How Long Since Rihanna Released Music?

How Long Since Rihanna Released Music?


how long since rihanna released music

Rihanna hasn't released a full-length album since her 2016 masterpiece, "Anti," and fans have been eagerly awaiting news of when she might unveil something new.

Thankfully, the singer has confirmed she's working on new music and plans to release a song before Halloween 2022. Additionally, she will perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

How long has rihanna been in the studio?

Rihanna hasn't released any music since her last studio album, Anti, in 2016. Fans have been eagerly awaiting news of a new song or album from the singer for an extended period.

Rihanna's wait may finally be over. Reports indicate she will headline the Super Bowl 2023 Halftime Show, marking her first major performance since giving birth in May and hinting that new music is on its way for the global superstar.

Rihanna has been seen in the studio several times recently, hinting at an impending album. With her reported partnership with A$AP Rocky set to take place, we can only hope that Rihanna's record will be ready by February's big game!

On Monday, the 34-year-old singer donned a casual look as she entered a recording studio in New York City wearing a graphic T-shirt and black bomber jacket. She accessorized with black sweatpants and Adidas sneakers with neon laces, finishing off the ensemble with a black cap and large blue quilted Chanel bag for extra storage.

She's made numerous fashion statements over the years, such as wearing a sheer dress to attend the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards in 2014 and wearing a red satin blazer to attend the Oscars in 2018. According to Madonna, Madonna is her main influence when it comes to clothing choices - she loves wearing animal prints and skins!

Rihanna has had her share of personal struggles during her time in the spotlight. In 2011, she reportedly got into an altercation with Chris Brown and later was arrested for cocaine possession two years later in 2012.

However, that's all behind her now. She is content in her relationship with rapper boyfriend A$AP Rocky - with whom she shares a son - and working on new music.

Her latest project, which will be her first solo album since 2016's Anti, has been in development for some time now. According to her, reinventing her sound has allowed her to unwind and have fun with music creation.

When is rihanna releasing a new album?

Rihanna has released several successful albums over the years, such as Music of the Sun (2005), A Girl Like Me (2006), Rated R (2009), Loud (2010) and Talk That Talk (2011). Additionally she's made a name for herself as an accomplished fashion designer by launching her Fenty line for luxury powerhouse LVMH in spring 2019 - becoming only the second Black woman to head such an important fashion house.

However, it has been over six years since she last released music, leaving fans eagerly awaiting when her next album might be released. Such an extended absence without new material is especially frustrating when one has such a large fan base and following.

When a new album drops, it usually signals that something exciting is about to take place. But that doesn't guarantee an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Rihanna has often taken a break from music due to her hectic schedule. While she hasn't released any new material since 2016's Anti (Deluxe), there are still signs that she may be working on her ninth studio album.

She's reported to be working on a reggae-inspired record. She has said Bob Marley is one of her favorite artists, so there may be some tracks featuring him featured on her new album.

Rihanna may have also collaborated with producer Supa Dups on her new record, who has worked with Jamaican musicians like Beenie Man and Sean Paul. This would make sense as Rihanna is an admirer of reggae music and has previously collaborated with Jabbawockeez and Elephant Man.

Rihanna's recent single, 'Lift Me Up', which was written and produced for the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, has given fans plenty of reasons to anticipate her next album.

Rihanna hasn't released any new music in over six years, but she certainly makes up for it with her other projects. In October 2022, she released the stunning track "Lift Me Up," which is featured on the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack.

When is rihanna releasing a new single?

Rihanna has been making music for years, but recently she's taken a break from recording new songs. Instead, she's focused on her cosmetics company Fenty which has made her billionaire and given her the chance to become an ambassador for Barbados. However, rumors of new music have been swirling around for years now; she often teases that she might be in the studio working on something new.

In June of 2018, the pop star revealed to Vogue her ninth album would be a reggae one. She also hinted at its influence from Jamaican-born producer Supa Dups, whose credits include Beenie Man and Elephant Man.

Her last studio album, Anti, was released in 2016, and it proved a huge hit. It featured the singles "Work" and "Diamonds," and was widely regarded as her best work to date. Rumors swirled that she might be planning a double album but that project eventually got put on hold.

Since then, many have been curious when she would release a new song. Thankfully, in October 2022 she finally broke her silence on the matter.

