Lady Gaga's Cheek to Cheek Album Turns the Spotlight on Tony Bennett

Lady Gaga's Cheek to Cheek Album Turns the Spotlight on Tony Bennett


cheek to cheek lady gaga

Lady Gaga is an electrifying pop diva who sells out stadiums and delights her devoted followers. But her latest LP, cheek to cheek, puts the spotlight on an iconic jazz crooner.

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga recently collaborated on Cheek to Cheek, an album of duets featuring American standards that was a huge success for both artists.

Cover art

Gaga is no stranger to daring fashion choices, yet she has recently shown off a more subdued side on the Cheek to Cheek cover art. The self-styled Mother Monster dons a voluminous curling fro, thick eyebrows, cat-eye liner and nude lip for this project.

Steven Klein created the album's cover design, as well as its deluxe edition packaging and first official image. This artwork features Bennett and Gaga posing cheek to cheek on the front of a New York newspaper - an eye-catching piece that will have fans eager for closer looks at their tanned skins.

Lady Gaga and jazz great Tony Bennett may be best known for their pop hits, but it's their jazz collaboration that really stands out as the album of the year. Their chemistry on record is truly magical, making this album-length jazz opus a must-have in any fan's music collection.

From the seductive jazz standard "It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)" to the stirring epic "Nature Boy," Bennett and Gaga have created an album that sounds like it was created by a team of professionals. In addition to their album release, they've also filmed a PBS special and toured around the world together.

On September 23, 2014, Cheek to Cheek album debuted and quickly rose to number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, becoming Bennett's and Gaga's third consecutive chart-toppers of this decade. Additionally, it earned two award nominations - including a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. With such widespread praise from music enthusiasts and critics alike, Gaga's career took an exciting new turn.

Track listing

Lady Gaga had a difficult couple of years; she split with her manager, underwent hip surgery, and released an album that wasn't particularly popular. But her latest move may finally put things back on track. At a charity gala in New York City on Thursday night, the singer announced Cheek to Cheek, her duets album with jazz singer Tony Bennett.

At the beginning of this year, Gaga and Bennett recorded a live concert featuring 60 minutes of jazz standards and music theater favorites that was broadcast on TV. Their chemistry as performers was evident, with critics hailing their performances with praise.

On September 13, 2014, the album was released and quickly rose to the top of Billboard charts as well as making several other countries' Top 10.

As the title implies, this collection features standards from the Great American Songbook performed by a 39-piece orchestra with Gaga's piano skills and Bennett's chill vocals.

They may not be the most conventional pairing, but this record nonetheless offers some decent entertainment. Most of the songs are warm and well-crafted, even if some could benefit from more depth and complexity in their arrangements.

"Firefly": Gaga and Tony sing along to this uptempo standard that encourages flirting with all men at the party. It's entertaining to hear Tony loosen his collar as Gaga twirls, as the song accurately captures her sexual frustration. Additionally, there's a winking wink-wink vibe throughout which it's easy to understand why Gaga calls herself a "dance queen".

"Let's Face the Music and Dance" is another timeless classic, featuring Gaga and Bennett taking turns on drums and horns. She hits her high notes while Bennett keeps things cool as ice, creating an infectious percussion-driven groove that almost sounds like they're dancing!

Gaga's flute solo on "Nature Boy" is certainly not your average hippie-rock tune, yet it still sounds sophisticated. What really stands out, however, is Gaga's "anything goes"-style lyric which challenges her to take a more subtle approach.


Music streaming is an increasingly popular way to listen to music. Platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music have given artists the platform they need to reach millions of listeners worldwide and monetize off their work. It can also be an excellent discovery tool for new talent; however, there are some things you should be aware of before diving in headfirst with streaming services.

Most streaming services focus on hip-hop and pop songs. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it can be limited when it comes to genre diversity. That is why artists need to partner with companies that represent various genres so they can gain more exposure.

Lady Gaga is one such example, who recently began working with Metro Music Group to release her album in the UK. To promote and raise awareness for the release, Metro is launching a campaign.

