Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop!

Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop!


machine gun kelly funko pop

Machine Gun Kelly (aka Colson Baker) is one of the most unique rappers today. His style of music - rock with an edge - perfectly captures his unique sound.

He's now immortalised as a Funko Pop! The rapper-turned-rocker joins other pop punk rock icons who have received this treatment, such as Green Day, Pearl Jam, twenty one pilots and YUNGBLUD.


Funko has released a Machine Gun Kelly figure, available to pre-order now for $11. This figure captures the iconic pop punk era featured on his Tickets To My Downfall album cover and it's sure to please any fan of the rocker.

The 'Bloody Valentine' rapper is just one of many musicians to have their own Funko figures made, such as Jonathan Davis from Korn and Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne from Green Day and Ozzy Osbourne from Korn. This 5.15 inch figure features his pink Tickets To My Downfall get-up with a nose ring, two pink bracelets and white boots with black laces and soles.

This MGK figure also features a bubblegum pink guitar, the perfect complement to his all-pink outfit. Plus, it comes with an attractive windowed display box - making it the ideal gift for fans of this artist.

The iconic singer is set to hit arenas worldwide as part of his Mainstream Sellout tour, featuring support acts like Avril Lavigne, Travis Barker and IDLES. Additionally, he'll be performing at Lollapalooza alongside Green Day and Metallica. If you plan on seeing him live, this Machine Gun Kelly Funko Pop will make an excellent addition to your collection - so grab one now! Don't forget to check out the rest of Funko's range too!


No matter your opinion on Machine Gun Kelly, his impact on pop culture cannot be denied. For decades now, he's been one of the most consistent performers in this genre, releasing albums and touring extensively. Inspired by his legendary predecessors, Funko has become one of the most prolific creators of innovative products such as action figures, smartwatches and more. Most recently, they released their first ever machine gun kelly funko pop. This impressive figurine stands at 5.15 inches high and would make a wonderful addition to any fan's collection. Unfortunately, it is currently only available in pre-order form. Additionally, it comes complete with an eye-catching windowed display box for protection in transit.


No matter if you've been a long-time admirer or just started listening to his music, Machine Gun Kelly is one of the coolest rockstars around. Luckily for fans everywhere, Funko has come up with an innovative way to get his iconic image as a Pop! figure that will add some flare to any collection.

Machine Gun Kelly stands at 5.15 inches tall and in his signature pose. He wears a pink outfit with two pink bracelets on each wrist, white boots with black laces and soles, as well as holding onto his bubblegum pink guitar in one hand.

Funko, located in downtown Everett, WA, is the creator and innovator of many collectible products such as action toys, plush, apparel, housewares and more. Their vinyl figures come with various stylized designs each with their own distinct style; perfect for fans to collect some characters they love - plus they make great gifts! Kidinn offers a vast selection of Toys products from trusted brands like Funko - whether you're searching for the latest releases or timeless classics - something for everyone here!


Funko is a company that creates all things pop culture related, such as toys, apparel and home goods. Headquartered in downtown Everett, Washington, Funko offers high-quality items with unique and clever designs. This machine gun kelly funko pop is the newest addition to Funko's line of collectible figurines and the ideal addition for any MGK fan's collection. Measuring an impressive 5.15 inches tall, this figurine also comes with its own display stand so you can proudly show it off! This item can be pre-ordered at BBTS and will be released in June 2022. This MGK funko pop is one of the finest examples of its type of collectible and would make an ideal present for your OG MGK fanatic friends or family member!

For just $11 from BBTS, you can pick up this machine gun kelly funko pop and have it delivered right to your door by mid-June!

machine gun kelly nail polish

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Nail Polish

Machine Gun Kelly (aka Richard Colson Baker) has made his mark on the beauty industry with a genderless nail polish line he's launching with Unlisted Brand Lab this autumn.

The singer offers ten shades in his collection, each eliciting an individual sensory response. These include 'Depressionist', Megan Fox's red-orange shade '25 to Life' and what Baker describes as a "weed" green shade.

1. Past Life

If you're a fan of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's over-the-top relationship, you'll be thrilled to hear she has collaborated on a nail polish collection with him! The Jennifer's Body star asked the rapper-turned-rocker to help create some shades for her UN/DN LAQR nail polish line, featuring gemstones as its focal point.

