Jackson Wang - The Multi-Hyphenate

Jackson Wang - The Multi-Hyphenate


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Jackson Wang, a member of K-pop group GOT7 and an accomplished rapper, is one of the most versatile artists around. From being an accomplished rapper to singer-songwriter to Olympic fencer, he has plenty to offer fans.

He's been around the industry for some time, but only recently has he begun to showcase his newfound success on his latest album MAGIC MAN. This marks an important milestone in Jackson's journey as an artist and evidence that he has blossomed beyond just being a rapper.

1. His music is a mixture of different genres

Jackson Wang, known for his innovative production style, is a multi-hyphenate. The Got7 member also designs clothes and serves as Fendi China brand ambassador.

Wang is a celebrated artist in both South Korea and beyond, winning several awards including Best Male Solo Artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards and Best Worldwide Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Recently, Chinese singer-songwriter released her second studio album, Magic Man. This diverse project explores toxic love and self-discovery through rock music with soulful choruses.

He began his career as a member of K-pop group Got7, but has since achieved success as an individual artist and is the founder of his own label and fashion brand, Team Wang. Additionally, he made history by being the first Chinese artist to perform at Coachella in 2019.

Jackson's debut solo album, Mirrors, showcased different aspects of himself while exploring different genres. The record achieved commercial success, cracking the U.S. Top 40 and receiving glowing reviews from critics alike.

Jackson shares his soul on the album, reflecting on life's ups and downs. He hopes that by sharing this music, more people will understand themselves better and strive to live their best lives.

Wang is not only an accomplished musician, but he's also a gifted fencer and designer. His versatility has allowed him to build an enviable career in many different fields - helping him achieve great success within the industry.

His recent singles showcase a diverse mix of genres, from electronic dance music (EDM) to pop. He has an eye for crafting catchy tunes and is always willing to experiment with sound. This is evident on his new single "Cruel," which he shared along with its music video this week. The track is an energetic blend of rock and pop that singer-songwriter describes as having "a bit of rock, grunge, pop."

2. He is a versatile artist

With a career spanning four decades, Jackson Wang Magic Man is an incredibly versatile artist that excels in many genres. This versatility was evident with the phenomenal success of his latest album 'Magic Man', which reached number 13 on this week's charts.

Jackson Wang has never shied away from trying new concepts and genres to hone his craft as a musician and performer. Whether it's hip-hop, pop or rock music, his shows always manage to capture the attention of their audience members.

His latest project, 'Magic Man,' shows his growing confidence in himself and his music. The Chinese singer has an uncanny ability to craft powerful, evocative songs that will have audiences singing along.

His skill has enabled him to cultivate an avid fanbase of over 1 million subscribers, which in turn enabled him to release this album so quickly - selling out shows across Asia before it even launched!

Jackson Wang has always experimented with different musical genres, but this album showcases his rock and grunge influences in a unique way. This marked a departure from his past efforts where he typically uses more rap-inspired sounds for his songs.

From the palm-muted power chords of 'Blow' to Machine Gun Kelly-inspired emo in 'Go Ghost,' the rapper takes a completely new approach with this physical album. Additionally, he brilliantly blends these new influences with previous ones in order to create some unforgettable tracks on this record.

Hearing from such an accomplished musician is such a treat, making you eager for him to do more in the future and having access to his songs more frequently.

3. He is an entertainer

Jackson Wang Magic Man is one of the most successful K-pop artists. He first gained notoriety as part of boy band GOT7, but since then he's blossomed into an acclaimed solo performer and fashion icon.

His music videos are professionally produced, and his performances captivating. This is due to a talented team that helps him craft captivating visuals for both recorded songs and live shows.

He is known for being incredibly kind to both his staff and fans alike. You might see him picking up a shoe for someone in his team and only letting them wear it once it has been properly worn.

The former fencing prodigy is also a designer and has designed collections for high-end clothing brands, including Fendi. Additionally, he serves as CEO of his own high-end clothing label called Team Wang.

Jackson Wang has an eclectic background, making him a natural entertainer at heart. His performances often have theatrical flair and his stage sets have strong themes running through them.

His latest music album MAGIC MAN is his first physical release and it has taken him on an exciting new journey. This album showcases Jackson Wang to his listeners in a truly authentic light.

From the palm-muted power chords of 'Blow' to Machine Gun Kelly-esque emo performance on 'Go Ghost', Wang's latest album MAGIC MAN marks a departure that is both exciting and raw. He has moved away from commercially-catchy music of his previous albums in order to focus on himself and what he does best: creating music.

