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Machine Gun Kelly Albums


machine gun kelly albums

Colson Baker, better known by his stage name Machine Gun Kelly, has sold out stadiums and become the face of pop-punk music's revival. However, he also draws considerable controversy.

But it has been worth it for him, and his success is truly remarkable. His last album 'Tickets To My Downfall' helped spark off the current pop-punk revival.

1. Tickets To My Downfall

Machine Gun Kelly's latest album is an ambitious gamble, an effort to distance himself from rap music and become a pop punk star. Backed by Blink 182's Travis Barker, Tickets To My Downfall marks his first foray into rock music.

MGK is renowned for his upbeat rap style and frequent battles with Eminem, but on Tickets To My Downfall he takes on a more gritty edge that draws upon his Rust Belt roots. The record's crisp hooks and cheerily bracing guitars pay homage to early-2000s pop punk acts such as Simple Plan while its darker lyrics draw the line between his goofy Cali-core aesthetic and more genuine hard knocks experiences.

Tracks like "Play This When I'm Gone," a hauntingly beautiful song that suggests suicide, showcase another side of MGK and their album as a whole. It's an uplifting message about not only having a healthy relationship but also showing your loved ones you care even when it is time for you to leave this earth.

As such, the album contains an array of emotions from tearjerkers to anthems. Additionally, there are some deeply personal moments from MGK, including a phone call with Megan Fox that was included on the record.

Tickets To My Downfall is 36 minutes long and features some of MGK's most powerful lyrics to date. It is full of emotional messages and feel-good music with some poignant love songs thrown in for good measure. With all the stress and anxiety currently prevalent in our world, Tickets To My Downfall should provide the perfect antidote to get through any day.

2. Mainstream Sellout

Machine Gun Kelly's Mainstream Sellout album has just reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart, becoming his second No.1 record and first rock album to do so since AC/DC's Power Up in November 2020.

In the last week, Cleveland rapper RAY has been making headlines for his new release. He appeared on shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live! and hosted an album release party at a local bar.

No matter your opinion on the music, it's impossible not to get caught up in all the buzz surrounding this album. As a result, many listeners are eager to take the leap and purchase it.

Since Tickets To My Downfall, I've been a fan of MGK; while this album may not be quite as strong as that record, it doesn't disappoint either. Unfortunately, MGK doesn't seem to have explored any new or interesting territory this time around.

This album contains songs that you would expect from Machine Gun Kelly, with most featuring the same collaborators. The only notable exception being "drug dealer", a song featuring Lil Wayne.

In many ways, this song is similar to 24kGoldn and Iann Dior's "Play This When I'm Gone", only with more angst and self-destructive romanticism. While not quite as strong as its more emotional acoustic counterpart "play this when i'm gone", the catchiness of this track remains undeniable and makes it hard to get bored with it quickly.

This album contains some excellent songs, yet it has also made many people upset online. While I understand why he may have some issues, I'm not sure if this album is the best way to address them.

3. General Admission

Machine Gun Kelly's 2015 album General Admission is an unflinchingly honest exploration of his life as it balances success and failure. Covering a wide range of topics, the album is filled with emotion and truth from a growing man striving to stay grounded in an ever-evolving career. It seems impossible for anything in his life to slow down; yet that seems to be exactly the point!

His second studio album, Cleveland Wild Boy's Tales from the Edge, is filled with personal experiences that will leave listeners feeling the pain but also offering them hope. A great example is "Merry Go Round," a track which recounts the tragic tale of an addicted girlfriend and her boyfriend who overdose while Bobby is away serving in the military.

Another outstanding track on this album is "Story of the Stairs," which chronicles Kells' mother leaving him at a young age and returning after years away. Despite its subject matter, this song manages to remain one of the most honest pieces on the disc.

General Admission is a double vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves that was released on October 16, 2015. The album includes two singles - "Till I Die" and "A Little More," as well as videos for each song.

The album's lead single, "Till I Die," is an intense track with Kelly rapping about his drug addiction and the consequences it has had on him. Throughout, he mentions Kurt Cobain multiple times and delivers a hook reminiscent of Tupac's. It serves as an effective opener and introduction to what comes next on the record; featuring Victoria Monet on vocals alongside Kelly for added power.

