Nick Jonas Vinyl Subscription Service

Nick Jonas Vinyl Subscription Service


nick jonas vinyl

Nick Jonas Vinyl Subscription Service

Nick Jonas, the elder of the 'Jonas Brothers,' has launched a vinyl subscription service. He's assembled his entire discography in four batches to be sent out to fans.

He's joining Demi Lovato to launch the artist-centric label Safehouse. So hopefully we'll be hearing more music from them in the future!

Subscription service

Fans of Nick, Joe and Kevin have finally received their wishlist: the Jonas Brothers are releasing all their back catalog on vinyl for $399! For that price point, subscribers will get eight albums (including some live cuts), 10 singles, a JoBros-branded turntable slipmat and poster. It will all be sent in four shipments starting August 1.

Your vinyl collection will stay protected in a stylish box that keeps it free from dust and other potential contaminants. The subscription service is managed by an experienced team of vinyl enthusiasts who will handle all logistics to make sure you receive your new music on schedule and within budget.

Furthermore, they've included an app that will send you a notification when your shipments arrive in the mail. So don't delay - join now and get your hands on some Jonas vinyls before the next delivery arrives in your mailbox!

The service isn't free, but it is the cheapest way to own all of Jonas Brothers' records on your turntable. For an even greater bargain, consider investing in their Limited Edition Deluxe Club which costs $599 and includes unique vinyl color variants as well as five exclusive records.

As far as we know, the Jonas Brothers will not be releasing any new music in 2019, and their vinyl subscription service is only available to US residents. But for true Jonas Brothers fans with some extra cash to spare, this is an ideal way to add some class and save money while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

No one knows when your other shipments will begin arriving in your mailbox, but you can sign up for this amazing service today by clicking the link provided.


Nick Jonas has a history of producing albums that are either subpar or just below par. His last three solo efforts have followed suit, featuring numerous songs that lack the technical proficiency to stand out.

Jonas had some interesting melodies in his early solo days, yet it proved challenging for him to turn them into meaningful anthems. Although he had plenty of talented writers around him, finding songs that truly stood out proved challenging.

With Spaceman, Jonas has finally reached that level. Thanks to producer Greg Kurstin, they've created a sound that is both timeless and forward-thinking.

The album includes the title track as well as ten brand-new tracks. All were written during Jonas' period of solitude, when he missed his wife and wanted to spend time with her while she was away.

Jonas sings throughout the album about his emotions and how they impact him. This encompasses topics like love, alcohol, money and sex - making for a highly lyrical record that can be uncomfortable at times.

"Deeper Love" is one of the standout tracks on Jonas' album. While Foreigner's original version has long been a staple on pop radio, Jonas has expertly tailored the song to his own sound with this cover version.

For fans of '80s pop music, there is plenty to enjoy here. The sounds pay homage to that genre while there are several classic tracks on the record as well.

However, some of the songs on this album are overly repetitive and heavily rely on humming, which may prove irritating for listeners seeking something unique.

Jonas often sings about his current relationship in many tracks. While this could be beneficial if the lyrics were more captivating, some of his sex-based innuendo on this album is a little over the top compared to his older, more sophisticated Jonas Brothers albums.


Nick Jonas is an American singer-songwriter and actor best known as part of pop band the Jonas Brothers. In 2012 he ventured out on his own with Island Records label to pursue a solo career.

Jonas is also a prolific songwriter, having written songs for numerous other artists. In 2016, his compositions earned him the Hal David Starlight Award.

Nicholas Jonas, originally known as Nicholas Jonas, began acting on Broadway at seven and recorded his debut single "Dear God" with INO Records in 2004. This led to a deal with Columbia Records who signed him and his two brothers as The Jonas Brothers.

In 2006, the group released their debut album It's About Time. Subsequently, they parted ways with Columbia Records and signed with Hollywood Records; two years later, Jonas Brothers followed, becoming an instant commercial success with its second release.

After their band disbanded in 2013, each member pursued a solo career. Kevin chose to focus on his musical endeavors, while Joe and Nick each released solo records.

In 2014, Nick Jonas released his second studio album Nick Jonas through Island Records. This collection featured the top ten hit "Jealous," as well as lead single "Chains."

His third solo effort, Last Year Was Complicated, was released in 2016, featuring the top ten hit "Close." The album sold an impressive 66,000 equivalent album units during its initial week of sales and entered Billboard 200 chart at number two.