Metro has launched a campaign to raise awareness about its new album, due out in the UK on 23 May. To do this, they will be advertising it across their print, online and social media platforms.

If you want to hear the new album before its official release, listen to it on Metro in the UK starting May 18th. Additionally, you can purchase it through their website or app.

In 2011, Lady Gaga released her second studio album, Born This Way. Though it wasn't a major hit, one track stood out: Bloody Mary. This song featured on the Netflix show Wednesday and fans have been remixing scenes from it to create an edit of Jenna Ortega's iconic dance as Wednesday Addams.

This has resulted in a resurgence for the song, which originally featured on Gaga's 2011 album. Thanks to fan edits, it now receives over 1.2 million streams daily on Spotify.

Lady Gaga's hit single "Shallow" from her A Star Is Born soundtrack has been a global phenomenon, dominating sales and streaming charts around the world. But how does the album perform overall?


Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga first collaborated in 2011 when they sang "The Lady Is a Tramp" for Tony's #1 album DUETS 2. This duet quickly won over fans of both artists to each other's music and style; soon everyone from teenagers to baby boomers were asking for more.

When Gaga needed a partner for her first studio album in a decade, Tony Bennett was the perfect choice. At 88 years old, the jazz master and swinging crooner has become an American national treasure with his warmth and effortless cool.

In 2014, after the release of their Cheek to Cheek album, the duo embarked on a 36 date tour across Europe and the US. Filmed at the Rose Theater in New York City, these shows were aired as live specials on PBS.

Although the Rose Theater's acoustics are somewhat limited, Gaga and Bennett have an incredible chemistry onstage, which allows their performances to capture the intimacy of the venue perfectly. As a result, this show is sure to please both fans and music connoisseurs alike.

For their collaborative album, the two singers selected a selection of jazz standards from composers such as George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern and Irving Berlin.

In September 2014, the album "Anything Goes" and the singles "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" debuted at number one on the charts. Additionally, the record was nominated for a Grammy award.

The album is available on vinyl LP and CD formats, featuring a picture disc and booklet with lyrics. A special edition was also released that included a bonus DVD. Streaming versions of the album can be purchased on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music; additionally a concert television special was produced and aired on PBS as part of their Great Performances series.

vogue lady gaga

Lady Gaga on the Covers of British Vogue and Vogue Italia

Lady Gaga graces the covers of British Vogue and Vogue Italia's December 2021 issues, both photographed by Steven Meisel. For Vogue Italia's cover feature, Gaga wears a custom Schiaparelli dress embellished with dramatic gold lame.

Her makeup is vintage-inspired, featuring voluminous feathering and purple frosted eyeshadow with carved out cheekbones enhanced with rouge. Guido Palau styles her hair.

Cover Story

Lady Gaga, the gold-domed popstar, is taking over both British Vogue and Vogue Italia's covers in December 2021. Captured by Steven Meissl, both magazines feature her in fashion-filled spreads inspired by her new film House of Gucci in which she plays Patrizia Reggiani - as well as being the designer's grandmother - during an era when Gucci was an aristocratic heirloom that few could afford.

Gaga's style is reminiscent of Artpop, her 2013 album. For Vogue Italia's cover she dons a pink cocoon cape from Maison Valentino and British Vogue's covers feature a custom Noel Stewart balaclava with vinyl mask. Her makeup looks surrealistic yet pop art-inspired and she finishes the look by dusting on Skin Fetish: Divine Blush in Cherish for added dimension.

Makeup artist Sarah Tanno sculpted the singer's bold brows and added a light pink shimmer to her eye. Additionally, she applied Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfecting Foundation, Concealer, Setting Powder and Blurring Under-Eye Powder to her face for an flawless canvas.

In an interview with Vogue, the singer revealed her goal to keep her look as minimal as possible and shared some of her favorite products. She recently switched over to affordable drugstore makeup to show the world that affordable beauty can look just as good as high-end items.

The singer also spoke candidly about her relationship with Bradley Cooper and upcoming Las Vegas residency. Additionally, she recounted her first major film role in A Star Is Born and how instantly she clicked with co-star Cooper.

