Lovejoy Playlist 2023

Lovejoy Playlist 2023


lovejoy playlist 2023

Lovejoy, the UK-based indie rock band comprised of lead singer Wilbur Soot (also known as Will Gold), guitarist Joe Goldsmith, bassist Ash Kabosu and drummer Mark Boardman have just released an EP called Pebble Brain - their second.

Recorded in London and available to listen to free below, this break-up album explores the lead singer's feelings regarding uncertainty and lack of affection in his relationships.

Pebble Brain

Pebble Brain is an infectious, often British record that gets so stuck in your head you can't help but love it. It's the ideal soundtrack to romanticize life and all of those little things you've imagined, making it impossible not to get swept away by its warmth and romance.

The band consists of four members: lead singer Wilbur Soot, guitarist Joe Goldsmith, bassist Ash Kabosu and drummer Mark Boardman. From Brighton, England they began producing music in 2020 and have two EPs under their belt - Are You Alright? and Pebble Brain - with plans for a 2023 breakthrough.

Soot's vocals are a blend of pop, indie, punk and group vocals that often harken back to the 2000s. He does an excellent job writing catchy choruses that will remain in your head long after listening.

"Oh Yeah, You Gonna Cry?" is an upbeat track that sets the scene for the rest of the EP with its energetic instrumentals and high-energy drums. Plus, it's sure to make you want to dance!

"Oh Yeah, You Gonna Cry?" has an upbeat vibe but still manages to convey a more serious message. The song has great depth and is masterfully crafted. Although its lyrics may seem heavy at times, they're delivered in an approachable manner that won't overwhelm listeners.

Another standout on the album is "Perfume," which elicits an intense, gut-wrenching feeling that cannot be adequately described other than as powerful and emotionally charged. It's one of the best songs on the record and its vocal performance is breathtakingly powerful.

Are you searching for a soundtrack that will make you melt? Look no further than Lovejoy's second EP, Pebble Brain. This seven-song collection brings together all their previous songs as well as two brand-new ones to create an experience unlike anything they've done before.

The whole album is worth listening to, but I suggest starting with "Oh Yeah, You Gonna Cry?" It stands out from the rest of the EP and will definitely get you up and dancing. If you're into indie rock, pop or punk music, I highly recommend checking this EP out.

Are You Alright?

Lovejoy may sound like it was created in a dystopian future, but this four-piece band from Brighton is actually quite modern - their roots in music video production date back decades. Lead singer Wilbur Soot got into music after posting gaming content on YouTube which quickly garnered millions of fans. Keeping an eye on his fan base, he saw an opportunity to collaborate with some talented musicians on some upbeat tunes - and that has been their legacy ever since!

On May 9, 2021, the album entitled "Debut" was released and features four songs that have been expertly produced, performed and accompanied by captivating visuals. In fact, this particular music video has become one of YouTube's most watched videos - a must-watch for those who have never seen the band live before!

Are You Alright is one of the more intriguing songs from this quartet, not only due to its title and use of a musical trifecta to deliver some excellent acoustic music this side of the Atlantic. As for the song itself, it incorporates elements from Soot's early career as both vlogger and songwriter into something timeless that will endure over time. Furthermore, its lyrics - surprisingly sophisticated for young Brits - are sung by Soot with class and wit that is sure to charm any attractive teenager on a date.

Call Me What You Like

Lovejoy are one of the hottest new bands on the scene, reminiscent of the noughties with overdriven guitars and clever social commentary that appeals to today's tech-obsessed teens. With over 1.5 million listeners on Spotify and an enthusiastic fan base, they recently announced their first North American tour in May which includes stops at Nashville's Basement East and Shaky Knees festival in Atlanta.

Wilbur Soot, the band frontman, achieved online success through their Minecraft content. They quickly gained fans around the UK and beyond as their music amassed hundreds of millions of streams across its discography. After releasing two EPs and a full-length album, their fanbase has continued to expand exponentially with sold out shows and an overwhelming 48K members on Discord server within 24 hours!

Lovejoy have collaborated with several musicians and friends to create catchy songs that young listeners can relate to. Their latest track, "Call Me What You Like," takes a humorous look at teenage love interests.

Wilbur Soot's voice tells the tale of a teenager with an intense interest in someone not yet close to him. He watches her go about her day-to-day activities, getting drunk, dancing with strangers and flirting with other people; loving her deeply even as he knows she may be unfaithful to him.

This song explores the struggles of trying to find joy in an uncertain world. You're sure to sing along on your commute or while waiting at the bus stop for work!

I Love You

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than by listening to some of the perfect love songs to share with someone special? From classic Alternative Rock hits to modern LGBTQ+ anthems, these romantic tunes will leave you swooning. Not only that, but they make for some romantic nights on Valentine's Day and beyond as well!

First up is I Love You, a cheerful tune sure to put you in an upbeat frame of mind. The heavy bass and drums add to the fun and energy of the track, plus there are some sassiest vocal snippets throughout for added enjoyment. Overall, this track stands out among all others on this album as its standout moment.

Second on our list is Untitled, a track sure to get your mind blown. It showcases the band's ability to blend pop, indie rock and group vocals in order to create something completely new but still highly captivating.

The third track on our list is Concrete, an uptempo song featuring group vocals and loud guitar riffs. It's sure to keep you excited for their upcoming live shows as it boasts great instrumental highlights and changes between genres throughout its duration. The beginning, middle and end are all excellently done throughout this great track.