Jonas has dedicated his time to supporting various causes and events, in addition to his music career. He donated jeans to Aeropostale's "Teens for Jeans" campaign and filmed a public service announcement (PSA) in support of Do Something, an organization that offers music education programs for youth.

He also starred in the 2015 film Careful What You Wish For and served as guest mentor on Christina Aguilera's eighth season of The Voice. Additionally, he performed in Les Miserables on Broadway twice, in 2015 and 2018.

In June 2019, Jonas launched the Jonas Vinyl Club, a subscription service offering first pressings of JB albums on vinyl as well as some vinyl singles featuring fan favorites and previously unreleased music. This page will showcase all songs available through this service.


For the first time ever, much of Jonas Brothers' catalog is available on vinyl for just $399! Not only will you get eight albums (including their latest), but you also get Joe and Nick's solo work as well as that elusive V. And the best part? They're sending it all your way in four shipments starting August!

Longtime Jonas fans may find the price tag a bit steep, but if you have the funds and patience to wait, it's well worth the effort. These boys have been around for quite some time and always push boundaries when it comes to music - whether in bands or solo. Furthermore, they have several community initiatives that support things like homeless awareness and teenage suicide prevention efforts.

Jonas Brothers are well known for their record collection, not just their glamorous Vegas residency or reformed names. That's why they recently unveiled a subscription service that allows fans to relive the magic of their boyband at reduced costs - after all, if they must charge you something, why not for all those exclusive perks? After all, these guys are one of music's biggest acts and deserve recognition - so why wait? Visit their website now and see for yourself how much money can be saved! You might be amazed how much money can be gained!

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Nick Jonas Cologne Review

Nick Jonas is a man of many talents, having achieved success as an actor, musician and fashion designer. He recently launched Villa One Tequila brand with John Varvatos for their joint men's fragrance: JV x NJ Silver Edition.

Launched in August 2018, this cologne brings together the best of music and fashion. At its launch party, attendees had a chance to smell this fragrance for themselves and hear directly from John and Nick about their collaboration.

Top Notes

John Varvatos and Nick Jonas' first collaborative scent, JV x NJ, captures the vibrant energy of a city as dusk settles and nightlife comes alive. Aromatic notes combine for masculine comfort with an air of nostalgia with notes of Mandarin, Lavender, and Sandalwood.

This intoxicating fragrance begins with mandarin and kaffir lime leaves at the top, followed by middle notes of sage, rosemary and lavender. Finally, sandalwood provides a lasting base note to create an intoxicating and long-lasting aroma.

Jonas' cologne was created with versatility in mind - suitable for day and night occasions. In an interview with People magazine, the musician revealed his goal for his fragrance was to be something you could wear anywhere from a black tie event to a party, concert or date, while also feeling comfortable wearing it alongside your girlfriend.

He says the cologne was created with an older audience in mind, similar to his grandfather's signature scent. Together with Varvatos, they sought a fragrance that could work across various environments and become part of their identity.

Nick Jonas' new cologne campaign features some daring behavior. In one scene, the singer grabs a bottle of his scent in an impressive product placement moment and liberally sprays several pumps all over himself.

If you're a fan of the seductive pop star, Nordstrom offers his JV x NJ cologne. This red edition has notes of Cuban rum, leather and vetiver to make you feel extra seductive.

This scent is available in 75ml and 125ml Eau de Toilette concentrations, released in 2018.

Are you searching for a fresh fragrance? Consider John Varvatos' JVxNJ collection. This men's fragrance comes in classic John Varvatos packaging with silver black fade and black accents.

Middle Notes

John Varvatos and Nick Jonas' JVxNJ fragrance is an irresistible combination of aromatic notes to capture the vibrant energy of a city as dusk settles and nightlife comes alive. At its core, there's masculine comfort with touches of Mandarin, Lavender, and Sandalwood for an enduring appeal.

John Varvatos created this cologne in the USA and released it in 2018. It features top notes like spicy pink pepper, mandarin and kaffir lime leaves that are joined by a heart of sage, rosemary and lavender.

In addition to its middle notes, this cologne also boasts a woody base that provides lasting freshness and depth. Packaged in an iconic John Varvatos perfume bottle decorated with pearly midnight-blue lacquer, the scent will delight all who smell it - lasting all day!

Scents have long been linked to confidence, memory retention and even improved sleep patterns - so it's no wonder celebrities like Nick Jonas are launching fragrances in collaboration with designers.

