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Love & Hip Hop Star K Michelle Opens Up About... | Future Starr


Love & Hip Hop Star K Michelle Opens Up About Making Her Move to Country

Love & Hip Hop Star K Michelle Opens Up About Making Her Move to Country


Love  Hip Hop Star K Michelle Opens Up About Making Her Move to Country

Love & Hip Hop Star K Michelle Opens Up About Making Her Move to Country

VH1 reality docu-soap Love & Hip Hop chronicles the struggles of rappers and women as they strive to make it in music, exploring race relations, colorism and addiction.

The pilot season stars Mimi Faust, Stevie J, Karlie Redd, Jessica Dime and Rasheeda in an intense rivalry that will no doubt remain unstoppable.

She’s Always Been a Country Girl

K. Michelle has recently shared her story of abuse from a former boyfriend on VH1's 'Love & Hip Hop.' Since then, she has used these experiences to empower those facing similar circumstances; most recently joining Young Black and Fabulous to launch the Rebel Against campaign, where she shares stories about abuse and encourages women to take control of their lives again.

K. Michelle understands how challenging it can be to navigate a music industry filled with toxic people, but she believes it's essential to stay strong and not let anyone stop her from singing or performing. Furthermore, she wants her fans to see that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to.

Country music has always had a profound effect on her life, yet she never imagined she'd be able to pursue it professionally. After spending several years in the spotlight, however, she ultimately decided it was time to take things forward and record her first country album.

When she released her debut album, Rebellious Soul, it was an enormous hit. It sold more than 72'000 copies and earned two Grammy awards in the process.

Now she's gearing up to release her sophomore set, AWBAH, and she plans on making a major impact in country music. To this end, she has enlisted some of country music's biggest stars like Morgan Wallen and ERNEST as collaborators.

She creates music to express herself and hope it inspires those around her to feel good about themselves. She believes it's essential for people to know they're accepted for who they are, and she wants them to know they aren't alone in their struggles.

She knows it will take some time for her to find her footing in the music industry, and has had to prove that it is possible for her passion to turn into a successful career. That is why she's taking her time with this album release: it will be an opportunity for her to showcase everything that makes her unique voice shine through music.

She believes she has something unique to offer the music industry and doesn't want to compromise her voice. Additionally, she strives to keep her music authentic while being true to herself in regards to personal matters.

She’s Always Been a Music Fan

The Love & Hip Hop star has always had a passion for music, so it's no surprise she chose country for her debut album. As an enthusiastic fan of the genre, her interest has motivated her to pursue it professionally and become an artist herself. Additionally, she is passionate about making an impact in her community by using her experience to empower other women.

She considers herself an alpha female and loves the music of Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston and Morgan Wallen. Additionally, Mary J. Blige's songs give her great inspiration; therefore she strives to ensure her fans feel good about what music she creates.

As an avid music lover, she began playing guitar and piano at a young age and has always loved singing. She took lessons from a man who trained Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears; additionally, she got to meet Dolly Parton during a concert!

Eventually, she was gifted her own set of guitar lessons and her passion for music only deepened. When she came home from school, she would listen to her favorite artists' albums on repeat. With a knack for country music, when she got her own instrument she decided to start playing it as much as possible.

It's no shock that she has such a passionate fan base. Her songs are powerful and she puts on an amazing performance when performing live.

She's been in the industry for some time now, and has managed to reach the top. Her hard work and dedication has paid off in numerous ways; however, reaching success was no easy feat.

As a Black woman in the industry, she's faced an abundance of discrimination and sexual assault. On Love & Hip Hop, she shared her stories to hopefully empower those facing similar difficulties.

When she's not making music, she works on her charity project Rebel Against. This initiative utilizes videos and pictures on Tumblr to provide support to women around the world who have suffered from various forms of abuse.

She’s Always Loved Music

On this week's Yes, Girl podcast, the 'Love & Hip Hop' star opened up about her transition into country music. She says that she always loved performing it and always thought of making it her career; however, she never imagined herself being able to achieve this goal until now. For inspiration she cited acts such as The Judds and Blanco Brown; additionally she credits Black men in the industry like Ray Charles, Charlie Pride and Darius Rucker with helping her along the way.

Jive Records released her initial singles and it quickly made the R&B charts with Missy Elliott's "Fakin' It," but her success didn't last long; by 2009 she had been released from her record contract.

Since then, she's achieved success outside the major-label system. She was featured on VH1's 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' and released several top ten R&B/hip-hop tracks, including the hit single "Scooch."

