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How to Create a YouTube Channel - Google Support

How to Create a YouTube Channel - Google Support


To start a YouTube channel, you will need to sign up for a Google account. After you've registered, you can start organizing your channel and adding videos to your playlist. You can also change your profile picture. The next steps in creating a YouTube channel are fairly straightforward. First, you'll need to change your channel's profile picture and icon. After that, you can change the name and description of your channel.

Creating a YouTube channel requires a Google account

If you'd like to create a YouTube channel, you must first have a Google account. To do this, sign into the YouTube website and look for the link titled "Create new channel." Click on this link to create a new channel, or manage your existing one. You'll then be prompted to choose a channel name and upload an account picture.

Creating a YouTube channel is easy and free. You just need a Google account, which you can create free of charge. This account also allows you to access other Google products, including Gmail, Maps, and Photos. It's very easy to create a new account, and you'll be able to manage your business YouTube channel with ease.

You can also customize your YouTube channel by adding your branding elements, basic information, advanced layout options, and videos optimized for search. Make sure you've installed the latest YouTube app on your computer, as the old version of the app will throw you an error message that says "This action is not allowed". If you'd rather use the browser version of YouTube, you can do this by clicking on "Create a YouTube channel" on the website.

Once you've created a YouTube channel, you'll need to sign into your Google account. If you have multiple managers, you'll have to log in again and select the account you wish to add or remove from your YouTube account.

Organizing a YouTube channel

If you want to make your YouTube channel look great, organizing the content is essential. Make your videos stand out by placing them in categories and making them visible on the home page. You can also add new channel managers to your team to make sure that your channel is always running smoothly. This will ensure that all your content is easily accessible for viewers.

Organizing your YouTube channel will help your viewers find the videos they are interested in. It will help them decide if they want to subscribe to your channel or not. The best part is, you don't have to spend a lot of time doing this. You can make changes at any time.

You can choose a vertical or horizontal list for your channel. You can also choose to create thumbnails for your videos. Though you don't have to create a thumbnail, it's a nice way to catch the attention of viewers. The default thumbnail that YouTube shows for a video is limited to about two or three images. You can customize your thumbnail by adding a description and tags.

You can also add links to your social media pages in your YouTube channel. Another great idea is to add a video annotation. Annotations allow viewers to jump to the parts of the video that they're most interested in. Annotations are great for organizing a YouTube channel and can help your channel get more traffic.

Adding a video to a playlist

If you want to add a video to a YouTube playlist, first you need to upload the video to your YouTube channel. To do this, go to your channel page and click the Videos tab, located next to the Home tab. This will show you all of the videos you have uploaded to your channel. Once you've found the video you'd like to add to your playlist, simply click on the save icon, which looks like three horizontal lines and has a plus symbol on it. Once you've clicked on the save icon, a drop-down menu will appear with a selection of options. One of these options is "Create new playlist."

Once you've created a new playlist, you can share it on social media by copying the URL or pasting it manually. Just make sure that the playlist is public if you want others to be able to view it. You can also loop the playlist in your browser.

If you have several videos, you should create a playlist that links to each other. Ideally, these videos should be related to the same theme or topic. This way, viewers will be able to watch each video without having to click through each one. If you have videos with a similar theme or topic, you can order them in the playlist according to the theme and popularity.

Changing your profile picture

You can change your profile picture on YouTube by signing into your Google account. Once logged in, click on the "Profile" icon. This will redirect you to an area where you can upload a new picture or choose an existing one. After uploading a new picture, you can move or resize it as needed. You can also zoom in by pinching two fingers on your screen.

Your profile picture must be at least 800 x 800 pixels. You must also make sure it says something about your channel. YouTube recommends using an image with a border and that it is not animated. You can change your profile picture from your computer or mobile device. Just make sure you select the right format.

Once you have made your profile picture, you can move it to the area where you want it. The blue circle shows the area where your profile picture will be displayed on your YouTube channel. After you've moved the image, press the "Publish" button to publish it. After you've done this, you will be redirected to the page where you can change the picture. If you're using Firefox, you can use the same tutorial to change the image on your channel. First, open your Firefox browser and click the "Options" button. Next, click the "Privacy and Security" panel. From there, click the "Clear Data" button. Then, uncheck Cookies and Site Data and Cached Web Content.

You can also change the profile picture on your mobile device. The ideal size for this is 800 x 800 pixels. You can choose a photo from your smartphone or select a picture from your computer to use for your YouTube profile. Be sure to choose a picture that looks appealing to your viewers and attracts their attention.

Reporting threats to a YouTube channel

YouTube has a way to report harassing content on its platform. Users can report hate speech, spam, and scams. To report something, simply fill out a form. Once received, YouTube will review the report and take appropriate action. If you've seen inappropriate content on a YouTube channel, you can report it to the site's admins.

