List of Songs Recorded by Outkast

List of Songs Recorded by Outkast


List of songs recorded by Outkast Wikipedia

Outkast is an American hip hop duo. They have recorded many hits and are known for their distinctive blend of rap and rock. Their songs have been featured in a number of movies and television shows. In addition to their hit singles, they have also released several albums, which are listed below.

Hey Ya!

The song Hey Ya! is a great example of how to make a classic pop song. It is about a relationship that goes beyond tradition and becomes timeless. It is a song about being together, and staying together for the rest of your life. While the song has its detractors, it is one that many people will enjoy.

The song is a powerful motivational tool, but has a very low effect on the player. While it can boost the player's confidence, it isn't particularly helpful when it comes to combat. Although it does give brief advice, Hey Ya! seems to have limited insight into the future. Unlike a human player, Hey Ya! can only advise on the best course of action, so it is important to have enough trust and motivation to follow her advice.

In 2003, the Outkast duo released the song Hey Ya! and it topped the charts for several weeks. It also won the 2003 Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance. The duo combines hip-hop, rap, and R&B in their music. The group is made up of Big Boi and Andre 3000. The band's 2003 album is regarded as one of the best of the millennium.

While the song's upbeat melody and snappy hook made it a popular hit for Outkast, the lyrics were more complex than the band's fans initially imagined. The lyrics portrayed a stale relationship and a deep sense of sadness. In addition to the positive message, the song also has a dark, unsettling theme that can still be felt today.

Ms. Jackson

Outkast's second single "Ms. Jackson" peaked at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 on October 3, 2006. The song is one of their biggest successes, and it is a classic in rap circles. The song is about Andre's relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Erykah Badu, and her mother, and it won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group.

The song "Ms. Jackson" went on to become a worldwide hit, entering the Billboard 200 albums chart at number two. The song also reached number two in the UK Singles Chart and featured a remix by Snoop Dogg. The song helped Outkast earn two Grammy Awards, winning Best Rap Album and Best Rap Performance.

The group also released a compilation album in 2001, titled "Big Boi and Dre Present... OutKast." This album contained several tracks by Outkast. "Whole World" was one of the singles from this album, and Jackson later used the song as her anthem on stage at her concert tours.

Despite the success of the song, it wasn't released as an official single until summer 2004. The track featured both members of the group's The Love Below album and became a modest hit on urban radio. It was released alongside a video based on the West Side Story soundtrack and gangs. The song's lyrics included references to divorce and breakups.

After the success of "Southernplayalistcadillacmizik" on 1996, Outkast's second album, "ATLiens," was released. It achieved number two on the US Billboard 200 album chart. The album received critical and commercial acclaim. A few songs in the album reflected the inner lives of the band members.

The song also received some political significance when it came out after the Iraq invasion. It was getting airplay as a support song for troops overseas. Its chorus was adopted as a battle cry by troops. However, Big Boi was against the war, and the song was never meant to be a pro-war declaration.

Ms. Brown

The singer is well-known for recording songs by Outkast. She has a lot of fans and is considered a hip hop icon. Her songs have charted on different charts. They've appeared in the Official Charts Company and Swiss Singles Chart.

"Morris Brown" is her most popular song. It is off the band's Idlewild album. It features guest vocals by Outkast, as well as a tribute to her college's Marching Wolverines. She also recorded "Oh Yeah", which features her then-boyfriend Spragga Benz. Another track she recorded is "Na Na Be Like", produced by Kenya Fame Flames Miller. It was later included in the Blue Streak Soundtrack.

"Idlewild" was Outkast's sixth studio album, released on August 22, 2006. The album also served as the soundtrack to the film, "The Game," and included songs not included in the film. The album also featured jazz, blues, swing, and soul influences.

"More Than a Musician" is Ms. Brown's third album, "It's My Life". She also recorded two tracks by Outkast and a medley of their songs. Outkast is also a member of the Grammy Awards. Their album won the Album of the Year award. Outkast also had several singles hit number one.

