How to sell digital music, selling music online

How to sell digital music, selling music online

All the musicians and singers around the world, in this digitalized period, professional or unprofessional, self-made singers and those who love to sing, everyone can give their voice recognition. There are many platforms these days where one can upload music online. One can also sell music online and get a chance to make a name in the music world.

As everything everywhere is turning online, the music isn't behind. These days all the music producers, musicians, and artists are looking to sell music online. The time of listening to music through records is no more now. Instead, music online has become a need of music fans and music lovers.

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To sell your music online, digital music stores have spread vastly, easing to sell your music online. An all-time music-playing person needs it everywhere. eating, walking, workouts, working, also some use it to fall asleep as well. And because of digitalization, this has made music fans so easy. One can browse the wanted music anywhere just with the facility of the internet. But this is possible only when the music is uploaded into the online stream. So, let's now see how you can sell your music and create a music career.

How to sell your digital music online:

Whether you be a professional singer or self-made singer, and you have got a song which you sang beautifully or you own music and you are producer waiting for releasing your music. And the offline world has become so hard to find proper streaming services and online stores to get your music playing.

First, go to a selected online store, who will help you upload your music online faster. Some of them are mentioned below.

Then you need to upload the tracks and music on selected online music stores and choose the wanted music digital store and streaming services like Spotify, apple music, amazon music, I tunes, google play, etc. Which lets you sell music digitally.

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The online music stores make it easy for you to upload and sell music online. The store you logged in will let your music stream and release faster to all the selected stores and streaming services.

And when your music is live in the store, the sooner it gets playlisted and streamed you will get paid. This way you can sell music and make money.

You can also set up your own website and sell your music online there. When you own a website, along with uploading your own music it also makes other stuff life informing your upcoming songs or events and about your bands anytime.

This digital distribution of music services allows you to sell your music videos online making you create a career right from where you sit. This industry is one of the profitable and most entertaining givers of industry opportunities that’s been growing and growing and never has been seen coming down.

Especially when it comes to the demand for music, it is never-ending. And being able to sell your music online has given many artists a chance to shine. the music distribution stores and streaming services lets the music industry digital distribution easy. Where you can sell them online. Here are some best online streaming platforms.

Digital music selling platforms:

There are many online platforms and different stores where the music is distributed and start selling which takes place independently. Digital stores and streaming platforms where just by sharing your music by signing up into their account will let you earn money.


Music distribution platforms: -

Digital music stores: -

Let’s go deeper into the few best platforms to sell your songs.

CD Baby:


CD baby allows you to get your music stream your songs everywhere. It helps you to distribute your music globally. Where you can get paid weekly and with no annual fee and sales revenue. It makes your music be everywhere you want it to be.

It will let your music be available on over 150 streaming services all around such as Spotify, Tiktok, apple music, amazon, Pandora, YouTube, Google Play, and Deezer all of this for a one-time setup fee. And all your music fans can reach you from any of them according to their preferences and listen to your music.

This is the most revenue stream for your music. streaming, downloads, cd, and vinyl sales, YouTube monetization, sync licensing, publishing royalty collection, direct-to-fans sales, and many more options are provided. You can be anywhere, yet you can earn money from your music as CD baby will get you paid.

Moving on to the music publishing royalties, no song goes unpublished. When you write an original song more chances for you to make more money. cd baby not only makes you just release your music, but it helps you get noticed as well. It helps you in turning casual fans into email subscribers, Spotify followers, YouTube viewers, and more. CD baby provides you with powerful tools that can instantly amp up your music promotion.

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TuneCore is another streaming site to start selling your song worldwide. this also allows you to get your albums on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and iTunes store, amazon music, Hungama, google play, and more. Where you can share and grow your fan base. all the revenue you earn is to yourself.

To become a TuneCore artist, what you need to do is just sign up and create a TuneCore account. There is so many TuneCore artists, whose tune core success stories so inspiring. Sales tune core artists streaming revenue is unbelievable.

Stores tune core is now the world’s leading music album aggregator. The only thing you need to do is upload your song, and the rest is handled by them and with no time your music's hit digital store like Spotify and Apple music. They have TuneCore rewards as you upload your music.


Distrokid is the easiest way for artists to get music into Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, tidal, TikTok, YouTube, and more. This will let your music directly to a ton of stores and streaming services.

You need to pay $19.99 to promote unlimited albums and music for a year. Distribute cover songs legally, getting paid when other people use your music on YouTube. The backups are unlimited, instant Spotify verified checkmark, and manage your apple music page.

It allows you to generate music videos, get a YouTube official artist channel, and so much more. Distrokid is a service that helps your music sell directly into online stores and streaming services.

Same way rumble fish allows you to get a license along with selling music. Ditto music is specially made for independent musicians for the independent artist or bands. It has several awards for its customer service. Octiive which was also known as mondo tunes promote your music online for all the musician and independent artists with just a few clicks and reach fans by the release of band and album.

Moving on to the digital stores, let's now see how the following promote your music and help you sell your music.



Bandcamp is another platform where one can sell their music and their merch. What you need to do is set a price for any of your work and pay Bandcamp 15 % of the total fees for digital sales. It gets dropped to 10% when your revenue becomes more than $5000.




Here, one can upload their music for free and when users search for your song, they cannot download the entire song but what it does is, it directs to iTunes or to your music website, where one can download the entire song. It is one of the top music video streaming sites online.

Music diffusion:

It is the best music distribution platform for independent artists and music labels. One can sell one's music on iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, beatoort, and more. It is the first low-cost music distributor that helps to upload songs online to the best sites.


Your own website:

This is another great place to selling your albums. Though this needs a lot of work in maintaining and music upload, it’s worth the work. Artists can promote their work on their websites. when you have a website it’s like having a bit of internet of your own. Other sites may come and go but having your own site will always keep you connected with your fans.

When you create your own website, you will also be able to make more money than another site. When you are looking for long-term success having a website of your own is very necessary. When it comes to sales and release of music having one’s websites is a must. It’s easier to get new fans and selling your music online with help of any of the above-mentioned places, has lots of benefits. It happens to take place you are being at anywhere and your music will be released on different platforms. Also, one can easily get noticed by the record labels and make more fans. This has made your songs available for sale online an easy part.

Nowadays, even record stores are found online. Where one can sell CDs, vinyl records if one has the hobby of listening to music offline.

These are the places where selling your music online with different stores and popular stores. These digital stores and streaming apps get your music on sale, and with the release of your songs as the sales increase, you start earning money. A band making music on their own can create a website and promote their album on one’s site. This way anyone who is a passionate singer and music album maker can earn money online.

One can also create a YouTube channel of their own. Then uploading them on their channel can also make them earn money when they get proper recognition. This way when you upload your music on social media platforms like the Facebook page and other platforms also make you earn money.

To sell music online, and bring out the wonderful musical creations, new artists have been coming out. Our favorite artists and musician release their music in these ways. This is how one can sell one’s digital music online.


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