How Snoop Dogg Changed My Life

How Snoop Dogg Changed My Life


Auckland hiphop artist Zaidoon Nasir Snoop Dogg changed my life

Auckland hip-hop artist Zaidoon Nasir (Who Shot Scott) is an admirer of Snoop Dogg and it has greatly influenced his career.

Snoop Dogg rose to fame as a West Coast rapper during the 1990s. He was discovered by Death Row Records and signed to their label, catapulting him to stardom. Snoop was an integral part of the G-funk movement that spread throughout music over that decade.

The moment I started listening to hip-hop

Hip-hop is an international culture that began in the United States and has since spread across dozens of countries. It features rap music and graffiti art.

Though the movement began among young black people, it has since spread throughout many cultures around the world. Its most renowned artists have had a profound effect on various sectors of society - from dance and fashion to politics and beyond.

Hip-hop's power to transcend race is one of its greatest assets. Instead of simply repeating stereotypes or pushing a brand of black culture on people, its artists are actively working to improve their community.

Hip-hop was a cultural phenomenon that spread like wildfire throughout the 1990s. It quickly rose to become one of the biggest music genres in history with sales of over 80 million albums.

Hip-hop's origins lie in a gangster era music style that was disdained by the industry. Over time however, it gained critical approval and rappers began fusing intricate lyrics with unique musical themes to create something truly unique.

By the mid-90s, hip-hop had gained widespread acceptance on both East Coast and West Coast of America, opening the door for a new generation of artists to emerge.

This generation of rappers adopted a more sophisticated approach to hip-hop, creating albums that explored various topics. AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted took us beyond gangster life and delves into American apartheid's underbelly. Not surprisingly, this record became hugely successful despite receiving almost no radio play.

With each album, Nas cemented his place as more than just a rapper. He had an ambition for what hip-hop could become; the skillset needed to tell stories with passion and conviction; all with conviction from within himself.

He was a rapper who knew that his success hinged on using his voice for social change. His songs exemplified this mission, uniting people around issues like poverty and violence.

The moment I started making music

One of the defining moments in my life was when I began making music. It was when I was in sixth grade that I recorded my first school song - a cover of Snoop Doggy Dogg's album The Doggfather. To my utter joy, the song became an enormous hit and marked one of those rare times when something truly brought me joy.

At first, I was a little anxious, but eventually trusted my instincts and discovered the whole experience to be quite enjoyable. It just took taking things one step at a time to make progress happen.

Snoop Dogg has been making music for nearly 30 years now, leaving his mark in hip-hop culture. As one of the most respected rappers worldwide, his music has inspired thousands to pursue greater success in life.

His journey to stardom was a long and challenging one, requiring him to overcome many obstacles along the way. He was arrested multiple times for drug possession and served time in prison. A part of Rollin' 20 Crips gang, he turned towards music as an outlet from his troubled past.

Rapping under his own name, Snoop Doggy Dogg, his career took off when Dre invited him to be part of his produced album The Chronic in 1992. His debut album skyrocketed to the top of the charts and spawned several more hits during the early nineties.

After signing on with Dre's label Death Row, Snoop faced an uncertain future in his career. Tragically, two of Snoop's mentors--Dre and Tupac [Shakur]--had passed away while Dre's label partner Suge Knight was serving time for racketeering charges.

Snoop eventually left Death Row and signed with Master P's No Limit Records, finding a new label and sound. His second album, Still A G Thang, became an instant hit.

The moment I started writing

When I began writing, I was inspired by the stories Snoop Dogg told in his music. He talked to me about growing up in the projects and having to fight for survival. Additionally, he talked about his father pushing him hard to be successful.

At one point in his youth, Snoop Dogg had a troubled past and often ended up in jail. He struggled with drugs and other issues as well. Ultimately, music became his escape from these difficulties in life; he began rapping on tapes with cousin Nate Dogg and friend Warren G, known as 213; these tapes got noticed by Dr Dre who then collaborated on "Deep Cover," leading to an extensive solo career for Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg remained active in the hip-hop community by hosting many shows on VH1 and releasing mixtapes. Furthermore, he has starred in multiple movies and played himself on numerous television shows.

In 1998, he signed with Master P's No Limit Records (distributed by Priority/EMI) and released his debut album Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told which went on to sell over 23 million copies worldwide. Additionally, he toured extensively and became a major figure within the gangsta rap scene of Los Angeles.

After leaving No Limit in 2002, Snoop Dogg signed with Priority/Capitol/EMI and released Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss the following year. Priority also released Malice 'n Wonderland (2009) and Doggumentary (2011) on their label as well.

In the early noughties, Snoop joined Pharrell Williams for several major hits like "Drop It Like It's Hot," "I'm So High" and "Slow Down." These songs became radio staples and cemented Snoop's place as one of music's most beloved rappers. He also collaborated with Ice Cube on several songs before releasing MOUNT WESTMORE--a supergroup album featuring Ice Cube, Too $hort, E-40 and others--which went on to chart internationally.