Outkast's third album, ATLiens, was released on August 27, 1996. It was recorded in various New York and Atlanta studios. The band received commercial and critical acclaim for their style. Some critics have compared the album to Motown Records. The songs are very musical and the lyrics are space-age-tinged.

The group recorded the hit song "I Got You" and other songs from Southern hip hop. This album is widely regarded as a classic in the genre of hip hop. It also features live instrumentation and musical elements from the funk and soul genres. The Outkast album also featured a politically charged collaboration with Goodie Mob. The group has received critical acclaim and sold over 20 million records.

The songs Ms. Brown recorded by Outkast have been sampled by several artists and included in many movies. The song "So Fresh" by Outkast was sampled in Marvel's Iron Fist. The song was certified platinum by the RIAA in October 2020. The song mentions a variety of automobiles including a Cadillac Eldorado and Chevrolet Monte Carlo. It also references Freddie Jackson and Teddy Pendergrass.

Outkast - Hip Hop Duo From Atlanta, Georgia

Outkast is a southern rap duo from Atlanta, Georgia. Their albums are recorded in Bosstown and Doppler Studios. The duo is led by Blackowned C-Bone. You can learn more about Outkast by reading Wikipedia's Outkast article.

Outkast is a southern rap duo

If you haven't heard of Outkast, they're one of the most popular duos of all time. They've been making music for twenty years and are still going strong. For the most part, their sound is slow, spacious, and often infused with blues guitar and 808 thuds. They also accentuate their Southern identity, which sets them apart from other rap groups.

Outkast's first album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, debuted in 1994 and was a critical and commercial success. The duo's second album, ATLiens, was released a few years later, and featured the single "Elevators (Me and You)." Their third album, The Love Below, had more live instrumentation and featured the hit single "Rosa Parks." Outkast's slapstick humor remained unchanged through the years, and they became a household name with their musical talents.

Known for their unique style, Outkast influenced the growth of hip-hop in the Southern United States. Their distinctive fusion of low-slung funk and gritty Southern soul became a staple of the mid-late '90s, and they helped push the South to the forefront of the genre. They were the first to bring Southern hip-hop to the mainstream, and their debut album landed them on the Billboard charts at number twenty. It became a commercial success, and they won numerous awards and accolades.

It was formed in Atlanta, Georgia

Outkast is a hip-hop duo from Atlanta, Georgia. The group is comprised of Andre Benjamin aka Andre 3000 and Antwan Patton aka Big Boi. The duo has sold over 25 million records and won six Grammy Awards. They are known for their unique blend of Southern hip hop and G-funk. Their first album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, was released in 1994. Since then, their sound has evolved and they have branched out into different genres.

The trio began meeting in high school in Atlanta. Andre Benjamin was born in 1975 and attended Tri-Cities Performing Arts High School in East Point, Georgia. Big Boi and Andre Benjamin met at the school, and the two decided to make hip-hop music. After attending the school, they went on to form Outkast. The group had one album left to release on the LaFace contract, but the duo confirmed that it is still in the works. Big Boi and Andre have also started working on other projects and are interested in movies and television. These activities have sparked rumors of a breakup between the two. However, both men have denied any split.

In December 2001, the group released their greatest hits album, including three new tracks. The track "The Whole World" won the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. The song also featured Killer Mike. The group also won the Grammy for the song "Funkin' Around" which was included on the album.

Its albums were recorded in Bosstown and Doppler Studios

The recording studios where Outkast recorded their albums were Bosstown and Doppler Studios, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Bosstown is the site of Bobby Brown's Bosstown Recording Studios, where Outkast's third album, Aquemini, was recorded. It features outer space production sounds, as well as gospel and dub influences. The songs on the album discuss life as a hustler, extraterrestrial life, and existential introspection.

Bosstown is a renowned recording studio in Atlanta. Outkast recorded their first album in 1994, and it's a platinum-certified success. Later, they collaborated with Organized Noize, which helped them sign with the record label LaFace Records. They recorded their second album, "ATLiens," in Bosstown Studios, and the album debuted at number two on the American Billboard 200. It sold over 350,000 copies in two weeks.

