010 ceremony.

In 2013, Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded was rereleased as Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded and has since sold over 8.5 million copies worldwide. Additionally, it was nominated for seven Grammy Awards, including the Best R&B Album award.


Rihanna's fifth studio album Loud was released in November 2010 and it's an impressive pop collection with both strong tracks and filler songs. Despite its short running time of 47 minutes, Rihanna manages to pack in plenty of energy throughout its runtime.

Rihanna's debut single for Loud, "Only Girl (In the World)," was an instant hit and set the pace for her future electronic dance music (EDM) career. Here she switched up her trademark trance-inflected dance hits for a bass-heavy eurodance number that proved hugely popular.

Rihanna's return to dancehall music, which was featured on her previous two albums, marked Loud as a departure from Rated R (2009) which was mostly melancholic and depressing, Loud featured uptempo pop and R&B genres such as electro-R&B or dance-pop.

Other standouts on the album include her iconic 'woman scorned' anthem "Take a Bow," which became an international hit and still resonates today, along with smooth R&B midtempos featuring Ne-Yo and Justin Timberlake and all-out pop bangers. There are also some pleasant surprises such as Tame Impala's cover of "Same Ol' Mistakes," which is both catchy and memorable.

Loud was an international success, reaching number one on the UK Albums Chart and reaching the top five spots in Canada, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Scotland and Switzerland.

Rihanna's album sold over 38 million copies worldwide, making it her most successful work to date. In the United States alone, she has sold 23 million records and is the fifth best-selling female artist of all time. Additionally, Rihanna earned three Grammy Awards - two wins and one nomination - for her efforts.

Talk That Talk

Since her debut album, Music of the Sun in 2005, Rihanna has released several more albums. Her initial effort was a moderate success with over 1.76 million units sold while A Girl Like Me went on to sell 3.77 million copies worldwide.

Her latest album, Loud, has sold an incredible 7 million copies to date - making it one of the best-selling albums ever. Additionally, her selection of singles have each sold in excess of 2 million units.

Her greatest success has come through her collaborations with major acts. She's collaborated with nearly every major artist of the last two decades, such as Britney Spears and Eminem, with many of these songs reaching number one on charts around the US, UK and beyond.

She has achieved extraordinary success as a hitmaker and outsold her albums three times - an accomplishment rarely achieved by pop stars. Furthermore, she topped the US Billboard Hot 100 seven consecutive years, an amazing feat for any solo artist.

However, she has had several notable exceptions to her success. For instance, Music of the Sun didn't sell many physical singles when released in America and thus didn't earn Gold certification by the RIAA. Additionally, many of her hits were only available as 12'' formats instead of CDs, which made them difficult to sell to a mass audience.

Nevertheless, she has achieved great success with her music in the UK, Australia and continental Europe. All of her collaborations with Eminem have sold over 2 million units to date and several of her hits have reached number one on the UK Singles Chart.


After her meteoric rise to superstardom, Rihanna took a break and focused on music. Anti was the first album she released since 2012's Unapologetic that truly showcased her unique sound; an unexpected departure from chart-topping pop hits that marked a new phase in her career.

Rihanna took a risk with her debut track, singing from the rooftops with songs that explored all genres of music. Though it proved to be successful, Rihanna created an album as close to perfect as could have imagined.

Anti eventually became her second US number-one album after Unapologetic and has remained on the Billboard charts for 204 weeks - an amazing accomplishment for any album.

Rihanna's album featured some of her most renowned singles, including Drake and Rihanna's collaborative "Work." This track earned Rihanna five Grammy nominations and became certified platinum in less than 48 hours, remaining one of her most popular songs to this day.

However, it's essential to remember that an album's success doesn't necessarily depend on its sales numbers. Streaming has become a popular way of measuring music these days and it can be difficult to tell if an album that has been streamed is actually successful in terms of sales.

Rihanna's early success with Anti suggests there is something special about her concept. It's a testament to her talent and perseverance that she could take such an extended break from making albums yet still manage to create such an amazing masterpiece.

ANTI is an intriguingly complex pop record, at its most captivating when it's at its most unassuming. It also seems to be trying to take stock, take some spiritual inventory. There's also plenty of commentary about disappointment - how people we trust can fall short of our expectations and how lonesome that can feel.

Bad Girl

Rihanna, the Barbadian pop star, has released several albums throughout her career. However, Bad Girl Gone Bad marks an important turning point in her musical direction and marked a turning point for her career.

Timbaland's influence helped the singer develop a more hip hop-influenced sound that cemented her status as an international superstar. Her album featured both sensual ballads and daring tracks, providing listeners with an eclectic collection of contemporary sounds that propelled her to success.

Bad Girl Gone Bad cemented her place as one of pop culture's most influential artists and is widely considered an important milestone in her career. To commemorate its 10th anniversary, we decided to share some of its greatest live moments.

Rihanna's live performances are always a must-see experience, her vibrant personality shining through onstage and she never fails to make her audience both laugh and cry.

Through her music, she's become an iconic figure for women of color in music - particularly black women. Her ability to tackle controversial topics and answer critics through song serves as evidence of her significance as a voice that matters in today's world.

Her style is evident in her fashion choices, often seen wearing oversized garments or vibrant gowns. This has earned her the title of being an influential style inspiration to upcoming actresses like Lupita Nyong'o and Cate Blanchett. Furthermore, she has a history of using social media as a platform to demonstrate her talent and visions for future projects; for instance, she was the first to use Twitter and Instagram to convince Ava DuVernay to direct and Issa Rae to pen the screenplay for an upcoming movie.

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