John Legend and the War and Treaty

John Legend and the War and Treaty


john legend and the war and treaty

John Legend, an award-winning musician and actor and recipient of the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony), will perform at Ascend Amphitheater this evening. Renowned for his powerful singing voice and eclectic blend of Americana, Gospel, R&B and rock music styles, Legend is also a philanthropist who spearheaded the #FREEAMERICA campaign to end mass incarceration.

John Legend & The War & Treaty

Legend, a nine-time Grammy Award winning musician and social activist, was named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people worldwide. He also campaigns against mass incarceration and founded the #FREEAMERICA campaign to combat criminal justice policies that discriminate against minorities.

The War and Treaty, based in Nashville, Tennessee, have performed on some of the world's biggest stages, such as Bridgestone Arena in Nashville and music festivals like New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Additionally, they've opened for other artists on amphitheater tours around the US.

Their music is a captivating blend of classic R&B and Americana folk, described as "powerful" with an intoxicating soul-infused vibe. Their songwriting is known to be "poetic," featuring strong vocals that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Since January, they've been touring and sharing the stage with artists like Al Green on his 2020 amphitheater tour. Their debut album, Healing Tide, has been hailed as an impressive release.

Their sophomore album Hearts Town further cements their status as a formidable duo. Their live shows have become something to behold and now they're looking for bigger stages around the world.

In addition to their new album, the duo is set to release a film about their story. Titled The War and Treaty, it will be directed by Numa Perrier and produced by Gary Gilbert's Get Lifted Film Co., Mike Jackson's Get Lifted Film Co. and John Legend's Get Lifted Film Co. as well as Harvey Mason Jr.

LOVER'S GAME explodes with romanticism, propelling The War And Treaty's bold music to new heights on UMG Nashville's landmark record. Their name alone conjures images of hardship and sacrifice; yet here they approach love with an openness that belies its intensity - a journey which both reveals their growing relationship while providing insight into shifting cultural tides.

Jason Isbell, Jerry Douglas and Punch Brothers guitarist Chris Eldridge join The War And Treaty on this album that captures the band's heartfelt storytelling and poetic simplicity with greater impact than ever before while fully capturing the electrifying energy of their live set.

The War And Treaty are an acclaimed live act that has been performing together since they were teenagers. They've performed at major festivals like the Grand Ole Opry, as well as opening for artists like Al Green on his 2020 amphitheater tours.

Their musical style has been described as a blend of R&B and Americana folk, with big band numbers and songs that have been described as "powerful" and "soul-infused". Media outlets such as Rolling Stone have praised their songs for being "poetic," featuring strong vocals that will surely bring audiences to the edge of their seats.

john legend the roots wake up

Hard Times - John Legend and the Roots Wake Up

John Legend joins hip-hop band the roots for an album of timeless soulful music from the 60s and 70s. Inspired by Donald Trump's presidential election campaign, this record seeks to promote change, awareness, and activism.

Legend and The Roots take a series of lesser-known soul protest classics, from Marvin Gaye's Wholly Holy to Donny Hathaway's Little Ghetto Boy, and transform them with socially aware lyrics that sound both angry and hopeful.

Hard Times

Hard Times, written by Charles Dickens, is a novel that examines the consequences of industrialisation on society and attempts to expose its flaws. It was initially published serially between April and August 1854.

The story takes place in Coketown, a fictional town, and follows the lives of various characters. Thomas Gradgrind - headmaster of a local school - serves as one of the main protagonists and preaches an utilitarian philosophy that emphasizes facts over imagination or emotion - elements he refers to as 'fancy'.

Dickens' novels tend to focus on character development rather than plot. This novel serves as a critical critique of industrialisation and philosophical systems that neglect empathy and emotion.

He also draws attention to the exploitative tactics employed against poor factory workers, known as 'Hands', by wealthy factory owners for profit. These individuals are treated like cogs in the machine with little freedom to voice their individual opinions or demands.

Louisa, Gradgrind's daughter, is another compelling character. Her father holds to strict utilitarian principles and believes education should follow suit; although she must accept his beliefs at times, Louisa finds freedom through Sissy Jupe the circus girl.

When faced with difficult circumstances, it can be easy to become consumed by a negative mindset. But remember: things only last as long as we allow them to. If you can shift your perspective and recognize what aspects of the situation you can control, it will give you strength and allow you to conquer whatever obstacle lies ahead.

Little Ghetto Boy

Given Legend and The Roots have been around for two decades, it's no shock they produce some of the highest-quality material. Their impressive list of accomplishments includes winning awards for best song writing, instrumental performance and album art in their genre - but there are plenty more worthy winners to come in the coming weeks and months!

Humanity (Love the Way It Should Be)

This collaboration from hip hop's favorite trio was inspired by President Obama's 2008 campaign and the social climate of that time. John Legend, Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson and James Poyser offer up a collection of high-octane riffs that should be on every hip hop fan's playlist. One of the more notable tracks is Humanity (Love the Way It Should Be), a powerful homage to 1960s and 1970s soul music that will surely make your hair stand on end. This track may not be something you hear often on radio or television, but it sure will get your eyes and ears wagging in the right direction. The only downfall is some unfortunate omissions - particularly the last line - which may make it stand out more for some listeners than others. Even though that last line may stick with you longer than others, for me personally it wasn't quite memorable enough.

Compared to What

John Legend has long been a champion for social justice, having supported Barack Obama's political campaigns. A veteran of the US R&B charts, his silky singing style earned him the 2008 Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Album.

He's an advocate of Samsung in support of educational initiatives, and is involved with Product (RED), which supports global health programs. Furthermore, he frequently appears as a guest on talk shows such as Real Time with Bill Maher and Anderson Cooper 360o.

On his fourth studio album, he's joined forces with legendary Philadelphia hip hop group The Roots for a politically charged covers album. Their aim is to reimagine old protest-era soul songs in order to make them more pertinent in today's climate of hope and change.

The end result is an engaging collection of eleven vintage songs, many feeling both hopeful and depressed about their times. Legend's powerful vocals combined with The Roots' unassuming style are all that is necessary to elevate these grittier soul songs beyond their dated origins into something worth listening to - no matter how dated their originals may be.

Eugene McDaniels' Vietnam War protest song, Compared to What, became a hit for Les McCann and Eddie Harris; the Roots take this soggy, self-important mess and turn it into an inspiring call-to-action. While not identical to Roberta Flack's First Take version - which Coca-Cola appropriated for a commercial featuring Common - this version remains just as relevant today as it did back then.


Legend takes on a set of soulful classics with The Roots at their helm, reflecting on the 2008 presidential election and social climate through songs such as "Hard Times" and "Eatin' Spam, Oreos, Drinkin' Thunderbird." On Wake Up! featuring appearances from Black Thought, CL Smooth, Common, and Melanie Fiona, Legend and the Roots are acutely aware of music's social relevance. However, while their deeply personal approach to grit and soul adds an intimate element to Legend's polished voice, it sometimes clashes with material presented.

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