Lovejoy - Call Me What You Like Official Video 2023

Lovejoy - Call Me What You Like Official Video 2023


Lovejoy  Call Me What You Like OFFICIAL VIDEO

Lovejoy are a British band with over 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify and sold out their first North American shows last month. Their songs appeal to young, tech-savvy audiences through humorous social commentary and overdriven treble-topped guitars.

Their latest song, "Call Me What You Like," explores a teenage's fascination with an unknowing partner.

The Story

One of the greatest developments to come out of digital music is the rise of British indie rock bands, and Lovejoy are amongst the most successful. The Brighton Beach band have amassed hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify and gained a dedicated following who love their signature double kick drum percussion and overdriven, treble-topped guitars.

The band has achieved great success on the music front, releasing several captivating singles and their highly anticipated self-titled debut album last year. Since then, they've been touring hard, including a four show blitz of North America in December. Now they've announced an extensive 20 date tour across America beginning with shows in Nashville before concluding with a special performance at Atlanta's Shaky Knees festival.

They've even managed to earn a place on our list of the best teenyboppers! Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Alternatively, you can purchase tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime experience by clicking here.

The Music

Lovejoy are an English indie rock band whose music has gained a dedicated following since 2021. Comprised of internet personality Wilbur Soot on lead vocals and guitarist Joe Goldsmith on lead guitar and songwriter Ash Kabosu on bass guitar and Mark Boardman on drums, Lovejoy boasts an enthusiastic fan base.

Since their debut EP Are You Alright dropped on May 20, the band has amassed over 105 million streams on Spotify and continues to expand their fan base. Their first single "One Day" has become a beloved tune among their followers, steadily climbing the charts.

This single is an ideal starting point for new listeners and will give them an overview of Lovejoy's sound. However, it's essential to remember that the band is young; some songs on their album are more mature in nature.

The band's style of indie rock draws heavily from the noughties, yet they also add some contemporary elements. Their music has a lively feel that will make you want to dance along with its catchy tunes. This group is an example of how great music can make people smile no matter their mood or situation.

One of my favorite songs on the album is "Sex Sells." It moves a bit slower than other tracks and it definitely has a ballad vibe to it, making it ideal for listening to when feeling low or overwhelmed.

Another fantastic song on the album is "Montero," which offers plenty of humor. Not only will it make you smile, but it also challenges you to think in a humorous manner. The video for this song truly showcases their talent; watch it now!

The band boasts a substantial social media presence and are active across all platforms. They boast 1.16 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly two million monthly Spotify listeners.

This year they have released 11 songs - an impressive accomplishment for any indie band. Since their inception, they've seen great success and are now embarking on a US tour to celebrate this success.

The Video

Official Video

Lovejoy have released the stunning official video for their new track, 'Call Me What You Like. Directed by bassist Ash Kabosu, the clip follows the band as they embark on a bus tour across London to tell the story of teenage love between its members and features some stunning visuals.

This song is an ideal showcase of the band's witty social commentary and overdriven treble-topped guitars. Not only is it cheeky and oblique, but also has an undertone of truth which resonates with their young, internet-obsessed fans.

Since releasing their debut single in May 2021, Lovejoy have seen incredible success - selling out shows around the world and becoming one of the fastest-rising bands in the UK with 30 million followers across social media and 700 million global streams. Now they're gearing up for their first North American headline tour which will include 20 shows across America starting next month before continuing through Europe. Tickets for the tour can be found below - thanks for reading! Keep checking in with us for more news from Lovejoy.

The Lyrics

Lovejoy are a British indie band founded in 2021. Their lyrics draw from the noughties era, offering insights on youth culture and social commentary. Through satirical, colloquial, and edgy vocals they tell stories that reflect upon young people's complicated adolescence. Lovejoy have gained popularity among internet-savvy fans due to their sharp wit and cheeky lyrics.

Their first single, "One Day," has amassed millions of streams on Spotify and is their most popular track. The band boasts an ardent fan base and sold out shows around the globe. Their upcoming EP, "WU&IO," will be released early in 2023; they recently released a promotional single for it called "Call Me What You Like," featuring some of their strongest lyrics to date.

The lyrics in the song express the thoughts and feelings of the singer towards his girlfriend. He wishes for her peace and comfort, while offering her affection and support. Additionally, it discusses the struggle to find happiness in a world full of uncertainty; additionally, it mentions that his girlfriend feels unsafe inside herself which may indicate mental health or emotional problems are present. He wishes to help her deal with these issues but is unsure how.

lovejoy video 2023

Lovejoy Video 2023

Lovejoy, a UK-based indie rock band, recently completed their inaugural US tour. Every show sold out and had the crowd jumping, head banging and highly engaged throughout.

They're an online sensation with millions of followers on both YouTube and Twitch channels. They're renowned for their humorous lyrics, overdriven treble-topped guitars, and outrageous stage presence.