Snoop Dogg has endured a turbulent past but still manages to remain relevant today thanks to his successful tour schedule and endorsement deals. His albums have sold over 35 million worldwide, earned him 16 Grammy nominations, and earned him primetime Emmy recognition. Furthermore, Snoop has appeared in countless films and television series as well as being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The moment I started releasing music

As I was growing up, hip-hop music was the craze and it had the power to transform lives in profound ways. It also served as a great way to pass time. Yet until I started creating my own music, I didn't fully grasp its true scope and impact - not just for its appeal but its potential influence over people's lives as well.

I was greatly inspired by many artists, but Snoop Dogg stood out. Not only was he an incredible rapper, but he also achieved success in other areas of his life as well.

He's an American rapper, songwriter, media personality, actor and entrepreneur whose career has spanned two decades. With millions of albums sold worldwide over that time, he's also an active political activist who has worked to alter laws related to cannabis use.

His full name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., but he's been known by various nicknames throughout the years. In 1992, Dr. Dre featured him on his debut solo single "Deep Cover" and on his debut album "The Chronic."

In 1998, Snoop Dogg signed with Master P's No Limit Records and released Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told that year. Subsequently, he released albums like No Limit Top Dogg and Tha Last Meal under the label of No Limit Records.

Snoop Dogg also embarked on a successful acting career during this period, appearing in multiple films and hosting numerous television shows. Additionally, he coached both youth football leagues and high school football teams.

Snoop Dogg's popularity has skyrocketed over the years, and he is now a global superstar in music. He has released 18 studio albums and sold more than 35 million albums worldwide.

He's currently working on a new album and plans to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2022.

He's a multi-millionaire with an impressive net worth due to his sustained success in music and the business world. Additionally, he's considered an incredibly intelligent rapper with an IQ of 147.

Juno Awards to mark hiphops 50th anniversary with Kardinal Offishall Hav

Juno Awards to Mark Hip Hop's 50th Anniversary With Kardinal Offishall Hav

Kardinal Offishall, global A&R at Def Jam Records and award-winning artist Jemeni collaborated on and produced a performance to commemorate hip hop's 50th anniversary. This medley featured Choclair, Dream Warriors, Maestro Fresh Wes, Michie Mee, TOBi and DJ Mel Boogie.

This year's Juno Awards featured a historical overview of Canadian hip hop that highlighted the intergenerational growth of Black music in Canada. Additionally, it celebrated Canada's pioneering hip hop artists such as Maestro Fresh Wes and Michie Mee - both honorees at this year's ceremony.

Kardinal Offishall

Toronto rapper Kardinal Offishall is the creative force behind many iconic Canadian hip-hop songs. A Juno Award winner and one of Canada's top MCs, his infectious smile radiates positivity; he believes that positive energy can be channeled to make our world a better place.

He's also a Sun Life ambassador, encouraging Canadians to secure their lives so they can live the lives they aspire to lead. Watch his interview below to gain more insight into him, the significance of security, and why it's so important for everyone to take control of their financial futures.

On March 13th, the Juno Awards will pay homage to Canada's role in hip-hop history with an MC segment narrated by Kardinal Offishall. Booked by organizers, the Scarborough-raised rapper will help tell the tale of Canadian hip-hop from Maestro Fresh Wes and Michie Mee to Northern Touch and Drake.

Kardinal Offishall, who grew up in Toronto's Scarborough neighbourhood, was one of the pioneers to successfully blend hip-hop with dancehall music and his Jamaican heritage. In the early aughts, his influence helped shape Canada's thriving hip-hop scene that draws heavily from immigrant cultures.


On the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, The Juno Awards will present a segment honoring its Canadian roots. MCs Kardinal Offishall and Haviah Mighty will guide viewers through Canada's rich hip-hop heritage, from pioneering artists such as Maestro Fresh Wes, Michie Mee and Dream Warriors to current superstars Northern Touch and Drake.

Though many may recognize the names of these artists, a new wave is emerging. Choclair, a multi-platinum Juno winner born and raised in Toronto, recently released his single "Gwan Get It" featuring New York native Matt UJohnson.

With influences ranging from Reggae to Hip-Hop and R&B, the 21-year-old artist has created a distinct sound that blends his musical background with an American sensibility. His music features strong melodic elements accompanied by lyrics that can be sung, spoken or danced to.

He's an emcee and fashion enthusiast who recently collaborated with CLIKBO Labs, a cannabis lifestyle accessory company. Through appearances, endorsements and business development activities, he will be supporting the brand.

On March 13th, CBC-TV and CBC Gem will air an epic 50th-anniversary show that includes six award presentations, breathtaking performances, and special appearances by Canada's most beloved artists.

