Gta Strip Club

Gta Strip Club

Gta Strip Club

For nearly an hour, the two women took turns using the pole, then moved to other areas of the club. When the other woman was having her moment on the stage, an Asian man walked in. He kissed her, then sat on a nearby stool to watch.

Gta 5: Strip Club, Activity Guide, Tips - Gta 5 Guide

This section of the Grand Theft Auto V game guide describes visiting strip clubs. You'll also learn about the attractions available there and what is the mini-game you can play at the strip clubs, as well as if it's possible to as strippers out.

Gta 5 Club Location: Where Is the Vanilla Unicorn?

xThe GTA games provide players with the ultimate playground: a vast open-world city that exists solely for them to live out their criminal fantasies. (Source:

This Game May Seem Inappropriate but Read This Review to See Why It's Not

This game GTA V isn't a horrible game. On the back it says a ton of bad stuff next to the M. And yes all this stuff is in the game but you can avoid it. In GTA V yes their is language (profanity) but it's not Constant as long as your son/daughter doesn't play story mode. Story mode contains strong profanity such as the f bomb... but their is a online mode which is completely free and it has practically no swearing unlsss if u accidentally run over someone there might be a swear in the background but it's also not loud or u could just play the game with no volume. Now to the sex. There is sex in this game but it's not forced. There is a strip club mini game that u don't have to do, if you trust your child to not go in it then it shouldn't be a problem. Now gore. This game has barley any gore. Yes you can kill gangsers,cops, or citizens. But it's not gory unless you physically stab then with an axe but your again not forced to. Shooting people/thugs isn't gory at all besides when there on the ground theirs sometimes a little puddle of blood from when they got shot but it's not like bloody everywhere. So this game isn't as bad as cs (common sence) says it is. It should be for your child that's 12+ .

This Title Contains:

)My 11 year old son has been nagging for it since it's release in 2013. Back then he was 7 which is way too young for such a game. He has asked me since for the game in which I replied to him "I will have a look at it". After watching YouTube reviews and gameplay, I decided that he could have it when he can prove to me he is mature for such a game. I let him have it this year because he has had consistent good grades at school and he does not curse of promote violence when he is around me. For other parents, common sense media has omitted a lot of details in the game from their review. Sex: Yes, there are the infamous strip clubs in the game, they have no impact on your child when you enter because all the women are clothed, (in revealing outfits). If they follow a stripper into the private dance room, they are free to grope and touch the stripper's exposed breasts. If they continue doing this for a certain amouny of time, you can take the stripper to their house. (Sex is implied, the camera pans up to the sky and skips time to the morning). After this the player earns a new contact for the stripper, they can call them requesting a "booty call". They strippers will occasionally reject the call and they will blurt out graphic sexual terms about how they physically cannot have sex. If they accept, it is the same deal as when you take them home. In an early mission, you play as Michael, you enter your house and it is implied that your wife has "cheated" on you with her tennis coach. Throughout the mission, Michael shouts out curses that refer to sex. In another mission, you are required to film two characters having intercourse in a backyard. One man is unclothed from the waist down while he graphically thrusts into a half naked female. YOU CANNOT SKIP THESE AS THEY ARE TASKS IN THE MISSIONS. THE STRIP CLUBS ARE OPTIONAL! :

I think that the game is not as bad as people have told me. There is very brief nudity however you can skip this part. Also, all the nudity is in cut-scenes which you can disable and skip. There are also parental settings in which you can limit the violence, blood, and nudity. I know all I have talked about is nudity but there are about 2-3 seconds of nudity in every 1-100 cut scenes. There is also only one mission in which players have to rob a strip club but other than that there is no nudity. I will end on a good note the game is fun and my son who is 13 is always playing it when I go to the basement to see him play. Whenever I watch him he seems to always be racing and then playing golf or robbing a bank and I never see any nudity. There is also little to no drug use which is not what most other reviews say. However the game has quite a bit of drinking in it and also going against popular belief there are no hookers that you can have sex with there are hookers on the street by casinos and a few other places but they are not readily in the game and you cannot even touch one of these women on the street or in the club (yes there is only one strip club). The game also allows you to build a buissness and get cars and invest in stocks which are in real time so this is a big positive. The game teaches you to spend your money well. 

My son convinced me to buy him this game, after looking at the common sense reviews, I was hesitant in purchasing the game, however, after visiting our family friends(who's son, 14, was allowed to have), I saw that common sense media really exaggerated on everything bad about the game and seemed as if they had built up anger against rockstar gaming. Sex and drugs are all avoidable throughout the ENTIRE game, as long as your son/daughter is responsible and mature enough, the game really isn't as bad as you'd think. Swearing, well, there's a fair amount, but you can turn off the sound and that problem is solved. If your child knows right from wrong, they'll be perfectly fine in having this game. Please, please don't listen to the common sense media ratings, look at actual peoples ratings! Thanks, -Henry :)


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