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Future Star Music Group OR

Future Star Music Group


Future Star started as a small, yet ambitious blog with an aim to connect future music industry stars, who were high school age, to professional mentors/mentorship, and networks of established stars. Here, they talk about their journey, how they exit, and the lessons they learned along the way. You might be able to benefit from some of this wisdom, especially if you're in a similar position.


In a cut throat industry that is the music and entertainment industry, Brian Garrett has made huge strives to establish himself as a recognized name and brand within top executives and musicians. As a tech entrepreneur, Brian got his start by making money online through email marketing as a young teen and eventually took that skill-set and found his niche where he specializes in digital marketing for musicians. It wasn't all easy though as Brian had to literally hustle his way to get in the door of record label executives through unique and unheard of tactics. Today, he runs Future Star, a conglomerate of talent management, record label, digital marketing and development, and more.

In 2006 I was going on DJ message boards and networking with upcoming artists and DJs and started to build a little reputation. I’d publish links on the internet of songs for the DJs to download and I started to build a little name for myself and a little following. Again, I’ve been a computer guy my whole life and saw that music was becoming mostly digital and CD sales were declining. People weren’t actually going to the stores anymore to buy physical hard copies of music. I said, “Okay. I used to do email marketing for all these other people and companies in high school. What if I can build a little email list to DJs and start sending out artists’ music?” At this time, people were still physically packing CD singles and mailing them to radio stations and stuff. (Source: www.localsuccess.org)


We are excited to share that Future Stars is partnering with Bryn Athyn College to offer families a great summer camp experience where campers can grow, gain confidence, make friends, and have fun! Sitting on a spacious 130-acres in Bryn Athyn, this campus offers state of the art facilities, well-manicured outdoor field space, and top-notch classroom space. Follow the arrows to see another new location coming in 2020!

He had like nine computers set up at his house sending emails all day. Once I saw that happen, I moved in a different direction and didn’t want to be caught up in any of that. That’s how I really got into the whole email marketing stuff to begin with and I just had a computer background all along. I just took that knowledge and experience and moved it towards the entertainment business in 2006 when I started my company, Future Star. (Source: www.localsuccess.org)



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