Kim Loaiza - INFIELES Video Official 2023

Kim Loaiza - INFIELES Video Official 2023


Kim Loaiza  INFIELES Video Official 2023

Kim Loaiza, a singer-songwriter and influencer, releases her new single Infieles by title with collaborations from El de la O, Gotex, DJ Pantoja (Kimberly's husband), Juan Vegas and Jutha.

One song I wrote explores the true story of an engaged couple and their unrequited love when no compromise has been made with others.


Kim Loaiza's INFIELES Video Official 2023 lyrics are especially captivating, as they tackle an extremely controversial subject: forbidden romance - something which has often featured in music videos before.

Kimberly Loaiza recently unveiled her new song, Infieles, and it has already received excellent response from both fans and critics alike. It seems to have great potential, as its potential has already been recognized.

The song's lyrics depict a forbidden romance and the singer is encouraging her lover to stay with him even though it might be difficult. Furthermore, the track has an uptempo rhythm which makes it ideal for dancing.

The track has amassed 1.8M total views and 335K likes on YouTube, making it one of the most popular songs in Mexico. Additionally, it appeared on several charts such as Top 100 Mexico Music Chart, Top 40 Mexican Songs Chart and more.

Music Video

Kim Loaiza is well known for her tenure as TikTok's queen and subsequent Disney venture. With a large social media following and an appreciation of pop culture, she's one of those rare individuals with their sights set on winning a coveted crown. Although only a few years into this gig, Loaiza already knows her stuff and knows when it's time for some fun!

Release Date

Kim Loaiza's INFIELES Video Official 2023 is set for February 10th, 2020 and already boasts 1.8 million views and 335K likes on YouTube. It also garnered tremendous social media buzz as well as being named one of YouTube's most popular videos of the decade - no small accomplishment given how many people tune into YouTube each month. No matter your taste in music or not, this is one YouTube video you don't want to miss!


On February 10th 2023, Kim Loaiza released a brand-new single called 'INFIELES'. This song has already gained tremendous attention and should definitely be on your radar!

Kim is a renowned Mexican singer-actress who has amassed an enormous social media following. She began her career on YouTube in 2016 and quickly became one of Mexico's most subscribed channels. On Instagram alone, her following has grown to over 10 million. Married to fellow artist Juan de Dios Pantoja, Kim has two children together.

Her music career has seen the release of numerous hits such as 'No Seas Celoso' and 'Me Perdiste. Additionally, she has collaborated with other artists like Karol G and Natti Natasha.

"INFIELES," the third single from Kim Loaiza's forthcoming album, is an intensely personal song that explores the difficulties of love and relationships.

It has become a worldwide sensation and gone viral on social media, garnering millions of views in just a few weeks. The video features her and her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja.

She is one of Mexico's most beloved singers, her videos garnering millions of views on YouTube. Additionally, she enjoys a large following on Twitter with over 1.5 million followers; currently, she ranks 7th most followed user on TikTok.

Lideran Kim Loaiza y Kenia Os Los Estrenos Musicale

Kenia Os is a Mexican influencer with more than 9.8 million followers on Instagram, Twitter and 6.8 million YouTube subscribers. Today she's created an entirely new musical genre.

His video "Joder" surpasses 2 million views, as well as featuring a poignant tribute to his former lover Mario Barron that garners him over 4 million written views.

Alvaro Diaz

Alvaro Diaz is a singer-songwriter and reggaeton artist best known for his role as Lupita Fernandez in the hit television show Rebelde.

He is a member of Lideran Kim Loaiza y Kenia Os los estrenos musicale, an ensemble consisting of six members. They have released three albums: Hato Rey, Ilumilatin and San Juan Grand Prix.

They have achieved great success in the music industry and are currently ranked as one of the most popular groups worldwide. Their sound is distinctive, featuring Latin rhythms combined with hip-hop beats.

At their concert, they performed the song "Que mas pues?" about love that was inspired by their own experience. This heartfelt piece recounts the tale of two peoples' falling in love.

The song has become a sensation in Puerto Rico and been nominated for Best Urban Album at the Premios Tu Musica Urbano 2022. Additionally, it was nominated for Best Latin Pop Single, an award category dedicated to songs about love and relationships.

He was awarded the Best Male Hip-Hop Single for "San Juan" at the Latin Grammys, among many other accolades. Nowadays, he's considered one of the world's most popular artists.

He is a successful rapper who has amassed an impressive fortune during his career. Estimates place his net worth between $1 Million and $5 Million.

His Life Path Number of 11 represents his strong personality and ability to have an impact on those around him. He possesses a great sense of style, as well as being known for his candid communication style. He's popular among younger audiences, having appeared on several television shows.

