Is Babytron Mainstream Rap?

Is Babytron Mainstream Rap?


BabyTron, who rose to fame through Detroit's ShittyBoyz with Stanwill and TR Dee, is one of the most promising rappers to come out of Michigan. His style consists of black comedy, outlandish self-deprecation, as well as gritty street tales.

The 21-year old is a big fan of sampling, often including nostalgic themes from movies, television shows, and songs in his music. He brings together the joy of nostalgia with his signature playful bars.

Is he a scammer?

Babytron, a Detroit-based rapper, has been garnering plenty of attention lately. At 21 years old, he's part of the Shit*yBoyz collective along with friends StanWill and TrDee. Known for his outlandish sample raps, babytron has been dubbed an up-and-coming hip-hop phenom in the making.

He has also caused some controversy. Recently, he was arrested for possession of controlled substances - a crime that involves carrying drugs or other illegal substances. This arrest occurred after posting a video online featuring himself smoking a cigar while holding an actual cigarette.

The video quickly gained notoriety on social media and was viewed millions of times. Many were shocked to learn of his arrest, given his recent rise in fame and notoriety.

Babytron is a biracial rapper from Ypsilanti, Michigan - 30 minutes east of downtown Detroit. He began performing at 18 and has been part of the ShittyBoyz collective ever since.

He has been making music for four years and has had several hits like "Jesus Shuttlesworth," which samples Freez's "I.O.U." and references John Williams' iconic "Imperial March" from Star Wars to name a few.

Babytron's track "Traveling To Hell" showcases his affinity for unique sounds and clever wordplay. He successfully blends modern rap with classic hip hop and R&B from his childhood, providing listeners with the best of both worlds.

His song features an eye-catching graphic treatment, featuring a face covered in money and classic 80s disco synths playing in the background. It's an impressive blend of both worlds - one of BabyTron's most beloved tracks to date.

Babytron's success has been fuelled by his wit, humor and unique style. In an interview with Pitchfork, he describes how he often incorporates clever wordplay and references to popular culture into his tracks to add layers of meaning. For instance, on "Half-Blood Prince," Babytron uses Harry Potter theme samples for added effect - truly setting him apart from other artists. While Babytron's lyrical skills and production are top notch, it is his use of throwback samples which truly sets him apart from others.

Is he a rapper?

Babytron is a hip hop artist from Michigan, USA renowned for his humorous lyrics and passion for music. He has achieved worldwide fame through the power of the Internet.

The 22-year-old Ypsilanti native is a member of the hip hop collective Shit*yBoyz, and has been subjected to relentless online harassment since his arrest for possession of controlled substances (illegal drugs).

He is currently serving a prison sentence. If found guilty, the maximum punishment available to him could be three years in jail and fines ranging up to $100,000.

His music primarily consists of scam rap and his songs are about hackers and credit card fraud. But he also has some unique beats that set him apart from other rappers in the scene.

The 21-year-old Ypsilanti rapper has a knack for uptempo dance music with syncopated bass lines that gives his rap songs an original sound. He combines catchy beats with humorous yet compelling lyricism to create an exciting new style for rappers to follow in the 2020s.

Babytron loves sampling any unconventional sound, but his favorite are synthy '80s dance-pop beats. He draws inspiration from artists like Freeez, Taylor Dayne and Shana; however he may occasionally flip songs by Nardo Wick or Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal for something fresh.

With the release of his latest album Megatron, Babytron has cemented himself as one of the top rappers for 2020s. The XXL Freshman has made waves with his clever rhymes and varied roster of producers.

On March 4, his latest project Megatron dropped and featured features from DaBoii and GlockBoyz Teejae. Produced by frequent collaborators Helluva and Danny G, the record was mixed by Marko Jurado.

BabyTron enjoys taking photos of himself wearing expensive sunglasses and Canada Goose jackets to show off his wealth. As a self-declared "Jesus Shuttlesworth," he wants to show off all that money he earns.

The Ypsilanti, Michigan native began rapping while still in high school and formed the group Shit*yBoyz with friends StanWill and TrDee. Their style gained much traction within the local rap scene of Ypsilanti.

Is he a star?