4. Bloom

Machine Gun Kelly made a name for himself in the 2010s with his breakthrough mixtape Lace Up, leading to a record deal with Bad Boy Records. His single "Wild Boy," featured on XXL Freshman cover and reaching No. 4 on Billboard charts, cemented his success even further.

His sophomore album, General Admission, experienced a significant drop in fanfare and sales when compared to his debut. However, he's back on top with Bloom, released May 12th 2017 and featuring collaborations with Quavo, Ty Dolla $ign, Hailee Steinfeld and Camila Cabello.

It's not a bad album, but it doesn't exactly break new ground either. His best moments come from his experiments with instrumentation and musical techniques that allow him to reintroduce elements of classic rock into his sound and deliver emotional lyrics far more personal than anything on previous releases.

The opening track, 'Born With Horns,' is a prime example of this, featuring the gritty and resonant growl of DMX at its heart. Snaz's production on this song perfectly suits Kelly's individual style while adding an edge to the album that it had previously lacked.

Overall, Bloom is an impressive album that proves Machine Gun Kelly hasn't faltered. He remains a hard-hitting MC but also lets his singing voice and lyricism take center stage with tracks like 'Let You Go' and 'Go For Broke'.

"27' is another standout moment, as Kelly assumes the role of a rockstar and asks if he could die at 27 with only his music being remembered. It's an inspiring moment that showcases Kelly's talent and abilities to reach new heights.

5. Hotel Diablo

After years of bitter rivalry with Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) decided to branch out. His album Hotel Diablo marked a dramatic departure from his previous rap albums.

The rapper wanted to create an album that was more musical and less diss-based, as well as refocus his music on pop-punk genre. Travis Barker produced the record and it turned out much better than his previous effort, Binge.

No major changes have been made to the production here, but it does a much better job of mixing up beats and adding some melodies. Although not particularly complex, the songs have been well-written with good flow.

On this album, the rapper's vocal performance is much stronger than on previous records. There's an engaging blend of rap and rock on this record that creates a stunning fusion. Additionally, you can hear many of his personal struggles and demons coming through clearly here.

His lyrics are impressive, showing off a wide range of topics without becoming overly sentimental. It's an admirable feat!

The only drawback to this album is that it doesn't contain as many great tracks as his other albums did, but it's still a solid offering. If you need something to take your mind off your problems, this album definitely delivers; give it a listen and see what works for you!

Despite Eminem's feud, his latest album has done quite well on the Billboard 200 chart, currently sitting at number 5. With 39,000 equivalent units sold in its first week of release, this solid performer is likely to stay around for some time.

machine gun kelly on tour

Machine Gun Kelly on Tour

Machine gun Kelly is an exciting pop punk rapper with plenty of charisma and natural performance skills. His setlist boasts some great tunes and he loves to have fun with his fans.

He's been a staple in the rap world for some time now, and he never fails to deliver an incredible show. His versatility allows him to switch between storytelling in one song and crooning in another with ease.

MGK is a natural born performer

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) is an accomplished performer whose performances always capture audiences' attention. His charismatic stage presence and impressive hip hop skills have made him a household name, while also making great money through albums and mixtapes that have seen tremendous commercial success.

The 32-year-old star has earned praise from his fans for his impressive work, earning numerous awards including the MTV Breaking Woodie Award. Additionally, he starred in films like Nerve(2016), Bird Box(2018), and Big Time Adolescence(2019).

MGK is one of the most talented rappers of his generation. His unique style and catchy lyrics have earned him a following, but MGK also excels as a singer and guitarist with an exceptional voice that can sing in multiple languages.

He's featured on numerous songs, such as Wild Boy and Home, plus he's featured in multiple music videos. Recently, he's been working on his new album which will be released soon.

This is his first tour in the UK and it sold out with 15,000 fans. It was an enchanting show, and his supporters showed their love for him with overwhelming enthusiasm.

The rapper is an experienced professional when it comes to live shows, and he enjoys building rapport with his audience. He exudes passion and friendliness, possessing lots of energy within himself. Furthermore, he is fiercely dedicated to both his music and fans alike.

Signing with Bad Boy Records in 2012, he released his debut album Lace Up. Additionally, the hit song "Wild Boy" featuring Waka Flocka Flame made him an international success.