Gaga's Joanne album has become her most successful debut ever, reaching number one on the charts and selling over 10 million copies globally.

As the pop star continues to develop as an artist, she showcases a fresh side of her talent with each project. In her newest cover story for Vogue magazine, however, she displays her most minimalist side yet - and it is stunning.


The multi-talented Queen of Fashion, Music and Film is still the reigning diva in the industry. She recently graced the covers of British Vogue and Vogue Italia - both shot by Steven Meissl in celebration of her highly anticipated movie House of Gucci.

On the cover of British Vogue, Gaga is seen wearing a dress featuring an eye-catching pattern of gold chains, reminiscent of Schiaparelli's 1930s "shocking perfume bottle" design for the issue's cover.

She's wearing high-heeled boots paired with her signature strappy thigh-high socks, designed by Italian designer Giovanna Battaglia in collaboration with French shoe brand Fyodor Golan. The boots are from their collaboration with French shoe brand Fyodor Golan while the socks are by Italian designer Fyodor Golan.

Gaga also talks about her involvement with Ridley Scott's movie House of Gucci and how she used method acting to play Patrizia Reggiani, the convicted killer of Maurizio Gucci.

"Initially, it was such a traumatic experience for me,' she shared, 'especially at the start when I was so immersed in it. There were times when I felt very overwhelmed but ultimately managed to manage. For one year and a half I learned how to speak with an accent which helped immensely; something which had never happened before. In some ways this made the movie even more intense for me; I really had to think about everything."

Lady Gaga, who has earned a devoted fan base and is renowned for her daring style, was featured on the December 2021 issues of British Vogue and Vogue Italia. For the photoshoot, Lady Gaga was joined by makeup artist Pat McGrath, colorist Ryuta Sayama, hair stylist Guido Palau and manicurist Jin Soon Choi.

She's been a major force on the international stage for several years now, earning numerous accolades and becoming the first woman to win an Oscar for her performance in A Star Is Born. Additionally, she has featured in films like American Horror Story: Hotel and Hotel California; plus, she collaborated with designer Valentino to star in their Voce Viva music video.


Lady Gaga has never shied away from making a fashion statement, and her eclectic and artistic looks served as the foundation of her brand during her early decade in the industry. But today, the pop star has adopted an elegant aesthetic that still maintains all of her earliest looks.

Her daring style made her a household name and allowed her to break away from traditional beauty standards. From oversized leather corsets to elaborate dresses covered in raw meat, the vogue lady has evolved from being an over-the-top stage presence to a refined pop princess who expresses herself freely.

She made her first forays into outlandish fashion when she released her debut album in 2008. The electro-pop sound of the songs she sang, combined with her disco mirrored wardrobe, set her apart from other artists on the pop scene at that time.

Gaga made a bold statement with her video for "Poker Face," wearing an all-white sculptural leotard and crystal-covered sunglasses, along with an ethereal blonde hair-bow that would become her signature style. Additionally, she made an impactful statement through the theme of her video, which took place inside a women's prison.

The music industry is fiercely competitive, so making an impact with one single song is paramount for chart success. Therefore, having a strong and unique image that can endure for years to come is essential.

If you're searching for an effortless way to upgrade your style, a lob haircut is the ideal solution - it keeps your locks looking sleek and modern without making too much of a statement. Furthermore, this versatile style works well on virtually anyone, as there are various bob haircut styles tailored specifically for different hair types and textures.

For a modern take on elegance, try pairing your long bob with side-swept bangs. For something extra daring, add in a low to the nape bun for some playful volume.


Lady Gaga, a pop icon with the imagination of a child, continues to astound audiences around the globe with her stunning looks and catchy songs. Most recently she graced Vogue magazine's cover with an effortless beauty look that perfectly encapsulates her signature style.

Her hair is a bold choice too. She styled her platinum lengths into milkmaid braids and then wrapped them with sumptuous black ribbon for an effortlessly feminine style. For added flair, she added two red poppies - symbols of peace and harmony - into the back for extra detail.

