Meadow Walker.

Meadow Walker.

Meadow Walker


Meadow Walker is a local singer, songwriter, and international traveling singer-songwriter. As a Singer-songwriter, Meadow Walker takes her music to places the idea of a singer-songwriter doesn't exist. Walker's sound is deep, multilayered, and has the option of the messages she sings being positive, empowering, or reflective. Sometimes these messages are difficult or complex, but many are upbeat, fun, and joyful.

As the child of actor Paul Walker and Rebecca Soteros. She grew up in Hawaii and moved to live with her father in California aged 13. Her father died in 2013. After which there was a custody battle. Her parents kept a low profile of Meadow, and she did not seek publicity until she started her modeling career. She kept her father's collection of crystals, including one that is the size of a laptop computer. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Meadow Walker is a friend of Paul. He invited her to his place for dinner and a movie, but she declined and suggested meeting.

Family comes first! Vin Diesel and goddaughter Meadow Walker had a close bond before Paul Walker’s death in 2013. And they’ve remained a tight-knit duo since his passing. (Source: www.usmagazine.com)


Fresh out of the shop, on her way to the Chicago Foodie show, and she is already busy on the phone. Emails, telemarketing leads, a request from Aunt Sarah and many deliveries. She is juggling like a pro. Meadow Walker is a businesswoman just trying to keep her business ticking over.

“Meadow is so proud of her dad. And goes out of her way to respond to people who send letters or express their love of him and his work,”. The insider added. “She posts tributes to him on social media. Keeps in touch with the people who were important in his life. And generally acts on the advice he gave her whilst he was still alive.” (Source:www.usmagazine.com)


We first saw Meadow Walker when she was a contestant on the ninth season of America’s Got Talent. Paradise found her fighting off some serious book learnin’ which led her to audition for AGT. She was eventually spotted by Paul and the two hit it off and are now engaged. Last year we were so happy to join her family and friends on her wedding day to Paul. Now that’s sweet.

On Thursday, Nov. 11, the 23-year-old newlywed revealed on Instagram that she had previously experienced a health scare involving a tumor. Fortunately, she is feeling much better these days. (Source: www.eonline.com)



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