Michigan rapper babytron has been getting a lot of attention recently. He's part of the ShittyBoyz group with Stanwill and TrDee, which has garnered him widespread recognition on the internet. Already he's featured in interviews with Rolling Stone and No Jumper magazines as well as being featured on numerous popular music shows.

Babytron has quickly made a name for himself with his unique blend of lyrical style and charismatic personality. He's found success by mastering beats while adding humorous yet dynamic content to it.

His style has become a signature element among the next generation of rappers. His latest project, Megatron, is an EP released March 4 via The Hip Hop Lab/EMPIRE that features features from DaBoii and GlockBoyz Teejae as well as production from frequent collaborators Helluva and Danny G.

Babytron is renowned for his scam rap style, but he also possesses an ear for unique sounds. His first two projects - Luka Troncic and Bin Reaper 2 - were both successful, and now the Detroit native is making waves with Megatron, his newest release.

On Megatron, babytron delivers gritty street scriptures over wicked samples. While he still delivers his signature flows and unique emcee-speak, he makes more of an effort to use harder beats.

For instance, "King of the Galaxy" is an effortlessly rapped over rendition of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal before transitioning into Nardo Wick's iconic "Who Want Smoke?" It's one of those timeless songs that will never get old.

Last year, Babytron honed his skills as a lyricist. He developed an improved sense of cadence and flow, as well as honing his craft on punchlines.

He continued to collaborate with producers who could bring out the right level of intensity in his lyrics. Artists such as Helluva, Marc Anthony and Danny G were instrumental in creating the animated world of babytron.

He enjoys a passionate fan base and has been praised by all major media outlets, such as Rolling Stone. Additionally, NBA players Kevin Durant and Miles Bridges have expressed interest in him, along with Big Sean. At 21 years old, he boasts multiple Twitter stan accounts and is an avid Reddit user.

Is he a success story?

Babytron has been making music since high school and has quickly established himself as an influential artist. His unique blend of nostalgic beats with playful yet insightful bars keeps listeners on the edge of their seats.

He has earned a reputation for working harder than anyone else in the game, which has earned him recognition as one of XXL 2022's Freshman Class members.

The Ypsilanti, Michigan-born rapper has been releasing music faster and more frequently than his fellow artists in the genre. This has earned him a significant amount of fan appreciation for his sarcastic lyricism and clever wordplay.

His success isn't without controversy, though. Some doubt his relevance in the hip-hop scene. They claim his music isn't mainstream enough while others think he's simply a scammer trying to make money.

Babytron has defied all odds with his unique rap style and captivating personality, leading him to millions of listeners and three platinum labels.

He was raised in Detroit and has a special connection to the city. He draws inspiration from artists such as Eminem and Big Sean, yet has created his own distinctive style.

Babytron's debut single, "Gamebreaker," became an international hit and his star power has only increased with time. His group ShittyBoyz have even made appearances on numerous popular hip-hop shows and podcasts.

The 21-year-old has been creating music since high school, beginning with his friends StanWill and TrDee forming a group. At first he was just part of the collective but soon made his own solo recordings.

In 2019, babytron released several mixtapes and quickly amassed a large fan base, leading him to become one of the most sought-after rap artists in America.

He's renowned for his relentless work ethic, which has allowed him to release albums and mixtapes almost monthly. His latest offering, Bin Reaper 3: New Testament, marks the third in a successful series of releases and it certainly deserves your attention. Featuring 29 songs with guest appearances from artists such as Lil Yachty, RMC Mike, Rico Nasty and Daboii among others, this album offers something special for music fans everywhere.

If you want to babytron

Babytron - The Detroit Rap Star You Need to Know

If you're into Detroit rap, chances are you already know BabyTron. The Crocs-wearing rapper known by his stage name Babytron is one of the most creative artists in the city right now.

He started rapping during high school, when he formed the group Shittyboyz with StanWill and TrDee. Since then, he's become a rising star in Michigan's hip-hop scene, blurring the lines between regional and mainstream hip-hop music.

1. Listen to his music.

BabyTron is an American rapper and songwriter from Ypsilanti, Michigan. He's part of the rap group ShittyBoyz and one of Michigan's most well-known artists.

