Nick Jonas X2 CD Review

Nick Jonas X2 CD Review


nick jonas x2 cd

Nick Jonas, after some time away from his bandmates, is back in the spotlight with his debut solo album. This time around, the singer attempts to merge R&B classics with more mature sounds for an eclectic sound.

On this album, he attempts to bridge the gap between pop and R&B with his seductive voice. The songwriting is excellent, as is the production quality.


Nick Jonas is back with his second solo effort, and though his first outing may have been a failure, the artist isn't giving up yet. This collection includes classic R&B and funk elements as well as some unexpected nods to his rock and roll past.

The album's lead single, "Spaceman," showcases some of the most techy sounds amidst its expansive acoustics. But it's Jonas' latest and greatest which truly steals the show. He teams up with veteran producer Greg Kurstin - who has produced tracks for numerous pop icons like Maggie Rogers and Maren Morris.

This song is an atmospheric synth-pop confection swelled with reverb and enhanced with Phil Collins-style drum fills, elevated by liberal falsetto. Despite its impressive technical prowess, its lyrics remain relatively low key (if not understated).

For a more earthy atmosphere, fans of the album's second track "Bom Bidi Bom" should check it out. This song offers plenty of ear candy in the form of an energetic horn section and captivating piano work - perfect for dancing your way through a club with your besties!

The album's deluxe edition also boasts some impressive engineering feats in the form of a pulsing beat and funky instrumental tribute to Justin Timberlake. The song is an absolute winner, earning itself one of the ten standouts on the album. This track is definitely its biggest draw - one you'll want to keep playing over and over.


Nick Jonas, the former Jonas Brothers singer, has given fans an unforgettable gift with the re-release of his self-titled debut album. Stream it now on Spotify to experience what it's like to listen to Nick's popular songs remixed for this special occasion.

The singer/songwriter has been making music since his days as one-third of The Jonas Brothers, but he's also released several solo albums over the past decade. His 2010 release Who I Am was a success, featuring members of Prince's New Power Generation and selling 151,000 copies worldwide.

He returned to the spotlight in 2014 with his self-titled record that debuted at number 6 on US Billboard 200. The album received critical acclaim and generated two hit singles: "Jealous" and "Chains," both of which reached top spots on dance charts.

Jonas' career has largely revolved around pop-soul, but he has also explored musical theater and film. He's featured in erotic thrillers such as Careful What You Wish For and fraternity hazing drama Goat; more recently, he joined Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle onscreen.

Jonas' vocals are soft and melodic, regardless of his style. Additionally, he has an eye for catchy hooks and insightful lyricism.

Jonas' pop hits are plentiful on this album, but it also contains some more mature and unexpected moments. It reflects his time in music and includes some of his biggest hits; it's easy to understand why this collection became such a success; if you're an admirer of Jonas then you're sure to love this album too!

Spaceman is divided into distinct sections, each with its own theme; the initial three tracks deal with social isolation and how to cope. Subsequent chapters address indulgence and euphoria; finally, commitment serves as the antidote for that pain.

On Spaceman, Jonas calls upon Greg Kurstin to co-produce his pop-soul material. The producer, who has collaborated with artists such as Maggie Rogers and Maren Morris, is renowned for crafting airy synth-pop with an eye towards the future and a heart of vintage Prince and Stevie Wonder.


Since their return in the spring of 2019, The Jonas Brothers have been on a steady tour and reunion run. Nick Jonas also keeps busy with his solo projects; releasing two albums since 2014 (Nick Jonas) and 2016's Last Year Was Complicated), both charting in the Billboard Top Ten. Furthermore, he's featured in films such as erotic thriller Careful What You Wish For and fraternity hazing drama Goat; additionally his songs have been featured on multiple soundtracks.

Jonas' solo career has seen him collaborate with a variety of producers, many renowned for their work with major pop stars. Jason Evigan and Nolan Lambroza, two members of his production team, were responsible for many of the best tracks on his last album.

Jonas is known for his futuristic music, and the title track of Spaceman follows suit. It emotes an otherworldly atmosphere a la Bowie, echoing the space travel themes seen on the cover image.

