How bad is your Spotify.

How bad is your Spotify.

The Pudding's Spotify bot will shine a spotlight on your musical tastes and provides a radical roasting. have you ever ever had that moment once you are being attentive to some terrible music and suddenly your earphones unplug for a few reason and you're left embarrassed to death because the horrible music blares out through your phone and everybody looks at you and judges you? you would possibly not have felt that feeling lately provided that we've been stuck reception for nearly a year now, and the majority interactions that we've had were virtual.

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The Pudding, a digital culture site, has launched an AI bot that specifically judges your bad taste in music. The AI bot not only ruthlessly ridicules you for your miserable music taste, but makes sure that you simply keep laughing at yourself while it majestically derides us. whether or not you concentrate on yourself an elite listener of music, the AI will ensure that it'll smash all the 'fine-music-listener-persona' that you have in-built your head. In its essence and character, the bot may be a feather on the crown that the rollercoaster-ride of a year that 2020 has been.

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To get the bot to roll its eyes at you for your pathetic music taste, you'll be able to attend Judge My Spotify. The bot which is ‘trained to judge your music taste' will greet you and request you to log into your Spotify account.

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Mike Lacher, one among the brains behind the witty bot says,”We wanted to form something like Spotify Wrapped, but rather than celebrating your music, it'd insult it. For us personally, we knew that the things we stream privately is commonly embarrassing, so we thought it'd be funny to create a bot that will leaf through all that stuff and judge you. We wanted it to want a judgemental friend, or a snobby record store clerk.”


The bot explains that it's "been trained on a corpus of over two million indicators of objectively good music, including Pitchfork reviews, record store recommendations, and subreddits you've never heard of," as its qualification to evaluate your music taste.

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Being a long-time user of Spotify, i used to be excited to do out the bot as soon as I heard about it. I consider myself as someone with quite decent taste in music, although I do have some guilty pleasures. i used to be wanting to know what the AI could possibly scorn at me for, as my frequent playlists were all 60s rock'n'roll - and hey, i do not make the foundations but nobody mocks at 60s rock 'n' roll.

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Remember that child at school who thought they'd superior, unimpeachable taste in music, and yours was supremely uncool?

Somebody trained an AI to be that person.

The bot “How Bad is Your Spotify,” delivered to you by digital publication Pudding, will analyze your Spotify account and provides you its thoughts on just how cringe-worthy your taste in music is.

That is, if you provides it permission to access your profile — and if you're equipped to handle being roasted mercilessly by a bot in an exceedingly year when, frankly, being attentive to questionable music is simply in a different way of coping with… *gestures at universe.*

This bot has no patience for any of your guilty pleasures. If it sees an excessive amount of Taylor Swift (and let’s face it, it probably will), it’ll point that out. It’ll wonder, with a disparaging air of incredulity, if you hear certain songs. It’ll also react to a number of your most-played music asking you if you’re OK — a condition we are all very clearly not in 2020. so feels gratuitous.


Finally, the AI will tell you only how bad your taste in music is, qualifying it with labels that feel oddly specific, including, but not limited to, “learns-about-rap-from-tiktok bad” or “scented-candle-and-hard-seltzer bad.”


Spotify’s “2020 Wrapped” was all positive reinforcement, neatly packaged and made to share on social, but those who undergo the dragging that's “How Bad is Your Spotify” are sharing their results on social media to demonstrate just how hard the AI came for them.


If you would like to be bullied by a bit of technology today, be our guest


Spotify's new 'How bad is your Spotify' feature can tell you the way bad your taste in music is - but be warned, it's brutal.

Just once we thought 2020 couldn't get any worse, the Spotify roasting bot has come along to spread some festive cheer by passing judgement on Spotify users listening choices.

First we had Netflix Wrapped telling us what TV shows and films we've been obsessive about and now our music habits are taking a hammering, with what people are calling the 'mean Spotify wrapped'.


That's right - you would possibly think your embarrassing taste in music is kept between you and headphones or your bedroom walls, but re-evaluate...

The 'How bad is your Spotify' test is where a robot judges literally every single a part of your Spotify listening history then gives you their honest - if not brutal - opinion. Twitter users are sharing their results...

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and log in to your Spotify account. Then you'll be able to anticipate the robots to travel through your music with a fine tooth comb until they rustle up a verdict.

Whether you're keen on it or hate it, you merely should share them on Twitter or Instagram to allow others something to laugh about - in spite of everything, a controversy shared could be a problem halved, right?

Masterminded by the evil geniuses behind the digital publication The Pudding, will ruthlessly roast your Spotify playlist using 'sophisticated AI' trained by Mike Lacher and Matt Daniels.

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