His latest album is an intriguing coming-of-age tale, filled with dark themes like alcohol and desire in complicated relationships. Wang's vocals shine brightly throughout the record in a way we have never heard before. For anyone who appreciates bold, daring music that soaringly succeeds, MAGIC MAN should not be missed.

4. He is a Chinese artist

Jackson Wang Magic Man is a Chinese multi-hyphenate who has made waves in the music, fashion and dance industries. He's part of South Korean boyband GOT7 as well as being an accomplished rapper, singer-songwriter, Olympic fencer and fashion designer.

His career has taken him around the world, including to countries such as China. He has an adoring fan base around the globe and serves as cultural ambassador for Chinese culture. Additionally, he serves as brand ambassador for Fendi and was appointed their Chinese men's collection spokesperson in 2021.

Magic Man's unique sound combines elements of rock and pop, offering a progression from his more hip-hop focused 'Mirrors' album. His raspy vocals fit perfectly with the rock-tinged songs on this record, keeping things feeling fresh without compromising his signature style.

His confidence is one of the main reasons he's been able to reach such heights as an artist and continues to do so. He understands that his fans are his greatest assets, so he has assembled an experienced team to help bring his ideas to life.

His debut Coachella performance made history as the first Chinese artist to perform on the main stage. His performance received widespread acclaim across social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Weibo; millions watched it online.

He is an ardent and loyal artist who puts his heart into everything he does, from performing live to writing his own music. Additionally, he's renowned for his devotion to family and spending quality time with them.

5. He is a multi-hyphenate

Jackson Wang is an accomplished artist from various backgrounds. In addition to being an Olympic fencer and member of K-pop boy band GOT7, he's the founder and creative director of co-ed group PANTHEPACK as well as owning his company Team Wang Records and Design.

He enjoys a huge following in the Asian music scene, with fans from Asia, Europe, America and Australia. Recently he revealed plans for his first solo headline world tour which will begin in November 2022 and include performances in Thailand, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, London, Paris and Dubai among many other cities around the world.

This multi-hyphenate artist is an incredible success in the K-pop industry. He's gone from being an idol who gets told what to do and say, to taking control of everything - from music production and costuming, to choreography and vision for his album.

His latest album, MAGIC MAN, showcases the progression of both his voice and songwriting style. The singer-songwriter has channeled his inner demon and created an energetic pop-rock sound that's both refreshing and electrifying.

The title track, "Blow," features palm-muted power chords and catchy guitar riffs. The lyrics also paint a somber picture of one's journey towards self-discovery and acceptance.

He hopes that through this album, people can learn to trust their instincts and be their most authentic self in any situation. Everyone has a unique story, and he believes everyone should be able to find their magic despite any hardships or setbacks.

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1. Red Velvet’s Irene

Irene is one of the most beloved members of Red Velvet and has been an integral part of their fandom ever since. She's renowned for her cold beauty and straightforward nature.

Irene was raised in Daegu, South Korea and attended Haknam High School. Upon completing her third grade of high school, she joined SM Entertainment as a trainee.

She was previously part of the predebut team SM Rookies before being cast as a Red Velvet member. Since then, she's been an integral part of their success and also an actress.

Irene has a reputation for being cold, but her personality is actually quite warm and caring towards others. This makes her an inspiring role model for young girls who aspire to follow in her footsteps.

Irene and Seulgi are always a joy to watch, and their latest music video continues to wow fans with its stunning dance moves. At the end of the clip, the two pose in front of a fork in the road - leaving us wondering what comes next for them!

3. EXO’s Chanyeol

Park Chanyeol (born November 27, 1992 in Seoul, South Korea) is a rapper and singer-songwriter with an acting background. He made his debut as part of South Korean group EXO and its subunit EXO-K in 2012 and quickly rose to stardom with many awards for his work.

Chanyeol is the tallest member of EXO and he boasts a deep voice that makes him ideal for rapping. Additionally, he's known for his wide smile and Happy Virus catchphrase.

He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, capable of playing guitar, bass, drum and piano. Additionally, he has a deep love for animals; as a child he raised a ferret.

In 2015, he played the lead role in the web series Exo Next Door as Ji Yeon-hee portrayed by Moon Ga-young. For his remarkable work in the series, he earned two awards under the categories Best New Actor and Best Hallyu Star at the 8th Korea Drama Awards.

He's a singer-songwriter who has written many songs for EXO. He is part of Studio 519, an innovative music production team, and designed EXO's hexagon logo.

4. ATEEZ’s Mingi

One of the greatest joys and privileges of being part of Team Wang is all of its social media interaction with fans. For someone in public relations, this can be an ideal learning ground; but for everyone else it's about finding balance between work, play and self care - maintaining a nutritious diet, engaging exercise routine and vibrant social life are essential for maintaining mental sanity.

