How Do I Download Audiobooks For Free on Audible?

How Do I Download Audiobooks For Free on Audible?

How Do I Download Audiobooks For Free on Audible?

How do I download audiobooks for free on Audible

If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can download free audiobooks and eBooks from Amazon Prime Reading. There are about 300 free audiobooks currently available. To download them, go to your reading page and click the Read and Listen for Free button. However, this doesn't work for Audible books. If you are a member of Audible, you must purchase the audiobook first.


ThoughtAudio is a website that offers free audiobooks from various genres, including philosophical and classical literature. Users can choose from a catalog of 100 titles, stream them directly from the website, or download them to listen to later. ThoughtAudio also includes PDF transcripts for some titles.

ThoughtAudio has an extensive selection of free audiobooks from classical literature to philosophy, and its catalog is constantly growing. The audiobooks are available as MP3s and can be streamed online or downloaded to your computer. Each download includes a PDF transcript.

ThoughtAudio features a clean, modern interface. Users can browse by genre, top-rated titles, and newest releases. ThoughtAudio has an extensive library of free audiobooks, including professionally produced titles. It also provides biblical excerpts, meditations, and other faith-related media.

ThoughtAudio is a great alternative to ebook downloads. There are many websites that offer audiobooks for free. Scribl, for example, offers new audiobooks that are read by authors. They also provide a serialized version of the books so users can listen to several books at once.

ThoughtAudio also has a large database of free audiobooks. You can choose audiobooks by genre, or download them for free by selecting the download button at the bottom of the page. You can also find a list of audiobooks in different languages. However, you must remember that most free audiobooks available online are in MP3 format.

In addition to free audiobooks, you can also download free audiobooks from the Internet Archive. The site has thousands of free audiobooks, including those from popular authors. You can download entire audiobooks or just select chapters. Another site to download paid audiobooks for free is LearnOutLoud. It offers free audiobooks each month and occasionally hosts promotional events.

Project Gutenberg

If you're looking for free audiobooks, there are several great options out there. One option is Project Gutenberg, an online library with over 60,000 free ebooks. These books are narrated by volunteers and are in the public domain. They can be found by searching the website by genre or language. You can also browse the full catalog of titles to find the ones you want. Subscriptions for new releases are also available. You can also listen to individual chapters without downloading the entire book.

Another option is OpenAudible, a free audiobook player that organizes all of your Audible books into a single HTML library. It works on Mac computers, Windows 64-bit computers, and Linux computers. You can then split and join audiobooks without any trouble. This software only takes a few minutes to install and use.

Another option is Lit2Go, another site with free audiobooks. You can search for titles or authors, genre, reading level, or browse pre-made thematic collections. While the quality of production and audio may not be as good as LibriVox, there are many free audiobooks available on this site.

If you don't have an account on Audible, you can try their free trial to see if they offer any audiobooks for free. If you don't like the free trial, you can cancel it within 30 days of signing up. You can then choose which audiobook you want to download for free.

Another way to find free audiobooks is by using the Internet Archive. These archives collect recordings from other websites and offer them for free. The collection is vast. It's a great way to start listening to free audiobooks, especially if you're looking for classical literature.

Loyal Books

One way to enjoy free audiobooks on Audible is to subscribe to Loyal Books. This public domain audiobook provider has over 7,000 titles in its library. The website allows you to search by title, genre, and language. Once you find a title you like, you can download it for free.


If you're looking for free audiobooks for children, you should check out Storynory. This website offers a huge selection of books, divided into categories. You'll find both classic and contemporary stories, all presented in child-friendly formats. If you don't want to spend any money, you can also download the files as MP3s and enjoy them on your computer.

Storynory is a free e-book platform that features over 600 audio stories. This site is aimed at young children and features stories that are educational, fun, and exciting. They are all in English, making them perfect for children who want to improve their language skills. You can choose between downloadable MP3 audiobooks and text versions of each story.

Another great way to download free audiobooks is the Internet Archive. This organization is a nonprofit that brings together volunteers from all over the world to record public domain texts. The website also offers an app for iOS or Android that enables you to listen to the audio books. The app has an average rating of 4.8 stars. You can browse the library by author or genre, and you can even listen to individual chapters.