Gaga's makeup is often soft and luminous, a look that she often features in recent looks. Longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno used products from L'Oreal Paris for this cover, applying them with minimal coverage so Gaga's stunning natural glow could still shine through.

Tanno began her eye look by blending Lovestruck from the Mothership IX: Huetopian Dream palette through Gaga's eye crease and lower lash line. To further amp up the metallic sparkle, she added a wash of IntensifEYES Artistry Wand across her lids. McGrath then applied PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencil in Vengeance followed by Lip Fetish Balm Divinyl Lip Shine in Electric Lotus for an alluring sheen.

We all understand how essential it is to look our best on the red carpet, so it's no wonder Lady Gaga's makeup team has done their job perfectly. With over ten years of awards show experiences under their belts, these fashion and beauty experts have created remarkable transformations for her beyond simple make-up applications.

Gaga's extravagant couture looks for British Vogue and Vogue Italia included one that took weeks to perfect: her iconic Schiaparelli Couture ball gown. For this transformation, Gaga enlisted hair stylist Guido Palau, colorist Ryuta Sayama, makeup artist Pat McGrath, and manicurist Jin Soon Choi to help her bring it to life.

jackson wang concert

Jackson Wang Concert - A Show That Will Not Be Forgotten Any Time Soon!

Jackson Wang is one of the world's most dedicated entertainers, consistently putting on spectacular shows. This was evident at his sold-out concert in Singapore last Friday - it will not be forgotten anytime soon!

On his MAGIC MAN world tour, Jackson had an exciting surprise for his fans: He brought one lucky fan onstage to join him, which the fan was absolutely overjoyed about!

Magic Man World Tour

GOT7 member Jackson Wang is gearing up for his first-ever solo world tour, in support of his new album Magic Man. Released last September, this multi-hyphenate's acclaimed sophomore set draws heavily from '70s rock influences and delves deep into topics such as toxic love and self-discovery.

On November 26, Chinese singer Li Xiaogang will take the stage in Bangkok, Thailand before visiting major entertainment hubs such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, London and Paris. His tour continues into February with a stop in Dubai.

Wang has made it his mission to showcase Chinese-influenced music on the international music stage and promote China and Asian culture around the world. Through his tireless efforts, he's amassed an adoring fanbase.

Fans eager to witness Jackson Wang's captivating stage performance and unique K-pop aesthetic will be delighted when he hits the road in 2023. If you're thinking about attending one of his concerts, here's everything you should know about purchasing tickets:

Floor seats offer an unforgettable experience that may be costly, so be sure not to skimp when it comes to ticket prices. You may want to consider investing in VIP Jackson Wang meet and greet tickets which cost more than regular tickets but may be worth the extra money.

To find the best Magic Man tickets deal, use SeatGeek's interactive maps to locate seating sections and get a preview of what your view from your seat will be like at the event. Afterward, use filters on the left to refine your search based on price or deal score.

If you're searching for Magic Man tickets, Vivid Seats is our top recommendation. They offer a 100% Buyer Guarantee and have been named No. 1 on Newsweek's list of customer service for three consecutive years. With our straightforward ordering process, we can help find the best Magic Man tickets within your budget - plus deliver them right to your door.


Sean Miyashiro founded 88rising, a management and media production company with an expertise in Asian American culture. He has an eye for finding breakout talent that can break into the global music scene; often selecting individuals based on how they utilize social media to promote themselves within the industry.

Established in 2016, 88rising has rapidly transformed from an unknown startup to an international powerhouse. Throughout its short existence, it has collaborated with some of music's biggest names. But what really sets 88rising apart is its capacity for making Asian artists household names in an increasingly globalized world where boundaries between cultures, genres and markets are crumbling.

It has also been credited with encouraging cross-cultural collaborations between Asian artists and Western superstars, something other labels had difficulty accomplishing. For instance, Rappers React, one of 88rising's popular YouTube series, sees established U.S rappers reacting to tracks from its Asian artists; this series has become a hugely successful channel for the label.

