How Post Malone Got His Name

How Post Malone Got His Name


How post malone got his name

Post Malone is an acclaimed artist that has earned the admiration of millions around the world. He began releasing music in 2015 and has collaborated with renowned names like Justin Bieber.

He began auditioning for bands as a teenager and took music more seriously than ever before. To garner more attention and further develop his career in music, he chose to adopt a stage name.

The Story of Post Malone’s Stage Name

When an aspiring artist first begins their career, one of the most crucial decisions they'll make is selecting a stage name. They seek a distinctive moniker that can help launch their career and remain with them throughout its entirety.

Post Malone, a rapper and singer from Syracuse, New York, gained notoriety for his distinctive sound and insightful songwriting. His debut single "White Iverson" went viral in 2015, earning him recognition from major music labels.

The singer hails from a multicultural background that spans multiple family lines that have lived in New York since the 1600s. His paternal grandmother is Polish, while he also has Scottish, Irish and distant Dutch ancestry.

He was raised in Syracuse, where he was immersed in music and exposed to different genres as a child. It wasn't long before he developed an interest in multiple styles of music and chose the stage name "Post Malone" at around 14 or 15 years old - an indication that his interests had already broadened significantly by then.

He began to aspire to be a successful musician during his early teenage years. He auditioned for bands like Crown the Empire and eventually ventured into rap music, developing an interest in guitar that he dedicated all of his free time to playing it.

At 14 or 15, Post Malone came up with the stage name "Post Malone." He switched his last name to his initials and borrowed it from an online rap name generator. Ever since, Post Malone has been a part of himself - an integral part of who he is as an individual.

His career took off when he released the hit single, "White Iverson." Since then, he's released numerous songs and established himself as a star in the hip-hop world. His most recent album, beerbongs & bentleys, debuted at number one on Billboard 200 chart and set numerous streaming records.

He has toured the globe and is currently working on his third album. With such a large fan base, it's expected that this year will continue to see him break records.

The Story of Post Malone’s Real Name

In today's digital music world, it's no shock that rapper Post Malone chose his stage name from an algorithm. He likely wanted something memorable and easy to remember so he could focus on what matters most: music.

Post Malone was born on July 4, 1995 in Syracuse, New York and raised by his father Richard and stepmother Jodie. As a child, he developed an interest in various kinds of music which later led him to compose his own songs.

At the age of 14-15, Post Malone began performing under his stage name and decided to pursue a career in music. He eventually moved to Los Angeles with longtime friend Jason Probst in 2015, formed the band BLCKVRD with some friends, and began recording with producers around San Fernando Valley.

He achieved rapid success with his debut single, "White Iverson," and signed a recording contract with Republic Records in August 2015. The song went viral on SoundCloud and received critical acclaim, becoming one of hip-hop history's most beloved tracks.

Post Malone began his music career by working at a Chicken Express restaurant in Grapevine, Texas. Soon after, he dropped out of college to focus on developing his career in music.

His parents encouraged and supported his ambition, and he worked hard to realize it as a rapper. He had the gift of writing his own lyrics, as well as an affinity for playing guitar.

Contrary to many of his contemporaries, he did not join a band until later in life. His early influences included Guns N' Roses, Jay-Z, and George Strait; he has also dabbled in filmmaking and television production.

Post Malone has never publicly declared his religion, though he does not practice any faith and considers himself an atheist. Nonetheless, he supports gun ownership and carrying in America.

His bio indicates he believes the government is engaging in a malicious plot against Americans. He has expressed his disdain for President Donald Trump and boasts of owning an impressive collection of weapons.

The Story of Post Malone’s Pseudonym

Post Malone, the iconic rapper whose name has become a household staple, earned his moniker as a child. Born Austin Richard Post on July 4, 1995 in Syracuse, New York and raised by his parents and stepmother, Post Malone became an overnight success with his sound track "Post Malone."

At 15 years old, Post chose his stage name. Rumors swirled that it was a nod to NBA star Karl Malone; however, Post later revealed that he used a rap name generator to come up with it.

Post Malone's stage name was generated randomly using a rap name generator, similar to how Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) chose his stage name.

Post Malone has achieved unparalleled success as a hip-hop artist, earning 10 Billboard Music Awards, three American Music Awards and six Grammy nominations. His record sales of 80 million records make him one of the greatest selling musicians in history.

Though the rap industry has evolved drastically in recent years, Post Malone's top hits remain true to its roots. He draws inspiration from country, grunge and hip-hop music alike; often mixing these styles together in his lyrics.

Post Malone has since achieved cultural acclaim for his music and lyrics, both of which have been praised for their sincerity and passion. Although some criticize his lyrics as shallow and unoriginal, others appreciate his sincerity and dedication to creating art.

He has faced criticism for his lack of authenticity and inappropriate appropriation of cultures. Despite this, he continues to pursue his music career and has achieved international success.