Spaceman does indeed contain some unnecessary elements, but they only serve to add to the general lackluster feel of the record. Beats and electronic instrumentals are generic, while songwriting remains mostly formulaic. The exceptions are "Find You" and "Close," both featuring collaborations with German DJ Robin Schulz; however, these songs offer little new ground in terms of creativity or innovation.

Jonas' Spaceman album is an impressive addition to his discography. His velvety vocals fit perfectly with the modern day electro-soul sound of dance music, and the songs on this album effectively showcase his tender side with a bit of edge.

It's worth noting that Jonas has been experimenting with different vocal styles over the last few years, which is evident in his most recent release. His softer, more sophisticated voice fits his sexy style better than his usual whiny one, which is an encouraging development for him.

Nick Jonas X2 may not be his most accomplished production, but it still delivers a solid album. While there are plenty of nods to Prince and Stevie Wonder that he admires, they are mostly overshadowed by trap beats and hard-pumping synths. Overall, it's an enjoyable return from the Jonas Brother but won't be his biggest hit yet.


After a year of being back in the public eye after divorcing and leading his brother's comeback, Nick Jonas is back with another solo album, this time blending R&B and mainstream pop elements.

Although this album falls into the pop music genre lyrically and sonically, it still manages to deliver an impressive effort. There are tracks you'll recognize instantly and some you wouldn't have predicted. All in all, this was an excellent effort from Nick Jonas fans everywhere and one that will surely please them.

Nick Jonas' songs on this album are great fun and the beats and lyrics make them easy to get pumped along to. That's likely why Nick Jonas X2 was such a huge success for both him and his fans alike.

When making an album, quality will always be the ultimate judge of whether you love it or not. That is why listening to an album before passing judgment is so essential.

If you have the patience to listen through all of Nick Jonas' tracks, this is a must-have. It will be an experience unlike any other.

Spaceman is a concept album about the emotions stirred up by relationships. The title track especially transports you into an otherworldly realm of ethereality. Unfortunately, there are moments on the album when its concept doesn't quite make sense and it can be difficult to connect with the emotions being conveyed.

Jason Evigan and Nolan Lambroza produced the album, both of whom are well-known to Jonas fans as they collaborated on his last solo project. These two producers have worked with major pop stars such as Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Justin Bieber in the past.

They do a remarkable job mixing the music, especially compared to many other pop albums. There are some excellent tracks on this album such as "Close," which will surely get you up and dancing.

nick jonas john varvatos

John Varvatos and Nick Jonas Release a Fragrance

Nick Jonas, the celebrated singer-actor, and John Varvatos, the men's designer, have collaborated to launch a fragrance. It is inspired by their shared love of music and fashion.

JV x NJ Silver Edition is packed with an exhilarating freshness that permeates throughout the fragrance. It combines an electric citrus accord and a cool mineral note.

john varvatos

John Varvatos, born in Detroit, Michigan, began his career in men's fashion at Calvin Klein before launching his own label in 1999. For over twenty years he has been a fashion designer and has collaborated with numerous other brands.

He has a deep-seated passion for music and his designs are known for their rock 'n' roll influences. He's designed clothing and accessories for many musicians such as Ringo Starr and Iggy Pop, is friends with Alice Cooper, and has an ongoing partnership with Republic Records.

As a designer, John Varvatos has earned multiple awards for his creations and his style is beloved by both male and female clients. His clothing line, John Varvatos, is renowned for its stylish yet comfortable garments.

His collection of leather jackets and coats have become essential wardrobe items for men and women alike. His designs are sophisticated yet have a rugged edge, making them essential pieces for those who want to look their best while pursuing their hobbies.

The brand has evolved into a lifestyle line, offering belts, handbags, footwear, eyewear, watches and fragrances. You can find their items at freestanding boutiques throughout New York City as well as select retail outlets worldwide.

John Varvatos has not only launched a successful men's clothing line but also established John Varvatos Records record label. He has collaborated with various artists on multiple albums and produced hit songs.