She's released two albums for Atlantic Records, her most recent being All Monsters Are Human in 2020. Aside from music, she owns her own restaurant and has an endorsement deal with Jack Daniel's.

Michelle has been in the entertainment industry for some time now, yet she acknowledges that she's still developing as an artist and person. To balance her love of music with her desire to be successful in business, Michelle has had to put in hard work in order to earn respect both as an artist and person.

But she also hopes to be a positive role model for her young daughters. She believes it's essential to instill in them the value of loving themselves and appreciating their unique voices, so she plans on creating an environment where they can feel free to express themselves and be themselves without judgement or criticism.

As she began writing songs, she was often inspired by the sounds of her favorite artists such as Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston. She has long admired how these women can emote through music, and hopes to do the same for her children.

She’s Always Been a Singer

K. Michelle recently spoke with Idolator about her transition into Country music and why it felt natural for her musical career.

The former Love & Hip Hop star has always been a singer, yet she had never considered making a country music album until after moving to Nashville. Although she had released various mixtapes and had a brief record deal with Jive Records, when she signed with Atlantic Records it felt like it was time for an official debut album.

She wanted her music to be more approachable for the general public, so she collaborated with some of the top country artists such as Morgan Wallen and ERNEST to achieve this goal.

Her debut album, Rebellious Soul, is an eclectic mix of songs that reflect all aspects of her life as she continues to develop into the woman she is today. She shares her struggles, desires, obstacles and love without judgment - and she's perfectly content with it all.

In her newest song, 'Scooch,' she sings of the first time she was in a relationship. This heartfelt rendition is an inspiring representation of new love and what it means to be in a committed relationship.

Another song on the album, 'Blame Yourself', tells a tale of heartbreak from an entirely different angle. While it's sad, there's also hope in it; she may be disappointed in someone but still feels loved and supported by those close to her - friends and family included.

Though she may be known for her fiery temper and Millie Jackson-level rawness, the 'Love & Hip Hop' star possesses an impressive work ethic which could potentially propel her career in music. She strives to give her fans what they want by being honest with them and serving as a role model.

As a young woman, her passion for country music was deep-seated. She grew up listening to the Dixie Chicks and even pledged Delta Sigma Theta at Florida A&M University while listening to country CDs in her dorm room. A gifted pianist, she found her voice as a singer through school choirs; since then, she has continued creating original works of art that reflect herself in unique ways.

The Best New HipHop This Week

Best New Hip-Hop This Week

It's a new year and an exciting batch of hip-hop artists has released some remarkable releases so far in 2023! To help you stay ahead of the curve, we've rounded up our picks for the best stuff available so far this year!

Kendrick Lamar or an up-and-coming emcee are just two examples of the many talented artists in rap music today. Explore these new albums, videos, and songs to find your next favorite rapper!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have been widely predicted to win this year's Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Their pop-rap hybrid music has found a place on Mainstream Top 40 radio in a way Kendrick Lamar's traditional rap music could not.

Macklemore's smash hit single "Thrift Shop" spent six weeks at the top of Billboard Hot 100 chart and earned him a Diamond Award from RIAA. Additionally, it earned him a Grammy for Best Rap Performance and was named song of the year by Rolling Stone magazine.

But their success wasn't without controversy from a vocal minority of rap fans. Many claimed Macklemore's self-empowerment songs shouldn't be classified as rap but rather pop music.

No matter one's personal opinion, Macklemore has had a lasting effect on music. They've won three Grammys and sold over one million albums worldwide - testament to their impact in this industry.

They've become one of the most renowned hip-hop acts in America and their songs have been played on millions of radio stations around the globe. Their biggest hit "Thrift Shop" has reached platinum status and been certified for 7 million downloads in the U.S. alone.

Their most recent album, The Heist, has achieved platinum sales and won a Grammy for Best Rap Album. Additionally, they are nominated for seven awards at this year's Grammys including Album of the Year and Best New Artist.

Their seven nominations should give them a strong platform to compete for more, but they'll face stiff competition in the Best New Artist category from Kacey Musgraves, Ed Sheeran, James Blake and Kendrick Lamar who all have multiple nominations and are expected to take home the award.


MIA, commonly used as the acronym for "Missing In Action," can be an unsettling phrase to hear on social media or over the phone; yet it's an incredibly prevalent textual slang term.

The acronym originated in the military, where it was used to designate soldiers who were missing in action but not killed or KIA. It has become a commonly-used expression among textual slang users to refer to people who haven't returned calls or emails in an extended period of time.

