Express your Passion for Music Notes, Lyrics, and Songs

Express your Passion for Music Notes, Lyrics, and Songs

Music notes

Express your Passion for Music Notes, Lyrics, and Songs


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Basic Vocabulary for Music


 It is probably a great idea to know something about music piano notes, for example, the middle c, f clef music theory notes, and much more. Music theory is not hard to understand. You need to know the basic line of the staff as part of understanding the music notes. G clef and other piano notes are the key lines to pitch nicely. The great note pitch comes from understanding the instruments, for example, one-note, or two notes, using a piano keyboard. If you are not familiar with the basic vocabulary of music, taking piano lessons can be challenging. Learning piano is a great instrument to help produce music with a unique key line. The piano key line with a deep bass creates unique sounds music producers show interest in. When learning piano lessons, some major-minor signs need to be read. One thing know about music notes, it varies. For example,  reading guitar and piano notes are two different things. Minor and middle space signs of these can become the major problem if you do not read music notes carefully.



The major thing in learning piano is to understand your notes. You can also learn guitar, alto saxophone, flute, or any other musical instrument. Reading minor notes from these instruments can be difficult to understand. It’s usually the sign and symbols that can be the most difficult to read. Start with minor lessons and learn by taking down notes from your music instructor. Written notes, and other music lessons, can be found online. However, not every lesson can be easily interpreted. There are minor and middle c lessons available to research, if you are a music teacher looking to sell your tutorials, there are sites to earn from your sharp’s skills.


Do not play the piano just to send it to your audience for free. Do not play solely flats notes because bass and bar produce flat and not sharp sounds. Learn from your mistakes and feel free to ask questions if you have a music teacher. If you are interested in selling your music lessons and work online, Our site is self-taught where you learn how to sell your music and creating a music page for visitors. When comes to reading music notes, many music pages provides single and double note free lessons for various musical instruments such as a piano. It’s probably a good idea to look at some basic octave letters when reading music first.  Playing western music using flat notes is not a good way to go if want to play harmony music. If you are searching for the right letters and notes to play first, start with one key at a time. Piano playing lessons go back for generations. Elementary, middle school, and colleges hire a staff to teach different types of piano playing classes. Back in the days, keys and notes when teaching music lessons were given to the staff and keys were quite easy to understand. Rather than searching on the web, you can have booked with music notes while playing your instrument. If you are an artist, using your voice along with the eloquent musical sound will attract the audience's attention. Music begins with sound along with a beautiful voice. Many musicians focus on singing. Many French musicians prefer to read while they sing and play at the same time. It is their version of the cello. They read music notes along with using their voices, creating meaningful songs. The music book was being given to them at that time, and they perform with passion which draws a harmonizing connection with the audience. Having a connection with the audience is necessary.


treble clef


Music notes and understanding the symbols are the key to creating great music. It could also be used as one of the best ways to make money on the side. The first symbol that typically appears at the beginning of every music staff is the clef symbol. The treble clef is very important in understanding the language of music notes. It tells you which note is found in each line. Bass clef and treble clef is necessary to understand the music notes language. Sheet music and clef signs tell you about the second bottom line to read music on a musical instrument. The treble clef is known as the best sign for identifying the music notes. The Bass clef is the bottom half clef which is in the grand stage for harp and keyboard instruments. Bass clef, helps instruments operate and differentiates the sound of the written pitch. Likewise, f clef is also learned.

Treble Clef



Sheet music


Sheet music is known as the handwritten or printed form of musical notes. Music signs indicate the rhythm and chord of a song on the piano for example. Sheet music is typically the medium, musical notation. Likewise, the bass clef is in the medium range. Sheet music allows you to learn music and play new pieces of music. Sheet music is sometimes handwritten and printed. Sheet music communicates in a half aural sound. Sheet music is a process of learning new music notations. Also, sheet music is typically very much the center of learning music.



Musical Scales with the notes: efg & c d e f & b c d e

F melodic minor; G; G#/Ab; A#/Bb; 

B diminished (whole tone - halftone)B; C#/Db; D; E; F; G; G#/Ab; A#/Bb; B.


Key signature


The key signature is the musical notation in the piano which is the arrangement and organization of the sharp flat signs which are particularly connected with the lines and spaces of the musical staff. Key signature helps the reader to read music when played.


What are the 7 musical notes?


According to the chromatic scale, there are 7 main musical notes called A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.


Artist- How to Sell Your Music?


Artist- How to Sell Your Music? As an independent artist, it is challenging to get your music heard or get your albums or mixtapes sold. Nowadays, most artists are using platforms such as YouTube, ReverbNation, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, or Instagram to get publicity. However, these platforms are very competitive and not design for underground artists to run a legitimate business or get immediate rewards for their talent. It might take over 5,000 streams just to earn 5 dollars from these types of platforms. It’s even more difficult if you're into playing different instruments such as piano, drums, flute, alto saxophone, etc. Imagine how many potential sales you could have earned out of those 5,000 views. Who is making the big bucks from your talent? There are many types of artists around the globe facing the same struggles. Major labels and big internet companies are earning huge profits from artists' hard work. With Future Starr you have free access to put your music on our marketplace and earn immediate income from your hard work. Every Talent Owner receives 70% per sales transaction, and you have full control over which price you would like to sell your product. No matter if you are an R and B artist, Rapper, Rock Band, or Jazz player, you have full ownership rights to your materials- Future Starr provides the resources to get your business started.

Why Artist should learn Music Notes.


Passionate artists should learn music notes to help understand the symbolism in music. Music notes and Symbolism in music create better artist development. If you are a group of boys with a music band that is working on some music together, and your music band is not working on one accord. Maybe because one guitar player is not able to remember his or her music notes. What type of delays this could cause for your band? How will your band be able to meet deadlines in doing shows? Future Starr offers music teachers or music bands who are experienced in teaching or performing music the opportunity to educate artists connect links and sell their music lessons and shows online through our platform.


Do you need an Artist Forum?


Some artists use sites like Reddit to promote and create a fanbase by using piano artist forums. It is great for marketing; however, it could potentially become complicated to make sales from visitors in your group forum. Future Starr has a section called “Social Buzz” that is designed for Talent Owners to promote their products, read music, and interact with Buyers that are interested in supporting upcoming talent. Some of the “Social Buzz” features include getting followers called “Riders”, the option to follow other users, share products or posts on the “Social Buzz” platform. Start selling your products directly from the “Social Buzz” page.


Give Yourself A Breakthrough


We let the emerging musicians thrive by boosting up their creativity and build up a strong fan base. Whatever your genre may be; Punk, Rap, Hip Hop, EDM, Pop, Metal, or Rock. Just upload your music and start selling!


Boost Up Your Career

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