He has collaborated with multiple fashion designers on numerous projects. Additionally, he created several other collections such as shoes and fragrances.

John Varvatos is an incredibly talented designer who has been in the business since the 1980s. His designs for men's apparel have won him many awards and recognition, testament to his talent.

In addition to his fashion design work, John Varvatos has also created a fragrance line for men. His first perfume, John Varvatos, was released in 2004 and since then the line has been expanded with additional scents suitable for both men and women alike.

His latest venture is OTD, a multi-gender clothing label that offers an eclectic selection of women's, men's and unisex apparel as well as footwear, jewelry and accessories. The label celebrates the modern experience of style and the intertwining between pop culture and fashion.

The line is dedicated to creating collaborations with contemporary artists and musicians, resulting in a collection that constantly shifts and develops.

He is an acclaimed designer who has been working in the fashion industry for two decades, earning multiple awards for his designs. Additionally, he gained notoriety through his appearances on NBC's Fashion Star show.

nick jonas

Nick Jonas has had an illustrious career in music. Aside from his solo albums, Jonas has also acted in several films and television shows. Additionally, he collaborated with designer John Varvatos on both a clothing line and fragrance.

Nick Jonas, an American singer-songwriter and actor, is best known for his hits such as "Close," "Jealous," "Chains" and "Right Now." His debut album 'Nick Jonas' released in November 2014 and featured the top 10 singles "Chains" and "Jealous," earning him a Grammy nomination. In 2018, he returned with a new album and tour.

Jonas is renowned for his daring style and ability to elicit strong emotions from viewers. Additionally, he supports the Change for the Children Foundation - a charity which works to increase awareness about and funds for childhood diseases.

His family has also had a profound effect on him. His dad, Kevin Jonas, is an acclaimed musician and producer; while his mother Joanne Jonas is an accomplished actress.

Jonas has always had a passion for music; he began writing songs at an early age and soon after embarked on his musical career on Broadway. Eventually he signed with Columbia Records, joining his brothers to form The Jonas Brothers band.

He was diagnosed with diabetes as a child, inspiring him to found the Change for Children Foundation along with his brothers.

He enjoys playing guitar and singing in his free time, as well as exploring tequila - so much so that he has started his own brand with designer John Varvatos called Villa One Tequila Gardens.

Tequilas are made with blue weber agave and have a smooth and sweet taste. They come in silver, reposado and anejo varieties for your enjoyment.

Two years ago, Jonas and Varvatos met after sharing half a bottle of tequila. Inspired by their shared appreciation of fashion and music, the duo has since collaborated on several projects such as a clothing capsule collection and three fragrances.

Jonas and Varvatos always find time for each other despite their hectic schedules. Additionally, they frequently host parties and events where they share their insights and adventures.

On a recent trip to Mexico, Jonas and Varvatos explored the mountains of Jalisco before launching their tequila brand Villa One with Stoli Group in 2019.

Through this partnership, Varvatos is now an official contributor for the tequila brand. He states that Jonas' admiration of the product is a direct representation of their shared beliefs and values.

The duo also created a limited-edition fragrance for men, called JV x NJ. It is an invigorating, effervescent aroma that reminds them of those moments when they can relax and let go.

This perfume has a refreshing blend of ginger, sage and juniper berries that makes it suitable for casual wear as well as everyday usage.

jv x nj

John Varvatos and Nick Jonas, two acclaimed musicians and actors, have joined forces for their first fragrance collaboration. JV x NJ is an exciting, irresistible scent that captures the vibrant energy of a city as dusk sets and nightlife comes alive. Drawing inspiration from John Varvatos' collections, it exudes courage with confidence while maintaining a contemporary edge.

The fragrance begins with a refreshing watery note that flows throughout the blend from top to bottom. At its heart, aromatic notes combine for masculine comfort and nostalgia; rich and diffusive sandalwood notes bring contrast, anchoring the fragrance with transparent warmth and addiction for an edge that is luminous, according to a press release.

