Kalimba Songs

Kalimba Songs

Kalimba Songs

It is sung in the Congolese language is typically sung with the accompaniment of the kalimba, an instrument that is usually made from wood or plastic that is tuned with pegs or levers, but may also be made of metal.

23+ Popular Free Kalimba Song Tabs Library– Carved Culture

Carved Culture is your source to find chords and tabs for all of your favourite songs. Kalimba players all over the world have direct access to Carved Culture's large and completely free song archive which is constantly being updated with new songs. We also offer kalimba tips, guides, sheet music, easy beginner songs, scales, chord charts, tuning advice, and more. Enjoy, and join the fun!  

15+ Kalimba Songs Your Kid (or You!) Can Learn in an Evening

If you’ve got a music-obsessed kid and you’re looking for the perfect way to introduce them to everything involved with owning a musical instrument, the kalimba is a great way to start. Once your little musical prodigy (#ThingsMomsSay) has their kalimba, they’ll be super excited to see how easy it is to learn to play. YouTube is full of great kalimba songs tutorials, including pop culture favorites like TikTok songs and even a few modern love songs for you, Mama. There’s also a tutorial for learning “Baby Shark,” so big bro or sis can entertain their siblings. And any kid who’s a Minecraft fan will love the fact they can pluck out their own random “song,” and it’ll sound just like the Minecraft music.  

What Is the Kalimba?

A kalimba — or thumb piano, as it’s popularly called — is the modern version of an African instrument known as the mbira. It’s believed the Shona people from Zimbabwe first made them. The kalimba or mbira will almost always be a flat wooden (typically) board with metal tines attached in staggering lengths and heights. Most often, there are 17 tines to play on. However, like with most instruments, you can find different variations with fewer or more tines. The kalimba is classified as a lamellophone, which is part of the idiophone family of instruments.



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