NBA Youngboy - Valuable Pain Lyrics

NBA Youngboy - Valuable Pain Lyrics


YoungBoy Never Broke Again is a Baton Rouge rapper who makes music without the support of major labels. His formula has proven successful, catapulting him onto the map as one of today's premier rap artists.

Rap songs by Young Blood often focus on pain and triumph, but YB also covers a wide range of other topics on his mixtapes. From gangbanging to his personal life, there's a YB song for everyone.

No Smoke

No Smoke is one of NBA Youngboy's standout songs. Featuring King Mane, who has had a major influence on his music, it is an uptempo number.

Fans of trap music will love this track. It's super braggadocious and full of flexing, something NBA Youngboy is renowned for.

NBA Youngboy shares his background story through music, something rare for him as he usually creates highly aggressive music. This song offers a rare insight into his upbringing.

The song contains many references to his life on the streets and is one of his https://richpeoplemall.com songs. It also contains unique lyrical content not found elsewhere by other rappers, making it a great pick for those speaking about dealing with pain in society and how one should just embrace it. Overall, this track speaks volumes about living life to its fullest in difficult circumstances.

Lonely Child

NBA YoungBoy, despite being labeled one of the most controversial rappers in the game, genuinely desires to be loved. This desire can be heard clearly in his song "Lonely Child," which spends much of its duration addressing misconceptions formed against him.

On his upcoming mixtape, Colors, the rapper promises to share more about himself and his life. Despite all of the negative media attention that's been directed at him, he remains a sensitive soul who loves his kids more than anything else in this world.

He is an incredibly gifted rapper, with accolades likely to include creativity, voice versatility and creative rhyme schemes. At 22 years old he truly is an artist deserving of all the recognition he's already received.

If you haven't heard any of these songs yet, prepare yourself for an incredible experience! You will be sure to be moved by the rapper's lyricism and story-telling skills.

Kacey Talk

NBA Youngboy is one of the greatest rappers of his generation, renowned for both his incredible talent and passionate fans. Despite having a troubled past, he has managed to become one of Roblox's most popular artists.

He released his debut album in 2015 and since has released numerous songs. Some of his most popular compositions include Kacey Talk, All In, and Smile Belief.

NBA Youngboy is a rapper who strives to be honest and open in his music, leading him to have an adoring fan base. His music can inspire people and lift them up, leaving people feeling uplifted and motivated.

His latest single, Valuable Pain, is an example of this. A piano-driven song that gets real about the struggles of being in a relationship, it also showcases his ability to balance bar and melodies effectively. The track will appear on Realer - his sixth studio project and first since 2019!


NBA YoungBoy made a name for himself with mixtapes released in the late '00s that showcased his gritty upbringing while still showing off his knack for wordplay. Songs like "Untouchable" quickly went viral, leading to collaborations with artists such as 21 Savage.

As he matured, he became more conscious of his words and began displaying vulnerability through music. On his 2018 mixtape Realer, he took a more relaxed approach to songwriting which helped him humanize himself.

In 2020, he released the single My Window which was co-produced with Lil Wayne and explored living with paranoia.

It was an instant hit, rising to the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 and eventually being certified triple platinum by the RIAA. One of his most personal songs to date, it served as a poignant reminder that even successful rappers face struggles.

Life Support

NBA YoungBoy (real name Kentrell Gaulden) can be proud of his musical career despite facing legal difficulties. Indeed, it has been his music that has enabled him to battle these difficulties and earn the respect of people worldwide.

His raps have always been powerful and aggressive, yet his lyrics also often express self-criticism and reflect upon his past experiences. That's why some of his most popular tracks don't fit the stereotypical mold we would expect from him - reflective reflections on life.

This is evident in the song Valuable Pain, one of NBA YoungBoy's standout tracks from his latest mixtape Realer. This piano-driven number will surely stir up some emotion among fans and serve as a perfect example of how NBA YoungBoy can take an introspective look at himself and how he came up.

YoungBoy's signature tracks, such as Lonely Child and Kacey Talk, are some of his finest works. If you're a fan of his music, be sure to check out the songwriter royalties below and bid on them today!

Dirty Iyanna

YoungBoy Never Broke Again is still creating music despite recent events. His latest track is Michael Jackson-inspired Dirty Iyanna, with a slightly more subdued tone than some of YoungBoy's previous offerings. However, this video features an animated masked slayer wielding a hammer as she goes about her business with some creative effects added in.