Be careful with impersonation content. This kind of content targets particular individuals or invades their personal space. Some examples of such content are using someone else's username or channel layout, posting harassing content, and posing as another user in videos or comments. If you see any of these things on a YouTube channel, be sure to report it immediately to avoid having your content removed.

You can also use the YouTube reporting form to report threats to a YouTube channel. In the form, you'll need to enter some basic information about the channel. Make sure to fill in the relevant fields, including the channel URL and a brief description of the problem. Then, choose the "Yes" or "No" options for the categories of impersonation, violent threats, child endangerment, and hate speech.

Once you've located the appropriate tab, click on the "report" button. This will open up a drop-down menu with several options. Choose either "report user" or "report channel art and profile picture." You can also choose to block a user or whole channel. If the video is on a YouTube channel, you can report it from your desktop.

Changing your channel name

If you'd like to change your YouTube channel name, you need to sign in to your account and click the "Edit channel" option. Changing your channel's name does not affect the URL, which remains the same. You can change your channel's name up to three times a year.

Before you change your YouTube channel name, make sure that you are using a suitable, catchy title. The name you use should be a description of your content. The name should be something related to your brand and not something that may be confusing to people who don't use Google+. If you are using your old name, you should change it to something that's more relevant to your audience.

Another consideration when deciding on a new name is how easy it is to remember. You want to make your YouTube channel easy to share with others. You want your viewers to be able to tell their friends about it and subscribe to your channel. A catchy, easy to remember name is essential in getting your channel noticed and creating subscribers.

In some cases, changing your YouTube channel name might not be the best option. If you have a good number of subscribers, you may not want to risk the loss of these subscribers. This is because some of these people will still search for your videos by your old name and may not watch them if you use a new one.

Embrace Different Types of Photography & Photoshoot Ideas

Embrace Different Types of Photography  Photoshoot IdeasEmbrace Different

Embrace Different Types of Photography - You don't have to limit yourself to a single style of photography. You can try different photoshoot ideas for different types of photos. For example, you can shoot still life scenes without using sophisticated photography tools. However, still life photography does require some preparation and pre-production work. For example, instead of picking up the camera and starting shooting, you must spend time brainstorming creative concepts.

Embrace Different

If you want to become a better photographer, you need to embrace different types of photography and photoshoot ideas. These ideas can help you improve your photography skills, improve your style, and broaden your horizons. Embracing different types of photography and photoshoot ideas will also help you discover new subjects and creative ways to present them.

Embrace Different Photoshoot Ideas

In order to stay fresh and on top of the latest trends, photographers need to constantly experiment with different types of photography and photoshoot ideas. Embracing new techniques, studying the history of photography, and accumulating experience can help you come up with new themes for photoshoots. This will help you stay motivated and inspired. Ultimately, photography is about capturing the world and its people in a unique and memorable way. Let your personality shine through your photography, and always remember that every picture tells a story.

Another great way to create photoshoot ideas is to take old photos and recreate them. You can use a flat surface to reflect the old photo, or you can use a reflection of the old photo on a glass of water. You can also work with a colour scheme and match props with the colour scheme. Throwing something into the frame is a great way to add movement to your photo. You can even use something from around your house.

Embrace Different Photographic Techniques

As a photographer, it is important to learn and experiment with different types of photography. You can do so when you are still in the beginning of your career, but when you're ready to focus your efforts, you need to pick one or two specialties and excel in them. Once you have a strong background in photography, you can use this knowledge to market yourself and expand your creative horizons.

Google Stock - YouTube Music Royalty Payments Jump 50%

GOOGL Stock YouTube Music Industry Payments Jump 50 Investors Business

Google's recent efforts to enter the global music streaming market have paid off with YouTube Music royalty payments rising 50%. While there are still concerns about YouTube's profitability, this recent development may not be too alarming. It hints at Alphabet's recent efforts to boost the adoption rate of its product.

YouTube Music Industry Payments Jump 50% As Profitability Remains

Google's YouTube music service has seen its payments to music creators jump by 50% in the past year, thanks to an increase in revenue. Streaming video content is increasingly popular with users, and YouTube has become a major source of that content. Since its launch ten years ago, YouTube has become an integral part of the public's musical taste.

The streaming market is changing as it evolves, and Spotify is already experimenting with various paths to profitability. This includes selling concert tickets, merch, and subscriptions. Last year, Spotify tested increasing its subscription prices by 10%. The company is also just one payment system integration away from turning into an in-app ticket marketplace.

The streaming music industry is booming in China. It has leapt from 12th to seventh place on the IFPI global recording market rankings, driven by a massive growth in streaming. However, just a tiny percentage of that growth is paying for a standalone subscription. This means that global streaming players will face huge competition from local brands. YouTube Music and Gaana Music, among others, are already making their mark in this market.