His music is fast-paced, carefree and filled with Detroit slang, basketball references and throwbacks to freestyle sounds from the '80s. Additionally, he has an uncanny ear for beats that has allowed him to stand out in Michigan's growing rap scene.

The Crocs-wearing rapper is a rising star in the Midwest hip-hop scene. His sharp punchlines and fast delivery rate have earned him a loyal fanbase.

He often includes samples that are more daring than usual, such as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on "Half-Blood Prince" or Darth Vader's signature tune on "Sith Lord." His lyrical style is fast paced and exuberant with insider sports references and pop culture punchlines that he effortlessly crafts into songs with perfect precision.

On his latest album, Megatron, he doesn't shy away from using harder beats to showcase his writing ability or provide grimy street scripture over wicked samples. Additionally, he does a better job at making each song feel unique and enjoyable.

This album is packed with intense punchlines that leave you breathless, leaving you uncertain as to where he'll take you next. For anyone curious in discovering how he can make their music more thrilling, this is a must-listen.

It's an incredibly nostalgic project and one of his finest. Make sure to check it out and find your favorite track to listen again.

BabyTron from Ypsilanti is an exciting rapper with an exceptional taste in music that has cemented him as a leader within Michigan's growing rap scene. His fast-paced delivery style and sharp punchlines have won him an enthusiastic following.

His raps are fast-paced, carefree and filled with Michigan slang, basketball references and callbacks. He also has an eccentric sense of humour which often involves sampling samples that are outlandish like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince on "Half-Blood prince" or Darth Vader's signature theme on "Sith Lord." With his humorous wordplay style comes great responsibility - making his songs feel unique while providing entertainment value.

2. Watch his videos.

BabyTron is a rising rap star from Detroit who has gained notoriety on social media for his style and charm. A native of Ypsilanti, he's had the good fortune to grow up alongside artists such as Lil Yachty and Danny Brown for most of his life.

The 21-year old rapper has several albums under his belt and an array of hit singles to his credit. His most recent offering, Megatron, was produced by Helluva and Danny G and features 23 tracks in total. If you want to catch him live, tickets to his performance at House of Blues on April 12 can be yours for just $20!

Experience the talented MC on tour at Detroit's hottest new hot spot, The District on March 20 and 21. To get the best deal on tickets, head to his website or call the number above. Alternatively, follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram if you can't make it down in person! If not, he'll be performing at other locations across America as well.

3. Follow him on social media.

Babytron is the kind of rap artist you can't stop listening to. He's a successful hustler with the knack for making money quickly, yet also has an indie rock sense of humor that has cemented him as one of hip-hop's biggest stars.

The 21-year-old rapper is part of the group Shit*yBoyz and his latest release MegaTron has been gaining momentum. Unlike his regional contemporaries, Tron has created an original style of rap that's becoming increasingly popular.

His lyrics draw on obscure pop culture references from movies, TV and pro sport. He loves to rap over synthy '80s dance-pop beats and often collaborates with fellow Michigan rapper Lil Yachty.

He's an expert at cutting up beats and repurposing them to craft new songs. His songs often feel like hour-long mixtapes that he compresses into four minutes, switching up his vocal tempo while drawing from his extensive rap repertoire.

Thus, he has amassed an adoring fan base and his music can be streamed on all major streaming services. Currently, he's working on the project Bin Reaper 3: New Testament.

In addition to his music, Tron has an active Twitter account where he often shares behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Furthermore, he has a Patreon page where you can support him and his projects.

Hip-hop fans will want to follow Babytron on social media. He provides a wealth of content for his followers to enjoy and is constantly sharing new music.

He boasts an extensive following on Instagram, where you can get a daily look into his life. He often shares selfies and updates about upcoming projects with fans.

Babytron has achieved great success, yet he remains an emerging artist with plenty of room for growth. While not as well-known as some of his more renowned contemporaries, his unique style and clever use of references make him a promising talent to watch out for in the future.

He's an inspiring example of how to turn a single track into an entire album. It takes dedication, hard work and perseverance, but his progress in such a short amount of time shows just how far he's come. With such promising future ahead of him as part of the next wave of rap stars, there is no doubt he will achieve great things.

