How Many Awards Has Tyga Won So Far?

How Many Awards Has Tyga Won So Far?


how many awards has tyga won 2023

If you love Tyga's music, you may be wondering how many awards he has won so far. It turns out that he's received more than a few nominations in the past and will likely be one of the most nominated artists of all time by the Grammys. However, it's still not clear whether or not he's going to actually win any of the awards he's nominated for.

Beyonce could become the most-nominated artist in Grammy history

Beyonce has been nominated for nine Grammy Awards this year. It's a first for Beyonce in the dance category, and she could become the most nominated female artist in history. If she wins four more awards, she'll break Georg Solti's 31-year record.

Beyonce is nominated in two different categories this year: Record Of The Year (ROTY) and Song Of The Year. She's also nominated for her album "Renaissance," as well as songs like "God Did," "Heated," and "Cuff It."

As a solo performer, she's nominated for her song "Single Ladies," as well as her collaborations with Lady Gaga, Andre 3000, and Kendrick Lamar. She's also nominated in the best R&B performance, traditional R&B performance, and best music video categories.

Jay-Z is currently tied with Beyonce for the most nominations, with 88. He's also nominated in three categories. His nods for "God Did" and "Real Love" have him tied with the most nominations for a rap song.

There are only a handful of other nominees in these top categories. Beyonce has a shot at winning Best R&B Performance, Best Dance/Electronic Album, and Best Music Video.

The Recording Academy announced the 65th annual Grammy nominations Tuesday. These are the artists and performers who will compete in the February 5, 2023 awards. This year, the Grammys are the most competitive ever. With a total of eight nominees in all five categories, it's not easy to predict who will win.

Beyonce already holds the record for the most awards won by a female artist in 2010. She and Adele also share the title for most awards won by a woman in one night.

Beyonce has been nominated in more than 80 different categories, and is expected to continue making history. Her nominations include her work with Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West.

Paul McCartney turned away from Tyga's post-Grammys party

One of the more memorable moments from the Grammys after party was when legendary musician Paul McCartney was denied entry. A video shot by TMZ cameras at the Argyle nightclub shows McCartney attempting to gain entrance to the swankiest of the parties. It's been a while since the Brit has performed in the US and even longer since he has performed in a bar.

Apparently the nightclub's etiquette department hasn't been the best at recognising the famous rocker and his entourage. Upon realising that he was in the wrong venue, McCartney left. However, he was spotted a short time later at Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails in Los Angeles.

It's not hard to find a good bar or club in LA. There are strict rules regarding numbers and fire regulations. The city has a special class of permit that allows clubs to operate in the evening and to have fire marshals on hand. In short, these people don't mean to ruin a good time.

Tyga was hosting an after-Grammys party at the Argyle in Hollywood. He also popped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk a bit about it. Among his tweets were a series of witty jabs at Macca's snobbish inclinations.

The Argyle's website carries a number of accolades in its own right, including being named the city's hottest club and the most popular after-party. Interestingly, the Argyle is also the home of the largest bottle of water in the world. That's a pretty big claim to make.

While the Argyle is a sexiest place to be at any time of the year, it's only a small sample of the hippest nightlife in Los Angeles.

Beyonce nabbed twelve nominations but did not win any awards

Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z have received a total of 88 Grammy nominations. The most by a husband and wife in the history of the awards ceremony. This makes them tied with Frank Sinatra for most all-time nominations. They have also been nominated for record of the year and song of the year.

Although Beyonce has won several GRAMMYs, she has never won the most coveted award. In her career, she has been nominated eight times for Album of the Year, but has not yet won the award.

While the singer has not released a new album in the past two years, she has been nominated in nine categories for the 2023 GRAMMYs. She is nominated for Record of the Year, Best Song Written For Visual Media, Best R&B Performance, and Best R&B Song for her song "BREAK MY SOUL".

Beyonce's husband, Jay-Z, was also nominated for three categories. He co-wrote the song "Savage", which is up for best rap song. Other nominees include rapper Kendrick Lamar, rapper DJ Khaled, and singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile.

Beyonce's daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, has also been nominated for a GRAMMY for Best Music Video for her song "Brown Skin Girl". Beyonce has already earned 28 Grammys, and is one of the most decorated female artists in Grammy history.

Beyonce's husband and fellow rapper, Jay-Z, is the second-most nominated artist in Grammy history. His nominations include song of the year, rap song, and record of the year.

Another artist nominated in seven categories is singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile. Her songs "In These Silent Days" and "Whip My Hair" have received seven nominations.

Beyonce and Adele will both be competing for top three categories at the 65th annual GRAMMY Awards, set to air on February 5, 2023. They will battle it out for the most Grammys of all-time.

Acting career

There's no denying that Tyga has a great career in the entertainment industry. Not only has he delivered several hit songs, but he's also been nominated for a number of awards. He's even won one.

In his early years, Tyga grew up in a very poor neighborhood in Compton, California. His parents were Vietnamese and Jamaican. However, he was exposed to music from a young age.

As a kid, Tyga was a fan of rap music. In fact, his cousin introduced him to the genre. After hearing Fabolous, Eminem, and Cam'ron, Tyga was inspired. During his early adolescence, he participated in various rap competitions. Eventually, he won a number of contests.

Later on, Tyga joined Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment label. With this label, he released many songs and albums. One of these songs, "Deuces," became a huge hit, peaking at number 14 on the Billboard Hot R&B / Hip Hop Songs chart.

During his time in the industry, Tyga has collaborated with a wide range of talented artists. He's also done several projects in film and television. For example, he appeared in the film Dope, and he was a student in the movie Mac & Devin Go to High School.

He also did several tours. Aside from being a talented rapper, Tyga has a knack for live performances. The singer often posts original songs on chat rooms.

Tyga has been nominated for a number of major awards, including the 2011 Grammy Awards. He was also nominated for the World's Best Male Artist award in 2014.

Tyga's most recent project, Legendary, was a success. It debuted at number 17 on the Billboard charts. This album featured a variety of guests, including J.Cole, Nas, T-Pain, Robin Thicke, and others.

Net worth

Tyga has earned a great deal of money in his career as an American rapper. Although his net worth is still a speculative estimate, he has a very comfortable lifestyle. He owns luxury cars, houses and other properties.