Rap singer Drake is currently a resident of Los Angeles, California. Prior to moving there, he lived in Texas with his parents and siblings.

After graduating high school, Post Malone attended college at Tarrant County College but soon after left to pursue his music career. During these college years, he worked as a DJ at weddings and began experimenting with different music genres.

The Story of Post Malone’s Musical Career

Post Malone has quickly established himself as one of the biggest names in hip-hop. His ability to fuse genres such as pop, R&B and trap has won him an international following that extends far beyond music circles. Through his music, Post Malone strives to make everyone a happier person.

In 2016, Post Malone released his debut album Stoney, which became an instant success. The record-breaking collection included the hit singles "rockstar" and "congratulations." With sales of over 50 million copies worldwide and certification double platinum by the RIAA in October 2017, Stoney earned itself a place among music legends forever.

At only 20 years old, Post Malone has already achieved a net worth of $45 Million. This impressive success serves as proof that his career is off the ground and he has an exciting future ahead.

Post developed an interest in guitars while growing up, thanks to the popular video game Guitar Hero. He even worked at Chicken Express during his teenage years to support himself financially.

He eventually relocated to Los Angeles with his friend Jason Probst and formed the group BLCKVRD. There, he began working with various producers such as FKi and Sauce Lord Rich.

After his hit single White Iverson, Malone began working with several renowned rappers including Kanye West and Young Thug. He performed at Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday party and joined Justin Bieber on his Purpose World Tour.

Post Malone is an American rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer renowned for his versatility in the industry. He has released multiple albums and is currently pursuing a solo career.

His debut album, Stoney, shot to the top of the charts and was certified double platinum by RIAA. It featured the hits "rockstar," "congratulations," and "I Fall Apart."

He has collaborated with a variety of artists, such as 50 Cent, Young Thug and Kanye West. Additionally, he was nominated for four Grammy Awards.

As a senior in high school, Post Malone created his first mixtape using digital audio editor Audacity and shared it with his classmates. As a result, he was named 'Most Likely To Become Famous' by them as they voted him their 'Most Likely to Become Successful'.

Are post malone and h3h3 still friends

Post Malone and H3H3 Still Friends?

Are Post Malone and Ethan Klein Still Friends? Following their recent reunion on the H3H3 podcast, fans are wondering if they are still hanging out together.

Before they became famous, Ethan and Post were close friends. Post was even featured in many of Ethan's videos.

Ethan Klein

Ethan Klein and his wife Hila Klein founded the popular YouTube channel h3h3Productions (an homage to their initials) in 2011 to post commentary, comedy sketches and reaction videos that critique internet culture. Their videos have amassed millions of views but also caused numerous clashes and controversies.

Ethan and Hila are married and the proud parents of two sons: Theodore was born in June 2019; Bruce followed suit two months later on February 2022. They reside in Bel Air, California where they own a 7,500 square foot estate.

The couple's YouTube channel, h3h3Productions, has become immensely popular within the YouTube community and boasts over one million subscribers. Their videos usually consist of commentary and comedy sketches that critique internet culture while offering commentary on various topics.

Ethan and Hila Klein have also launched The H3 Podcast in addition to their YouTube channel. This podcast has been met with enthusiastic approval by its viewers, ranking among the best podcasts on YouTube.

In 2017, Ethan and Hila Klein responded to an incident in which one of their gay fans criticized them for being tone deaf. As a response, they posted a video entitled "Jordan Peterson in a Messy Room," featuring picture of Jordan Peterson sitting on the floor with an untidy room. This image sparked widespread outrage from friends, admirers, and detractors alike for being tone deaf and mocking women suffering from cancer.

Ethan and Hila Klein posted a controversial video as a response to Keemstar's anti-Semitic comment on his podcast. The clip featured an image of a Jewish man wearing a skull mask with the subtitle, "Keemstar is anti-Semitic."

Keemstar had previously made an anti-Semitic comment about Israel on his podcast. This sparked outrage from his fans, who accused him of being both a bigot and hypocrite.

Keemstar eventually apologized and removed the video from his channel, but Ethan and Hila remain deeply entrenched in their disagreement with Keemstar and have continued to attack him online over his remarks on their video.

Hila Klein

Ethan Klein and Hila Klein are the dynamic duo behind h3h3 productions, founded in April 2011. Their comedy videos explore internet culture and trends with 6.3 million subscribers on their main channel and 3 million on their podcast channel.

The Kleins have gained notoriety for their YouTube videos, which typically consist of reaction videos and sketch comedy parodies of current YouTube trends. They're known for their biting commentary and humorous skits which are often intercut with clips from the original video they are reacting to.

In 2017, Ethan and Hila faced backlash when they criticized gaming YouTuber PewDiePie for using the N-word during a livestream. But this wasn't their first encounter with controversy over their content.