MGK has earned a variety of awards, such as the MTV Breaking Woodie award and Ohio Hip Hop honoree. Furthermore, he has starred in various films and plays.

He has a daughter named Casie. She is 17 years old and an admirer of her dad's music.

MGK has a lot of charisma

MGK exudes charisma, which he uses to draw the crowd into his performance. He knows how to utilize both his body and voice in such a way that audiences feel like they're part of the show - whether on tour or at smaller venues. Plus, as an accomplished performer, it comes naturally for him to connect with his audience.

Machine Gun Kelly is an American rapper, singer and actor renowned for his fast-paced rap style. Throughout his career he has earned numerous awards and accolades.

The 27-year-old rapper is renowned for his charisma and fearlessness. He doesn't hesitate to open up about his personal life or experiences, which has earned him a dedicated following among fans.

He is an acclaimed rapper and one of the world's most sought-after artists. His music consistently ranks high on Spotify and Apple Music, displaying just how large his fan base is.

For any artist, having a large fan base is essential as it helps them boost their popularity and boosts the possibility of making more money. A larger following also makes it simpler to sell tickets and merchandise to potential customers.

In the past, MGK has collaborated with artists like Kid Cudi and Wiz Khalifa. However, he recently decided to focus on performing at venues around America with his "Mainstream Sellout Tour," dubbed by him as "a major milestone."

This tour is intended to showcase MGK's best work in music and comedy, featuring the rapper performing with his band and special guest Trippie Redd. It kicks off on May 15th and stops in Boston, New York City, Atlanta and more before concluding in Los Angeles.

He will perform songs from his new album as well as some of his biggest hits. Additionally, he may reprise some songs from his debut album "Lace Up."

He brings a lot of energy and is full of fun when he's on stage, plus an infectious personality that gets everyone enthused.

MGK is a good rapper

Machine Gun Kelly has been a mainstay on tour for some time, and his ability to captivate and command an audience is unmatched. From small clubs to arenas, MGK puts everything into each performance with the aim of improving things no matter where or what stage he's performing on. His energy and passion for music is contagious - no wonder why his performances continue to be so successful!

MGK is renowned for his intense raps, but he also has the unique ability to tackle more somber topics such as life after jail and the struggles he had to overcome in order to reach success. His lyrics are powerful and often feature bars that other rappers never get the chance to build. This talent sets MGK apart from other artists by offering listeners something truly remarkable: bars they won't even hear over.

He's renowned for his clever and witty lyric delivery, which helps explain why he can keep an audience entertained so long. His songs have a low enough tempo so they're not too hard on the ears but still possess enough urgency to get people moving.

At the start of his touring career, Machine Gun Kelly made a point to play smaller venues that typically held only a couple hundred people. That wasn't a problem for MGK because he never shied away from giving his all for fans.

Ultimately, though, he needed to expand his show in order to accommodate larger venues and audiences. That opportunity came along when Fall Out Boy invited him on their MANIA tour as an opening act.

With a band and full backing track, MGK was able to project his confident personality onstage. He did this by singing some of his popular hits like "Invincible" and "Rap Devil."

As the night went on, MGK took his fans on an unforgettable journey. He entered the stage in a pink helicopter that he rode through the air while holding onto a rope ladder for support.

After flying through the air, he made his way to a stage set up in a circular checker pattern and slanted towards the audience. His performance was truly amazing - the whole production had everyone on their feet throughout!

MGK is a good singer

Machine Gun Kelly boasts an infectious stage presence and charisma, which have contributed to his meteoric rise in fame in the music industry. His shows often feature large props and packed audiences, plus he loves interacting with his fans - as evidenced by him wrapping his hands around concertgoers during performances.

He's an accomplished singer with a powerful voice. In fact, he can sing in multiple languages - an ability he acquired while traveling the world.

MGK has become renowned for performing a wide variety of songs during his shows, including some of his biggest hits. He effortlessly engages his audience and oftentimes makes them laugh out loud during their shows.

One of his most renowned performances was when MGK sang "Aerials" by System of a Down on The Howard Stern Show. Shavo Odadjian, the bassist for the band, took to social media to react to their performance of their song and posted video footage featuring himself and MGK singing it together.