Dream Warriors

On Sunday night's Juno Awards broadcast, Canada will receive a special tribute for its role in hip-hop history. Toronto rappers Kardinal Offishall Hav, Michie Mee and DJ Mel Boogie have been confirmed for appearances.

Few horror sequels do a better job of expanding the mythology, introducing new characters we enjoy just as much, and making the films more elaborate than A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. That is no small feat and this film really cemented Robert Englund's Freddy Krueger as an iconic global icon.

Dream Warriors isn't perfect; there are some plot holes, some over-the-top gore, and some future crimes that seem too far removed from the original Nightmare's premise. Nonetheless, it's the best sequel to Nightmare and Krueger has truly established himself as a stand-up comic of horror icons - from Bugs Bunny to Zsa Zsa Gabor!

Craven and co-writer John Wagner's script follows Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) on her quest to locate her missing father, only to be drawn into a town full of wayward kids who commit suicide through their dreams. After discovering these dream warriors, Nancy helps them band together to stop Freddy from killing them again.

Maestro Fresh Wes

Kardinal Offishall Hav will host a star-studded performance at the Juno Awards to commemorate hip hop music's 50th anniversary, featuring performances by Choclair, DJ Mel Boogie, Dream Warriors, Michie Mee, TOBi and Haviah Mighty--representing Canadian rap artists throughout its 50 year history.

Maestro Fresh Wes has achieved success as an award-winning rapper, actor, author and motivational speaker. His single 'Let Your Backbone Slide' achieved gold status in Canada and his album 'Symphony in Effect' sold platinum.

He is a multiple JUNO winner and boasts an impressive list of accolades to his name. In addition to guest speaking engagements at multiple events and conferences, he's made appearances on CBC's Mr. D, performed at the Winter Olympics, and can be found featured in EA Sports NHL 17 video game.

He has inspired a generation of young musicians with his music and remains an inspiration to many. His book 'Stick to Your Vision' serves as an inspiring source of guidance and motivation for others.

Michie Mee

One of the most powerful and memorable moments at the Juno Awards to mark hip-hop's 50th anniversary will be a star-studded performance by Canada's rap pioneers. Kardinal Offishall Hav headlines this special medley featuring Choclair, DJ Mel Boogie, Dream Warriors, Maestro Fresh Wes, Michie Mee and TOBi.

Michie Mee was a groundbreaking Canadian rapper, being the first Canadian MC to sign with an American major record label and pioneering an innovative blend of contemporary rap with classic Jamaican dancehall music. Born and raised in Kingston but raised in Toronto, this mega-talent quickly earned herself the title as Queen of Canadian hip hop, winning multiple awards while setting the foundation for many today's biggest names.

Michie Mee prioritizes staying involved with today's youth as a mother. She has always been an enthusiastic supporter of kids pursuing an excellent education, understanding how much the music business can disrupt lives.

Michie Mee has even taken it upon herself to pen her own memoir, due for release in 2023. Drawing inspiration from her Jamaican heritage, she creates captivating sounds and exemplifies the power that has made her such a prominent voice within hip-hop.


Toronto rapper Kardinal Offishall will lead a tribute to Canada's role in 50 years of hip-hop history during this year's Juno Awards broadcast. Haviah Mighty and MC Jemeni will also appear in the show, which organizers say was written and produced by Offishall.

Organizers also announced the show will feature an exploration of hip-hop's legacy in America and some of its biggest stars. One notable guest is Tobi, who won a 2021 Juno for Rap Recording of the Year for his track "Holiday."

CBC has also announced that West Coast rap star bbno$ will join this year's lineup of performers and presenters. She joins Alexisonfire, AP Dhillon, Banx & Ranx with Preston Pablo & Reve, Jessie Reyez, Nickelback & Tate McRae for whom Ryan Reynolds will make a virtual appearance to honor their Canadian Music Hall of Fame induction. Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid will also be recognized live while Simu Liu returns as host for this special show.

Haviah Mighty

Haviah Mighty is one of Canada's hottest artists on the hip hop scene. Her album 13th Floor earned her a Polaris Music Prize last year and cemented her place as one of Canada's premier acts.

She was nominated for a Juno Award this year, marking the first time a female rapper has received this honour. As such, she stands as an iconic figure in Canadian music and continues to make waves around the world.

She's breaking away from gendered expectations for women in hip hop and using her platform to engage, inspire and inform. As an artist, she's a force for change - her latest release, Stock Exchange is no exception to this rule.

Her mixtape takes on the darker side of money and its roots in unequal labor. She addresses issues like exploitation and violence against women with candor.

Canadian rap artist 26-year-old Hailey Stewart is one of XXL's 15 Toronto Rappers You Should Know in 2019. Her first full-length album, 13th Floor, was a major success and won her the Polaris Music Prize. Now, she is focusing on her music with the release of Stock Exchange mixtape, an impressive follow up to her successful debut that features local as well as global talent.

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