The label's roster of artists includes Korean pop singer Keith Ape and Indonesian rapper Rich Brian (formerly known as "Rich Chigga"), both from South Korea. Additionally, The Higher Brothers--a Chinese rap group whose members call themselves after Haier--joined 88rising in 2016 and have since gained immense popularity across Asia.

Due to 88rising's success, their artists have been invited to perform at numerous events like Coachella and Glastonbury. Furthermore, they've been featured in music videos and movies like the upcoming blockbuster movie A Star Is Born.

Their live shows are some of the most captivating I've ever witnessed. The crowd was incredibly passionate, creating an electric atmosphere between artists onstage. Everyone was dancing and having a wonderful time throughout the evening.

At the conclusion of the night, those on the sidelines joined Jackson and his fellow artists onstage for an unforgettable dance and clap along. It truly was an incredible experience - I can't wait for the next concert!

Team Wang

K-pop star Jackson Wang has been a major force in China for several years. The fashion designer and founder of his own label Team Wang has earned praise from critics and fans alike for his powerful voice. As an up-and-coming star, Jackson Wang hopes to make waves worldwide within the music industry.

On his world tour, he will perform in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore before traveling to the West for shows in London, Paris and Dubai.

Last year, he was one of the headliners at HITC Festival and has also performed as a solo artist at Coachella. Currently, he's promoting his second studio album Magic Man which debuted on Billboard 200 and received critical acclaim across various outlets.

After making his debut as a singer with K-pop group Got7, Mr Wang launched his own label and was quickly noticed in Hong Kong. After training in Seoul for six months, Mr Wang was signed by JYPE Entertainment (Stray Kids!).

Jackson is known to have a knack for style, and his appreciation of French luxury brand Fendi was evident in his 2018 single Fendiman.

On his arrival, he quickly gained notoriety as a fashion icon and started collaborations with major brands such as MAC, Fendi, Cartier, Armani Beauty, Rayban and L'Oreal. Additionally he owns his own record label which enjoys huge support in China.

Jackson has launched his own clothing line for the Chinese market that features high-end pieces. This venture is made possible thanks to his impressive social media presence - 2.7 million followers on Instagram alone!

The 28-year-old is renowned for his multilingual abilities, with many reporting that he speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean fluently. This has cemented him a place of honor in China and will likely continue to increase in fame over time.

His first solo tour is set to commence in November and will visit cities around the globe. His six-date itinerary includes stops in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, London, Paris and Dubai.


Jackson Wang has the unique ability to combine all his talents, from singing and rapper to designer and fencing expert. Additionally, he's one of the seven members of GOT7 and has had tremendous success in his career thus far.

Since their debut in January 2014, GOT7 have quickly amassed a fan base for their martial arts tricking and b-boy style choreography that they featured during live performances. This unique style of performing was unprecedented for a Korean group at that time but ultimately what propelled them to success.

In the early months of their career, they released a series of EPs and mini-albums that quickly gained traction in Korea. Later that year, their first full-length album Identify was released in late 2014; this record topped both Gaon Weekly Album Sales Chart and Billboard's World Digital Songs Chart.

They then embarked on their first Japanese tour, as well as a Chinese one. Unfortunately, both tours were cut short due to Jackson's health issues and conflicting schedules.

During their comeback era, they adopted a more mature image and sound that catered to their fandom's expectations. Gone from the technicolored boyfriend image they'd created in the beginning to an increasingly masculine aesthetic.

Their comeback album, MAD, was released in September 2015 and quickly achieved great success in Korea, further increasing their fandom.

MAD was an encouraging sign for the boys, as it allowed them to finally establish themselves in the industry. Their album also produced another Billboard World chart-topper with "If You Do (niga hamyeon)," which reached number one in both Korea and Japan.

It was during this period that they released some of their most successful songs, such as "Just Right" and "Stop Stop It." Furthermore, they got to sing their first ballad together - an incredible milestone for any band.

After their 2015 return of MAD, they continued their transformation with a series of singles and EPs. Most recently, 7 for 7 was an international hit, with its title track topping real-time music charts in both Korea and Japan.

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