While Bosstown and Doppler Studios are well known for their hip-hop productions, Outkast recorded their albums at a variety of locations. They started out recording demos at Rico Wade's basement studio and later worked with producers Organized Noize. Andre 3000 and Big Boi rapped over the songs, which led to a record deal.

Its lead singer is Blackowned C-Bone

Cory Andrews, known as Blackowned C-Bone, is an American hip hop singer. He is a member of Outkast and the Dungeon Family. He has appeared on a number of albums, including "Gangsta S--" by OutKast, which was released in 2000. BlackOwned C-Bone has also appeared on other artists' albums, such as Yung Joc and Big Boi's "Tomb of the Boom" (released in 2006).

Its lead single is Idlewild Blue (Don'tchu Worry 'Bout Me)

The lead single from OutKast's sixth studio album, "Idlewild," is a 12-bar blues rap by Andre 3000. It tells the story of a character searching for independence.

The song's lyrics are taken from the Cab Calloway song "Minnie the Moocher." Big Boi and Andre 3000 also feature on the track. This song also features a sample of "Morris Brown" by Sleepy Brown.

The video for the song was directed by Bryan Barber. Barber is an acclaimed video director and worked with the rappers on a variety of clips. He also had three-time Tony Award-winning choreographer Hinton Battle choreograph the dance sequences.

The title of the song was originally "Rosa Parks". However, OutKast's legal team argued that it was false advertising and it would be unwise to include the song title. The Lanham Act was later overturned and remanded for further proceedings. The Lanham Act's original definition of false advertising included the phrase "Rosa Parks." This was later rejected by the Supreme Court on First Amendment grounds. The judge ruled that the song was an expressive work and that it had a "clear linkage" to Rosa Parks.

Its lead singer is Andre 3000

André 3000 is an American rapper, actor, and record producer. He is a member of the southern hip hop duo Outkast. He is known for his distinctive and catchy rap songs. He has a number of solo albums and has also acted in numerous movies.

Andre 3000 has been largely absent from the music industry for the past several years, but he has lent his voice to a number of projects. He has appeared on tracks by Big Boi, Drake, Beyonce, and others. He has even appeared in a movie with Jimi Hendrix, "Jimi: All is by My Side." He also has his own clothing line and has been a vegan for 15 years.

Despite the long wait, Andre 3000 has become anxious about his next solo album. His last album, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, won the Grammy for album of the year. However, he has faced some criticism of his work in the past, resulting in a lack of confidence. One critic even ripped Andre 3000's art to shreds.

Its lead single is Hollywood Divorce

After releasing their debut album, Hollywood Divorce, Outkast found themselves as a force to be reckoned with. The group, which began as followers of popular hip-hop, went on to explore themes as diverse as extraterrestrial life, pride, and illicit drugs. The group's debut single, "Elevators (Me and You)", reached the top spot on the Billboard Albums chart and went double-platinum in one year. The band was able to escape the sophomore slump and became an important and permanent part of the popular music scene.

The song is about a divorce and a new start in life. It features the rappers Andre 3000. The song has an acoustic guitar riff and harmonica element that make it very similar to Aquemini's hit single "Rosa Parks." The song is reminiscent of OutKast's early days in hip-hop, though there is also a rap song featuring Lil' Wayne and Snoop Dogg.

After the success of "ATLiens", Outkast released their third album. The album included the singles "Elevators (Me & You)" and "ATLiens." The album went on to sell over two million units. Outkast also received Grammy nominations for their work.

Its lead singer is Derrick Watkins

Outkast's lead singer, Derrick Watkins, is known for his dedication to helping the youth of today. He has given motivational speeches to 84 colleges in the past three years and is determined to make a difference in the lives of youth. His goal is to educate youth on the value of good people skills and the importance of building good relationships.

