How Many Songs Does Zach Bryan Have on Spotify?

How Many Songs Does Zach Bryan Have on Spotify?


how many songs does zach bryan have on spotify

Oklahoma native Zach Bryan has become the latest country star, with his debut album American Heartbreak already smashing records and an adoring fan base, there can be no doubt that he will remain popular for some time to come.

He's achieved success through music that is unadulterated, authentic, and captivating. That is why Spotify has named him their first RADAR US country artist.

1. Heading South

Zach Bryan is an American country music artist from Oologah, Oklahoma whose raspy voice has earned him critical acclaim and millions of streams. A former Navy soldier, Bryan recorded his debut album DeAnn in an Airbnb with friends; this self-released record garnered positive buzz among Red Dirt fans, leading to a follow-up release called Elisabeth in 2020.

Bryan has always maintained a DIY aesthetic grounded in honesty and authenticity. His songwriting is an eclectic mix of classic folk melody and outlaw country with an unmistakably raw edge that cuts to the bone.

When not writing, Bryan enjoys playing guitar and spending time with his family. His music draws inspiration from both his small-town roots and desire to remain true to himself.

Although his hit single "Heading South" was his breakthrough hit, it wasn't the only track to gain popularity with fans. The video for "Heading South," shot on a humid 95 degree day at his Navy barracks in September 2019, has now been viewed more than 15.5 million times since its release.

Heading South's lyrics portray a dreamer who feels misunderstood and underappreciated, so he leaves his hometown in search of acceptance, promotion, and the freedom to play his music loudly.

Heading South's lyrics are filled with passion, and it's evident that this young man was struggling to manage his frustration. Instead of allowing it to build up, he used it as fuel for creativity.

This anthem serves as a reminder that there's always an escape from whatever situation you find yourself in, and that if you keep moving forward, nothing can stop you. It gives you the courage to take chances on yourself, knowing that they will be worth it in the end.

2. Something in the Orange

Zach Bryan is on the rise and his latest single, "Something in the Orange," has already made waves on country radio. Written by himself, this heartbroken song has quickly gained support from listeners across America.

"Something in the Orange" is an inspiring love story that ends on a bittersweet note. Zach uses this theme to express his honest emotions about what has transpired; while he still feels emotionally attached to her, he knows she will no longer be by his side.

The video is minimalistic yet captivating, featuring scenes sure to please fans. From a beach bum in Monterey, California to an upstanding man in Oklahoma, Bryan picks away at his acoustic guitar as he captures the true essence of summer.

In these trying times, it's refreshing to hear songs that don't rely on flashiness to connect with listeners. As a result, this edgy artist has amassed an enthusiastic fan base dedicated to his work.

Spotify uses stream numbers as a key indicator of an artist's popularity. A 0-100 scale displays how many times their music has been streamed on the platform; higher numbers indicate greater popularity for an artist.

Another measure of an artist's success is how much their audience engages with their music on social media platforms. Despite having a smaller following than many of his peers, Zach Bryan has an engagement rate far higher than other artists with similar YouTube subscriber counts.

3. From Austin

Austin's music scene is so legendary that it has been dubbed the "Live Music Capital of the World." From country to electro-dance music, Austin musicians have had an immense impact on popular music genres. Whether you're into punk rock, Americana or folk-rock music, you'll find plenty of local artists to enjoy in this city renowned for its vibrant community and rich musical heritage.

Spotify recently unveiled "From Austin", a playlist containing 100 songs that are especially popular in the Live Music Capital of the World. This playlist was based on data collected by Spotify Insights - a blog that utilizes streaming service data to determine which songs people listen to more than others in different cities.

This playlist is heavily focused on Texas country music, but there are also plenty of songs from local Austin indie acts and Houston rap gods to keep you engaged. Notable Austin musicians represented include Bob Schneider, Randy Rogers Band, Josh Abbott Band, Robert Earl Keen, Pat Green and Reckless Kelly.

Other country greats include James McMurtry, Lucinda Williams, Asleep at the Wheel and George Strait. From Austin itself there is also plenty of dance-friendly talent, such as dance-pop duo Ghostland Observatory.

Austin music fans should check out David Ramirez' new album "My Love Is a Hurricane" and Jonathan Terrell's latest, which blends country tunefulness with rock energy, indie invention and folk lyricism. The latter especially stands out as it features 10 Ramirez originals set to an eclectic arrangement that never overpowers his powerful voice.

4. Burn Burn Burn

Zach Bryan has earned a place of honor with his distinct blend of Country music. His unapologetically outlaw style has won over new listeners and cemented himself as a crowd favorite. He combines storytelling skills with infectious anthems that will get you up on the dance floor, all performed live.

Early this year, Oklahoma native Brian Boman made a major label debut with his major label debut American Heartbreak. The 34-track album is an impressive production feat and packed with powerful songs that are sure to get any listener excited.