NBA YoungBoy has made history by mixing classic music with contemporary sounds in Dirty Iyanna, just the start of a long list of high-octane releases that should keep fans excited for years to come. If you're searching for some real high energy fun, take a look at our list of the greatest NBA Youngboy songs ever recorded and let us know your favorite in the comments section below!

One Shot

NBA Youngboy is a Louisiana rapper who has achieved massive success through his music, earning millions of dollars. He enjoys living the high life and displays his collection of luxury vehicles on social media platforms like Instagram.

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden was born in 1999 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and raised primarily by his maternal grandmother. As a toddler, he broke his neck and had to wear a head brace for some time; this left him with permanent scars on his forehead.

Gaulden had several brushes with the law during his early teens. He was arrested and sent to a juvenile detention center in Tallulah, Louisiana where he began writing lyrics for entertainment.

Following his release, OG3 Three Never Broke Again moved in with him and fellow rapper OG3 Three Never Broke Again to finance studio time. To make their dreams a reality, the duo committed a variety of crimes.

Self Control

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My Window

On this song from his 2018 mixtape Realer, YoungBoy Never Broke Again shares the pain and struggles that came with getting to where he is today. It displays another side of him and allows him to let out his emotions freely. It is an empowering piece he wrote specifically for his fans.

NBA Youngboy is renowned for his upbeat, fast-paced music. He's known for releasing albums within months and the legal issues that have dogged his career; but he's also beloved for his soothing melodic vocals and signature punch line that have made him one of the world's most popular rappers. Despite these traits, YoungBoy possesses a sensitive side which shows through in his beautiful hit songs such as Valuable Pain.

NBA Youngboy Logo

NBA Youngboy, a rapper from Baton Rouge Louisiana, has achieved great success with his southern hip hop sound. His energetic performances and captivating vocals have won him over an enthusiastic following.

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden is his stage name and he raps about life in underserved areas. Additionally, he has a knack for telling truthful stories about crime and gang life.

The Jumping Man

The jumping man is a symbol that captures both the hopes and disappointments of rapper NBA YoungBoy. It features both classic serif typeface and bold sans serif without rounding, along with red NBA abbreviation and NEVER BROKE AGAIN lettering in bold typeface.

NBA YoungBoy, better known by his stage name NBA YoungBoy, began his musical career at an early age due to lack of guardians and living a difficult life. It was during this period that he wrote his first songs and began receiving attention; ultimately signing a contract with Atlantic Records label in 2014.

Gaulden became increasingly successful as the music industry evolved, being surrounded by different people who could help him reach his goals. For instance, his collaboration with Lil Wayne propelled him to greater heights of success and made him a household name within rap music.

Since then, the rapper has achieved enormous success in his hometown. He has released multiple albums and earned himself numerous accolades.

Over the past few years, he's released numerous mixtapes with dark and brooding music that examines family struggles, betrayal and loyalty.

He's been involved in some legal disputes with other artists, most recently Bobby Shmurda with whom he had an ongoing feud.

For some time now, YoungBoy and Shmurda have been engaged in an online battle. Shmurda claimed that YoungBoy wasn't "the same guy" he used to be.

On March 7, 2019, Shmurda posted a video on Instagram in which he disparaged NBA YoungBoy as "n***a" and said that he wasn't an honest man. Their disagreement escalated into what would eventually become an actual feud between them.

By looking at the NBA YoungBoy logo, it is clear that he is someone who thrives under pressure. He always has something to prove and is constantly striving for new achievements.

His image is very structured, with many scars visible both on his skin and head. After breaking his neck as a toddler, three deep scars were incised on his forehead. He appears very muscular for someone of 17 years old; he stands tall with light brown eyes.

The Lettering

NBA Youngboy is an accomplished rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer renowned for his intense beats and intricate lyrics. With such a devoted fan base, he consistently releases hit songs.

Since his career began at 16 years old, he has released over 15 mixtapes and two full-length albums. His energetic presentation combined with his ability to musically and truthfully address life in underserved areas have propelled him rapidly up the ranks.