4. Support him on Patreon.

BabyTron is a rapper with plenty on his plate these days. He's part of ShittyBoyz and also produces mixtapes and albums under his own name. His style of performance is unmistakably catchy - especially when he delivers some powerful lines that stick in your mind. His knack for writing catchy lyrics that will stick with you long after they fade away is undeniable.

If you're a fan of Babytron, donating to his Patreon account can make an immense difference in his career. Doing so helps him produce more music, improve his quality of life, travel more and acquire better equipment.

To get started, head over to his page and select a tier. Afterward, click the Become a Patron button. You will then be asked to choose an amount for payment and confirm your subscription.

Once complete, patrons gain access to a special selection of content only available to them. This includes monthly newsletters, behind the scenes footage and more. If you want to show your support even further, you can purchase custom T-shirts or other physical items as part of an upgraded experience.

Our primary mission is to support BabyTron as he continues to carve new paths in hip hop music. By supporting his perks, you'll be helping him reach his objectives and being rewarded with high-quality content that you won't find elsewhere.

Make sure to regularly reference your Patreon page across all social media platforms and newsletters you send out. It's one of the best ways to get your name out there and show your followers you are a genuine individual who genuinely cares about them.

Where babytron from

Where is Babytron From?

Babytron is one of the newest sensations to hit Detroit's rap scene. He stands out with his intricate lyrical references and has quickly gained notoriety online.

He began rapping as part of the Detroit trio ShittyBoyz with StanWill and TrDee while still in high school, gravitating towards scam-rap, which deals with credit card and internet fraud.


Babytron, real name James Edward Johnson, is a rapper from Ypsilanti, Michigan. He's part of the Shit*yBoyz collective and his music has been heavily influenced by Detroit-based producer Grizzley.

Since high school, he's been an active participant in the rap industry. His songs feature humorous lyrics with irreverent sports references, making them great fun to listen to.

The 21-year-old rapper has released several projects such as Bin Reaper 2, Luka Troncic and Dookie Brothers. Additionally, he's collaborated with artists like Lil Yachty and Sada Baby.

He used to specialize in grimy street scriptures over wicked samples, but has recently begun changing up his style. Now, he uses harder beats and displays his penmanship.

One of the things that sets Babytron apart from other rappers is his knack for covering bizarre samples. From Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince's iconic theme on "Half-Blood Prince" to Darth Vader's signature tune on "Sith Lord," Babytron is fast becoming a star in the hip hop community.

On our latest First Look Friday, Okayplayer joined BabyTron on a call to discuss his new music, his early days as an Internet personality and more.

He spends his free time at home in the studio recording and freestyling, though he's uncertain if any more full-length projects will be released anytime soon.

Pistons fans have taken notice of him thanks to his single, "Cade Cunningham," which paid homage to the team's number one draft pick last year. Additionally, he made a cameo in Super Smash Bros, further increasing his fan base.


BabyTron, born James Johnson III from Ypsilanti, Michigan is a rapper and member of ShittyBoyz with friends StanWill and TrDee. Recently he's achieved success with a viral rap hit as well as two mixtapes.

He's been creating music since high school and formed the band ShittyBoyz with his friends after realizing others enjoyed their style. They first made a video in 2018 that focused on women and money scams, but soon enough their punk-infused sound gained acceptance.

At just 19 years old, Tron has already earned praise from Rolling Stone and No Jumper for his talent, becoming one of the most popular MCs in the game due to his viral videos and Instagram presence. His rhymes feature insider sports references, pop culture nods and clever wordplay throughout.

Tron's lyrical skills are impressive, but his unique use of beats truly sets him apart from his peers. His latest album Luka Troncic features 24 songs that showcase his versatility while providing a high energy, double entendre-packed project full of punchline packed street anthems.

The 21-year old rapper blends his unique swagger with heavy doses of Detroit-influenced instrumentals. He delivers punched-in, witty wordplay over outlandish samples from Harry Potter, cartoons, pro wrestling and his favorite footwear: Crocs.

BabyTron isn't afraid to take chances when it comes to his music. He's an aggressive emcee with the capacity to turn up any track, no matter its subject matter.