The duo is teasing an upcoming ad campaign with five lacquers inspired by crystals and gemstones. According to the brand's press release, these jewel-toned colors were chosen to elicit confidence, sexiness and feelings of being centered.

This week, MGK shared a photo on his Instagram Stories showing him brushing his fiance's nails in one of UN/DN LAQR's lacquers, "Past Life," a royal blue shade. In his caption, the singer wrote that he was "loving @undn_laqr in this house," suggesting they had an enjoyable evening together.

When it comes to beauty, MGK is renowned for his intricate nail art - from neon pink alligator skin to black acrylics with chains wrapped around them. At last year's iHeartRadio Music Awards, MGK donned an intricate set that was a sight on the red carpet.

Megan Fox's Machine Gun Kelly polish collection, available through her website, includes five shades - including Past Life and Brutal Honesty - as well as a matte top coat called Nothing Matt(er)s. While these hues might not have quite the same sultry appeal as their namesakes, they're definitely worth giving a look nonetheless.

2. Brutal Honesty

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have a tradition of showing their affection for one another on social media, the red carpet and even on their nails. Now you can do the same with Jennifer's Body star's new nail polish collaboration with UN/DN LAQR brand.

Brutal Honesty is Fox's latest shade from her and MGK's Un/DN LAQR collection, inspired by gemstones. It's an emerald green that nods to both her two-stone engagement ring and birthstone in particular.

Fox designed the shades in this line to reflect his favorite crystals, exuding confidence, sexiness and feelings of being in control. Each hue boasts jewel-tones such as ruby red, royal blue and emerald green for a luxurious look.

UN/DN LAQR recommends wearing these stunning pieces with either a lacey dress or jeans and sweater. It's an elegant yet classic ensemble, so you can effortlessly rock them on any special occasion.

If you're interested in purchasing Megan Fox x Un/DN LAQR polishes, they can be purchased for $90. There are three sets of the collection available: Play With Fire Kit ($90) includes all five shades plus a matte top coat; Big Bang Set ($56) features Past Life, Deep Breath and Brutal Honesty shades.

Show your devotion for Fox and MGK with this limited-edition collection. They were recently seen wearing matching manicures before their engagement announcement, so now you can own your own version of their chained love! Shop it here.

3. Twin Flame

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have earned a reputation for openly showing their affection towards one another on social media, on the red carpet, and now even in their manicures! Now they've joined forces to create an eye-catching nail polish collection that looks like it was painted in the stars - and it's available to buy!

The couple's Play With Fire kit, featuring five colors from UN/DN LAQR brand, includes photos of them getting romantically involved in vibrant nail paint. In one photograph, Fox's emerald-painted nails wrap around her fiance's neck as he places his hands over hers.

According to New Age literature and contemporary spiritual communities, twin flames symbolize a journey of personal transformation, growth, and soul development. It has been said that meeting a twin flame may be an empowering experience that helps individuals face their insecurities, fears, or past traumas they had been avoiding or suppressing.

These experiences may also bring on a feeling of rebirth and renewed passion. It is said that twin flames help people discover their true selves, reach their highest potentials, while providing a secure and nurturing connection.

Moreover, twin flames can provide a safe haven for individuals to heal from their own wounds and struggles. It has been said that twin flames serve as mirrors, helping people confront their insecurities and fears while teaching them about themselves and their power.

Twin flames can be an amazing way to connect with someone in a similar mindset and bring them into your life. While a twin flame may be a wonderful companion and positive influence on your life, you should not let them take control of your emotions or decisions. It is essential that you remain open and honest with a twin flame, as well as seeking professional assistance when needed.

4. Deep Breath

Breathing exercises are an excellent way to unwind and reduce stress. Not only do they relax your nervous system, but they can also boost feelings of wellbeing by stimulating the vagus nerve - a crucial nerve that connects your brain with body - through vibration.

Deep breathing can help your body release cortisol, a stress hormone that may lead to physical and mental health issues. Additionally, it triggers endorphins--our "feel good" chemicals--which help us cope with pain and anxiety.