In October, he officially inked a deal with Motown Records - his own label which will enable him to release music under his own name. In addition to solo projects, he's collaborated with DaBaby, DJ Drama and Quando Rondo on joint LPs such as BETTER THAN YOU, Ma' I Got A Family and 3860.

YoungBoy has collaborated with Juice WRLD and achieved numerous hits, including his platinum-certified "Bandit" track. While some have compared him to Boosie Badazz, YoungBoy stands apart due to his lyrical complexity and powerful production style that set him apart from his contemporaries.

NBA YoungBoy's logo is a bold design with various colors and shapes. The main symbol resembles the jump man from the Air Jordan series and includes the acronym - NEVER BROKE AGAIN - in red letters around its perimeter.

On the rapper's official website, however, the logo looks slightly different. It features a jumping man with his legs spread wide open and holding a gun in his hands. The outline of this emblem is in black while text is written using an unstyled sans serif font similar to Akkordeon Eleven from Emtype Foundry or Acumin Pro Extra Condensed Ultra Black from Adobe.

This logo's most stunning feature is the lettering: "NEVER BROKE AGAIN," featuring multicolored ink drips that appear to flow across a transparent vertical surface. The letters appear as though they've been dipped in paint for added dimension and visual interest.

The main logo for YoungBoy features a striking design, reflecting the harsh realities he lives with every day. The jumping man is an homage to Jordan's Air Jordan symbol and symbolizes YoungBoy's ambition to pursue basketball playing. The colors in the logo echo those found within YoungBoy's lyrics which depict this world he lives in.

The Colors

NBA Youngboy is a rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana renowned for his raw soulful flow and honest depictions of life on the streets. Despite his criminal past, the artist has kept releasing music.

He has released 15 mixtapes, two full-length albums and numerous EPs and compilations. In addition to signing a contract with Atlantic Records and spending some time in prison, his music was never stopped by these obstacles.

YoungBoy is widely regarded as a pioneer of hip-hop realism. He uses colors that symbolize his experiences to make an impact and drive home the harsh reality that many must live with every day.

His signature symbol is the Jumping Man, depicting a man jumping with his legs spread wide open and holding a gun in his left hand. Behind this figure lies "NBA," meaning "Never Broke Again," which conveys to fans that he will never give up on his dreams or cease creating music.

The NBA Youngboy logo utilizes three primary shades: Dark Cornflower Blue (#17408B), White (#FFFFFF) and Philippine Red (#C9082A). These hues were selected by user Schemecolor for this project.

This palette of colors is also used by other NBA teams as their official logo color set. It's an ideal choice for any creative project requiring a strong and iconic brand identity.

In 1971, Alan Siegil - a professional branding marketer and designer - was asked to redesign the NBA logo. His task was to craft an updated image that would effectively communicate both its position as sport leader and basketball's growing popularity in America.

Through this project, the NBA logo was born. It was inspired by a photo of Los Angeles Lakers defender Jerry West.

The silhouette of the player was an ideal match for the new logo, depicting dynamic movements characteristic of basketball. Additionally, it embodied grace and strength - exactly what the league desired from its new emblem.

The Font

The NBA Youngboy logo is one of the most eye-catching designs in the industry. It combines black and red for a fun acronym that perfectly describes the rapper's stage name.

The logo showcases an eye-catching jumping man as the main focus. He is dressed in black with his legs spread wide apart while holding a gun. In front of him, the NBA acronym stands for "NEVER BROKE AGAIN", written in subtle red typeface that pops off the page.

Design-wise, the jumping man is undoubtedly the most intriguing element of this logo because it is an original feature not used before. This parody of JUMPMAN symbol has long been associated with basketball player Air Jordan.

Another cool aspect of the jumping man is its black and white image with red overlay. The overlay has a small font similar to Times New Roman Bold's bold version; text in that same font but with more compact dimensions.

When admiring the NBA youngboy logo, one might be left to wonder how the rapper created such an attention-grabbing image. He boasts an impressive list of accomplishments to his name--15 mixtapes and two full-length albums--and has become a household name through his energetic performances that quickly won over an enthusiastic fan base.

The rapper is renowned for his aggressive lyrics, which were once described as a rap feud. He even went to prison after getting involved in a street shootout! Despite all this, the artist has stayed true to his craft and never gave up on his fans. He has released several successful mixtapes and is currently ranked as the number one-rated rapper in America.

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