In Canada, SOCAN is the largest collective in terms of total revenue collected in any given year. Collective Internet royalties are likely in the range of $500 or less per year, with actual artist disbursements even lower. This means that streaming payments for Canadian music creators are still insufficient to meet their basic needs.

YouTube also offers premium services, and premium subscribers get ad-free videos and music. The service used to be called YouTube Red a few years ago, but has since changed its name to YouTube Premium. Premium subscriptions are now available to more than 20 million subscribers. Premium subscriptions also allow creators to earn revenue sharing from premium subscribers. Google plans to continue investing in premium subscriptions to the service.

Alphabet's recent efforts to penetrate the global music streaming market

Alphabet Inc. is a leading technology research firm that tracks emerging market trends. The company's recent efforts to enter the global music streaming market are based on a two-step strategy - advertising campaigns to recruit people and attractive offers and discounts to entice people to upgrade. The company is also focusing on expanding its geographic footprint. It recently launched Apple Music in 52 new countries, extending its reach across the globe.

Music streaming services have many advantages over traditional digital download services. They offer curated playlists, lossless music, and improved targeting and customer retention. Additionally, some music streaming services provide podcasts and other content such as music videos. Spotify is partnering with Netflix in November 2021, which will allow users to access exclusive Netflix content through the service. SoundCloud Limited purchased Report Network in May 2019, which operates as a SoundCloud focused music distributor. In addition to offering content protection, Report Network provides analytics dashboards and streaming distribution.

The music streaming market is highly fragmented and has many vendors. Some are deploying organic growth strategies and others are focusing on niche segments to grow their revenues. Alphabet's recent efforts to penetrate the market through paid streaming services are noteworthy. The company offers Google Play Music and YouTube Red. Together, these two services have more than 1 billion monthly active users.

Alphabet is also competing with larger players. Spotify SPOT and Apple AMZN are two of the leaders in this market. The companies have partnered in a number of ways, including providing free service to Verizon subscribers. Spotify is a popular online music streaming service.

Music streaming services are gaining popularity through exclusive content that attracts people to their services and converts them into subscribers. In addition, music streaming services are bolstering their revenue with promotional activities. Spotify has seen a 31% YoY increase in revenue and a 35% share of the total paid subscription market. The company has also reduced prices on its subscription models.

YouTube Music also features new features and improved search algorithms. Users can discover songs they might have previously ignored. With this enhancement, the company hopes to make music more personalized. Users will be able to browse songs and create custom playlists using their preferences. This feature is particularly useful if they want to listen to music offline.

Music streaming services have grown to become one of the fastest-growing markets in consumer electronics. In the US, streaming services now account for over half of the music industry. Other types of streaming music services include radio services, ad-supported on-demand streaming, and subscription services.

Alphabet's recent efforts to boost the adoption rate of YouTube Music

YouTube's recent efforts to boost industry payments are a welcome development, but the company has more work to do to make the platform more appealing to music fans. The company has recently raised $1 billion for an early-stage venture fund, which represents one-fifth of Alphabet's enterprise value. Meanwhile, Wall Street's favorite FAANG stocks have been falling. Snap, the Snapchat parent, posted disappointing quarterly results on Friday and warned of an uncertain future. Meanwhile, Alphabet's price target for its shares was raised by analysts at Macquarie from $215 to $225, giving the company a market value of $515 billion.

YouTube Music has recently made several changes to improve its search algorithm and introduce new features. In the app, users can now discover 10 radio stations, named by band, genre, decade, and other categories. Users can also download songs for offline listening.

YouTube isn't the only company attempting to take advantage of the growing demand. Amazon, Spotify, and Apple are among the other companies looking to make the most of the growing music market. Apple Music, for instance, is free on Verizon's network and offers exclusive daily selections, while Amazon has a subscription service called Amazon Music Unlimited that allows Prime members to stream millions of songs.

The upcoming year is expected to be good for the company. For the year, the average growth rate for the underlined market is predicted to hit nine percent, while for the next five years, it'll reach 12.2%. Google's increasing momentum should help the company win back investors' confidence in the near term. The stock has lost 26 percent of its value year-to-date.

Meanwhile, the digital economy is suffering from the ongoing conflict over privacy. Some companies are shifting billions of dollars to other companies. Similarly, the company's investment in Health Exchanges Buffalo, a private health insurance exchange in Buffalo, recently sold for $215 million.

Despite these challenges, Google's recent efforts to boost the adoption rate to YouTube Music industry payments have been a boon for the music industry. It's been the victim of online music piracy since Napster. While Apple has made strides in this area with its iPod, the industry remains vulnerable to new technology. As a result, traditional business models may be in for a dramatic overhaul.