The band

Lovejoy are an indie band from Brighton Beach, England. Their sound embodies the noughties nostalgia with cheeky social commentary and overdriven treble-topped guitars for a delightful combination of fun and frenetic energy.

Wilbur Soot has achieved legendary status on the internet due to his YouTube and Twitch channels, which boast millions of followers. Along with fellow Englishman Joe Goldsmith on drums, they have created an array of high-octane tunes that have become anthems for their passionate following.

After touring North America in December, Lovejoy are set to return this May with a 20-date tour that includes performances at Nashville's Basement East and Shaky Knees music festival in Atlanta, among other venues. Additionally, they've announced the release of their new album early 2023.

The band's latest release, Untitled (WU&IO for short), is an engineering marvel. The track utilizes computer controlled bass and guitar in a rock song - truly remarkable! Best of all? You can get your hands on a free download of the song with just one click! Alternatively, you can grab a deluxe swag pack featuring vinyl version of the track signed by members of the band itself!

Wilbur Soot

Wilbur Soot is a young man from Brighton, England. He's an accomplished Youtuber, Twitch streamer and musician as well as being part of the band Lovejoy. With an expansive fan base that follows him online, Wilbur Soot enjoys great success.

Soot's music is inspiring and relatable. He addresses social issues that are pertinent to today's generation with ease, showing off his incredible talent as a musician who will soon be making waves in the industry.

He often includes sultry lyrics in his songs, making him particularly appealing to women. Additionally, he can play an array of instruments including bass, flute, baritone ukulele and guitar. Not only that but he's also funny and often cracks jokes too! With thousands of subscribers on both YouTube and Twitch streaming accounts alike, his popularity continues to grow.

His music is a blend of pop and rock that has made him very popular in recent years. He boasts an enthusiastic fan base and his songs can be very catchy. Additionally, he's an amiable individual with plenty of friends. Furthermore, he's an accomplished artist who does great work in any video he creates.

He is a member of the Lovejoy Band, an English band from Brighton. As singer-songwriter for the group, he also has considerable expertise in writing music and lyrics.

He had always wanted to be a musician but never had the chance. That all changed when he discovered music on YouTube and it transformed his life forever. Nowadays, he boasts millions of followers and is an accomplished musician. Currently working on his second album with plenty of songs that need to be released in the world.

Soot's debut song was "The 'Nice Guy Ballad'" released in January 2018 and reached 65 on the UK Singles Chart. Since then he has released other hits such as "Karen please come back I miss the kids", "Your New Boyfriend" and many more.

Joe Goldsmith

Lovejoy have quickly achieved stardom in the music industry, selling out tours quickly and developing an adoring fan base. They are one of the hottest acts to emerge from 2022 and already have a devoted following. Be on the lookout for this exciting new band in 2022!

Joe Goldsmith is the lead guitarist for Lovejoy and writes many of their songs. He's been with the group since its inception, contributing to every aspect of its success.

He maintains a YouTube channel and Twitter account where he showcases his guitar playing. Furthermore, he participates in the Lovejoy Discord server to connect with fans online.

The band is composed of friends who began making music together after writing songs about their life experiences. Wilbur Soot (lead vocalist and guitarist), Joe Goldsmith (guitar, songwriter), Ash Kabosu (bass guitarist) and Mark Boardman (drummer) make up the line-up.

In May 2021, They released their debut EP Are You Alright. It received critical acclaim with four songs that explored a range of emotions.

Following their debut EP release in 2021, the band followed up with Pebble Brain - an EP filled with pop, indie rock, punk rock and group vocals that offered a completely unique sound from what they had done before. It's definitely worth checking out for yourself!

Their music combines social commentary and humorous banter that they hope will make their followers smile. The lyrics often draw from personal experiences with the internet, making it relatable for listeners of all ages.

Their songs aim to put listeners at ease and remind them that they're not alone in this world. These young people have experienced so much, yet have managed to express it through music.

They have achieved phenomenal success, amassing hundreds of millions of streams across their discography and seeing over 48K fans join their Discord server in just 24 hours. Their music has been praised by many who appreciate a good indie band.

Ash Kabosu

Lovejoy are a four-piece band comprised of Wilbur Soot (singer), Joe Goldsmith (guitarist), Ash Kabosu (bass guitarist) and Mark Boardman (drums). After only one year together, the quartet is on tour selling out shows across North America with plans to become household names in music by 2023.

They've released a few songs so far, including "Call me what you like", which we expect to be featured heavily on radio stations in the coming months. This track boasts impressive sound production and fast-paced synchronised action.

This three-minute track is packed with instrumental highlights and vocal focus alike, culminating in an awe-inspiring musical coup de grace. Ultimately, the band manages to keep you riveted throughout the duration. Furthermore, this serves as a lesson about entertaining fans: give them what they want!

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