She released the song 'Lift Me Up' for the soundtrack of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and it has gained widespread acclaim. This is her first song in six years and many of her fans found solace in it.

This isn't the only track she's released this year; her collaboration with DJ Khaled, Bryson Tiller and Kendrick Lamar on 'Loyalty' has also gained attention from music listeners. Additionally, she joined Canadian sad boy PARTYNEXTDOOR for 'Believe It'.

Rihanna has hinted that an album is on its way and may release another single soon. Rumors have swirled that she's been in the studio, leading one fan to speculate that her lead single will be out before Halloween.

Rihanna has also reportedly rented an entire island in Essex for her crew to stay while they work. This is an excellent idea for any singer who wants to get away from city life's distractions. Hopefully this will allow Rihanna to focus on her music and spend quality time with her family.

When is rihanna releasing a new song?

Rihanna is one of the most beloved music artists in the world. With such an ardent fan base, fans eagerly await new songs from her. However, since 2016, she's been relatively quiet.

But that could soon change. Rumors are swirling that Rihanna is working on a brand-new song. According to Breathe Heavy, two ASCAP songs titled 'Phatty' and 'Only One Who Knows' have been registered by the singer. 'Phatty' has a reggae-infused beat and fans speculate it could be an collaboration with Buju Banton or others.

In 2009, two artists joined forces to release the hit song 'Run This Town' and their collaborations have continued ever since. Other songs they've collaborated on include 'Hard' and 'Love The Way You Lie Part II'.

After years of anticipation, Rihanna is finally set to release a brand-new song! 'Lift Me Up' will be included on the soundtrack for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and it promises to get fans excited for her upcoming album.

She's been busy building her billion-dollar Fenty empire, which includes Savage x Fenty lingerie and beauty products, but she also takes time out for personal matters. In May, she welcomed her first child with boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

Rihanna has yet to announce when her 9th studio album will be released. At a Fenty event in February 2022, she revealed that she was working on an all-new reggae-inspired record and expressed her frustration over delays with new music releases. She added that she felt "anxious" for her fans when it comes to waiting too long for new material.

Rihanna's busy schedule proves she wants to ensure her fans are contented with her work. In fact, she even postponed the launch of her Fenty fashion line so she could focus on creating music.

Rihanna's first single in six years, 'Lift Me Up', is set to get fans enthused about her upcoming album. Co-written with Tems, producer Ludwig Goransson and director Ryan Coogler, the song pays homage to Chadwick Boseman who passed away.

Where Does Harry Kane Live?

England striker Harry Kane is set to represent his country at the World Cup in Qatar, but he can return home to a life of luxury. He and wife Kate Goodland recently invested PS17 million on a mansion in London - something they shared before signing off on their trip.

It boasts seven spacious bedrooms, a gym and an amazing man cave. Plus, there's even a cinema room complete with giant screen and comfy cinema chairs!

Whites Creek

Kane is the son of Paul Bearer and younger half-brother to The Undertaker. He made his WWE debut in 1997 and quickly established himself as a mainstay.

He is a former World Wrestling Federation champion and has appeared in multiple matches at WrestleMania. His character can be quite mischievous, often losing his temper when someone insults him without cause. Additionally, he played a supporting role in the Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery as part of an intergalactic conflict with Scooby-Doo and Shaggy Rogers.

Jacobs began his wrestling career on the independent circuit before joining the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) in 1995. He played various characters until 1997 when he was repackaged as Kane - a horror-themed personification of fire and an immense juggernaut.

In 1998, he defeated Steve Austin to secure the WWF Championship title. Later that year, he joined The Undertaker and formed The Brothers of Destruction; feuding with Austin for supremacy over the title ever since.

Kane was a regular on SmackDown in 2009 and served as co-captain of Team SmackDown at Bragging Rights. He challenged Chris Jericho to a #1 Contenders match for an opportunity to face World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker and Big Show in Survivor Series, but ultimately fell short of victory.

Kane made an appearance as a secondary antagonist in Cookie and Scooby-Doo's storyline the same year! In this gimmick, Kane was pitted against Scooby-Doo and Shaggy; however, his luck turned when he realized Cookie is actually the real antagonist.

He has also guest-starred on multiple episodes of SmackDown and in several films, such as See No Evil and the 2016 sequel to Scooby-Doo! Additionally, he can be seen in WWE video games WWE 2K13 and WWE Evolution.