He has been consistently releasing songs, working on them whether in the studio or on his iPhone. Additionally, he doesn't plan to slow down in terms of his career and believes that all the attention will only continue to increase over time.

United States

BabyTron is a Michigan rapper from where the rap scene has seen incredible growth in recent years. His style stands out among others due to his fondness for Detroit slang and basketball references; additionally, his distinctive voice and quick wit make him an internet favorite.

His music is packed with obscure pop culture references from movies, television and sports. It has a style reminiscent of Birdman, who grew up in New Orleans before becoming one of the greatest rap artists worldwide.

BabyTron has been an active member of the ShittyBoyz collective since high school. He formed this group with friends StanWill and TrDee before embarking on his solo music career in 2018.

He's never tried to fit into a particular genre, which has set him apart from other rappers. His willingness to rap over any outlandish sample or beat has earned him a reputation for creating quirky and enjoyable songs. In one song, he might switch between Jurassic World theme or Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" from King of the Galaxy or Nardo Wick's "Who Want Smoke?" from Prince Of The Mitten.

BabyTron's latest project, Megatron, is a more polished rendition of his earlier works. The 23 songs comprise an hour-long playtime and showcase Tron's knack for crafting quirky beats over gritty street scriptures.

His style is a unique combination of old and new, with clever wordplay, pop culture references, and the ability to spit over virtually any sample or beat. This combination has earned BabyTron an enthusiastic following; he consistently releases new music.

Scam rap

Scam rap is a genre that celebrates digital scamming, credit card fraud, identity theft and other illicit methods of financial gain. It has become an increasingly popular subgenre within hip-hop over recent years.

The music itself tends to be lighthearted, though the subject matter can be more serious. In fact, some artists have even been arrested for scam raps!

Teejayx6, one of the most renowned rappers in this genre, has been found guilty of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. He's an expert at this craft; creating songs that sound like instructional manuals for various scams.

BabyTron, a 21-year-old wearing Crocs with an accent from Detroit, has become one of the major figures in this genre. His raps are filled with Detroit slang and basketball references as well as nods to freestyle music and other 1980s genres.

BabyTron began his career in the same scam rap style as Teejayx6, but has since developed his own distinct voice through a blend of both scam and mainstream hip-hop.

BabyTron has achieved success through his smooth yet hard-hitting lyricism and ability to craft punchlines that are both smooth and direct. He says his flow has greatly improved since last year, enabling him to rap faster while maintaining a steady cadence.

He recently released Megatron, an experimental album which differs from previous work in that it includes braggadocio shit-talking over hyped horns and snapping snares as well as various samples and beats. This shift away from BabyTron's previous style which often used grimy street scriptures over wicked beats was quite refreshing.


BabyTron, also known as BabyTran, is making his mark on the music scene as part of S*****Boyz crew. After starting out in high school with childhood friends StanWill and TrDee, they formed the group in 2018 and released their first video together.

When not performing, the 22-year-old Michigan rapper has been busy freestyling and recording his way to superstardom. Recently, his debut project Megatron earned him a place on XXL's 2022 Freshman List and he's currently working with fellow Michigan rapper Lil Yachty on a mixtape called "Michigan Boy Boat."

In addition to his solo work, BabyTron is a member of ShittyBoyz with StanWill and TrDee. Their first song was 2018's "Gamebreaker," and since then the trio has made quite an impression.

In February, Tron, Dee and Stan unleashed their Trifecta series on early fans with 22 tracks of unfiltered scam rap. On their latest track "Slam Dunk Contestants," Tron, Dee and Stan take no time with their verses as they deliver bar after bar of clever punchlines over an elegant instrumental.

With his next album Bin Reaper 2 imminent, we caught up with the Crocs-wearing rapper to discuss his journey towards success, basketball's significance in his life and what lies ahead for him. Watch our interview below, then be sure to check out Megatron when it drops on March 4.

BabyTron, the Crocs-wearing rapper, has an eclectic style that incorporates Detroit slang, basketball references and throwbacks to freestyle sounds of the '80s. Despite his unconventional flow, his lyrics are packed with profundities and punchlines that are hard to mimic. His ability to move between different beats with deliberate deftness makes his rhymes difficult to replicate exactly - one reason why they remain popular today.

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