Polo G Distraction Official Video

Polo G Distraction Official Video


Polo G Distraction Official Video

The official video for Polo G's latest song, "Distraction", is finally here! It's a catchy and well-produced song that matches Polo G's vocals to an excellent beat. You should definitely add this track to your playlist! You can also download it for free! Check out the video below! Let us know what you think! We'll update this article as new content becomes available! We'll be featuring more upcoming artists in the future!

Lil Baby

Lil Baby Polo G returns with a new video for "Distraction." The Chicago rapper's first solo release since last year's Hall of Fame deluxe edition, "Distraction" is a fun tune about a man who can't seem to get enough respect from other people. The video features TikToker Kai Cenat, who's blown away by the music. The video also shows Polo G in the back of a police car after he's been arrested, performing surgery and more. The rap star closes his video with the words "Bring out the best in me."

Previously, Polo released Hall of Fame 2.0, which he won over Migos' Culture III. A few months later, he released the deluxe version. In the meantime, he collaborated with Lil Baby for the "Don't Play" video. Fivio Foreign and PGF Nuk also contributed to the video. However, the song "Don't Play" is one of the best cuts off of Hall of Fame 2.0.

Christian Breslauer

Rapper Polo G has dropped his new single "Distraction" through Columbia Records. The track, produced by Southside, laments the difficulties of his life as he pursues a new path. To accompany the single, Capalot released matching visuals directed by Christian Breslauer. The single is Polo G's first new music since his breakout hit "RAPSTAR" last year, which was followed by Hall Of Fame 2.0.

After releasing a great album last year, Polo G faced a felony charge for carrying a concealed weapon in Los Angeles. This situation is heavily incorporated into his new single "Distraction." The video, directed by Christian Breslauer, features shots of Polo trying to live the rap-star lifestyle while battling the legal ramifications of his arrest. "Distraction" is available now via Columbia.

In an effort to make a statement about his drug habits, Polo has shared the story of his recent near-death experience. He was just released from the hospital, after almost consuming onnem pills. A few months later, Polo had another drug-related close-call, at a party. In 2019, Polo revealed that his drug use has to slow down a bit now that he has a new baby to take care of.

TikToker Kai Cenat

The video content creator and virtual entertainment star Kai Cenat has been captured during a live stream for the Polo G melody 'Distraction'. His capture is the subject of controversy, as there are those who question the legitimacy of the video. However, people have been moving the #freekai hashtag on Twitter. This article will provide some information on the matter. Kai Cenat is not locked up in a prison, he was simply arrested while in his truck.

The music video for "Distraction" by Polo G is out now, and it features an appearance by famous TikToker Kai Cenat. Cenat, who has been a part of many viral videos, tries to find the source of the sound. He eventually finds a pair of headphones and listens to the song. It is only after the video is over that he realizes that the sound is coming from his headphones.

"Distraction" arrives ahead of his upcoming project with Southside. The rapper's joint album with Southside is due later this year. The track is a reference to his birthplace, and the chorus is laced with references to his hometown. The video also features references to the songs he has released on TikToker. The video is set to be his first official release since 2021.

Despite being caught in an unclear case, the video has gotten some positive news for the YouTuber. In June 2021, Polo G was arrested after allegedly assaulting a Miami police officer during a traffic stop. The arrest was eventually dropped after the video went viral. The song has gained more attention than ever, and Polo G has a son, Tremani, born on July 6, 2019.

Polo G

Following a series of teasers, Polo G has finally dropped a new track called "Distraction". The rap star's vocals are well matched with the beat, making for a smooth listening experience. This is definitely one to add to your playlist. In addition to being free to download, this song is a great example of good songcraft. Let's take a look at what makes it so special.

The visual treatment for "Distraction" is stunning. The clip starts with the news broadcasting the arrest of Polo, who then gets into a police cruiser and rides through the memories of past triumphs and regrets. At the end of the video, he closes by saying, "Bring out the best in me."