Due to their growing popularity, the Kleins' videos have been the subject of copyright claims and legal disputes. One lawsuit was filed against Matt Hoss who claimed that they used his video in their criticism of them.

Ultimately, the Kleins were victorious in this lawsuit. A New York judge issued a summary judgement in their favor.

Post Malone has earned a reputation for being an eccentric character with oddball habits and extravagant lifestyle. Yet he's one of the world's most successful musicians, boasting an adoring fan base and immensely popular brand.

He's been able to take advantage of the free publicity that comes with being a YouTube celebrity, allowing his lifestyle to be revealed to an entirely new audience. He's been invited to parties and even taken on trips to Vegas!

Due to his new baby boy, Ethan Klein's lifestyle has drastically shifted. This has caused some friction between him and his wife; although they remain close friends, there hasn't been any recent communication between the two recently.

Though their relationship has been turbulent, there are signs that it may have finally healed. A report from The Daily Mail indicates Post Malone and his wife are back on speaking terms after traveling together to Las Vegas. This could be a promising development for their future together as a couple, marking an exciting chapter in their lives as husband and wife.

Post Malone

Over the past few years, Post Malone has achieved great success in the music industry. He's released numerous hit songs and amassed an extensive fan base. But there's more to him than meets the eye.

At 15, rapper White Iverson began his career in a metal band but soon discovered hip-hop and developed an interest in production. At 15 years old, he wrote his first songs and soon after released his debut single "White Iverson."

Though his debut album wasn't officially released until 2016, Post Malone quickly earned notoriety for his distinctive style and voice. His sound has been compared to Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, with numerous successful songs featuring collaborations with artists like Young Thug, 50 Cent, and Mac Miller.

He boasts a net worth of $45 Million and loves to splurge on luxury items. His home, a $3 million house outside Salt Lake City, Utah, is his primary residence; additionally, he enjoys driving luxury cars.

Post Malone, a rapper and singer from Syracuse, New York, has achieved great success in the music industry over the past few years. He's released numerous hits and continues to tour extensively around the globe.

One of his most renowned songs is "White Iverson." It reached the summit of Billboard Hot 100 and earned him a Grammy nomination in 2015 for Best Rap Performance. Additionally, it became the first single to garner 1 million views on SoundCloud within one month after release.

The rapper is renowned for his face tattoos and affinity for beer and cigarettes. Currently, he sports 79 tattoos on his body, including celebrity portraits and faces. Furthermore, Bob Dylan has been named one of his biggest musical influences.

At 14 years old, Malone chose the stage name Post Malone from an online rap name generator. He wanted a name that reflected his unique style but never considered using his real name.


In simple terms, a frenemy is someone who pretends to be your friend but actually opposes you. These toxic relationships can have detrimental effects on both parties involved.

If you suspect someone in your life to be an enemy, it's essential to look out for some common signs. First and foremost, if they start making you uncomfortable, this could be a warning that they aren't truly your friend.

The second way to determine if someone is your frenemy is by trusting your gut instincts. If something about them seems off, confiding in a trusted friend can help give you an objective viewpoint and determine whether or not this individual is worth your time and energy.

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This can be an indication that they are only interested in using you for their own gain. If you feel taken advantage of, this could indicate they aren't truly your friend and could have detrimental effects on both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Finally, if they backstab you, this is another indication that they aren't truly your friend. When someone backstabs you, they are trying to gain power over you and use you for their own gain. If this occurs, seek professional guidance and advice from a therapist.

Ethan and Hila Klein are renowned for their YouTube channel, H3H3 Productions. There they showcase comedy sketches and reaction videos that have amassed millions of views. Furthermore, their podcasts often include interviews with internet celebrities as well as contentious issues.

Can post malone sing

Can Post Malone Sing?

Music-wise, Post Malone is remarkable for his seamless switch of genres. From emo to country and grunge to hip-hop, his eclectic influences are what truly sets him apart from other artists.

His adaptable nature has allowed him to carve out a niche and establish himself as an industry titan. In this article, I'll chart his meteoric rise from humble beginnings until now.


Auto-Tune is a tool used in the music industry to assist artists achieve perfect pitch. This software guarantees that singers sing with accurate pitch, eliminating the need for them to record multiple takes.

Although Auto-Tune is an invaluable tool, some criticize its robotic effect. This occurs because Auto-Tune strips away all personality and subtle harmonics from a voice, leaving behind only an identical voice to others.

Performers often employ vocal pitch correction during live performances to avoid sounding off-key or awkward. Although this can be beneficial, remember that performing with nervousness can cause tuning errors that are difficult to correct.

One of the best ways to prevent this issue is practicing singing without Auto-Tune. Doing so will give you an understanding of your voice's sound and allow for better tuning with natural vocal chords.