Tyga is a very successful rapper and singer. His career started when he was a teenager in California. During this time, he was influenced by rappers such as Travie McCoy. As a result, Tyga became interested in singing instead of studying. This, in turn, helped to kickstart his musical career.

He started his professional career by releasing demo tapes and mixtapes. Eventually, Tyga was signed with Young Money Entertainment, which gave him a massive record deal.

Tyga also has an extensive fashion line, a clothing store, and a footwear line. In 2013, he teamed up with Reebok and launched a shoe line called TRAWW.

Tyga is an actor as well. He has been featured in a few films. Additionally, he has given to the Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Disease.

The rapper is currently living in Calabasas, California. At this time, he owns a house there for $6.7 million. Some of his other possessions include a Lamborghini Aventador S Custom, a Bugatti Veyron, an Audi Q5, and a Dodge SRT Viper.

Despite his success, Tyga has had his share of problems. For example, he failed to pay for a diamond watch. He was ordered to pay $186,000, but he never showed up for a court hearing about the judgment. And, he is also being sued for $44,000 by a car rental company.

He also had a few tax issues. According to the IRS, he owes $120,000.

How Did Vince McMahon Get Rich in 2023?

how did vince mcmahon get rich  2023

If you are interested in finding out how did Vince McMahon get rich in 2023, then you are in luck. This article is going to be discussing some of the major details about this famous celebrity. You will be able to read about his career, as well as his departure from the company.

WWE chairman

Vince McMahon, Chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), grew up in a trailer park in North Carolina. His mother was single, and his stepfather beat him. In the 1970s, he joined his father's wrestling company, Capitol Wrestling Corporation. Later, he acquired the World Wrestling Federation. The company became a worldwide phenomenon.

In the 1980s, Vince McMahon raked in massive wealth from his promotions. He bought up the biggest stars in the various wrestling territories in America. Among them, Hulk Hogan was his golden goose. But the net worth of McMahon plummeted after a coronavirus pandemic hit the industry, leaving the business in a state of chaos.

Despite the struggles, WWE still hauls in nearly $1 billion in annual revenue. Its flagship event, WrestleMania, has become a staple of the sports entertainment industry. Its programs are broadcast in 150 countries and languages. During its four-decade run, it has grown into one of the world's largest entertainment companies.

However, McMahon recently found himself in the middle of an investigation. His company's board launched an investigation after a tip about a $3 million hush payment made to a former employee. While the hush payment is the subject of the investigation, the details of the alleged affair between the employee and McMahon are much less clear.

A spokesperson for the company said the relationship was consensual. And the company also confirmed that it had terminated the former employee.

The board's investigation revealed that the former employee had signed a separation agreement with McMahon in January. This allowed him to discuss the alleged affair, but not to talk about it publicly.

McMahon is a top shareholder of the WWE. He owns 37% of the company, which means he has a huge voting power.

Career as a pro wrestler

If you've ever wondered about the career of pro wrestler Vince McMahon, you should know that he has been in the business for a very long time. He started his career in the 1970s, and by the mid-1990s, he was in charge of World Wrestling Entertainment. Eventually, he built the company into a global phenomenon, and his legacy is still being felt today.

In the 1970s, Vince McMahon was a traveling salesman and occasional professional wrestler. He soon got the chance to enter his father's line of work as a manager.

He graduated from East Carolina University in 1968, and immediately took on an important role within his father's company. After a stint as a play-by-play commentator for television matches, he was promoted to a higher position. This eventually led to him becoming the CEO of the company.

As the owner of the company, McMahon was one of the faces of the WWF, and he helped turn the promotion into a global powerhouse. While he was still active, he also made it a point to recruit superstars to the company, including Hulk Hogan.

As a company, WWE tours the globe, and is available to watch on a variety of social media sites. There are millions of fans of the company worldwide, and many of them love Vince McMahon.

However, he stepped back from the storylines in early 2011, and now works mainly on corporate and business duties. He co-owns the XFL football league, and he's also a film producer.

He's also a husband and a father. He's married to Linda McMahon, and the two of them have a son. Despite his accomplishments, Vince McMahon is hardly likely to make it into the WWE Hall of Fame anytime soon.

Resignation from the company

Vince McMahon, one of the most recognizable faces in professional wrestling, has decided to retire from the company. He's been with the company for four decades, but in the past six months, he's seen his role as CEO and chairman of WWE change. The sudden resignation comes on the heels of allegations of sexual misconduct.

In April, the board of directors of the company began an investigation into the claims. It later discovered that McMahon had paid millions of dollars in hush money to former employees.

McMahon's daughter, Stephanie, stepped in as interim CEO. She also became chairwoman of the board of directors.

Amid the revelations, the Board of Directors said it was investigating McMahon's conduct. They noted the company had received regulatory inquiries. However, it is unclear whether or not any of the company's employees have been subpoenaed.

As the investigation progressed, the board learned that McMahon had agreed to a nondisclosure agreement with a former employee. The agreement paid the employee $3 million in exchange for keeping silent about their relationship. Additionally, the agreement barred the employee from disparaging McMahon or the company.

While the investigation was ongoing, McMahon resigned from his position as chief executive officer. At the time, the company was in freefall. Although it had lost millions of dollars, it still produced programming for Netflix and A+E Networks.

Despite his resignation, McMahon is still the majority shareholder of WWE. He still owns the majority of voting shares, but he's a minority owner in the nonvoting shares.

According to Forbes, WWE's net worth will be around $1.7 billion by the end of 2020. By 2023, the company's equity is expected to reach more than $2 billion.

Bank account investigation

Vince McMahon has been under investigation for his alleged role in a $3 million settlement. A story in the Wall Street Journal reported that the WWE CEO was involved in a "secret settlement" with a former employee.

The Journal said McMahon agreed to pay the ex-employee a sum of money to prevent her from discussing the relationship. He also used his own money to make the settlement.

As a part of the deal, McMahon stepped back from his day-to-day duties at WWE. His daughter Stephanie will serve as the company's interim chairwoman and chief executive officer. She was previously serving as the company's chief brand officer.