Deep breathing can make you feel more relaxed and at peace, but if you're new to this practice it may be challenging to start. Fortunately, there are numerous apps available to assist with improving your breathing technique.

Apps that teach how to breathe through your nose and other apps that guide you through breathing exercises are available. These apps can be a great asset in managing stress and relaxing throughout the day, especially when life gets hectic.

Breathe Zone is an excellent app for those seeking to relax and take long, slow breaths. It provides guided sessions, Apple Health integration, and custom routines tailored to your breathing patterns.

This app's intuitive user interface and uncluttered visuals make it the ideal choice for anyone wanting to improve their breathing skills. Users can customize the colors in the app, as well as set reminders to remind them when it's time to take a breath.

Breath therapy is not only used by celebrities to reduce stress levels, but many celebrities also use it as a way of relaxing before and after shows. For instance, Machine Gun Kelly frequently utilizes breathing techniques while performing live onstage.

5. Third Eye

The Third Eye is an intuitive organ of the mind and senses, designed to connect us with patterns around us. It evolved naturally over time as your brain and five senses worked together in concert to form a larger antenna capable of picking up on energy and patterns and relaying that data back in overlays on top of what each sense was already detecting.

In addition to creating a more subtle connection with the outside world, crystal mescaline also helps clear your mind of distractions and enable clear vision. It has many spiritual applications such as shamanism and chakra balancing.

Meditation, according to Covington, is an effective tool for clearing your thoughts and opening your third eye. Chanting can also be used as a helpful practice in order to facilitate this process.

The Third Eye is renowned for its capacity to open your senses to energy and patterns around you, making it an invaluable tool for seers and healers. You can utilize it in many ways; from opening chakras to feeling others' emotions and energies to connecting with your Aura or higher self.

This chakra may be more difficult to cultivate than others due to the need for intense focus and concentration. This may initially lead to feelings of irritability or anger issues, but these should diminish with regular third eye activation and meditation sessions.

Machine Gun Kelly recently debuted his own nail polish line, UN/DN LAQR, to bring you his iconic emo style. He partnered with beauty incubator Unlisted Brand Lab to create this collection which boasts vibrant colors and intricate designs.

Mens Hairstyles For Receding Hairlines

Men with receding hairlines may feel self-conscious, but don't let that break your confidence.

Fortunately, there are numerous mens hairstyles that can conceal a receding hairline.

A high skin fade is a popular style to soften the appearance of receding hairlines. This low maintenance cut looks great on men of all ages and genders.


If you're in search of a receding hairline mens haircut, there are several options. One popular style is to shear the sides and keep a slicked-back style on top for balance.

Another option is to try a mid fade on the sides, which can be an excellent way to experiment with different haircuts while still creating a neat appearance. This style begins halfway between the ears and hairline, blending longer and shorter sections of hair on both sides for an effortless aesthetic.

Start by visiting a barber, hairdresser, or stylist and asking them for the style you desire. They can assist in determining which look works best with your facial features and hair type.

Pompadours are a great option for men with receding hairlines, as they conceal any thinning areas and add volume to the locks. To achieve this style, start with damp hair and apply medium hold pomade using about one fingertip worth of product.

Once your hair is dry, gently shape the pompadour into place with your hands and comb. It may take a few practice sessions before you're satisfied with the results.

Faux Hawk

Men with receding hairlines can look good in a variety of styles that conceal the appearance of thinning hair. Comb-overs and faux hawks are two great options to conceal balding or thinning areas.

A comb-over is an age-old style that can be tailored to conceal thinning areas or bald spots on the top and sides of your head. To achieve this look, have your barber cut the top portion of your hair slightly longer than other sections, then fade it short in the sides and back for a chic look.

Comb-overs can also be used to draw attention away from a receding hairline and make your locks appear thicker. Your stylist may add layers or volume to your locks using hair-thickening products and styling techniques.

The faux hawk hairstyle is ideal for men with receding hairlines who want a dramatic haircut that stands out. This hairstyle has become increasingly popular among celebrities and it's easy to achieve yourself.

This hairstyle is great for concealing a receding hairline and can be tailored to any man's face shape and style preferences. You have the option of going shorter or longer with this style, depending on what length your locks can grow to.