You can also download free audiobooks from Open Culture. While their interface isn't as elegant as Audible, you'll find a good selection of classic books. There are over 1,000 free audiobooks to choose from, including those published in the public domain and open-source sources. The library is organized alphabetically, by author, and includes both new releases and classics.

Is There a Free Audio Book Library?

Is there a free audio book library

There are several options for finding free audio books. Here are some examples: Hoopla, LibriVox, and Open Culture. Read about them and see if they suit your needs. Also, make sure you find out how to cite the audiobook, so you can make the most of it.


LibriVox is a free online audio book library with thousands of books available for download. All the audiobooks are proof-listened and reviewed by community members. You can upload your own recordings, or contribute to an existing project. There is also an easy-to-use website and mobile application that lets you easily search for your favorite books and listen to them on the go.

LibriVox offers free audio books, read by volunteers, in the public domain. There is an extensive catalog of audiobooks, including fiction, non-fiction, history, and many other genres. LibriVox also offers mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows. You can listen to audiobooks while on the go, or while you work.

The Library's selection is vast and includes free books by many of the most popular authors. There are audio books of classics, like Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. There is also an extensive list of modern classics and contemporary literature. Many of the most popular novels are free, and LibriVox makes it easy to download and enjoy them.

Whether you're a history buff or an art enthusiast, you'll find a wide selection of free audiobooks from popular authors. For example, you can listen to a collection of stories by the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It includes a classic collection of short stories, including The Return of Sherlock Holmes, which was published in 1905. This volume also introduces readers to cryptography, which is a fundamentally simple concept. During the story, Holmes even gets engaged to Charles Augustus Milverton.

Open Culture

The Open Culture website offers a massive library of free audio books, and many of the titles are also available in other formats. You can download these audiobooks directly to your computer, stream them through a download page, or even launch them as podcasts through iTunes. They include both well-known and lesser-known titles, and are available in several languages.

Founded in 2006, Open Culture is dedicated to bringing the best cultural and educational media to the public. It offers free audio books, movies, ebooks, and online courses. Its easy-to-navigate site includes links to other websites and social networks. It also offers MP3 files and RSS feeds on topics of interest.

Another excellent source of free audio books is the Internet Archive. The organization's catalog is home to over 16,000 free books curated by volunteers all over the world. The catalog is searchable by title, genre, or author, and you can even download individual chapters or the entire audiobook. The library also offers a mobile application for those who prefer to listen to audio books on the go.

Another free audio book library is LibriVox, a volunteer project devoted to preserving the world's literature in audio form. The library's audio books are available online for free, and the public can contribute their own recordings. The program also has a list of books that have been released in the public domain, and offers downloads for Kindle, iPhone, and browser eBooks.


If you love to listen to audio books, Hoopla is an excellent resource. It offers thousands of titles you can stream or download for free. The library's site syncs with your phone or computer, so you can listen to titles whenever you want. Hoopla also offers movies, music, and e-books.

To get started, sign up for a free account. You will need an email address and password. You can access your audio book library from iOS and Android devices. You can also stream from Smart TVs that have a Chromecast built-in. You can also download the Hoopla digital app for your mobile device from the app store.

Another good resource is the audiobook catalog at your local library. You can access the catalog from the library website or download it to your computer and listen to it later. Hoopla has audiobooks from nearly all genres, including adult fiction. You can access the books for free. You can listen to as many titles as you want. You can also download them to play offline.

Unlike Libby, Hoopla allows you to borrow any title for free, though you do have a monthly borrowing limit. Floyd County Library users can borrow up to 8 titles each month, while CLP users are limited to 15 titles. The limit is based on the library's budget. However, the content is free and there are no ads. Hoopla also allows users to read audio books from any device.


Libby is a free audio book and digital magazine library, whose user-friendly interface makes borrowing titles simple. You can borrow and read audiobooks from the library for free, and even manage your borrowings, right from your mobile device. Libby only supports the MP3 and EPUB formats, and there's no early-return option. For more information, visit the Libby website.

