Lil Kee - Yall Know Official Music Video

Lil Kee - Yall Know Official Music Video


Lil Kee  Yall Know Official Music Video

Lil Kee - Yall Know Official Music Video

Atlanta-via-Alabama rapper Lil Kee is on the rise. His recent mixtape Letter 2 My Brother brims with emotion and insightful lyrics, making it essential listening for anyone who appreciates hard street narratives that are accompanied by raw pain.

Check out the official music video for Yall Know below!

Lil Kee - Yall Know

Hip hop offers many positive experiences for many, while providing others with painful reminders. Lil Kee has experienced both his stepfather and cousin passing away due to gun violence - something he said is impossible to describe in words. But he's not alone; using music as a medium to share his stories and help those following in his footsteps navigate similar trials and tribulations.

Lil Kee's latest single, "Yall Know," and its accompanying video offer a little bit of everything. Its polished production values and polished lyrical performances are what dreams are made of, while its high-octane percussion sections make the track even more captivating to listen to. What's more? This song also delivers some impressive rapping and lyrical feats during an interlude that should not be missed by fans of the genre.

Check out Lil Kee's newest video below and be sure to subscribe, comment and like to see what else the man of many has in store! You can also visit his official website here to stay connected; his music can also be found on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Prime! If you're searching for the best in the business, look no further - Lil Kee is your man!

TiaCorine - Gas Station

After the success of her debut EP 34Corine and Deluxe entitled The Sage of 34Corine, Winston-Salem rapper TiaCorine has released the video for her latest single "Gas Station", an uptempo trap track ideal for summer heat.

The music video for "Gas Station" is an enchanting animated piece. Tia stars as Bully from the iconic 2006 Rockstar video game of the same name, wearing a cotton candy-colored mullet, classic prep school ensemble and black Air Force 1s.

She doesn't fear to show off her wild side and even throws in some humorous one-liners. With an eclectic blend of sounds like trap, pop, R&B and hip-hop, the Winston-Salem artist proves she can be anything she wants while doing so with style.

TiaCorine creates an original sound by fusing her lyricism with upbeat pop structures and cheeky one-liners. Her influences range from Nicki Minaj and Luther Vandross to Avril Lavigne and Paramore, creating a truly distinctive sound unlike anyone else in the industry.

Her song "Lotto" achieved worldwide success in 2018 and she followed that up with a remix featuring fellow North Carolina rapper DaBaby that was released the following year, 2019. Since then she has released multiple singles and recently released her debut album I Can't Wait.

TiaCorine's debut project is an impressive blend of her diverse influences. Whether she's rapping over a trap beat, performing punk-inspired songs, or singing about female empowerment in male-dominated societies, she never fails to deliver quality work that will have fans screaming with delight.

TiaCorine is rapidly becoming a household name amongst the hip-hop community and her unique blend of lyricism will continue to keep people talking for years to come. With her infectious passion for creativity and impressive work ethic, TiaCorine is sure to reach greater heights soon!

Winston-Salem-based artist has an uncanny ability to draw people in with her captivating aura. She can make listeners feel as if they're on an exciting journey and strives to make each experience unforgettable.

Lil Jon - Give It All U Got

If you were in a hip hop club during the early 2000s, chances are you've heard some of Lil Jon's signature crunk anthems. These powerful tunes were uncompromising earworms that could turn any dancefloor into an energetic battle of wills.

Lil Jon was a major force behind the development of crunk music, which began to emerge from underground Memphis clubs during the early 1990s. This raw and visceral style of rap music had never before been heard on pop charts before.

Lil Jon and Usher collaborated on 2004's "Yeah!" The single was an instant sensation on rap radio, quickly becoming one of pop music's last true blockbusters. It sold 1 million copies in its first week alone and held onto top spot on the Hot 100 for over a year.

Lil Jon revolutionized crunk music with his unique take on it - turning its feral chants into an uptempo pop soundscape.

Lil Jon's song was an enormous hit, leading to several other chart-topping hits. Additionally, in 2010 he released his solo album Crunk Rock.

Before he released his first solo album, Lil Jon worked as an independent producer for several artists and DJ at popular clubs in Atlanta.

His work as a DJ and radio personality gave him exposure for his music, enabling him to build fans in radio markets that were difficult for non-local artists to break into.

He quickly gained notoriety as the face of crunk music and helped bring the genre mainstream success. Along the way, he collaborated with many notable rappers such as Miami-based Pitbull, Bay Area legend Too Short, and E-40.

In addition to his music career, he is an ardent sports fan and supports all of Atlanta's professional teams, particularly the NHL's Atlanta Thrashers. In fact, he even featured in a documentary about the team called Valiant.

In 2009, he released a collaborative song with Diplo titled "U Don't Like Me." Additionally, he has featured on other artists' songs.

Lil Baby - What You Sayin

Lil Baby's new album, It's Only Me, brings out the mature side of him through his lyrical performance. On tracks like "Russian Roulette," "Forever (Ft. Fridayy)" and "No Fly Zone," Lil Baby shows off his storytelling prowess through lycrism, introspection and smooth choruses.

Unfortunately, It's Only Me is largely forgettable and lackluster in comparison. Despite its impressive title track and some other songs, the 23-track project lacks the charisma, depth of feature or stunning vocals to make it a standout in any category.

DJ Akademiks may have missed something important when he left out Lil Baby from the lyrics for "Top Priority". The popular YouTube host and "Drip Too Hard" rapper has come out and said that if Lil Baby ever went to court, he would testify against her in this case.

Though the song's primary accomplishment lies in its use of multiple languages and inclusion of a large number of rappers, it doesn't quite measure up to having creative verses or an innovative music video. "Right On," featuring Gunna and 42 Dugg, is actually the highest scoring track on the album - boasting its highest score with its highest mention of languages.

Lil Baby and his team are ready to take their rapping skills to the next level. He's joined fellow 4PF artist Lil Kee for "What You Sayin," an infectious single from Letter 2 My Brother, available everywhere from Four Pockets Full Inc. Watch the clip for the song above and be sure to follow Lil Kee on Instagram for all his latest moves - it could be one of this year's top emcees before long!

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