One of the more classic hairstyles for men with receding hairlines is the quiff. This hairstyle works great to conceal thinning or thin areas while adding some height to your face.

For a quiff, styling clay or putty is recommended. These will enable you to shape the hair exactly how desired and keep it in place all day long.

Another way to mask balding is by growing your hair longer. This will draw attention away from the line and let you show off those beautiful locks instead.

This haircut works well with a variety of head shapes and can be styled at home or by an experienced professional. If you are not sure how to style your hair, visiting a salon that specializes in cutting and styling hair is recommended.

The quiff is a popular hairstyle for guys with round, square or oval faces due to its wavy texture which draws the eye in towards the center.

This cut is ideal for guys with frizzy hair. The medium fade neatens up the style while drawing attention to the center, making it a great choice for those with mature hairlines.

Slicked Back

When dealing with receding hairlines due to aging or thinning hair, it's essential that you pick a style that flatters your face and enhances the way you appear. Fortunately, there are plenty of men's hairstyles for receding hairlines available that will boost your confidence level while making you look great.

One of the simplest and most fashionable ways to conceal a receding hairline is with a slick back haircut. This style works great on both men and women alike, providing perfect coverage in the balding area.

A short, slicked-back hairstyle can conceal a receding hairline while looking cool and sophisticated. To get this style, simply comb your hair back and use light amounts of pomade for an ultra smooth, sleek finish.

One great haircut for men with receding hairlines is the pixie cut. This versatile style works well because it keeps the back and sides of the hair short while leaving plenty of length on top to mask any balding spots.

This haircut is ideal for any man looking to express their style while concealing a receding hairline. Additionally, it's an ideal choice for older men who don't want to devote too much time growing out their locks.

Comb Over

Mens hairstyles that can help conceal receding hairlines and thinning areas include the comb over. This style is one of many that men can choose to try.

A classic comb over haircut features long, flowing hair on top with slightly tapered sides and back. This cut can be tailored to fit any face shape or hair texture perfectly.

This style is ideal for men with receding hairlines, as it allows the hair to be pulled back and requires low maintenance to keep clean and tidy. Additionally, men with thick or unruly locks may find this style beneficial as it's easily styled and tamed.

The comb over is ideal for men who desire a stylish and masculine style that can be tailored to suit their individual needs. This haircut is especially popular among those with beards as it gives the beard an updated look without appearing too masculine.

Comb overs can be an effective way to conceal receding hairlines or thinning areas, so when selecting your next cut make sure your barber knows the style you want. They'll have insight on the best fade or taper style as well as how high or intense you would like your locks to be.

Side Part

If you're in search of a stylish way to conceal your receding hairline, the Side Part is an ideal option. This classic hairstyle has seen a recent comeback and for good reason: It's smart, sophisticated, and versatile.

The Side Part is often associated with short haircuts, but it can also be styled on medium-length haircuts. This classic men's hairstyle works for all face shapes and hair textures alike.

One of the most versatile and conservative hairstyles, you can pair this style with any other hairstyle, from beach waves to messy updos.

This hairstyle is ideal for men with receding hairlines, as it's easy to maintain and has a classic aesthetic. It features a tapered top that has been brushed up and shaved at the sides for an understated style.

Another great choice for men with receding hairlines is a quiff. This popular style is ideal for adding volume and thickness to their locks.

The pompadour is a timeless men's hairstyle that has seen a comeback in recent years. This sleek and fashionable style works for any occasion, from casual dinner to formal meetings.


If your hairline is receding, there are several mens hairstyles that can make the issue less visible. One popular option is the military-style crew cut, which reduces contrast between your temples and other hair. It also helps conceal a receding hairline by making it appear longer at the top and more even throughout the front.

Another effective way to conceal a receding hairline is by opting for a buzz cut. This style is popular among men as it can be brushed forward and across the forehead for an understated aesthetic that will soften any problem areas. Furthermore, you have complete control over the length of this versatile cut so you can customize it according to your personal tastes.

Thankfully, there are treatments that can help slow the thinning process, such as drugs like Dutasteride and Minoxidil. Switching your styling products to ones with less irritation on the scalp, as well as avoiding heavy pomades and clays, may also make a difference.

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