While the song is not yet officially out, fans can expect it to appear on the rapper's forthcoming summer album. Although Polo G has yet to release the album's title, the release is anticipated to arrive sometime this summer. The rap star is currently working on a full album with producer Southside and has previously hinted that this project will be his fourth album. CuBeatz and Southside are among those credited for the song's production.

Polo G Drops New Track "Distraction"

Polo G  Distraction

With hints of new music, Polo G has finally released his latest track 'Distraction.' The Chicago rapper is currently working on an album with producer Southside, but 'Distraction' serves as a taste of what's to come. Featuring real life lyrics, the song reflects on the struggles of Polo G's childhood. The song also comes with a music video, making it the first solo drop by the Chicago rapper since his Hall of Fame 2.0 album.

Christian Breslauer directed "Distraction" video

A new video for the single "Distraction" from Polo G has been released. Produced by Southside, the track laments the trials of life and attempts to forge a new path. The accompanying music video was directed by Christian Breslauer, who has previously directed music videos for Lil Nas X and Drake. The new song follows the success of Polo's breakout single "RAPSTAR."

In the video, the rapper's aliases, Kvitaa and Omer Fedi, and his bandmates take on production roles. Their names are spelled differently: 'Bekaar Ch' means 'Bekaar' in the kvi language, 'Vidur adhikaarii' in Hungarian, and 'Shake It Off' is the hygge for 'Distraction.' In the song, Polo mentions that he aims to use this video to educate the public about drug use.

Polo G's arrest for resisting arrest

The rap sensation has been in the news recently following his arrest for resisting an officer in Miami. He was arrested early Saturday morning after a fight with local police. He was charged with battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and criminal mischief. Fortunately, he was released after posting $19,500 bail. It's unclear whether the charges will hold up in court. However, there are several possible explanations.

Police in Miami are reviewing body-camera footage and are examining the situation in order to determine if the rapper made any threats to officers or the facility. According to reports, Polo G's mother has bonded out her son after being arrested, but it's unclear if the rapper has an attorney. The rapper's mother, however, has taken to social media to comment on the incident. In the meantime, she says her son is in good spirits.

While it's still unclear what happened during the incident, a court has heard that Polo G completed a Pre-Trial Intervention program and six-hour anger management course. The rapper did not plead guilty and will not face probation. His lawyer thanked the Miami-Dade County State Attorney for the outcome. The rapper's arrest for resisting arrest comes just months after he revealed that he almost overdosed just before filming his 2019 music video, "Heartless."

The rapper was accompanied by his 16-year-old brother and several security guards as he drove to an afterparty following the album's release. The rapper's mother posted video footage from the scene that appears to show multiple police cars and dozens of officers. Despite the arrest, his mother is still tweeting about the incident. She is also asking the Miami-Dade police department to release her son from jail.

The arrest of Polo G, who was allegedly driving a black car in Miami, has sparked racial profiling accusations. Stacia Mac, the singer's manager, took to social media to air her grievances. She pointed out that she was riding in a separate car and was not involved in the incident. The alleged racism accusation has led to several social media posts, citing racial bias by the Miami PD.

According to police reports, Polo G was arrested on June 12 after an altercation. He was charged with battery on a police officer, resisting arrest with violence, and criminal mischief. Ultimately, he was released after posting bond of $19,500. Although this arrest was extremely rare for an artist of his caliber, it should serve as a warning for his fans. If Polo G is found guilty of all three charges, he could face prison time for as long as his criminal record is clear.

Polo G's drug use

If you are one of the many fans of Polo G's music, you probably want to know what exactly happened on Friday night. He was celebrating the release of his new Hall of Fame album when the police stopped him. Instead of lowering his windows, Polo G allegedly resisted the police officers and began throwing punches, hitting an officer with an elbow. Several arrest reports were published in Miami's news section, but the Miami Police Department has not confirmed whether the rapper was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

It is not known if Polo G is currently under treatment for his drug addiction, but the star recently revealed he was admitted to the hospital after suffering a near-death experience. The star, who was celebrating his 21st birthday in Dubai with his lucky girlfriend, wrote on Instagram that he had been addicted to Xanax for three years. He said he thought he needed to get high to feel alive, but then realized that he was not healthy.