Libby's ebook reader is highly customizable, with options for font size, lighting, bookmarks, notes, highlights, and words. You can also change the speed of playback for individual audiobooks. There's also an option to set a sleep timer, which lets you listen for a specified amount of time before you stop. Libby also features a multiple bookmark feature, which lets you skip ahead or back to a specific point in the audiobook.

Another great feature of Libby is its ability to connect you to your local public library. Its mobile application lets you borrow audio books and ebooks from local libraries, and you can keep track of your next reads with features such as notes and bookmarks. You can also download audiobooks and e-books to your phone for offline use. The app also automatically syncs titles across multiple devices and keeps track of your due date.

Project Gutenberg

The oldest digital library on the web, Project Gutenberg has a massive library of over 60,000 free ebooks and audiobooks. The library is run by volunteers and includes both human and computer-generated voices. The library also has an app for Android users. The site accepts donations for digital books, which are then digitized and available for download.

The free library contains audio books in a number of languages. The project lists audiobooks in more than 50 languages and offers downloads in all of those languages. The vast majority of the books are in English, but there are also audio books in many other languages. The free audio book library is also available on iOS and Android devices.

Another great resource for free audio books is LibriVox. It is a community effort that records public domain books and releases them for free. The audiobooks are read by volunteers and are available in MP3 format, which should be recognized by most digital media players. Another great resource is the Internet Archive, which backs up everything. In addition to audio books, you can also find poetry readings and other audio materials on the Internet Archive.

Project Gutenberg also offers a vast library of free e-books. The site contains eBooks in the public domain and self-published works. There are more than 42,000 books on the website, and you can browse by popularity or search the database for a specific title. The site also has instructions for loading the books onto a variety of devices. However, the service is not compatible with Kindle Fire.


RBDigital offers a wide variety of free audio books to its members. It also partners with local libraries to provide audio books of professional quality. Users can access their audio book library from any of their libraries' websites. While most libraries subscribe to OverDrive, some do not. If you are looking to listen to audio books, RBDigital may be the best option for you.

RBDigital allows users to borrow 10 audiobooks per month. You can browse by genre or filter by availability. Each audio book is available for 21 days. The library is free, but it requires a library card. It is available for all platforms, so you can use it on any device.

Members of Alvin Sherman Library and current and former NSU students, faculty, and alumni are eligible to join RBdigital. The online library offers the largest selection of free digital audiobooks, including best-sellers and popular fiction. RBdigital also offers an app to download free audio books to any device. RBdigital has an easy-to-use interface, fast downloads, and automatic software updates.


YouTube is an amazing resource for audiobooks, and the audiobooks in their library are free and easy to access. However, it is important to note that copyright laws still apply. YouTube takes very strict measures to prevent copyright violations, and they do not want their free content floating around in the public domain.

You can listen to thousands of free audiobooks on YouTube, and you can even search for a specific title or read by a different reader. There are even entire channels devoted to audiobooks. LibriVox, for example, maintains its own feed and features modern authors reading their own works.

ThoughtAudio is another website that hosts free audiobooks. Its library is large and includes audio books in the form of transcriptions. It also features games that challenge kids' minds while reading and listening. ThoughtAudio also allows you to stream the audio books directly from the site. This site offers classic books, philosophy books, and more.

Another site that offers free audio books is StoryNory. This website has more than 1,000 audio books, ranging from fairy tales to classical authors and myths. All of them can be downloaded without paying any money. There are some restrictions though. Using the audio library in the wrong way can get you in trouble.

How Do I Download Audiobooks For Free on Audible?

How do I download audiobooks for free on Audible

You can download audiobooks for free from the Audible library if you have an account. There are other free services where you can get audiobooks without an account. These include LibriVox and ThoughtAudio. These services are great if you want to listen to a wide variety of different genres.

Audible offers free audiobooks

If you don't have an Audible account, you can sign up for a free 30-day membership. Once you've set up your account, you can download free audiobooks on a regular basis. However, there are some conditions you should know before you sign up for a free Audible membership. First, you need to have a valid Amazon account. Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon. Once you've created your account, you can search for titles using your Audible app or web browser.