5. Super Junior’s Donghae

K-Pop fans have a longstanding tradition of pulling out photo cards when opening an album, usually unique selfies or studio pictures never released before. Some go to great lengths to obtain these exclusive items; some even collect them as hobbies while others simply want to share them with family and friends. When Super Junior's Donghae released his unexpected photocard featuring Donghae posing with his mother, everyone was taken aback! If you want this hilarious and amusing card for yourself, order it here - making it the ideal gift for any K-Pop enthusiast!

6. BTS’s RM

Acclaimed Chinese singer Jackson Wang will begin his inaugural solo world tour "Magic Man" on September 28, 2022. The high-voltage album draws heavily from 70's rock influences and explores themes such as toxic love and self-discovery. Crafting a new music universe that belongs solely to him, "Magic Man" marks an exciting new chapter in Wang's journey; it serves as both an expression and catalyst for personal growth.

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7. Red Velvet’s Tzuyu

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8. TWICE’s Minho

TWICE member Minho is renowned for his friendly personality and unique approach to social media. He often takes over Instagram live videos and interactive stories to engage with his fans.

He's an enthusiastic sportsman, having represented Hong Kong in sabre fencing competitions. In 2010, he earned a place of honor at the Summer Youth Olympics by ranking 11th; two years later, he took home first place at the Asian Junior Fencing Championships in 2011.

The multilingual singer is proficient in Cantonese, Mandarin, Shanghainese, Korean and English - having even taken some French lessons years ago.

Wang has a passion for fashion and has collaborated with luxury brands like Fendi and L'OFFICIEL Hommes. Additionally, he created Team Wang Design, a line of minimalist yet sport-inspired apparel.

He is one of the few K-pop artists to break away from the tradition of not having personal Instagram accounts, taking over the platform and connecting directly with his fans. With 22.5 million followers, he's become a fan favourite thanks to his witty personality and entertaining videos.

jackson wang poster

Jackson Wang Poster by Sunan Gallery

Jackson Wang is a global popstar who achieved success as part of K-pop group Got7. Lauded for his talent and exceptional style, the 28-year-old Chinese singer has become an ambassador for some of the world's premier luxury brands.

Jackson Wang has recently released the solo album Magic Man, which serves as a testament to his journey of self-discovery.

Product Description

Jackson Wang fans will love this unique metal print on canvas. This one-of-a kind artwork will add a splash of color and flair to any room with its bright white base and vivid reproduction that will last for years.

Jackson Wang's MAGIC MAN world tour will make a stop in North America next year, and tickets go on sale January 20th. The pop icon will perform in six cities across the US and Canada including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Vancouver, and Toronto.

In addition to his tour, 88rising artist DPR Live and DPR Ian will be joining him at two shows at Empire Polo Club in Indio, California this year.

If you're a fan of the Chinese singer, here is an incredible chance to see him live! This tour marks his first time visiting North America and it's the ideal way to celebrate his success. Sign up for the fan presale on Wednesday, January 18 and get your tickets before anyone else! There are also promoter presales available on select dates in North America; plus, lucky fans may even win free tickets! To find out all the details and grab your seats before anyone else, check out the ticket links below! Have fun - You won't regret it! Enjoy every moment - You won't regret it!

Product Details

Jackson Wang, a global popstar from China and member of K-pop group GOT7, has finally released his long-awaited first full-length album and it's an impressive accomplishment. After months of tantalizing fans with social media posts, Jackson finally revealed MAGIC MAN to the world - marking both his artistic ability and versatility in music genres. This record serves as testament to Jackson's artistic abilities as well as her versatility within different genres.

The album boasts several noteworthy songs like 'Blow', 'Cruel' and 'Drive It Like You Stole It' that will surely grab your attention. Furthermore, the standout track 'Champagne Cool' marks the first time the star of the show has included any dance moves into their music video. For fans of hers, this unique poster is a must have in your collection. Printed on metal canvas with sharp details and vibrant color reproduction, this artwork will brighten up any wall!

Product Size

This Sunan Gallery Jackson Wang Got 7 Kpop Poster Size 24 X 36 Inch is printed on high-quality metal canvas and is a one-of-a kind product. Magnet mounted, this magnetized poster will be delivered to your doorstep within a few days without any hassle. Available in various sizes and custom cut to the artist's specifications, it's sturdy and long-lasting to last a lifetime! Plus, its vibrant colors will brighten up any walls! Plus, buying from desertcart is safe as they are 100% legitimate sites operating across 164 countries offering unlimited free shipping worldwide!

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