Another popular technique to learn is vocal workouts using reverb. These effects can help hone your voice and make it sound more like Post Malone's.

These effects can also be an effective way to train your vocal muscles and keep them toned. If you're just starting out, start out with a low tone and gradually work your way up until you can sing at the higher end of your range.

If you want to take Auto-Tune to the next level, you can even use it to craft a unique voice. This is an effective way to sound more like a pop star without having to record multiple takes.

Auto-Tune can also be utilized to adjust the pitch of your vocals, which could be beneficial if you're a rap artist looking for a more lyrical sound.

Auto-Tune can be a powerful tool, but it should never be used excessively or it will ruin the tone of your song. Furthermore, it makes vocals sound harsh and distorted.

Vocal cords

One of the most frequently asked questions about Post Malone is whether he can sing. While he often uses auto-tune in his songs, Post Malone can actually sing quite well without it.

He boasts an impressive vocal range for a male singer, which allows him to hit high notes effortlessly. This makes his singing sound much more impressive.

His voice has a distinct raspiness, making it stand out among other rappers' voices.

His unique skillset also enable him to perform hip-pop music, which has made him incredibly popular amongst people.

Not only does he possess an incredible singing voice, but he can do so without auto-tune as well. This combination of features has led to widespread interest in learning how to sing like him - leading many people to seek out lessons on how to perfect their craft.

He possesses an impressive vocal range, spanning from E5 to E2. This high range is often heard in countertenor singers but not often among tenors.

His range is so vast that he can even sing country music - an incredibly rare feat for a rapper, but it's truly captivating to witness him do this.

Post is a gifted vocalist with an incredible range, great pitch and pinpoint accuracy. This precision is essential for singers - it can really propel them towards success.

To sing like Post Malone, you will need to learn how to control your vocal cords and get them working together correctly. While this may seem challenging at first glance, it's achievable if you dedicate the necessary time and practice.

With regular practice and hard work, you'll soon discover that singing Post Malone songs becomes second nature. Not only that, but with improved pitch and increased range of notes, singing higher notes than you ever imagined was possible will become much easier!


Post Malone still manages to sound amazing despite his use of auto-tune. This rapper-singer has an unique voice and sound that blends different musical genres such as hip hop, country, and rock music in order to give his songs an intriguing tone that appeals and stays with listeners.

This singer is highly talented, possessing the unique ability to sing virtually any genre of music with his raspy voice. He can rap as well as perform hip-pop with ease.

Another distinctive quality of his voice is the high tenor range he can sing in. Countertenors typically do this type of singing and can reach a maximum vocal range of E5 on falsetto.

He uses a high tenor voice when singing in modal style to produce an unforgettable sound that is both pleasing and memorable. This characteristic makes his voice special, helping him become such an influential singer.

Furthermore, he can alter his singing tone by altering how he breathes and vibrates his chest. This technique is essential for singers to master as it will enable them to sing with greater power and volume.

Furthermore, he can adjust his vocal tone using different effects and reverbs. Doing so will make his voice sound more distinct, unique, and professional overall.

When learning how to sing in high tenor, it is essential that you learn how to control your breath and remain focused during singing. Doing this will guarantee that your vocals sound natural and authentic, enabling you to perform at an impressive level.

Practice singing famous singer's songs and adjust your vocal tone until you are able to sing them in the correct key. Start by singing at low range first, gradually increasing your pitch until achieving a high tenor voice.


Post Malone's sound is an eclectic fusion of hip-hop, country and grunge. Additionally, he incorporates elements of pop and electronic music in his songs - helping him become one of the biggest artists worldwide today.

Post is an incredibly talented singer with a beautiful voice. Not only can he sing high notes, but also low ones as well.

His vocal range ranges from E5-E2. As a countertenor singer, his range is higher than most tenor singers who typically have lower notes.

He is an impressive singer, capable of singing falsetto! To master his voice and technique, you need to practice a lot. Start by listening to his songs and trying to mimic how he sings them.

Try singing some of his songs without Auto-Tune and see how well you do. You might be pleasantly surprised at how good your voice sounds when singing them in a natural manner! To do this, practice the songs in a quiet room without any distractions.

Another way to learn how to sing like Post is by practicing with lots of emotion. This will make your voice sound more genuine and you'll soon be singing just like him!

When learning how to sing like a celebrity, consistency is key. Doing this will make it easier for you to learn and hone your voice.

Furthermore, you should be able to sing with a pleasing tone. To do this, learn how to control your breath and pronounce words clearly.

Practice singing with a microphone to ensure your vocals sound as authentic as possible. Doing this will improve your singing, and it also makes it more professional.

Additionally, you should listen to different kinds of musicians and try to comprehend their singing style. Doing this will enable you to emulate their vocal technique as well as the instruments they use.

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