If you're a member, you can buy extra credits to access more audiobooks. This will save you a few bucks and allow you to listen to more titles. Additionally, you can turn on the Audible app's daily deals to receive offers on books you've been interested in.

Once you've downloaded the Audible app, you'll be able to enjoy three free audiobooks in your first 30 days. You can also subscribe to the unlimited plan to listen to as many audiobooks as you want for as long as you're a member. The Audible app allows you to download free audiobooks, so you can try them out before you decide to purchase.

Audible is a global audiobook platform that lets you listen to full-length audiobooks. You can stream these titles on your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. It even has audiobooks in Spanish, German, and French. Audible is a great way to keep up with your favorite books and authors without breaking the bank.

You can also take advantage of their member-only deals and discounts. Many classic titles are available for 99 cents and you can get audiobooks with Audible credits. These credits can be exchanged for other books. Audible also offers exclusive monthly deals. These offers allow you to purchase audiobooks and podcasts from a variety of categories, including classics and originals.

If you're a parent looking for free audiobooks for your kids, you can try the COVID-19 pandemic. This virus is a huge concern for the global community, but people are doing what they can to keep the virus from spreading. A free Audible membership can provide a lifeline to struggling parents. Hundreds of free audiobooks are available for you to download and stream.

Audible Library

If you want to listen to free audiobooks online, you've probably wondered where you can find them. There are several options, from the popular free Audible website to public domain audiobooks. You can browse audiobooks by genre, author, or title, and can subscribe to new releases as podcasts. You can even listen to individual chapters of audiobooks without downloading the entire book.

The Amazon Prime service offers free eBooks and audiobooks to its members. To access these free books, sign up for Prime, then click the Audible section. In the Audible page, look for the "Read and Listen for Free" button. To access audiobooks without paying a penny, click the Audible icon under the Audible category on your Fire tablet.

Another option is to use OpenAudible, a free software program that lets you view all your Audible books in one convenient location. OpenAudible is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. The software automatically organizes your audiobooks as an HTML library. It also lets you join or split audiobooks. You'll need just a few minutes to set it up and start listening to audiobooks.

The next option is to download audiobooks from your local library. You can either download audiobooks from your local library through an app, or access them through the web. To use the app, open your favorite web browser or phone and search for "Audible." Once you've found the app, sign in to your account and click "Library," then tap "Download" or "Add to Library." Then, select your preferred audiobook to download and enjoy.

The Internet Archive is another great place to find free audiobooks. This resource allows you to sort audiobooks by popularity and release date, and filter by language, author, and publisher. It also allows you to download audiobooks in multiple formats, as well as individual chapters. Once you have a library of audiobooks, you can enjoy them whenever you want.

Another option to download audiobooks is to visit OverDrive. This website offers free downloads of thousands of books in different genres. You can download books directly to your computer or a cloud-based storage system. The website also lets you search for books in various languages and save them on your computer. It's free to register, and you can access several free audiobooks if you want.


If you want to download free audiobooks from Audible, you will need to create an account with the service. Once you've done that, you can download your desired audiobooks to your device. But before you do that, you should make sure that you have enough storage space on your device. That way, you can listen to the books even if you're not connected to the internet.

You can also find audio books on LibriVox. This website features free audiobooks that have been read by volunteers. These books are public domain, and are therefore free to download. This site is a great resource for finding free audiobooks, because you can browse by genre, author, and language. You can also subscribe to new releases as podcasts and read descriptions about each book.

Once you've subscribed to Audible, you'll be charged a monthly fee. In return, you'll receive one credit that can be used for any audiobook in the library. If you run out of credits, you can always buy a book for face value. Most books cost between $10 and $30.

Another option is to use the free Audible trial to access thousands of audiobooks. You can get a 30 day free trial from the service. You can cancel at any time, and during the trial period, you can listen to audiobooks or podcasts. You'll have access to the full catalogue of audiobooks and podcasts.

Another great option is OverDrive. This website has more than 300,000 free audiobooks, including bestsellers and new releases. And like other library books, you can check out audiobooks on OverDrive, which you can borrow for as long as you have a library card. These free audiobooks are available on the website as well as in the mobile app.