Outkast - Simple English

Outkast Simple English Wikipedia  the free encyclopedia

Outkast is an American hip-hop group. Their music spans many genres and influences. In addition, they have achieved commercial success with hits like "Benz or a Beamer." To learn more about Outkast, visit Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.

Outkast's music

Outkast is an American hip hop group, and they have released several albums. They are one of the most popular hip hop groups of all time, and they have won six Grammy Awards. They have sold over 20 million albums and won widespread critical acclaim.

Outkast's fourth album, Speakerboxxx, was released in September 2003. It features collaborations with Big Boi and Andre 3000, and is the band's best-selling album. It won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2004 and sold over one million copies in the U.S. It also reached number one in Canada, Australia, Norway, and Sweden.

Their influences

Outkast's music is inspired by a wide range of genres and influences. The band's sound is distinctly Southern, and its influences include hip hop, jazz, and soul. The group's music is popular around the world, and their music has been praised by critics and fans alike.

Their commercial success

Outkast is a hip hop group. The group has also released a film. Their albums have sold over twenty million copies worldwide and earned six Grammy Awards. The group has also received wide critical acclaim. The group was also acclaimed for their innovative lyricism.

Their song "Benz or a Beamer"

Outkast is an American hip hop group from the South. Their debut album was released in 1995, and it was a success in the United States. Its songs used traditional rhythms and slang from the Southern culture. Outkast's debut album peaked at number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart. It has sold more than five million copies and was certified diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America. This status is granted after a minimum of 10 million copies have been sold. In December 2004, they reached a new milestone, reaching 11 million copies shipped.

The group has also released albums in several genres. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below was certified Diamond in the U.S. by the Grammy Awards, and it has since become a hit in several countries. The album has received acclaim for being one of the most experimental hip hop albums.

The group changed their sound and style from their debut album to their second album, ATLiens. Big Boi and Andre 3000 wrote the album, which explored similar themes, but with a more mature approach. The album also included elements of gospel and soul.

The group's popularity has soared over the years. The group's "Ms. Jackson" reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100. The song was written in the aftermath of Benjamin's breakup with Badu. It won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group.

Their sixth studio album, Idlewild, was released in 2006 and served as the soundtrack for the film of the same name. This album featured several rapped songs and featured vocals from Benjamin. The film was a hit and the group had a mini-tour for the album.

Outkast Discography

If you're a fan of hip-hop music, you've probably come across Outkast's discography. The Atlanta-based hip hop duo was formed in 1992 and is considered one of the most influential hip-hop acts of all time. You can learn more about the duo and their discography from Wikipedia.


The Outkast singles discography includes their hit songs from their career. They have sold over 23 million albums in the U.S., and their latest album Idlewild was released in 2006 and served as the soundtrack to the film of the same name. The duo is credited with writing some of the most popular hip hop songs of all time, including "The Whole World," which won the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. The album also received mixed reviews but was certified platinum by the RIAA.

The first album by Outkast was released in 1994 and was a critical and commercial success. The song "Elevators (Me and You)" is one of their most popular singles and the album sold more than two million copies. The duo released their third album, Aquemini, in 1998, which featured the single "Rosa Parks." While the album didn't contain any hit singles, it was a double platinum selling album. The duo was nominated for a Grammy Award for Aquemini.

The group's debut album was credited with laying the foundation for southern hip hop. The album featured songs like "Ms. Jackson" and "Gangsta Rap". The album also featured tracks from the Dungeon Family and Organized Noize. Despite this controversy, Outkast was able to release two albums in the same year.

Outkast's second album continued to push the boundaries of hip hop. They featured funk stylings on their raps, and their debut album reached number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart. After the album's release, Outkast became a star of the Broadway musical Idlewild.

After the release of Idlewild, Outkast's members moved on to other projects. They co-starred in the action film Four Brothers and in T.I.'s ATL. The duo then began working on a movie together. It was directed by Bryan Barber, who also directed the music videos for the group. The film was released on August 25, 2006, by Universal Pictures. The soundtrack was released on August 22, 2006. It features songs from both Big Boi and Andre. Some of these songs include "Mighty 'O'" and "Morris Brown."