The company recently posted its earnings report, with revenues of US$174 066 billion. During the quarter under review, Alphabet recorded its worst month-by-month performance in two years. Analysts are counting on these earnings to pull Alphabet out of the funk.

How YouTube Got Swamped With Creepy Content

We've all seen the creepy videos on YouTube, from the unboxing of a bad baby to the creepy Santa. But how did this creepy content get so widespread? The answer might surprise you. Here are a few reasons.

Toy freaks

The video content creators of the popular YouTube channel Unboxin Bad Baby noticed that "dangerous child" was the top trending phrase on the video site. They jumped on the trend, creating a collection of gross out live action clips of defiant toddlers. They also started a series called "Toy Freaks," which featured videos of children scooting around in pacifiers. These videos quickly dominated the sidebar, taking over the site.

While parents are reacting with horror to the Evil Santa story, it's important to remember that the site has parental controls to help protect children. There are different content settings for different age groups and a history tab. Parents should also consider the content of YouTube Kids before letting their children watch the content.

Unboxing videos have been around for a long time. They've featured everything from iPods to smartphones. The trend has even spread to the Kinder Shock Egg, a marginal product developed in Italy that's banned in the US, which is full of small toys. In response, YouTubers started selling the toys on eBay.

Webs & Tiaras

A five-year-old boy recently said that he planned to kill himself because he was so upset because his favorite Christmas character, the Evil Santa, was telling him that he had to kill people to get his presents. His mom, upset with the lack of parental controls, complained to YouTube about the story. But YouTube Kids has its own parental controls that are free of charge. They include different content settings for different age groups and a history tab. Meanwhile, social media users are comparing the Evil Santa story to other popular internet hoaxes.

The video content that became popular on YouTube is incredibly disturbing. In a YouTube article written by Bridle, she cites examples of disturbing video content for toddlers. One particular video contains a terrifying scene involving an angry Santa and a baby who spits up. YouTube employees were horrified.


If you've ever watched a YouTube video, you've probably seen an unboxing. It's a popular phenomenon in technology and tech review circles, where you can watch people unpack an iPhone or a smartphone. In 2014, a new unboxing video caught YouTubers' attention: an Italian toy called the Kinder Shock Egg. While the toy is banned in the US because of choking hazards, the Italian developers had decided to put it on the unboxing site, where YouTubers could sell it.

The videos quickly became viral, reaching over 2.4 billion views in the summer of 2014. Tubefilter ranked DisneyCollectorBR as the third-most-watched YouTube channel. The channel earned an estimated $13 million in advertising revenue per year. The videos were so popular that they became disturbing for children.

Although the channel's videos captivated the attention of YouTube users, they didn't really tell a good story. The content consisted of a mashup of different characters and word soup. This was a blatant attempt to appeal to the YouTube algorithm. As a result, the video quickly climbed the earnings charts.

While DisneyCollectorBR was one of the most anonymous channels on YouTube, other YouTubers sought fame under their own names and faces. They had hangers-on and managers that managed their accounts. They also had Twitter profiles and authorized names. In order to earn ad money, it was important to give a legal name and email address. In addition to the legal name, DisneyCollectorBR was not known to the YouTube staff, despite being one of the most popular channels on the site.

YouTube's artificial intelligence

YouTube has recently announced that it will use advanced AI for filtering mature content. YouTube's "Up Next" feature is a prime example of the use of artificial intelligence. YouTube's dataset is constantly evolving as new videos are uploaded by users every minute. The AI program has to be able to handle this constant flow of fresh data and real-time suggestions.

The algorithm that categorizes content isn't perfect, but it's more effective than human reviewers. Although YouTube retains full-time human content specialists, it uses AI to improve its ability to detect and remove unfit content. YouTube has an AI system that can flag videos for "violent extremism," which results in an average of 11.4 million videos being removed each quarter. The AI also examines feedback left by viewers.

YouTube's algorithm analyzes a user's browsing history and assigns a score to each video. This algorithm has a major impact on the videos users see on their homepage, trending videos, notifications, and subscriptions. The aim is to match users with videos that they will enjoy watching.

As a result of the influx of creepy content, YouTube has implemented new policies aimed at cleaning up the platform. The company has also restructured its review process to make it easier to identify problematic videos. For example, it now has an algorithm for detecting "borderline fetish" content, which can be tricky to identify.

Despite these efforts, YouTube faced pressure from agencies and brands because of the inappropriate content. Some brands pulled advertising dollars after their videos appeared alongside violent extremist content. And because of the sensitivity of the content, YouTube has taken steps to protect its brand name and its reputation by incorporating advanced machine learning. And it's partnered with third-party organizations to ensure transparency.

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