Feel Good Friday Featuring DJ Jelly

Feel Good Friday Featuring DJ Jelly


If you are in the mood for some funk, get down to Feel Good Friday featuring DJ Jelly. Feel Good Friday is held on the third Friday of every month and the date and venue of the next upcoming festival are listed below. So, get your dance shoes on and get ready to enjoy the funk with DJ Jelly! In the meantime, check out the upcoming dates below. You might even be able to meet the DJ himself!


If you are looking for dates for DJ Jelly, then you have come to the right place. He is the stamp of approval. DJ Jelly is an influential force in hip hop and has become one of the most sought after DJ's in the South and worldwide. DJ Jelly co-founded the legendary independent label BIG OOMP RECORDS and a chain of music retail stores called BIG OOMP STORES. Both have become icons in Atlanta's urban music scene. In addition, he has many community programs and has become the true meaning of the phrase "STAMP OF APPROVAL."


In addition to being one of the most popular and influential DJs in Atlanta, DJ Jelly co-founded the legendary independent record label BIG OOMP RECORDS and the chain of music retail stores known as BIG OOMP STORES. Both of these companies are staples of the Atlanta urban music scene. As the face of the South's hip hop music scene, DJ Jelly's influence is felt globally, from Montgomery, Alabama to Tokyo, Japan. From Atlanta's music scene to his 'Freak Nik' events, DJ Jelly has become an international sensation. With a unique blend of dance music, Dj Jelly continues to be one of the world's most influential and prolific DJs.

Jelly's career has been marked by numerous awards, including the Justo Mixtape Dirty South DJ of the Year in 2003, TjsDJ's 2004 TasteMakers Award, SEA's Best Blend Tape, and a 2007 nomination for Dirty South Dj of the Year. He is also a nominee for The Source Awards, and the Legendary Mix Show Power Summit.

Dj Jelly - The Wolf Of Peach Street

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After the success of his first album, Dj Jelly has released his sophomore effort The Wolf Of Peach Street. This 12-track project is based on the story of Leonardo DiCaprio's character in the acclaimed film, The Wolf Of Wall Street. It explores the fast-paced life of Atlanta while maintaining a bragging nuclear energy. Here are a few things to know about the new release:


Dj Jelly is a hip hop artist that released a number of mixtapes during the early 2000s. His albums have sold millions of copies worldwide. The "Mix Tape King" is his fourth album. The album features the production talents of Nick Quested, Daniel Seliger, Paul Rosenberg, and Bart Moffit. He is currently signed to Def Jam, but his music has been released on a number of labels, including Def Soul.


If you're looking for a new mixtape, you should definitely check out the Styles of DJ Jelly. His disco sound oozes the golden age of the genre, and this mix includes gems from artists like Aretha Franklin, Kiki Gyan, and Sylvester. You can even download the mixtape for free, which is a unique opportunity for music lovers.

A native of St. Louis, DJ Jelly moved to Atlanta in 1989, and began his career there as a disc jockey and DJ for the legendary "Freak Nik" parties that helped make Atlanta a music hotbed. He also went on to work as the DC for Atlanta's legendary strip club Magic City, where he teamed up with MC Assault. Jelly helped to break local artists such as MC Assault, and his work in the South has continued to influence hip hop worldwide.


Producers of DJ jelly music are a dime a dozen. From ghetto gospel to funky guitar riffs and off-the-hook percussion, Jelly Roll's music is a diverse mix of sounds. A transition from Dr. Dre's early 1990s G-funk sound, Jelly Roll's music fuses hip-hop with jazz and soul. While largely unknown outside of the rap world, Jelly Roll's latest single 'Saturday Night Live' features an electronica sound with soulful choruses.

Jelly is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, and later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he was hired by the DC of Tag Team at Magic City, Atlanta's flagship strip club. In Atlanta, Jelly collaborated with MC Assault and other local artists, and helped to break many of these artists. He also represents SossHouse, a label owned by Pi'erre Bourne.


Dj Jelly is a legendary Atlanta hip hop artist and music producer who was co-founder of the legendary independent label BIG OOMP RECORDS and a chain of music retail stores, whose name has become synonymous with urban music in Atlanta. Aside from promoting music via his mixtapes and mixtape releases, DJ Jelly has continued to be a powerful force in hip hop's building segment.

As a result, he has been nominated for numerous awards throughout his career. His first mixtape Dirty South DJ of the Year won the Justo's Mixtape Award in 2003. Later, he won the TjsDJ's TasteMakers Award and the SEA's Best Blend Tape. His mixtapes have been nominated for numerous awards, including the Legendary Mix Show Power Summit and The Source Awards.

DJ Jelly Assault Makes Another Great Debut in Atlanta With a Continuous Intro to His Mixtape

Dj Jelly Assault makes another great debut in Atlanta with a continuous introduction to his mixtape. This track is influenced by dubstep, which sets it apart from most of the others. It is sure to keep you on your feet in no time. It is worth checking out for fans of big bounce and dubstep. If you want to hear more of Jelly Assault, you can listen to his other mixtapes here.

Get on Down

DJ Jelly is the stamp of approval. His parties are intense and alluring to people of all ages. His music is recognizable throughout the world, from Montgomery, Alabama to Tokyo, Japan. Atlanta has become a music capital thanks to the "Freak Nik" events. With his mixtapes, he is able to entertain millions of people.

The album has a storyline to go along with each song. It could be an episode of the Vince Staples Show. With ten tracks, Get on Down is a brisk listen. The ATL trio raps over the haunting, fist-pounding beat. Guests on the album include Keanu Beats, Fabio Aguillarr, and Swirv.

Its sonics and beats are influenced by the funk-soaked hip-hop of East Point Atlanta. "Headshots (4r Da Locals)" and "Lay Wit Ya" feature Duke Deuce and Kal Banx. Another gem is "Wat U Said," which features Duke Deuce and Doechii.

Get on Down by Cadence Weapon

The Canadian hip-hop group Cadence Weapon has been touring for years. The group was nominated for several Polaris Music Prizes, and their albums, Breaking Kayfabe (2006), Hope in Dirt City (2012), and Unbridled Joy (2015) have all been widely acclaimed. The band is also known for their live performances, which have featured public appearances by Public Enemy, Diplo, Questlove, and many more.

The first track on the album, "Get on Down," begins with self-mocking laughter over a tinny television score sample and a tripping old-school drum beat. The next verses see the rapper migrate from syllable-spitting quickness to a chest-beating Jamaican dance floor stutter. The album is a critique of mainstream American hip-hop, as it digs into the rap game industry by mentioning rappers who pay underlings to pack drugs.

This album is a rare case of rap rock with an air of social commentary. The band is in their element when dissecting society with a surgeon's precision, tackling systemic racism, gentrification, Black Canadian history, and the surveillance state. Its 'old school' aesthetic makes it work best as a whole, and there are many easter eggs for dedicated listeners. A must-have for a hip-hop album.

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