Influence on discography

The influence of Outkast on discography is undeniable, as the group has had an enormous impact on hip-hop culture. Their albums have been regarded as pivotal in the history of hip-hop, and their fans are incredibly loyal. Their third album, Aquemini, marked a departure from their usual southern hip-hop sound, with live instrumentation and a sci-fi theme.

The influence of Outkast on discography goes far beyond the music they produced. As an artist from the South, they brought respect and intellect to an otherwise struggling area. Their music became a worldwide phenomenon. Their emergence in the genre paved the way for many other acts to follow.

Stankonia and ATLiens are considered the two greatest albums from Outkast. They've been regarded as classics and pioneers of hip-hop, but they've also been considered experimental and innovative. Their third album, ATLiens, is considered a classic, and their fourth, Aquemini, is an innovative and experimental work.

Outkast also collaborated with other artists. The Mighty 'O' song features Big Boi and Andre 3000. It also features a politically charged collaboration with the Goodie Mob. The album also features "Movin' Cool," which won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance in 2002.

Outkast's music is a classic example of conscious hip-hop. Their lyrics are wise and depict the everyday lives of people in Atlanta, Georgia. Their songs capture down-and-out and coming-up feelings. They paved the way for many hip-hop artists who would follow. Their unique sound and style has continued to influence the direction of southern hip-hop.

After the 9/11 attack, Outkast's song gained new meaning. It was interpreted as a patriotic anthem, and troops played it as they fired missiles into Baghdad. This made Outkast's music more international, and their message was sent across the world. As a result, they came out against the Iraq war.

In 2003, Outkast released Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, which has been the best-selling hip-hop album ever. The album has been certified 11x platinum and is the only rap album to be honored with an Album of the Year Grammy.

Influence on hip-hop music

The influence of OutKast on hip-hop music can be measured in several different ways. The Atlanta-based hip-hop duo is an example of how southern rap groups have thrived in the wake of the "Golden Age" of hip-hop. The group emerged during this time, which has since shifted into a new phase. In this new phase, southern groups were positioned to succeed in a highly competitive field.

As one of the first southern hip-hop artists, OutKast helped define the style and genre of southern rap. They broke stereotypes and pushed the culture forward. Their sound incorporated many funk-related sounds and otherworldly explorations. This uniqueness made them stand out from other rap groups and helped to make them more mainstream.

The band consisted of Andre "Andre 3000" Benjamin and Antwan "Big Boi" Patton. The duo was influenced by artists like Prince, Parliament-Funkadelic, and Sly and the Family Stone. In addition to these influences, the band's music was also widely popular and quickly became a major influence on hip-hop.

The group's debut album was critical to the development of hip-hop. In addition to introducing "dirty" sounds, they also introduced "ATL vernacular and slang. Their lyrics were often lyrical, and they were credited with re-legitimizing hip-hop from the South.

Outkast's album Stankonia is their most ambitious and daring work to date. The band's music is exhilarating and daring, and it is arguably one of the most influential albums in hip-hop history. The album contains 24 songs and is dripping with ideas that were rarely explored in hip-hop before. Their lead single, "B.O.B," is one of the most memorable tracks on Stankonia.

Outkast Wikipedia

Outkast  Wikipedia

Outkast is a southern rap duo from the United States. They were founded in 1992 by Andre 3000 and Big Boi. The group is still active today and has a massive fan base. You can find out more about them at the Outkast Wikipedia. This article will cover everything from their origin to their current music.


Andre Lauren Benjamin, better known as André 3000, is an American rapper, singer, and record producer. He is a member of the hip hop duo Outkast. He was born in Louisiana and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. He was also an actor and has appeared in movies.

Benjamin began writing rap songs as a high school student. His first release, "Player's Ball", appeared on LaFace Records in 1993. His first LP, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, followed in 1994. Later, he released ATLiens, Stankonia, and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.