According to the Journal, WWE's board of directors had been investigating McMahon and his company for misconduct. When they found nondisclosure pacts with women dating as far back as 2009, they decided to take action. They retained Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP, a law firm in New York, to investigate.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the settlement involved McMahon signing an agreement with a paralegal to keep him from making "critical" statements about his employer. In return, he agreed to pay the woman $3 million.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the payout is just one of several other settlements and NDAs that have been uncovered during the investigation. Other former employees were paid millions of dollars to stay quiet about their relationships with McMahon.

WWE has declined to comment on the report, and the SEC did not respond to a CNN request for comment. It's not clear what impact the investigation has had on the company's financial situation.

While the board of directors have yet to say how they plan to respond, Vince McMahon himself has been defiant. He made an appearance on WWE's "Friday Night Smackdown" the day after the announcement.

Daughter Stephanie McMahon and WWE president Nick Khan to become co-CEOs

Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan have been tapped by WWE as co-CEOs. The move follows Vince McMahon's retirement from the company.

Stephanie McMahon started her career with WWE as an account executive. She later became the company's first female executive to lead the creative department. In 2013, she moved to an executive role and was promoted to senior vice president of creative writing.

Triple H also received a promotion to a creative role. He is now Chief Content Officer at WWE. Aside from that, Nick Khan was named President of WWE.

After the company's reshuffle, fans were left wondering what the company's structure would look like. However, sources indicate that Stephanie and Khan will share a key position, and that they are encouraged by that.

Stephanie and Khan will work together to implement their vision. However, they will not have complete power to do so.

Both men have an extensive background in the entertainment industry. Stephanie has worked in executive positions for decades, while Khan's career has been in media and entertainment.

Nick Khan has been with the WWE for just under two years, and has risen up the ranks quickly. While he is considered Vince McMahon's right-hand man, he is not the company's future CEO.

Stephanie is expected to be the public face of the company and will take over from Vince as CO-CEO. She will receive a one-time special stock grant valued at $10 million. Meanwhile, she will retain her $750,000 guaranteed minimum under a booking agreement.

Despite the reshuffle, Vince McMahon still holds a majority stake in the company. He has the power to sell it to Disney or NBC. This could create a lot of money for the company, and help it expand in other ways.

How Did Vince McMahon Start the WWE?

What was the first thing Vince McMahon did when he started the WWE? It was pretty simple really. He rented a room in New York and hired people to work for him. This was a very smart move. If you want to know what the WWE is today, the answer is that it has become the largest professional wrestling organization in the world. In fact, it has a global audience of over 2 billion. You may be wondering what is going to happen in the future.

WWE's first billion-dollar revenue year in 2022

If you've been keeping up with WWE's recent financial reports, you probably know that it just hit a record quarterly revenue number. However, what you might not have known is that the company plans to reach a billion dollars in revenue in 2022.

According to the company's press release, it's the first time ever in the history of WWE that it's generated revenues of over $1 billion. The company announced its financial results for the year ended December 31, 2021, as well as its First Quarter 2022 report today. During its conference call, the company's executives will talk about their plans for the future.

One of the things that's exciting about WWE is its ability to monetize its premium IP. It's been able to turn superstar personalities into premium content.

WWE has also been able to leverage its sponsorship dollars to generate substantial revenue. Last year, the company generated approximately $224 million in operating income. This increase was partly offset by higher costs of television production and other operating expenses.

WWE has also been successful at capturing viewers across digital channels. The company's audience includes a large number of gamers. Over 88% of the company's fan base watches its product through gaming platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation.

As for the future, the company is looking to expand its global reach. In particular, it expects to reach millions of fans in the Asia-Pacific region. It has also partnered with sports merchandise firm Fanatics.

WWE also expects to see a growth in its media rights deals. These deals, which are due to expire in 2020, will likely be renewed in 2023.

McMahon's daughter takes over as chairwoman and co-CEO

Vince McMahon has stepped down from his post as the co-chief executive officer (CEO) and chairman of WWE. In this position, he will now be replaced by his daughter, Stephanie, as the co-CEO and chairwoman of WWE.

While Vince McMahon has stepped away from leadership roles, he will remain as a major shareholder of WWE. He has been with the company since 1982, and has been a leading figure in its success. Among his accomplishments is the creation of the World Wrestling Federation, now known as WWE, and the creation of WrestleMania.

McMahon stepped down from his position as CEO and Chairman of WWE last year after being accused of sexual misconduct. The board of directors is investigating the allegations and has decided to place Stephanie McMahon in the interim role of chief executive.

The board of directors at WWE is investigating reports of sexual misconduct by a second employee. John Laurinaitis was fired on Monday. Previously, John was the general manager of talent relations at WWE. As a result of these allegations, the company is undergoing revisions to its financial statements.

It was announced last month that Stephanie McMahon would become the company's interim chairwoman and chief executive. After the announcement, shares of the company jumped 10%.

As the investigation progresses, it is uncertain whether Stephanie will return to the company or take a leave of absence. She has also said she plans to write a memoir.

Stephanie McMahon has been an integral part of the company's success. She began her career in professional wrestling at age 13. During her tenure, she held the WWF Women's Championship and was engaged to Triple H when she was on-screen.

McMahon's XFL

The XFL was the second professional football league Vince McMahon tried to launch. He hoped it would become the NFL's rival. However, the league failed to reach its intended audience. In fact, NBC, which broadcast games, lost millions of dollars.

When XFL was launched in 2001, the idea was to bring sports entertainment to football. McMahon's original vision was to create a rougher, more violent league. He wanted to attract a new, younger crowd, one that wasn't familiar with the NFL.

After his failed first attempt, McMahon tried again in 2020. But this time, the XFL is going to be operated by a company called Alpha Entertainment. It will be spread out across the country and include eight teams. Players will earn an average salary of $55,000 for the first season.

McMahon's plans for XFL came after the NFL's television ratings declined 17 percent over the past two seasons. The league has also been under fire for the ongoing concussion crisis.

The XFL's first season drew huge television ratings, though it ultimately collapsed. By Week 5, attendance had dropped by about half. This was partly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

XFL filed for bankruptcy in March of 2020. The company said it owed between $10 million and $50 million in debts. A court case related to the company's bankruptcy led to its downfall.