Another option is to use the Audible app. You can browse the top-selling audiobooks on the app or listen to free podcasts. You can even subscribe to email alerts for the audiobooks you want to listen to. This way, you'll never miss a free audiobook.


ThoughtAudio is an audiobook download site that focuses on philosophical and classical literature. Its collection contains around 100 audiobooks and also includes a PDF transcript. The audiobooks are available for download or embedded in webpages. While ThoughtAudio isn't as large as Audible or Podiobooks, it does offer a wide selection of audiobooks.

The free audiobooks on ThoughtAudio are curated from YouTube. They are available for download in Mp3 format. You can also donate to help the site curate its selection. The site also has a selection of bedtime stories, autobiographies, and philosophy.

You can also download free audiobooks from the Internet Archive. This site has a searchable catalog that includes books in a variety of languages. You can search by title, author, or genre to find the book you want to download. You can also download individual chapters or entire books.

If you want to listen to classical literature, though, ThoughtAudio is the way to go. It has more than 98 free audiobooks in the public domain. ThoughtAudio also produces its own content, and the actors reading the books are highly engaging. The service also offers PDF transcripts for each title.

ThoughtAudio also has an extensive library of philosophy and classic literature titles. It regularly adds new titles. You can listen to these audiobooks online or download them in MP3 format. Many titles have book descriptions, but if you want a more detailed description, you can purchase the transcript separately.

In addition to ThoughtAudio, you can also download free audiobooks from the Internet Archive. The site has thousands of free audiobook downloads, and you can browse the archive by year, topic, or medium. You can also search for free audiobooks on Audible.

While most free audiobooks download online can only be saved to your computer, you can also find free audiobooks on your mobile device. If you're on the go, download an app for iOS and Android devices that allows you to transfer the audiobooks to your phone or computer. It also lets you manage your files on your phone.

Top 5 Websites to Download Great Books for Free

1000 Free Audio Books Download Great Books for Free  Open Culture

If you love audiobooks but aren't interested in downloading them yourself, you can get some of them for free on Open Culture, a website dedicated to free educational and cultural media. They offer free online courses, degrees, and certificates, as well as a vast library of free audiobooks. You can browse the library by alphabetical listing, author, or topic. Some titles even have links to free eBooks.


LibriVox is a database of free audio books narrated by volunteers from all over the world. These books are in the public domain, which means they are free to download and listen to. You can browse their database by author or subject. There are also advanced search tools that let you download individual chapters or entire books.

LibriVox is available in several languages and is compatible with a number of devices. However, there are some limitations. The site bases all of its recordings on books that are in the public domain in the United States. Moreover, the site does not rank titles by popularity.

Another great feature of LibriVox is its ability to download audiobooks in different formats. You can download them as mp3 files and play them on your computer or smartphone. You can also subscribe to new releases as podcasts. In addition to this, you can also browse through the book description and listen to individual chapters without having to download the whole book.

Alternatively, you can download audiobooks from other websites as well. While LibriVox is the most popular audiobook download site, Open Culture is a great resource for cultural and educational media. It offers audiobooks in various genres, such as fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. You can download the full books or single chapters, and the site offers language tutorials and online courses.

While Project Gutenberg is a famous free ebook site, it has also expanded into audiobooks. The site offers over 6000 free audiobooks, including serialized stories. These audiobooks are available through RSS feeds, so you can download them to your smartphone or tablet to listen to them anytime.


ThoughtAudio is a great resource for free audio books. The website offers a vast range of titles, from classic literature to philosophy. New titles are added regularly. Each title has a brief description and some of them come with transcripts.

ThoughtAudio is aimed at a specific type of reader, and their audio book catalog focuses on philosophy and classic literature titles. The audiobooks can be streamed or downloaded to listen to later. The site also offers a selection of language tutorials, ebooks, and online courses.

ThoughtAudio offers free classic literature audiobooks read by professional voice actors. The files can be played directly from the site, or streamed through iTunes. There are also hundreds of free audio stories for kids. The stories range from five minutes to thirty minutes and can be listened to by children of all ages. They are available in MP3 format.