Benjamin's acting career began a few years before he starred in his first rap album. In 2002, he moved to Los Angeles and landed a small role in the movie Hollywood Homicide. He then starred in the musical film Love Hater, directed by Morgan Freeman. He also voiced a character in the film "Class of 3000" (2006-7) and appeared in the drama "Battle in Seattle."

In the years that followed, Outkast experimented with soul, jungle, and trip-hop. Benjamin was also interested in painting and began playing the guitar. He also became involved in the music industry with a singer named Erykah Badu. He wrote the song "Ms. Jackson" in the aftermath of a breakup with Andre 3000. It went on to chart at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Patton and Benjamin met during Benjamin's first year at Tri-Cities School for the Performing Arts, an Atlanta magnet school that encourages artistic expression. They quickly became friends. While they were at school, Patton discovered that Benjamin was a fan of music and rhyming.

In addition to music, Benjamin Outkast had a clothing line. He was voted PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity in 2004. His wife, Erykah Badu, has a son, Seven Sirius Benjamin, who was born in 1997. Benjamin was arrested in Georgia in March 2009 for speeding in a 65 mph zone.

Although Benjamin and Patton's albums were different, both were commercial successes. The Love Below featured solo tracks by Benjamin and Patton. The album's funkier sound was praised by critics and fans. It also topped the Billboard chart for over two months, beating Bee Gees' previous record of four weeks at number one.

Ice Cold

Ice Cold Outkast is one of the most popular and successful hip hop acts of all time. The Atlanta-based hip hop duo formed in 1992 and is often regarded as one of the most influential acts in the genre. The two members of Outkast are André "3000" Benjamin and Antwan "Big Boi" Patton.

The video opens with band manager Antwan (Big Boi) talking backstage. Then, in a live black-and-white television show, Ryan Phillippe plays a TV presenter who tries to calm the screaming girls. During the show, fans scream and one girl is even carried off stage by security.


The video for "Hey Ya!" features the group's trademark dance moves and repetitive words. It also stars charismatic Andre 3000 and Big Boi in a comedic role. The video also features members of The Love Below, who represent different facets of the group. The video features a girl rushing the stage and being carried away by security.

Unlike their past hits, the group isn't afraid to get personal on their songs. Their new single "Chemicals" is a personal anthem to relationships, a man's relationship with his woman, and a cynic's hatred of the word "bitch." The song is self-produced and backed by a bass line and a soulful melody.

After the invasion of Iraq, this Outkast track became popular. As support for the troops overseas, it received airplay as a battle cry. While Big Boi and Outkast themselves were against the war, the chorus became a rallying cry for soldiers. The song never was meant to be a pro-war declaration, however.

"Stankonia" was the group's fourth album and earned the group the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group. The title of the album, "StanKONIA," comes from the group's recording studio. It continued the group's tradition of groundbreaking music. Outkast was a hip-hop duo that made a major impact.

The group has not released a new album together since 2006, but they have reunited for a concert tour this year. Despite the long silence, the group is still close friends. In fact, the two recently attended an Oregon Ducks game together. Andre has gone on to pursue his solo career and occasionally stars in movies.

Ice Cold & Dookie

The American hip hop duo Outkast was founded in 1992. The duo, comprised of rappers André "3000" Benjamin and Antwan "Big Boi" Patton, is often regarded as one of the greatest acts of all time. The two rappers were renowned for their lyrical content and charisma, as well as their distinctive musical styles.

The video for "Hey Ya!" features the rappers' trademark dance move. It is a spoof of the Beatles' 1964 appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, and Andre 3000 stars in the video as the entire band. Bassist Possum Jenkins and drummer Dookie are also featured, as are backup singers in equestrian clothing.

The video opens with a television presenter and the band's manager, Antwan. The two men are portrayed as energetic and calm, and are accompanied by a female fan who shrieks and screams. The band performs for the audience, who roar along to the music. During one performance, a girl frantically rushes to the stage. Security then rushes in to rescue her.

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