Johnny Cash Songs

Johnny Cash Songs

Songs that taught me about love and war. Songs that taught me about my relationship with God. Songs that made my heart sing before I could sing back. Songs that taught me about death and change. Songs that taught me how to be brave when I was scared. Songs that I’ve played when I’ve been cold and songs I’ve played when I was lonely.

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The Best Johnny Cash Songs List From Holler

Johnny Cash was one of those rarest of things: an artist who managed to crossover into all walks of life, somehow meaning something to almost everyone. It's something even rarer still for a country singer.  

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…the good fortune to meet Johnny Cash, who was already a star and took Kristofferson under his wing. Cash introduced Kristofferson at the 1969 Newport Folk Festival, where the struggling singer-songwriter first performed for a big audience and, subsequently, gained some footing in the music industry.…  

Who Was Johnny Cash?

Johnny Cash grew up in a poor farming community and joined the Air Force in 1950. He co-founded a band following his discharge, and within a few years Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two had scored hits with songs like "Walk the Line." Cash's career was nearly derailed in the 1960s by a serious substance-abuse problem, but his marriage to June Carter and acclaimed album Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison (1968) put him back on track. In later years, Cash joined the country supergroup the Highwaymen and released a series of recordings with producer Rick Rubin.  

From Bob Dylan to the Beatles: Johnny Cash's 20 Best Covers of All Time

The Man in Black is one of the most influential country music stars of all time. Although Johnny Cash was never happy to stick to one side of the road, the singer used his iconic vocal to sing songs from across the musical spectrum. He always managed to make music not only sound exactly like the beating heart of his own character but thud with the same intensity of his soul. (

8. ‘you Are My Sunshine’ – Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell

It’s unsure whether Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell are authors of this song in name only, chances are that the track has been around long before the chance to record it arose. The nursery rhyme tone that has been added to the song is turned on its head by Johnny Cash.  



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