However, it's essential to remember that MGK's vocals aren't always perfect. He often overuses them while on tour.

On his Mainstream Sellout Tour, the MC had to exercise caution when singing. His range is limited and he cannot compare to some of the other artists with whom he has collaborated.

He even took a shower before starting the tour, fearing that his voice might get too dry. It appears that he is deeply committed to his music and strives to give it all.

He also has an infectious sense of humor, making him popular with audiences everywhere. During his shows, he always has a great time and enjoys himself immensely; it's clear that this makes him such an engaging presence on stage.

On March 25th, 2022 MGK's latest album, Mainstream Sellout, debuted at number one on Billboard charts - marking the first time a rock album had reached this position in over two years. As an award-winning Grammy winner, his collection contains many beloved songs that continue to capture audiences' hearts.

megan fox outfits

Megan Fox Outfits

Maeve Reilly, the acclaimed stylist behind both Transformers and Good Mourning, has helped the actress establish herself as a style icon.

Fox always leaves an unforgettable impression, whether she's walking the red carpet or shopping with her fiance Machine Gun Kelly. No matter the occasion, Fox always stands out in stunning looks that turn heads.

She often selects outfits from designers renowned for their ultra-feminine silhouettes, like Versace, Peter Dundas and Mugler. But Jennifer's Body star has also added contemporary designs to her repertoire for elevated street style looks.

1. Robert Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is one of the world's renowned fashion designers, renowned for his exotic prints and pioneering the sand-blasted look that's now popular on jeans.

He founded Cavalli, an exclusive Italian fashion house located in Osmannoro, Florence during the 1970s. Their products include luxury clothing, perfume and leather accessories.

His collections feature beachwear, underwear, watches, eyewear, jewelry, perfumes and children's clothes that have been worn by celebrities like Emma Thompson.

Fox has often donned the brand in various outfits over the years. She recently donned a stunning red Roberto Cavalli gown for the premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

This red satin gown featured a slit-to-the waist and side cutout that highlighted her curves. She accessorized with an Edie Parker box clutch and jewelry from Graziela Gems.

Megan Fox has a knack for elegant, sultry dresses. She often opts for plunging necklines and strappy designs to complete the look.

On the contrary, she prefers wearing asymmetrical styles that accentuate her curves.

Her latest look features an ultra-sexy red dress with lace overlay. She completed the ensemble with a matching black belt.

One of her most captivating looks is the Mugler gown she donned for the VMAs, where she walked the red carpet alongside longtime boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly wearing an off-the-shoulder design so captivating, it was hard to take your eyes away from her.

Her recent glam looks have earned her plenty of red carpet cred. Now, with so much expectation on her shoulders, let us just enjoy these five of her best looks from the past.

2. Valentino

Valentino is a fashion icon renowned for his romantic aesthetic. His designs often feature feminine details like lace and ruffles, as well as mixing textures and embellishments.

Megan Fox is a big fan of the designer, often wearing outfits adorned with embellishments such as lace, bows and studs.

Recently, she was seen wearing a shimmery silver top featuring what appeared to be miniature rhinestones. It paired with baggy jeans with tears running up her legs which she accessorized with PVC-strap platform heels and purple nail polish on both hands and feet.

Transformers star often opts for pink, but this hue is particularly stunning on her. It's a vibrant-yellow shade that has become an important runway trend for summer 2022 - and it's easy to understand why!

No doubt, pink is a fantastic choice for an evening out, but it can look too over-the-top during daytime wear. That's why it's essential to balance out your ensemble by selecting pieces that aren't too flashy or revealing.

When styling a wedding party, the ideal approach is to opt for a neutral color. This way, you can layer on the lace, ruffles and bows without it appearing overly ornate.

Another way to wear this vibrant hue is by pairing it with black, white or metallic shades. Doing so can add some visual interest as the dress will stand out against a dark background.

Though you can never predict which fashion trend will emerge next, Valentino's fall 2022 collection offers plenty of inspiration for those seeking an eye-catching style statement. Whether you go all out or keep things chic, these pink looks are guaranteed to leave an impression.

3. Armani

Megan Fox has always had a soft spot for Armani. She's been wearing his clothes since she was a teenager, and today is one of his biggest celebrity endorsers.