This aroma is an Aromatic Fougere with notes of Cascalone, Mandarin Orange, Lime and Pink Pepper. Additionally it's infused with Lavender, Mint and Rosemary for added fragrance.

John Varvatos' JV x NJ scent comes housed in a classic flask bottle painted with pearlized midnight-blue lacquer, inspired by classic luxury cars and representing one of his passions.

John Varvatos and Nordstrom are now carrying the luxurious JV x NJ fragrance, which will be available nationwide starting Fall 2018.

Jonas and Varvatos' latest collaboration, jv x nj, continues to express their worldview by creating an array of versatile scents that can be worn for various occasions such as black-tie events, shows, nights out with friends or anything in between.

This woody fougere has a seductive, sophisticated scent with an urban edge. The blend of aquatic and citrus notes combined with irresistible wood tones will surely appeal to men of all ages.

It comes in 75 ml Eau de Toilette and 125 ml Eau de Parfum bottles, making it suitable for everyday wear. Crafted in the United States with no animal testing involved, this scent is cruelty-free.

This scent is an exciting new addition to the popular JV x NJ fragrance series that was released in August. It consists of fresh citrus and mineral accords, patchouli, and orris notes.

This scent is crafted in the United States and comes in either 75 ml or 125 ml Eau de Toilette sizes, designed for everyday use and available at select retail outlets.

John Varvatos has designed for many rock n roll bands, such as Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop. Additionally, he has collaborated with other musicians and actors in his ad campaigns.

He has earned several accolades for his work, such as the Perry Ellis Award for Menswear from the Council of Fashion Designers of America and GQ's Designer of the Year Award. Additionally, he received Footwear News' ICON Award for Social Impact.

nick jonas perfume

Nick Jonas Perfume With Men's Lifestyle Icon John Varvatos

John Varvatos, the multi-hyphenate musician, actor and founder of Villa One Tequila is having an incredible year. In addition to reuniting with the Jonas Brothers, he launched Villa One tequila and released his first fragrance in collaboration with men's lifestyle icon John Varvatos.

JV x NJ presents JV, an aromatic fougere fragrance for men. Top notes of mandarin, pink pepper and kaffir lime leaf provide fresh citrus notes while heart notes of mint, clary sage, rosemary, lavender and hedione provide herbal undertones.

The Scent

Scent is one of the most powerful senses, and cologne can help you remember a special moment in your life. Studies have even demonstrated that scent has an incredible impact on memory.

Cologne and perfumes can also be a great way to boost confidence. That is why pop star Nick Jonas has joined forces with men's style brand John Varvatos to launch JV x NJ, an exclusive fragrance.

Early this year, singer-designer duo JV x NJ joined forces for a clothing line. Now they've taken their bromance into the beauty realm with JV x NJ perfume for men that captures "the upbeat energy of the city as dusk settles and nightlife comes alive," as described in a press release.

Jonas and Varvatos achieved the ideal balance of masculine comfort and timeless aromas with their scent, "Jonas & Varvatos: Versatile Scent." Using mandarin, kaffir lime leaves, pink pepper spices and other aromatic notes they created a fresh, clean fragrance that can be worn at any occasion or environment.

To celebrate their new fragrance launch, JV x NJ created a commercial that features Nick in various settings. From dancing at a restaurant to spending time on the beach or hanging out with friends, Nick spritzes several pumps of JV x NJ and moves his hands around to demonstrate its effects.

He states his objective with the fragrance was to create something he could wear to any type of event - something that had been an aim in his life and played a significant role when crafting this new cologne.

When asked what scent he wants to smell like, Jonas said he wants something fresh and clean. He and Varvatos worked hard to create a fragrance that would give him confidence and be prepared for any type of event.

This fragrance can be purchased online through various retailers and stores in 75 ml or 125 ml Eau de Toilette volumes bottled in a classic John Varvatos flask bottle decorated with midnight blue lacquer. Infused with cool and refreshing top notes like mandarin and kaffir lime leaves along with spicy pink pepper, lavender, sage, rosemary and sandalwood fragrance oil, you won't be disappointed!