Last year, the "Cool" singer released a fragrance in collaboration with men's lifestyle brand John Varvatos. This cool-looking cologne is packed with sexy details like its custom pearlized midnight-blue lacquer and fancy-looking sconce.

For a sophisticated fragrance to wear at daytime events or work, this cologne should be at the top of your list. Fortunately, it's easy to shop for; you can find it at Sephora, Dillard's and Macy's.

Base Notes

Colognes often focus on the base notes, as these provide a lasting, intoxicating scent. These notes have more of an understated impact than top or middle ones, making them perfect for daytime events.

Nick Jonas' latest fragrance is a collaboration with designer John Varvatos and was released in 2018. JV x NJ is an aromatic fougere that features notes of bergamot, mandarin, pink pepper, cascalone, kaffir lime leaves and mint along with lavender, clary sage, rosemary and hedione.

These aromatic and herbal notes combine for a smooth sophistication, creating an irresistible fragrance. Fresh bergamot, sweet mandarin, pink pepper and kaffir lime leaves add zesty citrus and aquatic notes at the top. In the heart of the perfume you'll find mint, clary sage, rosemary, lavender and hedione for subtle green notes that bring back memories.

Nick jonas cologne can be applied to clean, dry skin and kept away from direct light sources. Additionally, avoid applying it directly onto your pulse points since this may cause irritation.

Nick jonas cologne's base notes can linger up to several hours after application, depending on your personal preferences and the time of year. To maximize their longevity and enjoy a comfortable aroma throughout the day, apply it at least once daily. This will guarantee maximum enjoyment from this pleasant fragrance.

Other Notes

Nick Jonas and John Varvatos recently unveiled their fashion capsule collection, JV X NJ. Packaged in a midnight blue flask, the refreshing scent features top notes of mandarin and kaffir lime leaves as well as some comforting base notes like lavender, clary sage, mint, and rosemary for an all-around soothing experience.

John Varvatos x Nick Jonas' JV X NJ fragrance is one of the most stunning bottles in their lineup, boasting a faceted crystal lid and sleek silver black fade. Available in an Eau de Toilette for $74-$112 and matching men's cologne for $94, this high-end price tag doesn't stop this from being one of the most coveted colognes on the market.

nick jonas tequila

Nick Jonas and Menswear Designer John Varvatos Launch Villa One Tequila

Nick Jonas has had an eventful year: He married Priyanka Chopra, reunited the Jonas Brothers, and launched a tequila brand with menswear designer John Varvatos.

This ultra-premium tequila brand was inspired by their trip to Mexico. It offers three expressions: Silver, Reposado and Anejo.

What is tequila?

Nick Jonas and John Varvatos, two creatives from the worlds of music and fashion, have come together to launch Villa One, an ultra-premium tequila brand made with 100 percent blue weber agave from Jalisco's highland and lowland regions. Available in silver, reposado, and anejo expressions, Villa One offers something special for every palate.

In 2019, they joined forces with Stoli Group - a leader in the tequila industry for decades - to launch Villa One. Working closely with master distiller Arturo Fuentes, also known as "the godfather of tequila," they created an ultra-premium tequila available in silver, reposado and rare gold anejo varieties.

Most tequilas are made from a single agave plant, but Villa One uses double tequila plants for its distinctive round flavor and aroma. Aged briefly in oak barrels, this tequila acquires a light straw hue as well as vanilla and chocolate flavors that give it its unique complexity.

Villa One stands out from other tequila brands due to their ultra-premium quality, which has earned them awards across the board. They source only 100 percent blue weber agave from both highland and lowland regions for a unique, rounded flavor that's ideal for sipping straight up or creating an elegant cocktail.

They collaborate closely with their family in Mexico to guarantee they use only the finest ingredients and have a deep appreciation for where their tequila comes from. That is why they source it from Fabrica de Tequilas Finos, a distillery in Jalisco run by Master Distiller Arturo Fuentes.

Tequila is also distilled with an oloroso sherry cask, giving it a deep red hue and sweeter, more complex taste. Filtered to remove any impurities, leaving behind only an exceptionally smooth taste.

Ultimately, the philosophy behind the brand is straightforward and genuine: to let life be enjoyed as it should be lived.

How is tequila made?

Tequila is an experience that must be seen to be truly appreciated. This process takes years to perfect, so people should witness it for themselves to truly comprehend its essence.

Tequila is made from an agave plant native to Mexico that looks similar to aloe vera in shape and size. This large succulent grows on long spiked leaves for added visual interest and flavor.