If you're not already a fan of Lovejoy, make sure to attend their show at Manchester's Brudenell Social Club on November 30. You won't regret it - they are an incredible band that will have you singing along to their songs from beginning to end.

lovejoy official website  2023

Lovejoy Official Website 2023

Lovejoy are an indie pop band from Brighton, England that has achieved enormous success with their songs being viewed and streamed millions of times on social media platforms.

They're ready to hit the road in 2023 for their Across The Pond Tour. Discover more about their tour dates and secure tickets now!

Across The Pond Tour 2023

Lovejoy fans must-see the Across The Pond Tour, featuring some of their iconic predecessors such as guitarist Will Gold and drummer Joe Goldsmith. If you haven't seen them live yet, prepare yourself for an incredible experience - starting in New York City on May 4th with stops in major cities like San Francisco, Philadelphia and Boston before concluding their journey in Los Angeles.

Tour Dates

Lovejoy are an English indie pop band with a quirky sense of humor. Started by Twitch streamer Wilbur Soot, they have quickly become one of the most popular alternative acts in both the UK and Europe, thanks to their videos that have been viewed millions of times.

Fans can gain exclusive presale access to Lovejoy tour tickets by signing up for their mailing list on their official website. They'll send an email with a code for the presale and link, which begins at 10 am local time on February 10, 2023 before the official sale goes live.

On their Across The Pond tour, Lovejoy will make stops at some of North America's top music festivals. On May 5th at Shaky Knees festival in Atlanta; Nashville's Basement East; and Los Angeles' Novo on May 16th are just a few.

Lovejoy will also play at First Avenue in Minneapolis on May 26 and conclude their North American tour at Governor's Ball Festival in New York City on June 10. If you're interested in witnessing them live, make sure to check out their upcoming concerts on their official website.

Vivid Seats is the premier destination to purchase Lovejoy concert tickets online, boasting a 100% Buyer Guarantee and an extensive selection of seats at various price points. Here you'll find all types of Lovejoy tickets - from floor seats and front row tickets to VIP meet-and-greet passes.

Vivid Seats, the world's largest secondary ticket marketplace, offers a vast selection of tickets at various prices and seating sections for various events - from Lovejoy concerts to Alternative music performances and beyond.

Lovejoy fans can expect an exhilarating performance that will have them dancing in the aisles. Don't miss this must-see; get your tickets for a Lovejoy concert now!


Lovejoy have built an enthusiastic fanbase and are quickly becoming one of the top Alternative artists for 2023. Their songs have been streamed millions of times on social media, inspiring eager fans to come see them live.

They released their debut EP Are You Alright in 2021 and the single from it, "Taunt," quickly reached number one on both UK and US charts. Since then, the band has become a household name as they gear up for their Across The Pond Tour in 2023.

Wilbur Soot fronts the band along with Joe Goldsmith on guitar, Ash Kabosu on bass and Mark Boardman playing drums. They are renowned for their infectious indie rock sounds and humorous banter.

Tickets to a Lovejoy show can be pricey, so it's wise to buy yours early and select the best seats. Vivid Seats provides various options for tickets to Lovejoy shows, such as floor or front row seats, VIP meet-and-greet passes and more!

On the official website, you may find discounted Lovejoy tickets. However, it's essential to note that these discounts may not always be available.

To guarantee yourself the best Lovejoy tickets, sign up for their official mailing list on their website. Doing so gives you access to pre-sales before the general sale begins and an email with a code and link for purchasing your tickets.

Another way to secure tickets for a Lovejoy concert is through an online ticket exchange. Not only will this save you money, but it's important to be wary of scammers as well.

It's wise to check the dates of upcoming shows, as they may sell out quickly. To be notified when tickets become available, subscribe to the Lovejoy waitlist on their website and join their email list for notification when they go on sale.

Lovejoy boasts an enormous fanbase in the United States, so tickets to their Across The Pond Tour tend to sell out quickly. Fortunately, Lovejoy has announced that a limited number of presale tickets will be given away to those who sign up for their mailing list at 10 am local time on February 10th 2023.

Tour Information

The Across The Pond Tour 2023 will bring famed British indie pop duo Lovejoy to America for a 20-date US tour, culminating with their first-ever US festival performance at Shaky Knees in Atlanta on May 5th.

Lovejoy is a young band composed of YouTube star Wilbur Soot (aka Will Gold), Joe Goldsmith on guitar/songwriter, Ash Kabosu on drums/percussion and Mark Boardman on bass. In 2021 they released their debut EP Are You Alright? and followed it up with Pebble Brain one year later.

They have built a dedicated fanbase around the globe, with their songs regularly streaming millions of times. Their sound is an eclectic mash-up of 90's indie pop, cheeky social commentary and overdriven treble-topped guitars.

Their powerful vocals are the driving force behind their music, often exploring darker topics with wit and charm. Fans eager to experience this classic pop trio live should not miss their upcoming Across The Pond Tour, which takes them across America for a must-see performance.

The Across The Pond tour will begin in Nashville, TN on May 4th and conclude at Governor's Ball Festival in New York City on June 10th. Tickets for these shows go on sale February 10, 2023 at 10 am local time and can be purchased through verified ticketing sites like Ticketmaster or Seatgeek.

To guarantee yourself the Across The Pond Tour tickets of your dreams, sign up for their newsletter or email list as soon as possible. This will grant you exclusive access to presale tickets and a code before they go on sale to the general public. Alternatively, purchase them from third-party websites like Vivid Seats; these websites often offer better deals and can be an excellent option when looking for cheap Lovejoy concerts tickets.

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