His most renowned performances include multiple matches in the main event and his signature ring pyro for the crowd. He's renowned for his exuberant personality and has won numerous wrestling awards such as Royal Rumble and WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Kane has become a beloved character in the WWE, and his popularity continues to soar. He's one of the most memorable characters and his personality is well-written and developed. Fans love Kane; he often smiles and laughs in the ring while projecting an endearing image as mischievous yet sweet and friendly.


Nashville, Tennessee is known as Music City and home to some of the world's renowned artists. But there's more than meets the eye when visiting this southern metropolis; there are other attractions and activities that make it a must-visit destination.

Country music is an integral part of Nashville's cultural fabric, with the Grand Ole Opry having a major role in propelling many country stars to national recognition. Furthermore, Nashville was the birthplace of bluegrass - a style of music which still thrives today within its local musical landscape.

No matter your musical taste, Nashville has something for everyone. From honky-tonk bars and live music venues to world-class musicians, Nashville has it all.

Nashville is a must-visit destination due to its diverse culture. You'll find numerous museums, churches, and institutions with an illustrious past in this city.

As you stroll around downtown, you'll come across numerous iconic murals and buildings that bear witness to the city's vibrant heritage. Notable examples include Frist Art Museum, housed in a white marble building built during the 1930s as a post office, and Marathon Village - an old automobile plant transformed into an exciting shopping and creative community.

Nashville is known for its world-class restaurants and bars, in addition to its vibrant music scene. From classic burgers and juicy sandwiches to southern seafood dishes, you'll have no trouble finding a delicious meal in Music City.

Sports fans will want to visit Nashville, which boasts three major league teams in the NFL, MLS and NHL. You can catch a game while visiting or visit the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame located inside Bridgestone Arena which displays exhibits featuring Tennesseans who have made an impact in sports worldwide.

For art enthusiasts, the Frist Art Museum and Nashville Center for Photography should not be missed. Both are situated in the historic Frist District and boast world-class exhibitions.

Nashville is also home to the Nashville Songwriters Association International, or NSAI for short. This organization promotes songwriting and safeguards artists' rights. It's headquartered in Music City and hosts an annual Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival that puts more than 300 songwriters on display.

Lost in the Woods

Kane has lived in the woods near his family's cabin in Lee County, Alabama since he was a child. Growing up there, he developed an appreciation for nature that continues to this day.

His grandfather was an avid fisherman, so Kane would spend a lot of time fishing in the woods. He loves hiking and climbing trees as well, with an uncanny knack for finding his way back home.

He has even survived injuries that most would consider fatal. For instance, when his limousine crashed against an 18 wheeler truck and he managed to escape alive, many believed him dead.

Despite these obstacles, he has persevered as a WWE wrestler since 1997 and remains an all-time fan favorite.

Kane's most iconic moment in wrestling occurred at Bad Blood when he was forced to concede the match against The Undertaker. He went on to win the title again at Wrestlemania XX and ultimately lost it again to Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania XXIII.

Kane made his WWE debut in 2013 and quickly earned himself a following for his mischievous smile and sassiness. He had an uptight personality, often getting into arguments with family members such as brothers or friends over trivial things.

His charismatic attitude in the ring has cemented him as a beloved figure within the industry, inspiring many fans to aspire to be like him. In fact, he's even featured on the cover of the WWE Hall of Fame!

In addition to his WWE success, he has also been involved in film and television productions. He's been a guest on shows like The Bachelor and was one of the main characters in 2016's Frozen movie.

He has also collaborated on television series such as Scooby-Doo! and Survivor Series.

Kane made an appearance on the podcast Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw earlier this year, in which he revealed that he had originally intended to be named Inferno.

He then changed his name to Kane, which is more fitting for the character. Kane has won more than a dozen matches in the WWE and was the first person to win an Elimination Chamber match during Survivor Series. Additionally, he defeated Zack Ryder and Eric Escobar on ECW and SmackDown, respectively.

Home of Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean is one of the hottest country stars right now and known for his high-quality shows that fans won't soon forget. This accomplished veteran has been performing live since 2005, earning himself multiple hits and awards along the way.