Despite being a debut album, this record-breaking country album has already broken both Spotify and Apple Music's records for most-streamed country albums in one day this year - and it's easy to understand why.

In addition to his record breaking feats, he's become a staple on country music's top playlists. This has put him at the center of attention as he strives to progress throughout his career.

He's on the cusp of making history in an even more remarkable way: His new song, "Burn Burn Burn," is currently the most streamed country song on Spotify.

It's the first time a country artist has ever reached 100 million streams on Spotify in one week - an impressive accomplishment considering how few radio plays they typically receive in country music.

This marks a major accomplishment for the Oklahoma native, who has been steadily building his fan base since his inception. While many of his fellow country artists have been shut out from mainstream radio due to their unconventional music, he's managed to find success with young fans.

5. Summertime Blues

Summer is a time when many people enjoy outdoor activities, going to the beach or grilling out with friends and family. Unfortunately, it can also be the season when some may experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

UCI Health reports that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can cause symptoms like fatigue, irritability, difficulty sleeping or eating. This condition has the potential to be very serious and has been known to affect young children.

Depression can develop from SAD, a mood disorder that can be treated with medication and therapy. Unfortunately, not everyone is equipped to cope with this disorder; it's often painful and draining to try to overcome.

To help people cope with SAD, many songs have been composed about it. One such tune is "Summertime Blues," written by Eddie Cochran in 1958 and covered by artists such as The Black Keys, The Prophets, and Johnny Chester.

This song poignantly captures the struggles of working class people and how they feel trapped in their daily lives, striving to make ends meet while trying to enjoy leisure activities. It is an iconic example of rock and roll's honest expression of these hardships, featuring Eddie Cochran's finest performance.

Since its release, the song has been streamed 131 million times on Spotify alone - making it one of the most popular country songs worldwide and topping multiple charts.

It's hard to imagine that an artist with such a low radio play count could become so successful on Spotify, yet this is true. Zach Bryan is something of an anomaly in the industry - someone with such limited exposure on radio finding such success on streaming services like Spotify.

how many songs does zach bryan have in total

Zach Bryan - Country Singer-Songwriter From Oklahoma

Zach Bryan is an award-winning country singer/songwriter from Oklahoma whose music has garnered considerable recognition. His songs offer a blend of classic folk melody and outlaw country with his raspy voice that cuts straight to the bone.

Bryan has only been in the industry for a few years, but his career is already taking off and positioning him as an up-and-coming songwriter to watch. Here are some of his songs:

1. From Austin

Oklahoma-bred country singer-songwriter Zach Bryan has had an extraordinary journey, rising through his independent albums DeAnn (2019) and Elisabeth (2020), to his Warner Records debut AMERICAN HEARTBREAK which made history as the highest debut streaming country music album ever with 2 million streams - second only to Taylor Swift's 17 million streams in 2008. Additionally, this 34-song collection also landed on Spotify's US Country Top 200 and topped iTunes country music charts, earning him critical acclaim as one of country music's great narrative songwriters.

Bryan has built an incredibly loyal fan base by staying away from traditional music industry pressure points and relying on streaming and touring to expand his fan base. He's not afraid to share his story or connect with people in an intensely personal way, creating a deep bond with his supporters.

His emotional honesty and poetic style have earned him a place of honor in both alternative and new country music circles. Aside from his solo material, he's collaborated with artists such as Brandi Carlisle and The Lumineers to showcase how to craft an impactful record.

Bryan has never been a household name, but his success online in 2022 skyrocketed into massive streaming numbers and cemented him a reputation as an up-and-coming star with an individual style that draws an eclectic crowd to his shows. His music captures the Outlaw spirit of country legends like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson while also showcasing Bryan's unmatched skill as a songwriter.

Bryan is a popular live performer, supported by an ensemble of musicians with various styles and playing levels. The seven-piece is led by standout fiddler Lucas Ruge-Jones, who provides a lush, full-bodied sound to perfectly accompany Bryan's poignant lyrics and expressive vocal delivery.

2. Heading South

Zach Bryan is a country singer from Oologah, Oklahoma. He embraces his small-town roots and makes music that expresses an intense desire to stay true to himself. His distinctive blend of classic folk melodies with outlaw country elements offers listeners something fresh that cuts right to the bone.

He's quickly become one of the hottest new artists in country music and has already sold out several tour dates. He's earned a reputation for performing with passion and an openness to his flaws, giving performances full of heart.

His sophomore album American Heartbreak was released in 2022 and quickly gained a devoted fanbase. It's no surprise that the songs from the record have been topping the charts ever since.

"Heading South" is an inspiring song to keep following your dreams and never give up on them. It's the ideal accompaniment for when you feel stuck or overwhelmed.