On this week's edition of The Best New Hip-Hop This Week, we're featuring a number of songs that use the acronym. While some are from artists not widely known, all have great production and an infectious hook that make them worth adding to your collection.

Logic transports us back to the early '90s with his retro-styled single from his forthcoming Vinyl Days project (due 6/17 via Anti Gun Violence Co). He's joined forces with Like for this one, featuring him singing over an ominous soulful loop that will have you feeling nostalgic for simpler times.

In addition to an impressive lineup of guest appearances, this single features Like and Blu & Exile. It's the kind of lyrically-driven track that will have us wanting more from Logic in the near future.

This week, we're featuring some great songs featuring emerging rappers who are making waves in the industry. From Mura Masa to Plato III, these are some of the hottest new hip-hop tracks available right now.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X is an American rapper and singer from Atlanta, Georgia. He achieved success with his hit single "Old Town Road."

In 2021, Lil Nas X released the iconic single, "Montero (Call Me by Your Name)." It became an instant classic and skyrocketed to number one on Billboard Hot 100 chart; additionally, it topped charts across Australia, Canada, France and other countries as well.

However, the song was met with controversy as it reportedly contains religious and sexually explicit imagery. As a result, some were offended by his words.

He made history as the first openly LGBTQ artist to win a Grammy Award for Song of the Year with his song "Old Town Road." Time named him one of the 25 most influential people online in 2019, and Forbes included him on their 30 Under 30 list in 2020.

His music may have propelled him to fame, but it was his social media presence which cemented him as an online star. He would create comedy videos on Facebook and Instagram which quickly went viral.

His Twitter account boasts over one million followers and serves as an entertaining outlet for fans around the world. He's been featured on a number of TV shows and movies, such as HBO Max show The Not-Too-Late Show With Elmo.

Lil Nas X is an accomplished and hardworking young artist with the potential to be one of music's biggest stars by 2023, though he keeps his future projects under wraps.

Jiddy Jid

JID is an accomplished rapper with a deep background in hip-hop culture. His raw style and impressive moves have won him the admiration of many, especially his fellow members of Spillage Village collective.

What sets this artist apart is his willingness to take artistic risks and tell a story beyond lyrics alone. The Forever Story is an incredibly personal album, reflecting on the rapper's life and family in detail.

JID takes his family on an incredible journey from East Atlanta streets to the big leagues - one filled with self-acceptance and growth. Throughout this project, his whole family joins him on this incredible adventure.

The songs produced from this album are some of the most significant releases this year, sure to thrust him into consideration for Album of the Year and cement his place in hip-hop history.

Some of JID's songs are catchy, but they also carry messages that are more profound and complex than what we've heard on his previous works. "Crack Sandwich," for instance, serves as a prime example; it incorporates clips of family members recounting their struggles alongside an intensely vivid narrated story.

Another standout track is "Stars," which uses a sample from Aretha Franklin and Mos Def's verse as its hook. It's an inspiring demonstration of JID's ability to blend elements of classic hip-hop and jazz without losing his soulful, genuine sound.

The Forever Story, with its timeless lyricism and focus on storytelling, promises to be one of the most captivating rap albums of 2019. East Atlanta emcee has already proven his worth as an artist, and with The Forever Story he plans on leaving a lasting impression in the world of hip-hop.


Nas is not only one of the greatest rappers in history, but he holds an iconic place in hip-hop culture as a genre-defining lyricist. Even as newcomers such as Pusha T challenge his status and skill set, Nas' legacy remains intact.

Nas has never shied away from taking the stage to perform, always giving his shows a showcase for his talent - something which sets him apart from many other rap artists.

This year, Queens-native Chris Jones took his lyrical prowess to another level with Imaginary Everything (ft. L'Orange), a 2021 album that's as weird and fun as it is profoundly self-reflective.

His thrilling melodies and powerful raps make Imaginary Everything an album that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you're mesmerized by its surrealist themes. The production matches this surrealist mood perfectly with psychedelic funk, allowing you to get lost in its strangeness.

Nashville's rap scene is blossoming at an astonishing rate. Although still young, Nashville boasts an array of talented MCs who are quickly taking over the city.

With his 2019 iNDigo Cafe album, local rapper Indigo introduced an element to hip-hop shows never seen before: performance. His ability to freestyle onstage demonstrated that he was truly a master of getting in front of an audience and delivering an electrifying show was truly remarkable.

Nashville's rap scene may not be as established as those in Memphis and Atlanta, but it is on the rise. With several talented young artists releasing their debut albums this year, it's easy to imagine this city's rap sound blossoming into something significant.

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