While police searched Polo's car, they found two guns hidden in a black bag. They booked him into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami, and he was later released on $19,500 bond. The rapper is not expected to return to court for years, but the arrest did give him a sense of accomplishment. His fans are also proud of him for taking action and changing his life. This is good news for Polo and the rest of the music industry.

It's a shame that so many young rap artists don't have the self-awareness to delve into drug use. However, Polo G's songwriting skills and charisma make it possible for him to create such a powerful and memorable album. Although it has been a long time since Polo's arrest, there are signs he is doing better than ever. You can't say the same about many young rap artists, but it's worth checking out their albums.

In April 2021, he scored his first Billboard Hot 100 hit with "Rapstar." His sophomore album, THE GOAT, reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. Born in January 1999, Polo G grew up listening to Tupac and Lil Wayne. His first attempts at rapping were merely hobby-oriented, but he became a true talent at the age of sixteen.

While Polo G's drug use is not a major concern, the stigma surrounding him is still present in the media. Despite his drug use, his debut album is still among the most popular albums in the country. His first two albums peaked at the top ten of the Billboard 200, and his sophomore album debuted at No. 2. Polo G's drug use may also have affected his music career. This controversy is unsettling, but the truth will prevail in the end.

The Hottest Rap Songs This Week by the Chicago Rapper Polo G

Polo G rapper

If you want to know more about the music of the Chicago rapper, then you might be curious about his songs 'Finer Things,' 'Pop Out,' and 'Go Stupid.' Each one of these songs is an excellent representation of his unique style and personality. Let's take a closer look at each track and what makes it so great! Also, don't miss his latest music video 'Cowboys Love Polo G', which has already reached the top spot on the iTunes music charts.

'Finer Things'

Born in 1999, the Chicago rapper Polo G started his career as a drill artist. His frenetic style of rapping earned him a stint in jail. Once released, he shifted his style to a more melodic sound. His breakout track 'Finer Things', written while in jail, has since gained millions of views on YouTube. The rapper signed with Columbia Records and subsequently released more singles.

Following the success of his first two albums, Polo G now has a new album titled Hall of Fame. The album features a number of top artists, including Young Thug and DaBaby. The song "Finer Things" was released in February 2021. It debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached number 28 on the Billboard 200. It has since gone on to become the artist's best selling song to date.

'Pop Out'

'Pop Out' by Polo G is a new song by American rapper Polo G featuring Lil Tjay. The track debuted at No. 95 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is currently at No. 89. The duo first started bubbling last year. They used social media to their advantage and released new songs when their previous ones stopped making waves. They have signed with Columbia Records and released more music.

The song is currently a platinum-certified single and has reached the Billboard Hot 100. Earlier this year, Polo G had released a collaboration with Lil Tjay called 'First Place,' which celebrates winning while looking back on the past. "Pop Out" has already gained a following of fans and is sure to hit the top of the chart when released in April 2019.

'Pop Out' is the latest track from the rapper, who has declared 2019 his year of takeovers. This track features Polo with his label mate, Lil Tjay. The two rappers teamed up for the video and it has become a viral hit. While some fans may be skeptical, others believe that this is a breakthrough single for Polo G. It's hard to tell who is right and who is lying, but there are plenty of similarities between 'Pop Out' and other successful songs.

'Go Stupid'

This week, rap artist Polo G has released a new single called "Go Stupid". It features NLE Choppa, Stunna 4 Vegas, and Capalot. During the song, Capalot delivers fast bars while 4x takes over the energy. NLE Choppa closes out the track. The track clocks in at just under three minutes. It was released under Polo G's own label, which operates through Columbia Records. The production was handled by Mike Will Made-It and Tay Keith.

The video for "Go Stupid" highlights each rapper's bars, with a contrasting and asymmetrical set up. In the first half of the video, Polo G barges into a classroom filled with students and hypes them up while rapping. In the second half of the video, he teams up with Stunna 4 Vegas, and the two rap in a food fight. The video ends with a verse from NLE Choppa.