In the end, a group including former WWE star Dwayne Johnson bought the company out of bankruptcy for $15 million. XFL President Jeffrey Pollack confirmed the news Monday.

McMahon's new XFL will begin in early 2020. Eight teams will compete in a 10-game regular season. Four will advance to the playoffs.

McMahon's illegitimate son

When Vince McMahon's illegitimate son was finally revealed, there was a lot of chaos on WWE TV. It was all due to a storyline that Vince and his writers decided to run. This storyline was supposed to be a memorial for McMahon and his family. However, it turned out that the "memorial" was just a scripted plot.

The storyline was originally supposed to be a year-long event that was going to culminate with Mr. Kennedy and Triple H facing off at Wrestlemania 24. However, it was eventually cancelled.

The idea for this storyline came from Vince's own daughter, Stephanie. She wanted to be a wrestling star, and promised revenge when her father died.

Stephanie thought up the idea for Hornswoggle, Vince McMahon's illlegitimate child. He was a wrestler, and was given the nickname Little Bastard.

Hornswoggle was a wrestler for a decade. He was a WWE Cruiserweight Champion, and he was also an anonymous RAW General Manager. As a matter of fact, Hornswoggle was also a Wisconsin native.

In 2007, Vince McMahon was served with a paternity suit. The paternity suit stated that McMahon had an illegitimate child. Johnathan Coachman, Vince's assistant, contacted him and informed him of the paternity suit.

Then, a paternity lawyer appeared on TitanTron, and listed the characteristics of Vince's illegitimate child. These included a strong bond, a love of wrestling, and a strong ego.

But after a few weeks of the storyline, it began to appear that the storyline was a scam. Shane McMahon, Linda McMahon, and Bruce Prichard all said they knew the storyline was a sham.

Ken Anderson was also supposed to be a part of this storyline. But it was later revealed that he was suspended for violating the company's wellness policy.

McMahon's aversion to being thanked at the HOF

Vince McMahon's aversion to being thanked at the HOF is a longstanding issue. In the past, he has said that his night should be about inductees and not thankers. It's not clear if he will still have this attitude when he's inducted in 2023.

When he was younger, Vince McMahon was a professional wrestler. He competed in matches in the early 1970s. Later, he became a play-by-play commentator for television matches.

He also served as the executive manager for his father's WWWF promotion. Eventually, he purchased the company from his father, Vincent J. McMahon, and started his own company called Alpha Entertainment.

However, he was eventually charged with distributing steroids and conspiring to distribute steroids. In 1994, he was convicted. The United States government brought three charges against him.

McMahon was convicted of the charges and sentenced to eight years in prison. The government brought the charges against him as a form of revenge against Heyman.

McMahon was criticized for having a sexual affair with a co-worker. This was a problem that was discovered by the Wall Street Journal.

When the scandal first broke in June 2013, the McMahon family began to argue over who controlled WWE. Some wrestlers who were part of the WWE's mid-card were removed. There were also concerns about the fate of Daniel Bryan and Brad Maddox.

Vince McMahon has made numerous media appearances since leaving the WWE in 2011. He appeared on Raw on January 11, 1999 in the "Corporate Rumble" contest, and later returned on the August 6, 2014 episode of Raw. Earlier this year, he was featured on the March 12 episode of Raw in a segment with Roman Reigns.

How Much Did Vince McMahon Pay For ECW in 2023?

how much did vince mcmahon pay for ecw  2023

If you've ever wondered how much Vince McMahon paid for ECW in 2023, you're not alone. The fact is, there are many people who are interested in how the man whose life has been defined by his ambitions and his ability to get others to do his bidding is worth.

WCW's financial mismanagement led to its demise

WCW's financial mismanagement was one of the most overlooked aspects of its demise. This was largely due to the mismanagement of executives. In particular, the incompetence of Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo. The book goes on to explore why this occurred.

During its peak years, WCW was a hot company. WCW was the number one show on cable TV in 1997. It was also the number one wrestling promotion in the world. However, WCW began to suffer a rut in 1999, with its ratings dropping significantly.

WCW did a lot of things well, but it did not do anything particularly new. Some of these things included spending millions of dollars on celebrities. A couple of these celebrities were Hogan and Randy Savage. But they did not get the money to go towards their development.

Another thing that was supposedly a feat of WCW's management was its ability to make the biggest splash. They did this by offering Bret Hart a live TV appearance for stunts that killed Owen. That was a feat, but it didn't get them any fans.

Another big event was the arrival of a new tag team, nWo. NWo was a hit with audiences, but it was not financially stable. So, it folded.

One of the main reasons why this happened was because they did not have any money. As a result, they had to work hard to bring new talent to the scene. Many of these wrestlers were paid for airfare to the shows.

Vince McMahon's lifelong dream of a monopoly

There's no doubt that Vince McMahon has spent the last four decades at the helm of the WWE. It's safe to say that he's made plenty of headlines over the years. He's created Muhammad Hassan, Saba Simba, and the Mexicools to name a few. Not to mention the numerous gimmicks and gimmicks that have littered the wrestling scene for the past few decades.

In a recent interview, the "Scotty" talked up his lifelong dream of having a monopoly in the world of pro wrestling. During the course of an hour long chat, he claimed that his coveted top notch talent was the envy of the industry, and that he would be able to pay off his mortgage in no time. Those are big claims, but it's hard to argue with their validity.

The "Scotty" also talked up his lifelong dream of having monopoly sized audiences on television. As such, he's spent the last several weeks negotiating with the USA Network to buy some of WCW's assets. If the deal goes through, it will be a bittersweet moment for fans of the once great promotion. For one thing, it will likely be the last time we see the likes of Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and Shane McMahon in action.

What's more, this is not a one man show, as the "Scotty" has enlisted the help of his son Shane and partner in crime Hulk Hogan to join the fold.

Vince McMahon's relationship with Paul Heyman

With the retirement of Vince McMahon from all WWE positions, Paul Heyman is expected to be given a role in the WWE Creative Team. The former ECW CEO and a former SmackDown general manager has been working in the company for many years and has a number of relationships with top stars such as Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Ronda Rousey, and more.

In addition to being an Executive Director on the Raw show, Heyman also serves as a special counsel for Roman Reigns. Previously, he was a lead writer for the SmackDown program.