In 'November Air,' Bryan laments the loss of his mother. He misses her smile and laughter, as well as all of their wonderful times together. He longs for a chance to call again - it's both poignant and beautiful at once.

Writing a song about someone you care deeply about can be challenging, yet it is necessary. This song captures the pain that comes with grieving for someone you no longer with us.

The lyrics of 'Letting Someone Go' capture the feeling of parting ways, remembering all the good times and missing them as they depart. It is an emotionally stirring song that speaks to many different types of people.

He offers wise counsel in the song, "Find someone who grows flowers in the darkest parts of you." This is a timely reminder to search for someone who can help you through difficult times. It's an enchanting melody that will make you cry and smile at once.

3. Something in the Orange

Zach Bryan, an Oologah, Oklahoma-based country singer, is on the rise with 4.4M monthly listeners on Spotify alone. His raspy yet down-to-earth sound has won over fans of all ages.

Bryan, a military man from Oologah, Oklahoma, achieved success in the music industry after videos of his powerful performances went viral on Twitter and Reddit. The veteran said he began creating music while still in school with some friends.

He then released two albums, with his songs becoming instantly beloved to country music enthusiasts around the world. In 2023 he was even nominated for a GRAMMY(r) Award for Best Country Solo Performance!

American Heartbreak, the singer-songwriter's chart-topping triple album released in 2022, received critical acclaim and unprecedented momentum. It topped the Year-End Best Of 2022 lists from Rolling Stone, NPR, Associated Press, The Los Angeles Times and more; additionally it has been certified Gold in both the US and Canada with Platinum status expected soon.

American Heartbreak's fans responded overwhelmingly well. All shows, including the sold-out American HEARTBREAK Tour that made stops at arenas and amphitheaters across America, sold out instantly. This set the stage for Bryan's Gold single "From Austin," Platinum single "Heading South," and double Platinum single "Something in the Orange," which recently made Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

In 2019, Bryan released his debut album DeAnn, a poignant collection of songs dedicated to his mother. It received enthusiastic response from Red Dirt fans, leading to the release of Elisabeth in 2020 - his sophomore release.

The country artist's new album is a collection of songs that chronicle his life experiences. It serves as a reflection of his personal journey and includes songs about family, love for his girlfriend and how much she means to him. The title track serves as an emotional ode to her and all she's done for him.

4. Kill the Lights

Zach Bryan is one of the most successful songwriters in country music. His debut album American Heartbreak, released last year, received widespread acclaim and enjoyed massive streaming success.

As a singer-songwriter, Bryan is renowned for his honest and open songs. He's been an icon on the country music scene since he began creating and recording material at 14 years old.

Bryan has earned a place of trust as an artist with an impressive catalog of songs. He's released three albums so far and plans for another, while being known for his acoustic guitar sound that fans have come to adore.

Bryan is known for crafting powerful and emotional songs with both his words and voice, which have become chart-topping hits from his debut American Heartbreak.

One of the album's standout tracks is "Kick the Dust Up," which has become a major hit across America. This tune celebrates turning a cornfield into an outdoor tailgate party with friends at the end of a long week.

This track serves as a testament to how Bryan's music has evolved over time. While it now sports a more refined production style, it still retains his signature sound and authenticity.

DeAnn is off to an incredible start on his 2019 album, and this track is certainly one of its highlights. With writing from Gordie Sampson, Hillary Lindsey and Jon Nite, this track encourages us to step outside our comfort zone.

The song's chorus serves as a poignant reminder that life is too precious to let things pass you by, especially when it comes to love.

5. Home Alone Tonight

Zach Bryan, despite being a country music artist, has yet to release any songs that are currently playing on radio stations. However, there are many unreleased songs he has recorded in the past that could potentially be featured on country radio in the future.

Zach Bryan developed his musical talents during his service in the military, learning to play guitar and write songs. In his free moments, he used this time to showcase his abilities with fans.

He quickly rose to fame through the sharing of videos of his performances on social media platforms, eventually leading to a record deal with Warner Records.

In 2022, he released his debut album American Heartbreak which became an immense success, boasting 1 billion streams to date.

Though Bryan is relatively new to the music industry, he has already earned himself numerous accolades and recognition for his work. Gold certification was given to songs like "Condemned," "Letting Someone Go" and "From Austin."

His latest release, Elisabeth, solidifies him as one of the country's biggest artists. This is due to his immense popularity and albums that have a profound effect on people's lives.

His new album will include 34 songs, including some of his most beloved hits.

As such, this album is sure to become a smash hit and give the country music community something new to look out for in the future.

As of now, he boasts over one million followers on Instagram and 524,000 subscribers on YouTube, along with 1 million streams on Spotify - making him the youngest and most successful country artist in its history. The industry is still developing, offering him plenty of chances to make more money in the near future.

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