Agave plants can reach seven feet high and take up to 10 years to mature. Once harvested, the pina (heart) of the agave is taken from its plant and processed into tequila at a distillery.

At the distillery, tequila agave hearts are baked above ground in either a brick/clay oven or stainless steel one. As they cool, the hearts take on a dark brown hue and begin to shrink in size.

This step is crucial in the production process as it allows yeast to flourish in the tequila agave heart. During baking, this yeast converts starches and carbohydrates into fermentable sugars that can be utilized during distillation.

Depending on the type of tequila, different yeasts are used for fermentation. Some are better at converting starches and carbohydrates from the agave into fermentable sugars than others.

Tequila's production depends on the yeast's carbon:nitrogen ratio. The higher this number, the more alcohol will be produced from each batch of tequila.

Once fermented, tequila is then distilled two or three times to create the final product. The initial distillation, known as destrozamiento, creates a spirit with between 20-25% alcohol by volume (80-proof).

Tequila becomes legal to consume after its second distillation, known as rectification. Most tequila distilleries will then conduct a third time (octuario) to achieve an alcohol concentration of 55% by volume (80-proof).

Tequila is an iconic spirit in the world, and it deserves more respect than it often receives. Though its production requires extensive labor and complexity, Tequila brings people together to celebrate and appreciate its true essence: that of the agave plant.

Why is tequila so popular?

Tequila has seen an exponential growth in recent years, outpacing other high-end distilled spirits like vodka, gin and whiskey.

Tequila industry has seen a dramatic shift, moving away from mass production of low-end products towards ultra-premium versions. This shift was spurred on by brands such as Patron Tequila, which has created an appetite for more luxurious versions of this classic Mexican beverage.

Tequila has become increasingly popular due to its complexity and flavor profile, which sets it apart from other spirits like vodka or bourbon. This makes tequila an attractive option for those seeking an unusual drink they can enjoy at home without compromising the quality of their experience in a bar.

Tequila has become increasingly popular as an ingredient in cocktail mixes due to its compatibility with citrus juices, which often serve as the base for these cocktails.

Tequila can be used in Margaritas, Palomas and Old Fashioneds as well as mixed with ice, lime juice and other ingredients to create delectable cocktails.

However, it is essential to remember that tequila does not originate from one country but is made from different types of agave plants. As such, quality control over tequila cannot be guaranteed, which could result in subpar spirits.

Therefore, it is essential to remember not to drink tequila on an empty stomach and not consume too much at once. Doing so could cause nausea or even vomiting.

Many people opt to consume tequila only after dinner, as this gives them enough energy to enjoy their drink without feeling too full.

People going out for dinner or partying with friends will find it to be a great choice. Additionally, those going on vacation will benefit from this option since it helps them stay refreshed while enjoying their time away from home.

What is Villa One Tequila?

Singer and actor Nick Jonas has joined forces with fashion designer John Varvatos to launch Villa One Tequila, a brand that celebrates life as it should be lived. Together they joined forces with Stoli Group and master distiller Arturo Fuentes, known as "the Godfather of Tequila."

They wanted to create a tequila that captured their passions for music, fashion, family, creativity and culture. Additionally, they wanted their brand to bring friends together over one glass at a time and spread their enthusiasm for tequila around the world.

Villa One Tequila comes in Silver, Reposado and Anejo varieties and is produced at the Fabrica de Tequilas Finos distillery located in Jalisco, Mexico. It's made with 100% blue weber agave grown across both highland and lowland regions of Jalisco; harvested, trimmed and slowly cooked before distillation using traditional copper pot stills.

Tequila is then aged for several months in barrels or steel drums to produce the various varieties available. A typical silver tequila is aged for only a few months, while reposado and anejo can be aged up to two years.

The ageing process in barrels affects both the flavor and color of tequila. A silver tequila tends to be clear with a smooth finish, while anejo and reposado will have deeper colors and more complex flavor profiles.

Villa One stands out from other tequilas by using both highland and lowland agave to give its unique flavor profile. The herbaceous, earthy notes from lowland agave are balanced by sweeter fruit flavors from higher elevation agave.

Villa One Tequila not only offers an extensive selection of mezcals and other spirits, but they also serve a selection of food to go along with it.

Tequila may be the star of the show, but everything else about this experience is focused on Nick and John's mission of "life as it should be." They want people to take time out of their busy lives to create memories with friends and families here.

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