Heyman and Stephanie are said to have a cordial working relationship. However, the pair clashed when Heyman was running the SmackDown program in the early 2000s. According to a report from Busted Open Radio, they had a disagreement while working together on a segment for Monday Night Raw.

Although they had a confrontation, Paul and Vince were both happy with the results. They both shared a handshake and a smile. He says he has no hard feelings with the company boss.

There is a lot of speculation about what the future will hold for Paul and the company. For one, he may be working with Triple H, who has recently been named Head of Talent Relations.

It's possible that Heyman could be involved in a storyline between Brock Lesnar and Triple H. If so, this could be a huge money match.

Vince McMahon's acquittal on witness tampering charges

A Wall Street Journal report is revealing that Vince McMahon paid women at least $12 million over the last 16 years to silence claims of sexual misconduct. The payments came to light as part of an ongoing investigation into the actions of WWE's former CEO.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the women in the settlements were all former employees of World Wrestling Entertainment. These settlements were not disclosed to the board, and all of the agreements stated that they would remain confidential.

Two former employees in 2006 and 2008 each received $1 million. In addition, the Journal reports, Vince McMahon also agreed to pay a paralegal $3 million.

Three more hush money payments were made between 2006 and 2018. One of these payments is reported to have been made to a former wrestler. This payment was negotiated by the wrestler's attorney.

Another former employee received $1 million from McMahon in return for keeping quiet about her relationship with McMahon. That payment is now being investigated by the WWE board, as well.

It is unclear how many other settlements have been paid out to women in the last two decades. The Journal says these payments are "not material" to the company's financial statements.

However, the payments are an issue when they are reported in aggregate. Apparently, McMahon has been paying women in settlements since the mid-1990s. He is still a stockholder with a controlling interest in the company.

Vince McMahon's net worth in 2022

Vince McMahon's net worth in 2022 is estimated at $2.4 billion. This amount is estimated by taking the valuation of his net worth in 2019.

As a media proprietor, Vince McMahon is well-known for being one of the top personalities of World Wrestling Entertainment. He is the CEO of the company and has been a prominent figure in the company's history.

Before he became a WWE boss, Vince McMahon started out as a promoter. His father was a wrestling promoter and had a huge impact on his life. However, when Vince was just a baby, his father left the family. But his mother stayed behind to take care of him.

Eventually, Vince graduated from East Carolina University with a business degree. It was there that he met Linda McMahon, the woman who would become his wife. They married in 1966 in North Carolina. Their two children are also from this marriage.

Vince and Linda live in Greenwich, Connecticut. The couple has six grandchildren. They have also given money to organizations such as the Breast Cancer Alliance and the Boys & Girls Club of Stamford.

Vince McMahon has had a career that has spanned decades. He is known for his vision and work ethic. During his career, he has worked to expand WWE into a global phenomenon. In addition, he has invested in several startups, professional sports teams and real estate properties.

Donald Trump's cronyism

A Wall Street Journal report recently detailed how Vince McMahon and Donald Trump have been connected over the years. The story started with a story claiming that McMahon paid a "$100,000 appearance fee" to the former president.

But the payment wasn't the only one. Another $5 million went to the former President's charity, according to the story. That money was also part of a $19.6 million in unrecorded company expenses.

In another instance, the Journal reports that the President paid a former wrestler for a victory during a wrestling match. This was in response to a sexual harassment accusation against him.

WWE officials said that the payments were uncovered as part of an ongoing investigation. It wasn't clear why they were made. However, the attorney representing the company said they should have been recorded as business expenses.

In addition to the $5 million, the payments included a $7.5 million check to a former wrestler, a $4 million contribution to the foundation and a $200,000 donation to a charity. All of the payments were made at least 16 years ago.

Although McMahon stepped down as CEO and chairman of WWE last month, he remains a key shareholder. He has a controlling interest in the company, which he bought from his father 40 years ago.

During the past decade, he has paid out close to $20 million in unrecorded expenses. Those expenses were primarily to women who accused him of sexual misconduct.

How Much Does Vince McMahon Own of WWE 2023?

how much does vince mcmahon own of wwe  2023

If you are curious how much Vince McMahon owns of WWE, this article will shed light on the current worth of the WWE owner. We'll also look at his return to the WWE, his steroid trial, and his strategy.

Vince McMahon's net worth

Vince McMahon is one of the most successful and respected figures in the world of professional wrestling. He is a former wrestler and now a media mogul. His net worth is estimated at $3.2 billion.

At age 12, Vince McMahon began working for his father. The family lived in a trailer park in North Carolina. A series of stepfathers helped raise Vince. He later studied Business at East Carolina University. However, he had to overcome learning problems and dyslexia.

After graduating from college, he worked as a play-by-play commentator for television matches. In 1971, he was assigned to a small territory in Maine. This is where he first became interested in his father's wrestling career.

By the time he turned 12, Vince was interested in the promotion of his father's company. In 1974, he helped his father triple the amount of television syndication.

Since then, he has been a significant force in the company. In 1982, he bought the business from his father. During this period, he helped transform the company into a worldwide phenomenon.

Today, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the largest wrestling company in the world. It broadcasts its performances in over fifty countries. It is one of the most popular sports organizations in the world. While he is not the face of the company, Vince McMahon is in charge of putting on WrestleMania.

As WWE's CEO and chairman, Vince has become a symbol of American capitalism. Vince and his wife, Linda, are both financially savvy. They manage their money wisely and often make personal loans to family members.

Vince McMahon's wealth has been built almost entirely through his connections with the wresting world. His ability to turn a small wrestling company into an international success is a testament to his talent.

While Vince McMahon has been a successful wrestling promoter, his primary assets are his luxury cars and properties. His main residence is a three-story mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. He also has a private jet and a 47-foot sports yacht.

With his wealth, McMahon can visit his grandchildren on a regular basis.

Vince McMahon's strategy

Vince McMahon is trying to make a comeback to WWE. He is planning on returning to the company in 2023, according to reports. As a result, he is also planning to bring back some former executives from the company.

McMahon is taking a shrewd parlor trick approach to regaining control of his company. By leveraging lucrative deals, he is hoping to force his way into the top job at WWE. The strategy hasn't worked for him yet, however.