He's earned a place among the greatest country musicians of his era, having developed an admirable reputation for crafting memorable songs and performing them with flair. Few artists can truly engage their audience during concerts like him; seeing one of his live performances should be on everyone's bucket list - it will be an experience not to be missed!

Aldean's music career began in 1998, and Warner-Chappell quickly offered him a recording contract. Unfortunately, Aldean struggled to begin recording sessions despite numerous showcases and other events that never led to an agreement.

In 2000, Broken Bow Records in Nashville finally offered him a record deal. This partnership cemented his place within the industry and saw him achieve success with his first single, "Hicktown".

In July 2011, Aldean's song "Heavy Metal" rocketed to #1 on the Hot Country Songs chart and has remained one of his most popular hits ever since. Additionally, he performed it during his 2011 CMT Music Awards performance - earning him the trophy for Male Vocalist of the Year.

Now a true country star, Aldean has been consistently releasing new albums since 2008. His most recent offering, Old Boots, New Dirt, debuted in October 2010.

Kane is a male name that derives from several origins. Its primary meaning translates to "battlefield," but it also has many positive connotations. Furthermore, Kane has been linked with the biblical figure Cain, making it an especially unique option for any child to choose.

It's an irresistibly popular name with numerous meanings, making it no surprise why. Parents seeking a strong and independent child will find this multi-cultural moniker particularly appealing.

Recently, recent photos shared to Instagram Stories show that the singer's family has officially relocated to Tennessee. This sprawling property features a pool and lush palm trees, giving off the impression that they've found their own little slice of paradise.

where is rihanna right now

Where is Rihanna Right Now?

Rihanna, the world-renowned singer who has achieved so much success, has been quiet for some time. But according to her fans, she's been busy at work.

Her last album, Anti, was released in 2016, but since then she has ventured into cosmetics, lingerie and skincare with Fenty Beauty, Savage X Fenty and Fenty Skin. Furthermore in 2019 she launched a fashion house for luxury conglomerate LVMH.

1. She’s in the studio

Rihanna is one of the biggest pop stars in history with an array of hits under her belt. But in recent years, her fans have been left waiting for new music - which can be a frustrating situation for Rihanna and those who follow her closely. However, it appears she's working hard to put an end to this wait.

Recently, Umbrella star Ashley Tisdale visited a recording studio with her partner A$AP Rocky, sparking speculation that they are working on her long-awaited follow-up to Anti. She looked stunning in an elegant turquoise sports jersey dress that doubled as mini dress paired with silver strapped stilettos.

She also donned a pair of Prada leather gloves, priced at $1,600. This isn't the first time she's been seen in a recording studio and it is likely she will make many more visits over the course of the coming months.

Rihanna is said to be working on her ninth album with help from collaborators such as Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller. Additionally, Rihanna reportedly collaborated with reggae artist Buju Banton whom she loves immensely.

No word yet on when or if her new album will be released. But we know she's headed to the Super Bowl in 2023, leading many to speculate that new music may be on its way in honor of her performance.

In the meantime, Rihanna recently joined Ocean's Eleven for an all-female spinoff series. Additionally, she starred in the heist movie Nine Ball which grossed nearly $300 million worldwide.

All signs point to an exciting announcement for the singer, who is believed to be heading into the studio to work on her latest album with frequent collaborators.

2. She’s performing at the Super Bowl

Rihanna fans will be thrilled to know she will be performing at the Super Bowl as part of Apple Music's halftime show! Expectedly, her performance to be a huge hit with viewers.

On February 12th, millions of fans will be watching the NFL's biggest game of the year. Tickets to the game are selling quickly, so if you plan on attending, consider buying your tickets now.

The pop star hasn't performed at the Super Bowl since she was a teenager, making this decision especially significant as it will be her first time performing live after becoming a mom.

This means she'll have plenty to show her audience, and we anticipate a high-energy performance that will keep the stadium charged. Additionally, we anticipate some special effects like rain or water to add to the spectacle.

She's likely going to end her set with "Umbrella," a song that has earned eight platinum singles and become one of her signature hits. If so, it will be the ideal way to get everyone pumped for her performance.

It's also likely she will include a song from her upcoming album, R9. She released an intriguing music video previewing her halftime performance earlier this week which features voiceovers and the clip of her hit "Needed Me," so we can expect new music from the singer soon enough!