Italian fashion house Emporio Armani has announced that Fox will be the new face of their Underwear and Jeans collections starting next year, earning her a seven-figure paycheck. Most endorsement deals pay celebrities between $500,000 to $2 million for an annual ad campaign; Fox likely falls towards the higher end of that range.

She will also star in the brand's summer 2011 beauty campaign, featuring four images that capture classic romantic conventions set within an opulent hotel setting. From a sensual striptease to the exchange of goods and services, this ad promises to capture plenty of attention.

Fox has been a fan of Armani's red carpet outfits since she began her career, and she continues to wear them with confidence. For the Met Gala in 2021, she donned this fiery red Peter Dundas lace-up dress that had no back and was entirely see-through except for its ribbed top.

Though she hasn't worn this look in recent years, it still showcases her sensuous aesthetic. She paired the strapless gown with black pumps and her signature wavy hair.

She donned the dress to attend the Moscow premiere of "Transformers 2" in 2009. It was an enchanting piece, boasting body-hugging straps and tush-emphasizing design. Luckily, Emporio Armani has created a version of this look for his Emporio Armani line that is just as stunning.

4. Zac Posen

Zac Posen is the designer responsible for some of megan fox's most iconic looks. He's known for crafting luxurious gowns for celebrities like Rihanna, Claire Danes and Princess Eugenie of York.

Though most of his extravagant dresses have been featured on the red carpet, Posen also designed a line of wedding-appropriate attire as well as handbags and shoes. His label was sold to Centric Brands LLC in 2020, becoming part of their lifestyle collection.

Since his debut in 2002, he's become an enormously successful designer. His designs are worn by celebrities like Natalie Portman and his first runway show was attended by Vogue editor Anna Wintour - cementing his place within the industry.

In 2004, rapper Sean Combs invested in a 50% stake of Posen's label. His designs quickly gained notoriety for their elegance and sophistication, leading him to dress Hollywood actresses such as Naomi Campbell and Katie Holmes.

Before shuttering his label, Posen was reportedly working on a TV series about fashion history and designing custom wedding dresses for brides-to-be. Additionally, he enjoyed an exciting new relationship with ballet dancer Harrison Ball, whom he'd been dating for several years now.

The couple have an adorable Instagram page together. They post sweet images of themselves having fun on a boat ride, kissing in the desert and showing off their engagement rings.

She loves classic fox styles, but she also experiments with some trendier looks. Hot pink is one of her favorites and she showed it off at the MTV Movie Awards in 2008. A baby pink frock featuring a corset bodice and frilly skirt is one of her go-to looks; paired with silver clutch and open toe pumps for an effortlessly stylish look.

5. MTV Movie Awards

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly showcased their affection on the 2021 MTV Movie Awards red carpet in stunning looks. Fox donned a nearly see-through Mugler dress, while Kelly donned an all-red metallic suit from Dolce & Gabbana.

On Sunday at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, they donned some additional sparkle for their first PDA appearance. Accessorizing with face jewelry and rings, the couple arrived wearing sparkly ensembles sure to turn heads wherever they go - from friends' envy to admiration from fans and media alike.

This year's ceremony featured an A-list lineup of presenters, including Vanessa Hudgens and Maia Adams. Additionally, it combined the MTV Movie & TV Awards and MTV Unscripted into one night of entertainment. Jack Black was awarded with the Comedic Genius Award while Bethenny Frankel took home the MTV Reality Royalty Lifetime Achievement trophy.

In 2017, MTV expanded their awards show from just movies to include television, renaming it the MTV Movie & TV Awards. They eliminated gender-specific categories in favor of a single acting category for both film and television productions, changed the format to make it more entertaining, and added a second night of awards for reality shows called MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted.

No doubt, the MTV Movie Awards have a reputation for parodying blockbuster movies and awarding bizarre prizes. But even though these ceremonies differ from each other in some respects, they also share many similarities.

The MTV Movie Awards have a tradition of awarding unusual prizes to films that also win Oscars, such as Terminator 2: Judgment Day or Heath Ledger's performance in The Silence of the Lambs. These rewards, known as Golden Popcorns, have been given out at both ceremonies since their inaugural year in 1992.

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