In the past two years, he's faced allegations of sexual misconduct, hush money payments to former employees, and mistreatment of workers. But he's always remained competitive.

According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, Vince McMahon is planning a return to WWE. Aside from the return, he's also planning to take over the role of executive chairman, the first time since his resigning as CEO in July.

Among other things, Vince McMahon is also preparing for a sale of the company. In order to get his return, he'll have to get the approval of the WWE board. And he'll have to do it soon. It's a tall order, but he's doing what it takes.

As he prepares for a possible return to WWE, he's also getting ready to re-negotiate some of the company's most valuable media rights. Those rights include the WWE's Monday night Raw program, which airs on NBCUniversal's USA network. That program will end its five-year deal with Fox in 2024.

Other big announcements from Vince include the return of Paul 'HHH' Levesque as EVP of Talent Relations, and Bruce Pritchard replacing Vince as Creative Director. These are all good steps in the right direction.

However, there are still plenty of questions about the future of WWE. Despite reports that a sale is imminent, there's no guarantee that McMahon will approve it.

The report also revealed that McMahon is looking to make a big move in the company's strategic planning. According to him, there's a "narrow window of opportunity" for a potential sale of the company. So, he's prepared to resign from the board if he needs to.

Vince McMahon's steroid trial

When Vince McMahon was indicted for steroid distribution, everyone from Ted Turner to the media took notice. Every major newspaper covered the trial and its implications.

A grand jury was formed to investigate the case and gather evidence. Prosecutors also called 11 professional wrestlers to testify. The trial was held in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

Vince McMahon was charged with conspiracy to distribute steroids, but he was found not guilty. He was acquitted of all charges in July 1994.

Prosecutors presented evidence that steroids were widely used in professional wrestling during the 1980s. They needed to prove that some of the distribution occurred in the eastern district of New York.

Hulk Hogan and Kevin Patrick Wacholz, two other professional wrestlers, also testified in the trial. They both allegedly purchased steroids from Dr. George Zahorian, the ringside doctor.

One of the prosecution's main points was that Vince McMahon ordered his wrestlers to take steroids. The defense argued that it was a case of individual steroid use and not a conspiracy to make a profit.

The biggest test for the prosecution was to show that a majority of the steroids were sold in the eastern district of New York. They did this by obtaining information from Zahorian.

The jury deliberated for about three hours before acquitting McMahon. They decided to drop the other two counts of possession.

McMahon was also accused of embezzling money from the company to purchase illegal steroids. However, he denied the accusations and turned down a plea deal.

Hulk Hogan was the most closely watched witness in the trial. He admitted taking steroids for 13 years. In exchange, he was given immunity from prosecution.

Vince McMahon's steroid trial tore down kayfabe and changed the face of professional wrestling. He went on to build a multi-billion dollar empire.

The Vince McMahon steroid trial is the subject of a new scripted drama. WWE and Universal Content Productions announced that the project will be aired in the near future. It will be written by Craig O'Neill and directed by Kevin Dunn.

Vince McMahon's return to the WWE

Vince McMahon, the former CEO of WWE, has decided to return to the company in 2023. He plans to return as an executive chairman. This position would allow him to take the lead on a number of strategic decisions.

McMahon is reportedly bringing back two associates, Michelle Wilson and George Barrios. They will be added to the board and will work with him on media rights deals. McMahon has a majority of voting power in the company through his ownership of Class B stock.

The company's board is not yet ready to support McMahon's return. That could change, but for now, the WWE is renegotiating its television deals. Its current contracts will expire in October of 2024. If McMahon does come back, the company would have to resign three of its directors.

As of January 18, Vince McMahon owns a majority of the company's Class B shares, which gives him the ability to vote on matters. However, he will need to get the board's approval to become the company's executive chairman.

McMahon told the WWE board in December that he was planning to return. According to the Wall Street Journal, he wants to be involved in the negotiations for future media rights deals.

However, he has not been involved with the company's sales process since August of last year. That's when the sexual misconduct scandal erupted, and the company was investigating. A special committee investigation found that McMahon paid four women $15 million over 16 years. These payments brought negative attention to the company.

The company initially pushed back on McMahon's return, but he has since said that he wants to go back. His goal is to make things right with the company and to push past the allegations.

There is some talk that WWE may be a potential acquisition target. McMahon has told the company that he wants to be the one to spearhead the strategic review process.

The company is in the final year of its current TV and other deals, and it is expected to renegotiate those in the first half of 2023.

When Was Lisa Rinna in Chicago 2023?

when was lisa rinna in chicago 2023

The famous "RHOBH" cast member Lisa Rinna was born in Chicago. She had a childhood filled with plenty of activities. This included a career in television, books, and guest roles on several shows. Her childhood also provided her with experiences that have shaped her into the woman she is today. Despite her busy career, she still manages to find time to be involved with her family and friends.

Childhood activities

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has made a name for herself in a variety of arenas. She has been a host of SoapTalk, hosted a beauty line called Rinna Beauty, and has written three books. But she's also a mother of two beautiful daughters. Having them close to her was a big deal for Lisa.

Her daughter Delilah Belle was born in June 1998, and Amelia Gray Hamlin was born in June 2001. Both of the girls have been featured in various scenes in the Hamlin family home, and they are certainly picture perfect. They are now pursuing careers in the entertainment industry as models.

It's no secret that the show has had its share of drama. Some fans have accused the cast of being a bunch of overpaid, overindulged celebrities, but the majority have been very supportive of Lois. In fact, they've been known to share well wishes and a number of touching and emotional videos.

Of course, there's no denying that Rinna's biggest claim to fame is her role on the hit show. She also has a cosmetics line called Rinna Beauty, and a bestselling book. She and her husband Harry Hamlin have been married since 1997, and have two daughters together.

Rinna's signature bangs and back hairstyle has helped her become a household name in the celebrity sphere. She's been a part of the hit soap operas Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place, and she has guest starred in many other series. For example, she appeared in HBO's Entourage as Donna Devaney.

The most exciting thing about Rinna is that she isn't afraid to speak her mind. This is especially apparent in her recent interactions with Kyle Richards, a fellow RHOBH star who has been battling his own demons.

