Joshua Bassett Reacts to Fan Concern Over Church's Policies

Joshua Bassett Reacts to Fan Concern Over Church's Policies


Joshua, whose name comes from a Hebrew phrase meaning "Yahweh is Deliverance," served as Israel's leader after Moses' passing and was instrumental in leading them to Canaan.

He also penned the Book of Joshua, which chronicles his leadership and God's plan to bring Israel to Canaan. This powerful work serves as a reminder that God provides His people with strength to conquer and hold onto what He has granted them.

He Visited the Church

Joshua Bassett is best known for his role as Ricky Bowen in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, but he also has an impressive musical career ahead of him. Recently featured on Disney+'s Better Nate Than Ever, Joshua is currently working on his debut EP "Common Sense."

This year has been an incredible one for Bassett. His music has amassed millions of streams and garnered critical acclaim, with fans hailing his emotional, heartfelt songs with passion and precision. With four new singles released within one week of each other, Bassett cemented himself as an artist with a bright future ahead.

Recently, Bassett's religious experiences on Twitter and Instagram Stories have left many of his fans uncertain and confused. Especially since he is known to openly support LGBTQ+ rights and has previously opened up about his own mental health struggles, physical scars, and sexual abuse survivorship.

But quickly afterwards, the young star assured his followers that he was doing great and these posts about his religious experiences did not signify anything negative; rather, they demonstrated an increased closeness with God.

He went on to share that he had had several spiritual encounters and has now placed his trust in Jesus Christ as his savior. He exhorted people to turn away from hatred, seek forgiveness and return home to Jesus for eternal life.

In his post, the star shared that he had an "even richer and more vivid" experience than anything he has ever known in life. He explained how God manifested Himself to him in ways he had never witnessed before and promised to share more details about the encounter in the future.

In the video, singer-songwriter expressed his deep gratitude to his followers and their support. He expressed that he has no regrets about putting his trust in Jesus, adding that he looks forward to sharing more about his encounter with the Savior soon.

He Was Unaware of Some of Their Policies

Joshua Bassett, 20 has had an incredibly eventful year so far. He's been the target of numerous online harassment posts and in January had to be hospitalized after experiencing heart failure. In a series of GQ interviews, he opened up about his mental health struggles and sexual abuse suffered at an early age. Since then he's released several songs and toured Europe; on Instagram recently he shared several revealing photographs from recent years. Joshua has taken time to reflect on his past relationships and is looking forward to sharing his story with others. A ChurchLeaders investigator has reached out to Joshua for more details and may update this story soon. It's clear that Joshua holds strong beliefs in God and would gladly share his experiences with others.

He Doesn’t Endorse All of Their Policies

Recently, Joshua Bassett shocked fans with his sudden conversion to Christianity. He posted a video on his Instagram Story where he declared Jesus as the Lord and Savior.

He shared personal anecdotes about his spiritual experiences. The young star pledged to share more details about his encounters with Jesus in the future.

Over the past year, Bassett has endured immense pressure and hatred from others. He even had to battle through a near-fatal health scare.

He seems to be on the road to recovery. He stars in Disney+ film Better Nate Than Ever, set for release April 1.

This month, he was seen at Bethel Church and shared a video of himself speaking about his spiritual journey. At the end of it all, Jesus received praise for giving him peace that he hadn't had before.

However, some fans were concerned that the church might not provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ people. They also brought attention to some of their policies which encourage conversion therapy on social media platforms.

Thankfully, Bassett has now addressed his fan concerns. He explained that he wasn't aware of some of the church's policies when he visited and does not endorse them.

Fans were understandably concerned about his sudden religious conversion. After all, the 22-year-old actor is best known for his role as Ricky Bowen in Disney's High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Bassett describes in the video his prayer to God for a sign, and when He finished typing out "Jesus is the only way," it was like a light going off in his living room. He went on to describe two encounters with Jesus that were "richer and more vivid" than anything else in his entire life.

In the video, he spoke of Jesus as being his only teacher who truly gave him peace. He added that through faith he has found love within himself; however, he cautioned his fans that there may be times when he may not feel at peace.

He’s Not Hacked

Recently, Joshua Bassett shared a series of religious tweets that left fans confused. Some believed his account had been hacked while others couldn't understand why he would suddenly change his religious belief.

Though Joshua Bassett's decision to embrace Christianity is a positive development, some of his fans remain uncertain. They wonder why he suddenly turned more religious, especially after being open about his sexuality and having previously supported the LGBTQ+ community.

Thankfully, the 22-year-old singer-songwriter has addressed these concerns in a recent Instagram post. He assured his followers that he is fine and working towards getting better.

He shares that he had been feeling particularly depressed lately, but has recently found comfort in Christianity. He expresses that he is happier now than ever before and thankful for his newfound faith in Jesus.

In his post, he encouraged people to keep their faith in God and reach out to those who need assistance. This is an important message that he should share with his fans, which he did so with great respect.

Many celebrities have shared their spiritual experiences in the past, and it's inspiring to see Joshua Bassett embrace his faith and flourish. It is an impressive step for him to be so open about his beliefs, giving him tremendous confidence as he moves forward with life.

Joshua Bassett's support of the LGBTQ+ community and efforts to find peace within himself are truly inspirational. This is a major accomplishment for him and one that likely sets him apart from other Disney Channel actors.

However, it's essential to remember that there are various churches out there and he isn't the only one who has had concerns about their policies. Indeed, many followers have pointed out how some churches promote conversion therapy and other things on social media which do not align with Christian teachings. Therefore, people should be informed before visiting a church for spiritual guidance.

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