Lil Capalot's highest-charting song

"Bootylicious" is one of the hottest songs on the chart today. The track is produced by Lil Capalot and features BJ The Chicago Kid, Lil Tjay, Future, and more. It was released on December 19 and is predicted to peak at number three next week. Polo G's new album Hall of Fame is a great listen, featuring an All-Star lineup of guest artists.

The young rapper's success has paved the way for his own record label, which has signed a few artists to its roster. He also debuted his first number one song, "Rapstar," on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. During the summer of 2019, Polo was hospitalized after overdosing on drugs. He has since stopped using ecstasy and Xanax. He has served time in the Cook County jail for drug-related offenses.


When it comes to chart success, it's easy to see why Rapstar Polo G is a favorite in hip-hop. The Bay Area rapper has been on the rise, thanks in part to the efforts of producer Synco. The Bay Area hip-hop artist teamed up with the ShittyBoyz, BabyTron and Blueface to create "Rapstar." The single got a smooth rollout, with a teaser video and elaborate music video. But when it was released, it sparked controversy because Polo's management fought him for the release of a new album.

In 'Poolo', the rapper talks about his relationships and feelings, while discussing fame and money. However, his personal life is not perfect - he admits that he is constantly surrounded by a hundred people, both in public and private. In order to avoid insecurities and anxiety, Polo takes drugs to feel better. Although he has an impressive list of fans, the rapper has admitted to being burned out from the limelight.

Jail time

Rapper Polo G was arrested in Downtown L.A. on Monday and is currently out on bond. Police allegedly found a concealed firearm on him and arrested him for carrying it. The rapper and a male juvenile were both detained. Police are still investigating the incident. The rapper will be back in court on Jan. 6, 2022. In the meantime, he's likely to serve jail time. However, it's not clear how long he'll be behind bars.

The charges against the rapper include battery on a police officer, resisting arrest with violence and criminal mischief. The rapper posted bond an hour later. He is expected to remain in jail for at least another three months. Ultimately, the rapper will serve his jail time in prison. While his release time is uncertain, his case is unlikely to get much worse for the rapper's reputation. If he does, expect to spend time behind bars.


The release of his new album Hall of Fame, his third studio album, came much anticipated. This album features guest appearances from several artists, including Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and DaBaby. In addition to these artists, Polo G is also featured on Lil Tjay's latest album, "Hall of Fame II."

The songs on Polo G's albums are diverse, ranging from hip-hop to R&B. The first single, "21," was released in June 2019 and reached number eleven on the Billboard Hot 100. The next single, "Inspiration," was released a month after the album. Die A Legend, his second studio album, peaked at number two on the Billboard charts. This album was a critical and commercial success.

Hall of Fame features the Michael Jackson-flipping single "Bad Man (Smooth Criminal). The album also features new songs with Lil Baby, NLE Choppa, and Young Thug. This album is still a worthy purchase for fans. Polo G's albums continue to evolve and expand. For the most part, this artist's music satirizes urban life. With every new release, he proves to be a master of the genre.


The son of rapper Polo G is a popular Chicago rapper and record label owner. His tracks include "Fine Things," "Gang With Me," and his latest single, 'Welcome Back.' He also has a clothing line called Polo.G Capalot. He is from the north side of Chicago and has two children, Tremani and Leia Monroe. His mother is Stacia Mac, a famous Instagram influencer.

He has become one of Chicago's rising stars. His impeccable delivery is apparent in his rowdy drill records and heartfelt personal tracks. Polo G's stage name combines his two loves - music and fashion. His latest single, "Fine Things," showcases his ripe introspection and harmony. Since he signed with Columbia Records last fall, the son of Polo G has risen to fame. He has a huge following on Instagram.

After releasing his debut album Rapstar, Polo was already a superstar by any standard. While he shared the stage with some of rap's biggest stars on the album, he was still able to establish himself as a solo artist. "Hall of Fame" is a statement of confidence for the rapper, who views his previous albums as a trilogy. Although he was in jail during the recording of his third album, Polo's previous albums had a mission, and he still sees the new album as the end of that journey.

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