Television career

Lisa Rinna is an American actress, model, and talk show host. She began her acting career in 1988, and she has been featured in a variety of films, television shows, and commercials. After a long career in the film industry, she turned to TV. In 2010, she joined the cast of the popular reality series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Lisa Rinna first landed a role in the soap opera Days of Our Lives in 1992. The actress, who had been working in television since the late 1980s, joined the show's cast in season 5 and has since been a mainstay of the series. Throughout her time on the show, she has starred in multiple episodes.

Before she joined the cast of RHOBH, Rinna also starred on the original Veronica Mars and Melrose Place. She also played Roxie Hart in the Broadway play Chicago.

Following her roles in a number of soap operas, Rinna went on to co-host the popular SOAPnet daily talk show Soap Talk. Her show, which aired on the network from 2002 to 2006, earned four Daytime Emmy nominations.

Rinna has also had a successful modeling career. She has been featured in a variety of magazine covers and commercials for brands such as Depend, Taco Bell, and Mars Inc. Additionally, she has appeared on the television shows CSI, Awkward, and This Close.

However, after starring in the popular soap operas Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place, Lisa Rinna took her career to a new level. She starred alongside husband Harry Hamlin in the TV Land series "Harry Loves Lisa" in 2010. The show focused on the relationship between the couple and aired for six episodes in 2010.

Despite her acting career, Rinna's love for sports still remains strong. She is a fan of tennis and skiing.


Lisa Rinna is set to leave 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' after eight seasons. She has been feuding with her costar Kim Richards and has been rumored to be leaving the show for good. While fans may be relieved to see her go, the sassy one-liners that Rinna is known for may be gone.

Rinna is not the only cast member to be rumored to be leaving the show. Heather Locklear is also a rumored candidate. The casting directors at Bravo have not commented on any of the speculation.

During her tenure on the show, Rinna has had a number of memorable moments. However, she has been receiving a less substantial amount of screen time.

Perhaps the most memorable moment of her tenure on the show was her Amsterdam scene. This scene is considered to be the defining moment of the show. In the scene, Rinna smashed a glass at a restaurant when Kim Richards threatened to reveal information about Rinna's husband.

It's been a tough year for Rinna. The RHOBH season 12 premiered last May. Although the show ended in August, there are still many questions left unanswered.

The show is said to be coming back with more star-studded cast members in the near future. Several have speculated that Rinna may not return, but an insider says she's not going anywhere.

She has not responded to any requests for comment. Despite the backlash, she's still employed by Bravo. One thing's for sure, fans will miss her.

As the longest running cast member on the show, Rinna has proven her mettle. Her social media messiness, cryptic shade and hyperbolic communication style are synonymous with her character on the show.

Guest roles on TV shows

Lisa Rinna is a famous actress and television personality. She has appeared on a number of different television shows, including Baywatch and Days of Our Lives. However, Rinna is probably best known for her role on Melrose Place. During her time on this show, she played Taylor McBride.

After she graduated from high school, Rinna went on to pursue a career as an actress. In addition to appearing on a number of different TV shows, Rinna also starred in several movies.

Rinna's first TV appearance came during her time as a teenager on the series Good Advice. When she turned 18, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actress. Later, she would also star in films like The Hogan Family and Veronica Mars.

At the age of 22, Rinna appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine. While posing naked for the magazine, she was six months pregnant. Despite the controversy of her pregnancy, the role gave Rinna a large platform to showcase her modeling skills.

Following her stint as a model, Rinna landed her first acting job on Days of Our Lives. It was then that she became a fan favorite. Over the course of her long and storied career, Rinna has portrayed a wide range of characters.

Aside from her work on television, Rinna has written three books. Her second, "Starlit," was published in September 2010. This book is filled with colorful characters and juicy insider details.

For the last few years, Rinna has also been a part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast. After joining the cast in November 2014, she has been on the show for multiple seasons.

Book "Starlit"

In the words of Harry Hamlin, Lisa Rinna is "a total badass." The two-time Golden Girl is not only a talented actress, but a dedicated businesswoman, as well. To the delight of her fans, she also showed off her enviably toned figure as she sported the requisite attire. A true testament to her commitment to her craft, the former Melrose Place alumna is one of the most recognizable stars in the Hollywood community. Among her many accolades, she is a two-time Emmy nominated television personality and is currently playing the role of Billie Reed on Days of Our Lives. On the home front, she also runs her own clothing line, which is stocked with items such as the star spangled sweatshirt and oh yeh - a branded pair of sassy sandals to boot. Those looking to catch up on her latest and greatest can do so at her Los Angeles outpost. Alternatively, if you're in the market for a new dud, you might consider shopping at her consignment store of choice. You might even snag her signature pink paisley print dress for a steal, although it is highly doubtful that she'd be willing to part with her mint if you ask her for an autograph.

When Was Lisa Rinna on Days of Our Lives 2023?

when was lisa rinna on days of our lives  2023

If you are a fan of the TV series Days of Our Lives, you have probably wondered when Lisa Rinna was last on the show. Unfortunately, the answer is not always easy to find. Fortunately, we've gathered up some helpful information.

'Beyond Salem' launch date

Days of Our Lives is set to get a bit more adventurous with a new spinoff. Titled Beyond Salem, the series is set to take fans beyond the confines of the show's small town, letting them explore the world and see familiar faces. The limited series will feature characters from the past and present.

Fans will be thrilled to hear that Beyond Salem will feature a handful of fan favorites. In addition to the show's signature drama, the series will have plenty of surprises and action.

The show will be headed up by current Days head writer Ron Carlivati, who shepherds the production. In addition to returning veterans, several new faces will also be featured.

The limited series will be released on Peacock, the digital home for the NBC daytime soap opera. The show's first episode will be released on September 6, and new episodes will be released daily thereafter.

The show's official logline is a bit less than elaborate. But it does include the names of some of the show's most recognizable characters, including Chandler Massey as Will Horton, Eileen Davidson as Kristen DiMera, and Sal Stowers as Lani Price. Also appearing are Billy Flynn as Chad DiMera, Lucas Adams as Tripp Johnson, Greg Rikaart as Leo Stark, Zachary Atticus Tinker as Sonny Kiriakis, Victoria Konefal as Ciara Brady, and Thaao Penghlis as Tony DiMera.