ThoughtAudio's free audio books collection is huge, allowing you to listen to over 1000 free audio books. Many of the books are public domain. This means that they can be played on any device. However, the site is not organized very well. Unless you are a paying member of the site, you can browse its free audiobook catalog but you can't download specific chapters or complete books.

Free audiobooks are becoming more accessible and easier to download. ThoughtAudio also features an audiobook archive. You can choose between audiobooks read by humans or computer generated by machines. Many free audiobooks are now available in multiple formats.

Learn Out Loud

Open Culture is an online audiobook site with thousands of free audiobooks. These books are categorized by genre and can be downloaded for free. It also offers podcasts and videos. There is no need to register to access the website. You can browse through audiobooks by author, genre, or name.

If you want to listen to audiobooks on the go, Sync is a great tool. Sync notifies you when a new title is available. New titles are added every Thursday at 12am Eastern, and you can download them for free. The titles you download are yours to keep. Another site that offers free audio books is Open Culture, which has links to over 1000 titles.

Although this site is aimed at a specific type of reader, it has a great selection of audio books from authors who have contributed to popular culture. The audio books are mainly classic literature and philosophy titles. The site has a podcast player and RSS feeds to make listening easy.

For younger readers, Open Culture offers a wide selection of children's books, as well as other free audio books. Open Culture also offers books for teenagers and adults. For free adult audiobooks, you can download them from a variety of websites, and you can also use Storynory or Open Culture to search for more free audio books. You can also use other platforms to listen to audiobooks online, including Spotify and iTunes.

The Learn Out Loud website is easy to navigate and allows you to browse by genre or title. The website offers more than 3,500 free audiobooks, and you can choose a select chapter or whole audiobook. You can also read reviews and rate titles.


The Open Culture website hosts more than 1000 free audio books and other educational media from around the world. They include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and more. The selections are organized alphabetically by author and can be streamed or downloaded to listen to later. In addition, the site offers language tutorials, eBooks, and online courses.

Open Culture is a free audiobook platform for computers that features great collections of fiction, poetry, and classic literature. Unlike many other free audiobook websites, Open Culture consists of curated media from other websites, resulting in a larger selection. In addition, the files are free to stream and download. You can listen to nearly two thousand free audiobooks, and download the ones you like later.

The website is also a good source for children's books. Storynory is another great resource. It offers the largest collection of free books online, and lets you read along with the text on the screen. For an adult audience, there's also Learn Out Loud, which offers educational materials for all ages. If you'd prefer to listen to a particular audiobook without downloading it, you can also find it through a search engine on the Open Culture website.

Using the OverDrive app for your computer or iOS device is another good option for free audiobooks. The app works with local libraries and many are partnered with the service. In addition to audiobooks, OverDrive also offers books on the New York Times bestseller list and more. It is available on both iOS and Android devices. Users can also use their library card number to access these titles.

Another great option for free audiobooks is the Internet Archive. This website has more than two million books and audiobooks available for download. You can browse the database by title, keyword, or subject, and choose which one you want to listen to. You can choose to download the entire audio book at once or just the selected chapters. Regardless of your choice, you can listen to the audiobook in MP3 format.

Project Gutenberg

If you're looking for a way to listen to a variety of books for free, there are many places to turn to. One of the best websites for free audio books is Open Culture, which has an extensive database of audio books available for download or streaming. These audiobooks cover a wide variety of genres, from classics to contemporary fiction. The free audiobooks are available in multiple languages and can be listened to right from the website, which makes them great for a variety of purposes. You can also download them to listen to later on. In addition to audiobooks, the website also offers language tutorials, ebooks, online courses, and other forms of free media. You can search for books by title or genre to find the perfect audiobook for your needs.

For free audiobooks, you can also check out Sync, which provides notification when new titles are posted. New titles appear every Thursday at 12am Eastern, and they remain available for a week. You can download the titles into your smartphone or MP3 player, and then keep them forever. Another great option is Open Culture, which offers over 1000 free audio books. Although the website does not host its own audio files, it does provide links to other websites that host free audiobooks.

Another site for free audio books is the Internet Archive, which offers almost 21,000 free audio books. These audio books include everything from literary classics to folk tales. You can browse the catalog by author, title, or recent additions.

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