Josi Cuen

Josi Cuen, a member of Lideran Kim Loaiza y Kendi Os los estrenos musicale, has gained notoriety for her incredible talent. Her music has reached people around the globe and she enjoys an extensive social media following.

Josi Cuen is a singer of Mexican heritage and one of the most successful artists in her home country. With millions in earnings to her credit, she is considered to be part of one of music's elite bands worldwide.

She has earned several awards and toured around the world extensively. Furthermore, she enjoys a strong connection with her fans.

Josi Cuen is a successful artist and mother, boasting three beautiful children. She reflects on life with joy on Instagram and loves spending time with family.

As a singer, she has released several hit songs such as "El precio de mis errores" and "Y que quiero claro", among others. Additionally, she was nominated for numerous awards including the Latin Grammy Award.

She boasts a large following on her Instagram account and even shared a photo with soap opera actress Cynthia Urias. Hailing from Culiacan, Mexico, this talented singer has gained international attention.

Leon Larregui

Leon Larregui, a Mexican singer-songwriter, achieved international success as the lead vocalist of rock band Zoe. Since then he has released four solo albums that showcase an eclectic range of musical genres.

The artist's life path number is 6, which symbolizes deep feelings of love, affection and caring. Additionally, he possesses a great sense of humility and an empathetic disposition towards those less fortunate in society.

Leon Larregui, born on December 1st 1973 in Cuernavaca, Mexico, is a renowned World Music Singer and the leader of Zoe band which became one of Latin music's most successful acts during the 2000s.

He is the son of Ruben Larregui del Toro and Jeannina Marin Tomassi, which he attended for four years until earning a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at La Esmeralda National School of Painting, Sculpuring, and Graving.

The artist has two children, a daughter and son. He has been married to Kika Edgar for over two decades.

Leon is a well-known collaborator, having collaborated with numerous artists such as Carla Morrison, Mon Laferte and Sussie 4. His song "Messenger" was featured on her album.

His debut solo album Solstis was released in 2012 and quickly achieved global success, becoming certified gold by 2013 standards.

His second LP, Voluma, was released in 2016 and quickly achieved platinum sales. Recently he signed a new contract with Universal and will release another upcoming LP in 2018. In addition to working on his live show, he is touring both the US and Europe for it.

Frank Di y Griss Romero

Frank Di is an artist from Jimenez, Chihuahua. His voice carries a deep rasp with deep roots in Mexican music; further proof that this great singer also possesses unique talent within audiovisual arts.

Today, Griss Romero, born in Ciudad Jimenez, Chihuahua, made her debut with "Dejemoslo asi," a video shot in Baja California. This groundbreaking event takes place through NEON16, Top Floor Talent and Universal Music Latino.

Utilizing the launch and popularity of their song, Mexican rapper Snow Tha Product was invited to perform at Bizarrap's session. The artist of Mexican voices has dedicated herself to taking one of their many new releases about today's events, providing his fans with a thrilling experience.

In the video, he has many mexicanas singing along with him wearing various hats and other accessories. At one point in the song, he declares how important these women in his life and how much he appreciates them.

Kimberly Loaiza, a mexicalense artist, has enjoyed great success in her career. Her first single "Salvaje" has achieved immense success on YouTube and become her most popular song. She boasts an enthusiastic fan base and is known for her many collaborations; some even made it into movies or commercials! Fans can expect even greater things from Kimberly in the future as all her songs can be found on her album "Salvaje". As an accomplished artist with global reach, tickets to her concerts are selling fast.

Kenia Os

Kenia Os is an iconic Mexican artist, influencer and singer that performs in major music halls. Recently she released her newest video musical entitled Malas Decisiones which can be viewed on YouTube now.

At present, they continue performing their songs and the launch of this season has begun with great popularity and fan excitement. But at this stage in the games, it feels more like an endorsement.

Kenia Os, the young influencer, initially studied makeup arts. Additionally, she works with commercial brands and produces songs.

Over the years, Kenia Os has won multiple Mexican music awards for her songs such as "Cambios de Luna" and "La Noche". Today, 2023, her career continues to flourish in pop music with major breakthroughs.

Now, the singer continues to wow us with songs of many levels. Her debut disc, Cambios de Luna, has reached number 6 on the global Top Chart classification.

Kenia Os and her collaborators and writers form part of the Mexican duo Snow Tha Product, alongside singer Snow Tha Product.

Now, fans of Kenia Os are still unraveling the key element behind each song on her album and learning to be successful workers. There may be many influences on young talent and their businesses; thus this entry could serve as a recommendation to all Kenia Os fans.

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