According to a recent press release, the star of the show is a "secret ISA agent." Though she isn't mentioned, she will be on a mission to find a missing piece of treasure. Meanwhile, she's also a part of a high-stakes mystery involving stolen jewels.

The show will also feature the debut of several new characters, including ISA agent Kayla Brady Johnson (Mary Beth Evans), who will be chasing a mysterious caper. A new supercouple will also make an appearance. Bo and Hope will play a huge role in season two of Beyond Salem.

There are a number of other notable names on the horizon, such as Leann Hunley as Anna DiMera and Victoria Konefal as Ciara Brady. The new series will also include former Days stars such as Peter Reckell as Bo Brady, and Eileen Davidson as Kristen DiMera.

Soap Talk

After a nine-year hiatus, Lisa Rinna is reuniting with her Days of our Lives character, Billie Reed. Fans will see Rinna in a new story arc, where she'll be interacting with a variety of characters.

In a photo on her Instagram, Rinna posted, "Billie is Back! #daysoffourlives". She also revealed that she's shooting the final episode of her run on Days on Tuesday.

The show will follow characters caught up in a case of stolen jewels. They'll travel to various locations including Zurich, Switzerland, Phoenix, Miami and New Orleans.

In the series, Rinna's character, Billie, is searching for a stolen artifact known as the Alamanian Peacock. She's also dealing with cocaine addiction and believes her father is dead.

Rinna will be joined by a cast that includes Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, James Reynolds and Lamon Archey. Jackee Harry will also be making a return.

Aside from Lisa Rinna's role as Billie, the series will feature characters such as Ciara Weston, Ben, Eli Grant and Lani. Billy Flynn and Victoria Konefal will also appear.

Beyond Salem is a spinoff of Days of our Lives. It's said to be five episodes long. Details about the upcoming story are still being kept under wraps.

Rinna will be seen battling demons and cocaine addiction, which is a big change from her earlier days on the show. She's now enrolled in a police academy.

The actress also took part in Dancing with the Stars and hosted her own talk show on Soapnet, Tease on Tease. She's also written a best-selling book, Rinovation.

She also hosted a reality show, Harry Loves Lisa, with her husband, actor Harry Hamlin. Although it was cancelled after two seasons, they did work on another show, Sex, Lies and Obsessions, which was later revived.

Before she was a Days of our Lives star, Rinna had a career as a model and businesswoman. She's also been a guest star on Entourage and Veronica Mars.

During her run on Days of our Lives, Rinna received four Daytime Emmy nominations for her role as Billie Reed. She's also been involved with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Dancing with the Stars

Lisa Rinna is a celebrity who was a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars". In 2006, she and her professional partner, Louis Van Amstel, made it to the semi-finals of the show. They were ranked fourth in the competition.

She and her husband, Harry Hamlin, are celebrating three decades together. Previously, the couple dated for nine years, and they have two children.

Lisa Rinna has made an impression on fans as a self-deprecating star. She has been featured in commercials for Depend undergarments, and she even posed for the cover of Playboy magazine.

She joined "RHOBH" in season five, and appeared on a panel alongside other "Real Housewives" after not being slated to attend. During her time on the show, Rinna has made her presence known through a series of screen-grabs that have garnered extensive attention in meme form.

Although Lisa Rinna has been eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars", she has still made appearances on other TV shows. In addition to appearing on "Good Advice", she was also a guest on Entourage.

She has also hosted a podcast entitled Namaste B$tches. It was during this time that she became a household name. Her character, Donna Devaney, was portrayed in an episode of the show.

Before she was a star on DWTS, she was a cast member on "Movie Stars" for the WB. Earlier, she starred in the Broadway production of Chicago.

Lisa and her husband, Harry, have been married since 1997. The couple have two daughters. And as of 2023, the pair is expecting a child.

Fans of "DWTS" will want to keep an eye on the show's new cast. Teresa McMorrow, another Real Housewife, is set to appear on Season 13 of the hit show. Andy Cohen previously told E! News that the series would not film the next season until 2023.

If Lisa Rinna is a fan of the show, she is confident she'll see a winner. Currently, she believes that Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek will be crowned the next champion. But she isn't sure about ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, who is vying for the title.

General Hospital

Lisa Rinna will return to Days of our Lives in 2023, reprising her role as Agent Billie Reed. Fans can expect to see Rinna in episodes with Jackee Harry, Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn.

Rinna first played Billie on Days of our Lives in 1992. She remained with the show for three years before leaving for a role on the reality show "Harry Loves Lisa". Her character was instrumental in stopping a plot to kill Steve Johnson.

Lisa Rinna has also appeared in several NBC soap operas, including Community and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. A few other notable projects include appearing on HBO's Entourage as Donna Devaney in the episode "Malibooty" and starring in the Broadway musical Chicago.

In a recent Instagram post, Rinna announced her return to the "Days of our Lives" family. Along with her appearance, fans can look forward to seeing other returnees such as Leann Hunley, Peter Porte, Zachary Atticus Tinker, Greg Rikaart, Lamon Archey and Victoria Konefal.

Fans may remember that Rinna previously portrayed Taylor McBride on Melrose Place and Veronica Mars. However, her role in these roles was short-lived. As an actress, she's best known for her work on NBC's daytime soap operas.

It's not certain when the spinoff will debut. But Davidson says that if Peacock ordered more episodes, she'd definitely come back for more.

Another cast member who could be returning to Salem is Chandler Massey, who plays Will Horton. Massey and Rinna's husband, Billy Flynn, will appear in an episode together.

Rinna's "Rinna" series will also feature a number of other returning characters. Sal Stowers, Robert Scott Wilson and Thaao Penghlis are all set to make guest appearances. Other actors are expected to make cameos, too.

Some other popular faces who could be coming to the soap include Tyler Christopher, Leann Hunley, Jason Bateman, and Kassie DePaiva. For more information on the latest "Days of our Lives" stories, visit Soap Opera Digest. Until then, enjoy this sexy photo from Rinna's Instagram feed. We'll have to wait and see what happens!

If you want to see Rinna's return in action, you can watch the premiere of "Rinna" on Tuesday, September 5th at 7:30 pm EST. Check out Entertainment Weekly's exclusive sneak peek of her return.

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