The Packaging

Celebrities often create signature scents after reaching certain levels of success. Nick Jonas has taken this tradition to new heights by teaming up with men's lifestyle brand John Varvatos for his debut fragrance.

JV x NJ, an aromatic fougere for men of the hour, features a refreshing top note of bergamot and sweet mandarin combined with pink pepper and kaffir lime leaves. At its core are herbal tones like mint, clary sage and rosemary for lasting enjoyment.

According to Varvatos, the new fragrance is a celebration of the vibrant energy of New York's nightlife. Its fresh, watery aroma captures all the energy from the streets and bustle of people.

This fragrance offers a seductive edge with notes of Cuban rum and carbonated coffee. The bottle is finished in pearly midnight-blue lacquer, similar to the finish on classic luxury cars.

On the eve of their fragrance release, Varvatos and Jonas held a launch party in New York City to give attendees an exclusive opportunity to sample the scent and hear Jonas' thoughts on it.

According to Varvatos' press release, the scent captures "the vibrant energy of New York as dusk sets and nightlife comes alive." A sophisticated blend of aquatic and citrus notes, it captures the coolness of New York's skyline with an added luxurious twist.

To promote their new fragrance, Varvatos and Jonas have launched a social media campaign that will launch this month. Their strategy involves tapping into Jonas' massive Instagram and Twitter following as well as reaching out to Varvatos' fan base. The cologne is currently available at Nordstrom, Macy's, and other retailers nationwide.

The Shelf Life

Nick Jonas is one of the world's most accomplished artists, juggling his career as both musician and actor with being married to Priyanka Chopra. Aside from reuniting with his brothers and launching a new tour, 27-year-old has also been busy developing fragrance with designer John Varvatos.

Last year, JV and NJ released the iconic JV x NJ fragrance to great success. Now they're back with another collaboration that captures Nick's upbeat outlook on life.

John Varvatos and musician/actor Nick Jonas joined forces to create JV x NJ, an irresistible fragrance that captures the vibrant energy of New York City as dusk sets and nightlife comes alive. According to Jonas, it should make men feel confident, comfortable and ready to take on anything life throws at them.

JV x NJ's debut collection, available this month at Nordstrom stores and nationwide in fall 2018, features a pearly midnight blue lacquer bottle inspired by classic luxury cars' finishes. Additionally, its gunmetal dogtag and hex-nut cap engraved with John Varvatos and Nick Jonas names pay homage to their rock n' roll aesthetic.

Jonas revealed to The Cut that he and Varvatos took their time choosing the perfect scent. He was willing to offer advice to the designer, wanting to ensure he got the desired effect from each perfume.

This fragrance features mandarin, kaffir lime leaves, pink pepper, sage, rosemary and lavender along with woody oriental and leather notes that make it suitable for wearing on any special occasion.

No matter if you want to relive a favorite moment or explore something new, there are plenty of perfumes out there that you can wear daily and feel confident about. Everyone's preference differs so it's best to experiment with several different scents before making a final decision.

Start with a smaller, less expensive bottle and work your way up to more costly fragrances. This way, you can test out different brands without breaking the bank.

The Timelessness

Nick Jonas and designer John Varvatos have long been associated with fragrance, so it's no wonder why their first collaboration proved so successful last year. Now the duo is back at it again with a new men's fragrance as well as other stylish products to go along with it.

JV x NJ's perfume exudes high-end sophistication, featuring top notes of mandarin and kaffir lime leaves as well as pink pepper and other tantalizing ingredients. Best of all? It comes in an eye-catching pearly midnight-blue bottle reminiscent of the finish on classic luxury cars.

If you're searching for a high-end fragrance that will last, JV x NJ is an absolute must have. Its bold scent makes it ideal for fashionistas and makes an excellent gift idea for men in your life; plus, at $429.99 you won't find a better value anywhere else! Nordstrom currently has this fragrance at their lowest price ever of $429.99 but don't forget to explore all of their other offerings including fragrances and skincare items sure to please everyone on your list!

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