If you want to watch her performance, Vivid Seats, Stub Hub or Seat Geek offer Super Bowl tickets at various price points so that everyone can find the ideal seat to witness it live. These sites provide a wide selection of tickets for all budgets so you're sure to find what works best for your situation.

3. She’s collaborating

Rihanna is one of the world's biggest stars, but she also knows how to collaborate. Over her career, she's collaborated with some of music's finest hip-hop, R&B and reggae artists.

In the late 2000s, Rihanna joined rapper Jay Z for "Run This Town." It is an iconic example of how these two artists can come together and craft a song that will have you dancing all night long.

She collaborated with Ne-Yo on "Shut Up and Dance" from her fifth studio album, Unapologetic, released in 2012. The song skyrocketed to the top of Billboard Hot 100 charts for seven weeks consecutively, becoming one of her most successful hits ever.

Rihanna's captivating vocals can quickly propel any rapper to the top of the charts, which is why she always seeks out opportunities to collaborate with other prominent names in music.

Rihanna and Drake first made a song called "Take Care," which became an iconic love anthem that speaks about both of their complicated pasts. The lyrics are genuine and relatable, yet Rihanna's voice elevates this track into a cultural masterpiece.

Since then, the duo has continued to release collaborations, such as "FourFiveSeconds," "B_tch Better Have My Money," and "American Oxygen." Additionally, they collaborated on a song for the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever which boasted 437 million views on YouTube.

Though she hasn't released an album in years, fans are eager to hear new music from Rihanna. Recent tweets have hinted at a forthcoming record and she has been working on her next record in the studio for some time now.

4. She’s having a baby

Rihanna has thrilled the world by becoming a mom! She and her longtime boyfriend A$AP Rocky welcomed their first child on May 13th, according to TMZ. Although the name of their unborn son has yet to be announced, many are thrilled by this exciting milestone in her life.

In January, singer/entrepreneur Rihanna announced her pregnancy with her partner by taking a leisurely walk down New York's snow-covered streets. A photo of Rihanna wearing an old No Limit Records jersey and $1,410 Prada leather gloves went viral; she captioned the image: "How the gang pulled up to black history month."

Fans began speculating that Rihanna might be expecting in May after her boyfriend gifted her with a special charm bracelet (valued at $51,991) featuring a love locket set with an emerald, the birthstone for May. On Thursday, May 13th according to TMZ, Rihanna gave birth to their son!

Though they have yet to announce the name of their baby, Rihanna and her partner appear to be very private. Reports indicate they plan on moving to Barbados, where Rihanna's family resides, for a more tranquil existence away from Los Angeles' hectic pace.

Rihanna and A$AP appear to be ready for parenthood - as evidenced by their baby shower they hosted in April that was a huge success. The rave-themed party felt more like an intimate celebration than your typical shower, with over 100 guests in attendance.

Rihanna has become renowned for her daring maternity photos, which have become the talk of social media since she announced her pregnancy. From her stunning Met Gala outfit to the endless sea of crop tops and sheer lace she wears during this time, Rihanna has set the trend with ease during this pregnancy.

5. She’s releasing a new album

Rihanna's last album, ANTI, was over two years ago now and much has transpired since then. She's toured the globe, starred in multiple blockbuster movies, launched Fenty beauty and skin care lines but her fans still wait for new music from her.

Though many have grown impatient with the wait, Rihanna has always made it clear that she loves her fans and would never rush an album release. Recently, she revealed that her next record will be a reggae-inspired collection.

Finally, it appears she may be nearing completion of her long-awaited record. After six years of teases and rumors, she's finally released a single entitled 'Lift Me Up' as part of the soundtrack for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Now, listen to her song on Spotify and other streaming services. It has already become one of her most popular tracks.

Not only is this her first solo track in six years, but also her first music release since her collaboration with Eminem on 'Hard' from 'Rated R'. Fans are expecting big things from her ninth album when she returns to the studio.

She's already teasing her new album on social media and has even rented an island in the Essex estuary to make it all come true. And it won't just be a dream come true for the star - she has invited her family members to spend time with her at this secluded location.

Famous anonymous entertainment blogger Deuxmoi shared screenshots of a message seemingly confirming Rihanna's return to music. The post reads, "Rihanna will release her new album in January!" While we won't know the exact release date until then, fans are eagerly awaiting what we might get.

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